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14 comments by CaptainShack on Dec 7th, 2013

It's that time of year again. Time to vote for the best mod's of the year. Its also the perfect time to take a look down memory lane with the Mod Hall of Fame. Every mod on this list has earned its spot be it via commercial or critical acclaim and has influenced gaming in some way, so grab your popcorn and take a seat whilst we recap on the highlights of the last century, wow thats along time!

The modding community has helped shape the industry and games in general and it shows in this list. Almost every genre of game is represented on this list from team based first person shooters like Team Fortress to real time strategies like Complex for homeworld 2. Some mods in this list even helped create entirely new genre's. 


Whats this madness! ModDB Has a YouTube Page?

That's right! ModDB Does have a Youtube page. Sadly its hasn't seen new content in quite sometime. That's where I come in! Hello, My name is CaptainShack, I've been hosting the channel TheXpGamers on YouTube for quite awhile now. Our tag line has always been "Where we support the modding community". I've made it my mission to make ModDB's Youtube channel a great place to find the modding and Indie video content and a great avenue to help support our developers! Feel free to contact me over on YouTube or at 

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7 comments by INtense! on May 1st, 2008

Noesis Developer Interviews

The guys over at Noesis have kindly partnered with us to get some footage from in and around the modding scene. Last February at GDC, they had the chance to track down a few mods teams and ask them a few questions on tape. The first in the GDC series is an interview with Scott and myself. We took the time out of our hectic schedule to answer a few questions they had about this site and its future.

Flipside Mod Team

Eternal Silence Mod Team

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