Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have formed into small tribes, ready to rebuild and retake that which was lost. But the world is not empty. Hordes of barbarians await these new civilizations. Wild animals stalk hapless scouts and reckless emissaries. Giant spiders lie in patient wait in the jungles and the forests waiting for their prey to take that last, fatal, step.

There is great evil, but also selfless good. There are those who strive to remain neutral in the coming conflict as opposed ideologies break the world asunder once again. The first goal, is survival. The second goal is power, for good or ill. Will you pursue power through strength of arms or arcane studies, through piety or blasphemy? Choose carefully. On each path you will allies, and bitter foes, and the deeper you delve into the secrets of combat, or sorcery, or the divine, the harder it will be to turn back.

Here is a brief list of some of the new features in Fall from Heaven:

Magic! - Spellcasting units can take promotions in the different spheres of magic, granting them access to new spells and abilities. There are three sorts of casters, those that know Sorcery, those that practice Summoing and Divine casters. A unit has access to spells depending on what sort of caster it is and the spell spheres it chooses which of 14 spheres it wants to learn when it levels up (Fire, Entropy, Nature, Spirit, etc). Casters gain experience slowly automatically, so there is no need to risk them in combat as they pursue their studies in the mystical arts.

Experience - Veteran units are now more valuable. The base promotions have been essentially doubled, making the difference between experinced units and greenhorns especially noticeable. Also, new anti-racial promotions have been added, become the scourge of the elves, if it suits your fancy.

Upgrading - In order to upgrade the the strongest units a unit must first prove itself worthy. Do you want to be an Immortal? Unable to die, and thus able to fight for all eternity? Then you have to be at least a Lv. 6 Maceman.

Religions - Not all religions are created equal, and some of them effect the alignment of your civilizations. If you choose to follow the vile practices of the Ashen Veil, your civilization will descend into the depths of Evil. You will of course be rewarded with immense arcane power, knowledge and the aid of Demons. On the other hand, if you follow the Runes of Kilmorph, you will be able to obtain the aid of the reclusive dwarves and share in their love of gold and gems.

Heroes - In times of darkness and strife, heroes will rise to lead their civilizations to victory. Heroes are world units, that can only be built once. If they die, they cannot be rebuilt. Each civilization has at least one hero associated with it, as does each religion. Heroes gain experience each turn, meaning that in any given game, they will probably be your most powerful unit by far. They are capable of taking lightly defended cities by themselves, but they're only a short dogpile away from being dead, so protect them!

Technology - Specialization is the name of the game here, while you may be able to generalize into the first or second tier of techs, you're probably better off specializing in one of the various forms of combat or the arcane or the religious. Tech progression is noticable slower in FfH, giving you an opportunity to play with those new toys you just discovered. There are also religious specific techs, that cannot be researched unless you follow the appropriate state religion.

Choose your Civilization:

Choose your Religion:

Choose your Mana:

And try to survive Armageddon:

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More good news for the modders out there with their eyes set on the world scale, Civilization IV is now supported by Desura. Which means developers will be able to upload and make available their works to the community surrounding Desura. Let's welcome Civilization IV and the flagship mods to Desura!

We are always looking for more fantastic mods to support over the service, if you know of a mod or are apart of a mod that you think needs to be on Desura let us know support@indiedb.com and we will do our best to get it ready, even if we do not support the game the mod is currently for let us know either way.

Update Jun 25th, 2011

A larger amount of mods for Civilization IV is currently supported.

To list them all, some prominent total conversion mods such as Planetfall (a take on creating an Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri's sequel), Dune Wars and Rise from Erebus, as well as smaller ones (Hundred Years' War) and those striving to create a feel of "unofficial expansion packs" - Legends of Revolution, Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn, The Ancient Mediterranean and Thomas' War.

Heaven's Praise

Heaven's Praise

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Fall from Heaven II deserves some attention whether you like it or not and here's why...

Fall from Heaven left beta status

Fall from Heaven left beta status

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It finally here. After exactly 3 years of development (it's also FfH's birthday) we have released the final version of Fall from Heaven. Thats not to...

Fall from Heaven II 0.34 released!

Fall from Heaven II 0.34 released!


Fall from Heaven 2 version 0.34 released. The version adds a new playable civilization, the Illians, explorable lairs, new challenge mode game options...

Fall from Heaven 2 0.33

Fall from Heaven 2 0.33


A new version of Civilizations most popular mod was released today.

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Earth for Fall Further

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Earth Map for Fall Further. Unzip path should look something like this: C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fall...

Fall from Heaven II

Fall from Heaven II

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Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have formed into...

Fall from Heaven II

Fall from Heaven II

Full Version

This mod from the Fall from Heaven Team is a dark fantasy mod. Features include magic, an experience system, and changes to upgrading, religion, heroes...

Fall from Heaven 2 0.30 PDF Manual version 0.10

Fall from Heaven 2 0.30 PDF Manual version 0.10


This version includes all 21 Civs with descriptions of their Heroes, World Spell, Unique Units, and Leaders. This is a Manual and Reference document NOT...

Fall from Heaven II

Fall from Heaven II

Full Version

This is a fantasy overhaul. It features new units, heroes, technology, and many tweaks and enhancements.

Fall from Heaven II Civilizations Quick Guide

Fall from Heaven II Civilizations Quick Guide


This Doc provides an Overview over the unique characteristics, units and mechanics of the 21 unique Civs. Ideal for starters

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Look for the newest version of this mod here

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mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Sean Powell is my real name Mysticalmarv is a nick name.

Hello my name is Sean Powell and here are some ideas for Fall From Heaven.
I have thought of a few more religions for Fall From Heaven and there are now 12 religions.
Each religion will have a wonder/building like a (Mercurian Gate) that allows you to play 2 leaders.

Ashen veil religion (Death/Entropy) = ?????? Gate = Newborn Civilization (Xenomorph)

Ayers Ayre (Air) = Heaven's Gate = Aarakocra Civilization

Blood of the Phoenix (Fire) = ??????? Gate = Targaryen Civilization 3 headed dragon as a hero

Council of Esus (Shadow) = ??????? Gate = Mekara Order Civ (Shadow dragon tribe)

Empyrean (Sun) = ????? Gate = Redgaurds Civilization (Skyrim)

Fellowship of Leaves (Nature) = ????? Gate = Cernunnos Civilization

Legion of a Lost Cult (Unholy) = Ninth Gate = Infernal Civilization

Octopus Overlords (Water) = ????? Gate = Sahuagin Civilization and Davy Jones and The flying Dutchman

Order(Law) = ????? Gate = Alagaesia Civ (Dragon born race D&D Style) = Bronze Silver Dragons Bahamut as a hero

Runes of Kilmorph = ????? Gate = Mechanos Civilization (Terminators) T-70 T-400 and up

The Hidden Realm = Mercurian Gate = Mercurian Civilization (Angels)

Winterborn = The Black Gate = Frozen white walker civilization

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Do you like Fall from Heaven?? so, first, look this mod (it's the most updated version of FfH ==> Moddb.com <==

Second, you can help me find a programmer to revive FfH mod!

FfH series is a masterpiece and must be revived, what do you think???

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mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Civilization Unique feature Monster

Illians = Letum Frigus = Frost hill giants

Zombie = Pyre of the Seraphic = Pyre Zombie

Jotnar = Standing S T O N E S = S T O N E Hill giant

Frozen = Snow pyramid = Wights

Scion's of patria = Pyramid = Mummy

Mercurians = Ring of carcer = Alicorn (Pegasus Hero)

Infernal = Bradeline's well = Balrogs

Calabim = Gaurdian of pristin pass = Gargoyles (Shikaka)

Archos = Mother's ruin = Spiders

Falmer =Pile of chaurus eggs layed by a QUEEN Chaurus = Chaurus Chaurus reaper

Forsworn = ????????? = Wendigo (beast form)

Legion of D'tesh = Barad-dur = Nazguls (Sauron)

Clan of Embers = Jungle alta = Uruk - hai

Bannor = Colosseum = Gladiators

Kuriotates = Dragon egg = Brass dragon/Drake (Eurabatres the gold dragon) hero

Ljosalfar = ??????????? = Elven Elk

Elohim = ????????? = Unicorn

1 0ff the Witch civ = ????????? = Cyclops

Mechanos = ????????? = Start with model T- 70 and so forth (Terminators)

Newborn = Xenomorph egg (Layed by a Queen) = Xenomorph

Lizardmen(Evil) = ????????? = Predator (Yautja)

Khajiit = ???????? = Nyxkin

Redgaurds = Desert rose = Scorpions

??????? = Mud volcano = Mud demon from (RIDDICK)

Loxodon = Watering hole = Elephants

Baron Duin Halfmorn = ????????? = Snow white werewolves

Aarakocra = ???????? = Griffin

Chislev = Totem pole = Thunderbird

Sahuagin = Dragon hole???? =

Svartalfar or Dokkalfar = ?????????? = Banshee

Calabim = Termite mounds = Bio Raptor

1 off the Witch civ = Witches cauldron = Dementors (Voldemort)

Sea Elf = Lost city of Atlantis = Mermaids/Mermen

Mekara order = Dragon egg = Shadow Dragons

Dragonborn civ = Dragon egg = Silver, Bronze dragons (Bahamut) hero

Sheaim = Dragon egg = Unholy dragons (Abashi)

Scion of patria = ????????? = Aqrabuamelu

Mammoth civ = Elephants graveyard = Mammoth

Targaryen = Dragon egg = Dragons Hero will be a 3 headed dragon

Dwarves (Evil) = ?????????? = Animunculi

Gorgon = ???????????? = Hydra

Non living pirate civilization = Shipwreck = Phantom ships

Korinna the infector will have the Marlboro from final fantasy as a unique unit.
The Marlboro can consume a weak warrior unit and spit out a beholder so you can build an army of beholders this way.
The Brain Bug from Starship troopers is another unique unit for Korinna the infector.

Archos civilization will have a unique spideror Queen bug from starship troopers that makes Arachnids that grow to a tiger and then royal.

Your hero Dragon that is an emblem to your civilization like Eurabatres the Gold Dragon for Kuriotates civilization will be able to make a dragon egg as a unique feature to spawn baby dragon whelps that grow in size.

Each Dragon egg from each civilization will be able to do the same.

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mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Unique feature Gemstone/mineral

Remnants of patria = Jade

Yggdrasil = Citrine

Mirror of heaven = Sunstone (Sun)

Lunar crescent = Moonstone (Shadow)

Tomb of Sucellus = Aquamarine (Life) Gemstone

Big Clam = Pearl

Barrier reef = Coral

Pyre of the Seraphic = Pyrite

Amber tree = Amber

Dragon B O N E S = D R A G O N S T O N E

Civilization Gemstone/Mineral

Amurites Palace = Ametrine

Austrin Palace = Austinite

Grigori Palace = Cassiterite (Cassiel)

Calabim Palace = Heliotrope

Infernal Palace = Hematite

Mercurians Palace = Mercury

Illians Palace = Turquoise

Clan of Embers Palace = Orichalcum

Lanun Palace = Pearl

Sidar Palace = Siderite

Gorgon Palace = Serpentine

Inca empire Palace = Amazonite

(Evil)Lizardmen Palace = Malachite

Khajiit Palace = Cats eye

(Evil)Dwarves Palace = Arkenstone

Cernunnos Palace = Tigers eye

(Good)Lizardmen Palace = Lizardite

Falmer Palace = Snowflake Obsidian

Doviello Palace = Alexandrite?????

Svartalfar or Dokkalfar Palace = Amethyst

Alagaesia Palace (Dragonborn) = Dragonstone

Hippus Palace = Wild Horse Stone

Kuriotates Palace = Goldstone????

(Neutral)Lizardmen Palace = Dinosaur bone stone

Kahdi Palace = Sodalite? Tanzanite?

Redgaurds Palace =

Elohim Palace = Larimar???? (Life) Mineral Stone

Aarakocra Palace = Hawk's eye

Targaryen Palace = Ruby (Fire) Gemstone

Skeleton pirate civ Palace = Sapphire (Water) Gemstone

Newborn Palace = Xenotime

Malakim Palace= Sunstone (Sun)

Baron Duin Halfmorn Palace = Moonstone (Shadow)

Witch civ Palace = Mugglestone (Could have 3 types of witch civ's) (Good) (Neutral) (Evil)

Sea Elf Palace = Lapis Lazuli (Water) Mineral stone

(Good)Luchuirp Palace = Garnet (Earth) Gemstone

Ljosalfar Palace = Emerald (Nature) Gemstone

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Minerals will also be a resource like gems which you can mine.

Minerals and gems will provide minerals and gemstones as a resource for rings and other accessories.

Mineral stones and Gemstones will be split into 2 different categories.

Mineral and Gemstones that come from civilization's palace, unique buildings and Unique features will have a higher quality and be more useful late on.

If you capture another civilization's capital city you can produce the gem or mineral stone that was unique from that civilization's palace.

Minerals Stones

Ocean Jasper (Water)

Fire Agate (Fire)

Sonora Sunset (Sun)

Peanut Wood Jasper (Earth)

Rainforest Jasper (Nature)

Mookaite Jasper (Shadow)

Red Lighting Agate (Air)

Snowball Agate (Ice)

Ghost's eye Jasper (Death)

Crazy Lace Agate (Chaos)

Genesis Jasper (Creation)

Third Eye Agate (Mind)

Rainbow Jasper (Holy)

Fortification Agate (Body)

Imperial Jasper (Law)

Ruin Agate (Entropy)

Evil eye Agate (Unholy)

Star Galaxy Jasper (Dimensional)

Philosopher's Stone (Enchantment)

Sirona's Crown (Spirit)

Rose Pink Agate (Metamagic)

Aqua terra Jasper (Life)

Superior Agate (Force)


Sonora Sunrise (Sun)

Fire Opal (Fire)

Boulder Opal (Earth)

Lightning ridge Opal (Air)

Ocean Opal (Water)

Moss Opal (Nature)

Snow Quartz (Ice)

Rose Quartz (Metamagic)

Smoky Quartz (Shadow)

Phantom Quartz (Death)

Halley's Comet Opal (Unholy)

Harlequin Opal (Chaos)

Angel Aura Rainbow Quartz (Holy)

Aqua aura Quartz (Life)

Scepter Quartz (Law)

Alpha Quartz (Force)

Matrix Opal (Creation)

Nebula Opal (Dimensional)

Sorcerer's Stone (Enchantment)

Mystic Quartz (Mind)

Sirona's Star (Spirit)

Dragons breathe Opal (Entropy)

Rutilated Quartz (Body)

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Unique feature Mana type

Yggdrasil = Holy

Letum frigus = Ice
The Forgotten Path by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Tower of Alteration = Metamagic

Standing S T O N E S = Earth

Fumarole = Entropy

Oasis = Water

Mirror of heaven = Sun

Lunar Crescent = Shadow
Shadow Dance by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Tomb of Sucellus = Life

Seven Pines = Nature

Pyre of the Seraphic = Fire

Broken Sepulcher = Death

Celestial compass = Dimensional

Sirona's beacon = Spirit
A Distant Light by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Foxford = Body

Geyser = Air

Labyrinth of dreams = Chaos
Labyrinth of Dreams by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Statue of Atlas = Mind

Sword in the S T O N E = Law
The Hidden Realm by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Amber tree = Enchantment
Autumn Dusk by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Citadel of Secrets = Force
Citadel of Secrets by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Volcano = Fire

Barad-dur (Dark Tower) = Unholy

Ring of carcer = Holy

Angels are Weeping by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Shrine of S I R O N A = Spirit

Antikythera Mechanism = Dimensional

Cave of Ancestors = Creation

Mud volcano = Entropy

Mothers Ruin = Entropy

Witches Cauldron = Entropy
Season Of The Witch by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

Guardian of Pristin Pass Nocturne by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature

The non living pirate civilization will have a wonder to build of a shipwreck as a unique feature that will be a spawning ground for phantom ghost ships. Curse by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature.

Fairy Circle Darkly Everafter by Nox Arcana should play over this unique feature


You could have Crystal forest played over all tiles that have become enchanted tiles except for the unique features

You could have Haunted forest played over tiles that have become haunted tiles except for the unique features

Both pieces of music will start playing when you zoom in close on the map.

Some unique features will be built as wonders and other unique features will start the game.


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Force as a resource mana should change to a promotion called accelerate which is a promotion that helps your units gain experience.

The same way as your workers gain experience on Ashes of Erebus mod when your worker start flashing a blue colour to allow you to promote your worker with an upgrade EXP.

Creation mana as a resource should change to a channelling system instead allowing you to gain magic experience instead.

Accelerate and Channelling are two different systems which allow you to gain EXP in two different fields.

Channelling will only give EXP towards magic promotions

Accelerate will only give EXP towards normal promotions like combat 1

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mysticalmarv 23hours ago
You could have a unique feature to start the game of 4 stone monoliths that need the 4 elemental stones to make it work.

The 4 elemental stones I am on about are out of the film The Fifth Element.

The elemental stones will be lost through time and will need to be discovered by searching in dungeons or looking in treasure chest or by other means.

Once you have found all 4 elemental stones then only then does the unique feature provide 1 fire 1 water 1 earth 1 air.

You can create a ritual through this depending on your civilization's being good neutral or evil.

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mysticalmarv Jan 14 2021
I want to tile transformation with 2 of the 12 religions giving extra land in doing so.
The Hidden Realm (Holy) and Ayers Ayre (Air) are the 2 religions.

I am not sure if this idea will even work.

I want 9 square tiles from a Civ 4 grid which is a radius 1 size city to change into 37 Honeycomb floating island tiles which would be a radius 3 size on a Civ 5 or 6 grid.

The honeycomb tiles on civ 5 and 6 are to small in size and will need to be made bigger.


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mysticalmarv Jan 14 2021
A unique feature of a fairy circle which can appear and disappear at any moment on most land tiles on any given continent.

The fairy circle is an ill omen and will be made from a circle of mushrooms.

At night fairy's will fly around it and light the surrounding area.

If you land on this tile you can be teleported if Erlking has not appeared.

Erlking is the guardian of the fairy circle and can appear and disappear at any moment as well.

The unique feature Maelstrom of a giant whirlpool which will appear and disappear on any ocean tile at any moment.

A Charybdis can appear and disappear at any moment as well and can attack.

A unique feature of quicksand which will appear and disappear on any sand desert terrain tile on any given continent


A crop circle as a unique feature to appear and disappear would be another good one to use. Aliens can appear out of the crop circle, you could start of with weak grey alien unit the same strength as a frostling. Later on when the game has progressed MR GREY AND BYRUS will appear.

A under water crop circle would work to

mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Sinister could become a Unholy spell giving 1 attack strength

Dexterous could become a Nature spell giving 1 attack strength.

Crown of brilliance could become a Holy spell

Hidden Nationality could become a shadow spell

An iceberg would make a good ice spell

An instant 25% fortification bonus would make a good body spell.

Bloom as a nature spell for forest or jungle
An Air spell that does a bolt of lightning to a stacked unit on a tile similar to the pillar of fire the spell that Chalid Astrakein did.

A Chaos spell that allows you to change the race of a unit you will need to take a potion of Alteration to be able to make the spell work.

This spell can work if your unit is standing on the unique feature Tower of Alteration.

Transmute could become a spell to use you could change a resource like copper to gold.

A wonder for the Bannor civilization to build of a unique feature of a colosseum that spawns gladiators.

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mysticalmarv 23hours ago
mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Another good idea for each civilization starting scout could have a small bird that can help them explore at the start of the game.

Each small bird will be different for each civilization like a goldfinch for Kuriotates, a thrush for 1 of the dwarven civilizations.

Small birds will not attack and are only used to help you see a little further they will fly faster but see less

Small birds will do what the Hawk originally did in FALL FROM HEAVEN 2.

Small birds cannot be built and cannot see hidden animals like spiders. You can get another small bird through a scenario through the living worlds.

Bigger birds that can attack will be perfect as a withdrawal unit.

Birds of prey can attack an enemy and then fly over the landscape like what the hawk did originally did as a whole move.



Kuriotates = Goldfinch

Lanun = Kingfisher

Luchuirp = Thrush

Calabim = Bat

Sidar = Nightjar

Elohim = Bluebird??

Malakim = Sunbird

New undead pirate skeleton civ = Macaw parrot Mini-macaw

Austrin = Swift

Amurites = Merlin A unique unit for Amurites civilization starts with the hero adventurer promotion can attack strength 1 or 2

Lizardmen (Good) = Archaeopteryx

Lizardmen (Neutral) = Small Pterodactyl

A Sparrowhawk should be another unique bird unit that starts with the hero adventurer promotion and can attack and withdrawl strength 1 or 2, not sure for which civilization.

Loxodon = Oxpecker

Hippus = Saddleback

Ljosalfar = Greenfinch

Sea Elf = Lazuli Bunting

(Evil Dwarves) = Dwarf Jay

Tlacatl = Aztec Thrush

Illians = Snow Bunting

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mysticalmarv 23hours ago
As part of a terrain modifier evil civilizations can have a forest tile change into a haunted forest tile.

you can have a forest tile change into a haunted forest tile so workers can cottage mine etc and keep the forest or jungle tile and keep the extra production.

For good or neutral you can have a enchanted forest instead.


A Haunted or Enchanted tile will only appear within your culture boundaries

A Haunted or Enchanted tile will give 1 extra coin on the tile it appears on.

The Haunted or Enchanted tiles should be used subtly.

Make it difficult for a player to spot the difference between a normal tile compared to a haunted or enchanted tile. (especially on a forest or jungle tile)


For non living undead civilizations instead of having no food on a tile, you should take bite marks out of the slices of bread instead. So a grassland tile will have two slices of bread that have bite marks out of them.

Lizardmen should be able to work or cottage a jungle tile without removing the jungle.

Lizardmen will have 1 production on a jungle tile.

There should be 2 different types of jungle (Dark Green) (Light Green) like the 3 different types of forest.

Ancient jungle under fellowship of leaves.

Grassland tiles adjacent river will change into marshland tiles giving 1 extra food as a terrain modifier for lizardmen


Mountains should be made smaller just a little bit bigger than a hill and should be made accessible with a promotion called mountaineer. Dwarven and jotnar will start with this promotion. Mountain tiles should be worked and be able to mine and a settler can plant a city.

Letum Frigus should be a wonder for the illian civilization to build.

Once built the illians can pick what terrain tile they want the unique feature to be placed on.

Letum Frigus will be a spawning ground for Frost hill giants.

Wilboman will spawn from there too.

Mokka should become a arcane frost hill giant with a sceptor of 1 cold attack.

Gaurdian of pristin pass should be a wonder for the calabim to build. Gargoyles will spawn from there. Shikaka will start with the villain adventurer promotion. Shikaka is a light grey coloured great Gargoyle.

The Bioraptor out of the film Pitch Black would be a good monster to go with the Calabim civilization. The bio raptor can spawn from a termite mounds the mounds from the film pitch black.

Vampires, Gargoyles and Bioraptors are all light sensitive. DAYWALKER could be a good world spell for Calabim.

A unique feature called Mother's Ruin. A wonder for the Archos civilization to build that spawns a Baby Spider that grows to a Giant Spider and can grow to a Gigantic Spider.

The Queen bug from out of starship troopers will be a unique Spider/bug for the Archos civilization.

The Queen bug will start with the Villain adventurer promotion.

The Queen bug can capture a units and turn them into a Spider web corpse.

The Spider web Corpse will produce a Arachnids that grow into a Warrior Bug and then grow into a Tiger Warrior and then grow into a Royal Warrior. Arachnids are from the film Starship Troopers. ( The Chaos spell mutation will give extra limbs to the Arachnids)

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