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Podcast 17 is a weekly podcast that covers the latest news, reviews, interviews, gossip, rumours, websites, maps, mods, media releases and anything else related to the Half-Life universe. The show features William and his band of co-hosts, who invite various guest and interviewees onto the show. Check out or website for more information, previous shows, and a link to our forum where you can check all the agendas. Feel free to contact us if you want to be on the show!

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This week we are joined by Gabor from The Curse and Phillip from PlanetPhillip. We talk about a variety of portal maps and Phillip has an announcement regarding Strider Mountain.

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This week we are joined by Gabor from The Curse and Phillip from PlanetPhillip. We talk about a variety of portal maps and Phillip has an announcement regarding Strider Mountain.

Extended Show Notes


  • 00:00:40 - William, Thomas, Gabor (From the Curse) and Phillip.

Podcast 17 News

  • Removed the flash stream.
  • A call to video editors. (feedback@podcast17.com)
  • We will be interviewing people outside the mod development realm in the near future.
  • Details about next week.

In before the main show.

  • 00:08:10 - Phillips special announcement regarding Strider Mountain.

Straight from the Life of Valve

  • 00:10:10 - Massive Source Update.

Portal Releases

  • 00:12:45 - Spielkammer Release.
  • 00:13:25 - Map1.
  • 00:14:00 - Scrobelsoft Map Pack.
  • 00:15:00 - Some Assembly Required.

Release List

  • 00:16:30 - Zombie Panic Source 1.5.
  • 00:23:50 - Half-Life Rally Re-release.
  • 00:26:30 - New Victim
  • 00:28:10 - Dylan Holcomb 2 Hour Challenge
  • 00:30:10 - Maria Haunted
  • 00:31:30 - Aftermath
  • 00:34:50 - Re-search and destroy
  • 00:35:30 - 2009EB Russian Release

Media Blitz

  • 00:36:50 - Black Sector Media Dump
  • 00:38:30 - Goldeneye Source Update... AGAIN
  • 00:40:00 - Berimbau Videos + Maps
  • 00:42:30 - Neptune Walkthrough video
  • 00:44:10 - Arrangement Video Release
  • 00:46:40 - PlanetPhillip MOTY Competition


  • 00:50:00 - Interview with Gabor from The Curse.
  • 01:11:00 - Wrap-up


Ahhh.Another podcast.Can't get enough of them.

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You know, the new server maplist icons that they added (that you called cluttered) you know you don't have to use it :p you can use the old style still. You talk like your forced to use it ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
William Author

I know I don't have to use it... but what a waste of development time for something no one uses.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

You don't understand the use of it then. It's not there just to look flashy, it's there for a reason; so people can get a preview of the map they're about to play. Specifically custom maps, what if you go and download a map from a server that's sooo slow and you think "I bet it's worth the wait though" and you join and find it sucks. That's where the maplist icon comes in handy, so you can see it first, saves you having to go hunt the bugger on google! :p

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have yet to see a single custom map that uses it this early anyways. To be honest, I do think William was right about the cluttered-ness of it. I don't really understand why Valve would go there way of doing something such as this when there are bugs to fix.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Well it's not like they had to spend weeks on it, for a programmer, this is a seriously simple piece of VGUI. It was just a nice little addition to add. It does look a little cluttered, but what do you expect? The maplist pictures need to big to be visible.

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First of all, thanks for talking about Zombie Panic Source, it's always nice to see that people appreciate updates. I can agree on some of the things you talked about, such as the animations. We have already said that we will be redoing some and fixing current animation problems for the weapons but we had to reanimate everything from scratch to get the new hands working, so yeah it might have been a bit rushed (some of it).

As for the barricades, we could go further and concentrate on them more yes but we didn't intend to make them a major part of the game. There were about 10 cades in the 2 new maps and some in other older maps and that was good. If we start throwing in a lot of cades in the official maps the gameplay will be completely different and we don't want to change that after a year (will **** people off). Main map for barricades with this release was zpo_harvest which involves camping and barricading as a part of the objective. Barricades will probably get a bigger role in some future maps but we were happy with the way we implemented it now in our current maps and our community seemed pleased (judging by the response we got).

We don't want maps where all you do is camp, too many barricades would make it completely unbalanced unless the map was intended for such a scenario where you barricade.

So yeah, we'll see what the future has to offer. Thanks for the kind words and the feedback!

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I totally agree with you on the barricades. If you were to make them more bigger featured then we'd just be playing "ZombieCade! Source" :)

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Very funny podcast. Britsh acient for the win xD (can't spell lol). Another fun podcast.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Good podcast.
Looking forward to CURSE as well, and when you said "you should already be looking at the images", well, I was :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

why does this show up as a Berimbau mod feature? :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
William Author

Because we mentioned berimbau

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hmm yeah but this never happened before, I guess you're new gonna do this for all mods mentioned? I thought it was just for interviews.

also didn't see this pop up on curse yet which I'm watching as well

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Henley Staff

unlike staff he dose not have the permission to add it to every mod, some like to remain private as far as community uploads are concerned.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks again for mentioning us!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hilarious miss by Phillip there! :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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