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Dec 12 2008, 3:03am Anchor

Share the ongoing development of your level for the Far Cry 2 Level Editor Contest here. Post screens! Give constructive crits and comments! Eat cake! Be happy! Don't forget to read the contest rules before entering.

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Dec 12 2008, 11:44am Anchor

Hello, we were waiting for an amazing contest like that but would'nt dare to post maps on moddb, because we thought it was reserved for modding only.
On the site : Héberger sur we have already made a lot of playable maps.

So, i need to explain my idea for this contest :
I' ve finished a map called "science friction" two days ago and posted it on the site below. I want to keep it and improve alien-concept like this map.
There is a few screens of the map :

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

I hope my idea won't be stolen now!
Sorry for my bad english and good luck for all!

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Dec 12 2008, 12:15pm Anchor

I just finished updating my map called DANTE, you can see some screenshots here... I have 1 month to create more maps so I'll probably release some more. Try it and let me know what you think. I'm looking for the "WHAT THE!? AWARD" It is now FINAL VERSION, I won't add more features in it, there's already enough to do & explore even alone...

And Join The Competition !!

Dec 13 2008, 2:41am Anchor

Abandoned Soccer Field [Does not fit into any category IMO, so I've stopped work]

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image


The Parthenon: [Semi-Finished just adding a few little bits here and there]

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Map will play under DM, TDM, and Uprising. I've made sure that the UFLL will have multiple entry points to the top of the hill, so they do not get plowed by the mounted MG at the APR station.

And other than that I just have to add a few bits of cover here and there to fill out the map. My only problem is getting out of the area, the only thing stopping players is the Playing area limit, hopefully people can't get to far out of the map in 10 seconds.

Any Idea's to add would be appreciated.

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Dec 13 2008, 3:50am Anchor

I guess it's my turn now, I'm working on an all gametype map called "Gladiatorial" which is simply based around a gladiatorial arena.
I've spent about an hour on it last night getting it started, and all of today (about 10 hours up to this point) and it's pretty much done, it just needs a bit of polishing added to it.


OBJ_Gladiatorial (both CTD and Uprising based)
The main purpose of the map was for Capture the diamond and uprising game mode.
The map has the open arena in the middle, spectator stands around the outside, 2 gladiator/slave/prisoner holding areas (spawn areas), and 2 mounted mg nests that look over the arena/no mans land.
Players would start in their teams at each end of the map in the underground prisoner holding areas, they can either go straight into the open gladiator arena where there is absolutely ZERO cover (no mans land) or do the smart thing and go the long way around which has plenty of cover from arches along the tops of the spectator area.
Each team has an MG up on two raised spectator platforms which look over the arena, so no mans land may be the quickest and simplest route to the enemies base and diamond, but it should be pretty much impossible to run across without dying.

In the Uprising game mode, there will be 2 holding points on each side of the arena, and 1 smack bang dead in the middle of no mans land, so it will really be a struggle for players to win. (NOTE: no mans land may have more cover depending on feedback from players).

DMTDM_Gladiatorial (both DM and TDM based)
The DMTDM_gladiatorial map IS a seperate map for the main reason that no mans land is now one of the focal points of the map as it is a maze of walls for players to battle in with an open ceiling.
That is the only change to this map and hopefully people do not demand that the arena be completely open, as I cannot see the game being as fun or interesting.

The following screenshots are from near complete versions, but could be called complete as there are only very minor touch ups to do such as moving some objects a few cm here and there so everything looks nice and not so slapped together.
There are also problems I had earlier with objects duplicating themselves, which set me back a few hours as I had to go through about half the level and select every object and delete the duplicates individually. It would have been very unfortunate if I did not fix this problem when I did as it took about 3 hours to fix.
And here are the screenshots

(overview including exterior details which will only be visible from entry gates to the arena)
User Posted Image

(Pic from inside the stands)
User Posted Image

(pic from inside of the arena)
User Posted Image

(pic of team mounted mg and arena overlook)
User Posted Image

SCREENSHOTS of DMTDM_gladiatorial
(map overview)
User Posted Image

(pic from spectator stands)
User Posted Image

I've added a bunch more detail to the map to make it more interesting.
This map is almost ready for submission and you should all be able to play it within a few hours hopefully.

And here is another map I snapped up, it's called "Face-Off" and is a CTD map only.
The map is located in a tight canyon with rock formations on both sides which both teams are able to run along and fight on.
There is only one entry point to either side of the canyon, which both teams will need to fight their way all the way up to the end of their side before they can cross to the enemies side so they can get the diamond.
Think of the game area like a rectangle, and there are gaps on each end of the rectangle, and the movement is in a one way clockwise direction only, meaning that players can't spawn up their end and jump over the gap to the other side, they need to run to the other end before crossing.

Anyway, it's too difficult to properly explain, so i'll let the screenshots do the work instead.

(Cross over point for UFL to APR)
User Posted Image

(The other side where the cross over point is for the UFL to APR side, this is where APR spawn)
User Posted Image

(Pic from end/cross over point for the APR to UFL )
User Posted Image

This map has now been entered into the competition

Waterworld is a CTD style map only.
Each team have 2 barges which are floating forts with scrap and junk all over them to use as makeshift walls and bunkers etc.
Both floating forts have the same amount of guns on them and the same amount of vehicles to use.
There are 3 boats on each team, 1 heavy boat with a grenade launcher weapon, the other 2 are swamp boats with machine guns.
Both forts ARE different simply because I wanted the two forts to not look identical, unfortunately that creates a challenge from a for me to still try and make the forts equally as hard to get into and get back out of.
The other draw back is the lack of ability to change the sounds in the editor, as the sounds are depending on the material or textures you use, so right now, the whole area is on the ocean, and the only texture that was least out of place was the desert rippled sand texture. You can still hear insects like crickets, but it's not a distinct and overly noticable sound.
The map is pretty much done, and I have found it to be most atmospheric in a foggy rainy condition, and it at least gives incoming boats more of a chance to reach the opposing island without getting torn to shreds.
However I have also tested in all conditions and the map looks fine no matter what time of day or weather.
And now for the screenshots...

(spectator cam over UFL base during broad daylight at midday)
User Posted Image
(same cam as above, only with full rainy weather and I believe that it may still be midday, I need to check as it seems to be the map default)
User Posted Image

(shots from inside the editor)
User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
(long distance shot showing both forts)
User Posted Image

This map has now been entered into the competition

Obviously this is a nostalgia style map with the pacman maze for you all to run around in.
It's pretty much suited for DM and TDM style gameplay, however, i'm contemplating making it a CTD and uprising map aswell which may sound a bit odd, but I reckon I can get it to work.

(overhead shot)
User Posted Image

Still very WIP, that was a quick 15min job, and I need to optimize the geometry so that i'm not just using single blocks everywhere but i'm also using rectangle blocks as they have the same geometry but cover more area in parts that need longer walls.
I may put objects inside the map to make it more interesting, and I may be duplicating the map across to either side where in pacman there would be portals to go from one side to the other.

Vertigo is designed for CTD, and the idea of the map was to be fighting vertically, not horizontally across land.
I just started on this earlier, and so far it's taken me about 3 hours to build one tower type.
The screenshots below will show that tower repeated, but tomorrow I will work on another tower that will be designed to be one of the in between towers.
Right now you probably have no clue what i'm talking about, so i'll explain better.
2 towers belong to 2 teams, both teams have spawn points down the very bottom of the tower and both teams have to make their way all the way up to the top. Once they are at the top of their tower, they need to cross over to their middle tower, and then make their way down to the bottom of that, where they will cross over to the opponents middle tower, and go up the top of it before crossing to the enemy tower and going half way down to get the diamond.
In theory, this will mean that both teams are evenly balanced, and they will constantly be struggling to get across.
I am unsure as to whether or not this will be super difficult, so I would need play testers for that. IF it was too difficult, the backup plan is to just have 2 towers that have a bridge up the top with some basic cover for a fire fight.

(This is a quick example of the layout of the towers as well as the rough travel path in case nobody understood what I was saying earlier. The 2 middle towers will be built differently to the team towers)
User Posted Image
(This is looking up the team tower from the bottom....yes, it's huge)
User Posted Image
(It's difficult to get a good shot of the interior, so i've taken a few snaps before I finish up for the day, here is numero uno)
User Posted Image
(Here is another screenshot showing a lower section)
User Posted Image
(Last but not least, here is a screenshot showing a good exterior view of the team tower design)
User Posted Image
(New pictures)
User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

This map started out as a construction out of boredom, but now i've been making it into a fully playable map in the style of an asssault gametype, even though far cry 2 doesn't have an assault gametype.
This is built for CTD and there are plans for an uprising mode also.
The tank is big, and can be walked around on, it doesn't have an interior due to the engine limits, but ohwell. There is also a scavenger outpost nearby that the UFLL attack from.

Anyway, the story is this:
This ultra tank is a city/town destroyer built by the APR, the UFLL have scattered througout the land as their faction was shattered due to leader after leader falling to assassination. The ultratank has just come back from a destruction mission at a nearby city and is returning back to base, however it was called to attack a developing UFLL outpost, so a detour was needed.
The detour was to go through a tight gorge, but the ultratank only just made it out the other side before having a whole assortment of problems, most probably due to overheating.
Unfortunately for the APR crew of the ultratank, they have broken down right near a cave of rag tag group of UFLL scavengers who hunt diamonds. They were going to hide from the ultra tank, however when they detected diamonds on board, the UFLL scavengers got too greedy for their own good and have decided to attack and try to claim this giant tank.

This map is almost completed and will be submitted shortly.

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Bomb-omb battlefield is the first level from Mario 64 that made us all think "aaaaaaaaaaaw" when we saw that huge mountain in the game. I've done my own remake of that Mario 64 map for people to run around on. The map is not really designed to be a multiplayer map, however, I believe that it COULD be provided it is done correctly, and that's what i'm trying to do.
The map is not picture perfect, however the actual layout of the level is pretty spot.
Anyway, I'm going to make this map for all game types, even though it's probably really only good for DM.
(Overhead shot from editor)

User Posted Image

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

There will be no description on what this map is until it is released, but be prepared for something biiiig, real big.
Here is a little teaser for you:
User Posted Image

(more to come)

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Dec 15 2008, 3:32pm Anchor

hello, here is my WIP maplist that i am making right now and like everyone else,
i hope you guys dont steal all my ideas...-_-
im sure that in one week (or less) all of them (and maybe more) will be done
sry for the english.

  • The Bridge Crossing (TDM) - Nostalgia award (i guess) - 100%

User Posted Image" alt="" />

  • Rally Race 1 (DM-Race) - What the... - 100%

User Posted Image" alt="" />

  • Rally Race 2 (DM-Race) - What the... award - 100%

User Posted Image" alt="" />

  • The Bridge Crossing 2 (TDM-CTD) - Nostalgia award - 100%

User Posted Image" alt="" />

  • The Village (DM) - Nostalgia award - 100%

User Posted Image" alt="" />

  • Ubisoft HQ :lol:(no gameplay so far) - What the... award (or real world award) - 50%

User Posted Image" alt="" />
(right now taking a screen of my new map)

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spwn aka Darkhawk
Dec 15 2008, 4:55pm Anchor

I'm working on a fun map... it's not big, but it should be a hell of a lot of fun :)

This is pretty much finnished.. I was working on this for a while... then i stopped.
And now that i see this competition.. i quickly picked up the wire. And working on some changes.

- Added some more obstacles
- Added some explosives...

* Fun_Stranded:

Here are some screenshots:

My 2nd map:
Name: [WIP] What Bridge?
Type: Ravine With small island below, hanging bridges overtop, if you fall you can still try to hit someone from below, theres a small bridge connected to the main land. (how conveinient :) )

Note: These images are WIP and the bridges at the side are not connected becouse i have set them there to no always have to go pick another when i want to connect a couple. Thx ;)

PS. I have tested ALL bridges and all of them are accessible. And even if not, theres is more to come :)
They are not all directly connected, some may be attached to a floating piece of wood and my last one even at a ladder :P
Connected to a higher bridge haning over :)

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Dec 15 2008, 9:19pm Anchor

WIP Wake Island

% 90 Done
To Do List

Play Test
find bugs

What happens when mother nature takes back the land and there are dimonds to be found
I'm hoping when i get this done i can find out

also i am fully aware that many people love wake island so i'll do mah best not to let you down

whats gonna be in there 3 small villages 1 each base 1 shown in pic 1 town with dock
each base will have it's own dock boats cars and guns
in the villages i might put some goodies mines,remote expo's and rpg's
so if you wont the good stuff your gonna have to look for it and so will your rivals so be corageus
Fortune favers the bold

1st Quater places to ambush spot along the road side tree cover so you can get on the roofs

Arial shot

back road behind main road could use it to be sneaky or avoid any traps

Town taken back by nature

Small air feild i don't think any tourists are coming any time soon



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Dec 16 2008, 1:22am Anchor

Br4zUk4 wrote:oh, i almost forgot. two questions... can south americans (brasil) participate this competition? (i already tried to read the rules)
and can i use the ubisoft building? i just dont know if by doing that i would be stealing they copywright...

I don't think that there are any restrictions as to who can participate, there is nothing in the rules about which country you have to live in to participate.
And I doubt very much that there would be a problem with you recreating the UBI HQ, I would think that ubisoft would encourage maps like that.

Good luck

Dec 16 2008, 12:30pm Anchor

thx bro.
and i really liked the gladitorial idea. very nice

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Dec 17 2008, 9:20am Anchor

Thankyou, I wish you the best for the competition. I'm expecting that people will copy ideas unfortunately, but when reading the rules, the judges will look at that, and if a map is deemed to be a copy or attempted remake, they will be disqualified, which is great.

Dec 17 2008, 1:00pm Anchor

Hi everybody! I just released my secod map for the contest. Its name is "Castle" and I'm still looking for the "What The..!? Award". The place is huge and the structure is symmetrical. Here you can see the main screenshot:

It will be available to download through the contest addons soon, It's awaiting authorisation. So try it and give me some feedbacks!

spwn aka Darkhawk
Dec 17 2008, 3:25pm Anchor

Looks like fun :)


Come to the dark side... we'v got cookies :D

Dec 17 2008, 3:58pm Anchor

Ok then, this is what I've been working on

A TDM Map:

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

And I'm not sure about this one yet. It's going to be some kind of city.

Image Hosted by

So...yeah, any suggestions on improvements are more than welcomed.
Don't steal my ideas now
:de: :dead:

Toblerone Mod Level Designer
Dec 17 2008, 4:48pm Anchor

There's some great designs already. loving the waterworld map :)

I'm working on something, its not really worth showing yet.

I've just got Farcry 2 and therefore not used the editor all that much. Does anyone know if custom models can be imported, and if so what file type they need to be etc?

Also, this might sounds like a stupid question, but is there anyway to set up events, triggers, cutscenes etc?


Dec 17 2008, 5:03pm Anchor

Toblerone wrote:There's some great designs already. loving the waterworld map :)

I'm working on something, its not really worth showing yet.

I've just got Farcry 2 and therefore not used the editor all that much. Does anyone know if custom models can be imported, and if so what file type they need to be etc?

Also, this might sounds like a stupid question, but is there anyway to set up events, triggers, cutscenes etc?


I don't think so...

Dec 17 2008, 5:24pm Anchor

Toblerone wrote:There's some great designs already. loving the waterworld map :)

I'm working on something, its not really worth showing yet.

I've just got Farcry 2 and therefore not used the editor all that much. Does anyone know if custom models can be imported, and if so what file type they need to be etc?

Also, this might sounds like a stupid question, but is there anyway to set up events, triggers, cutscenes etc?


No, there are currently no plugins for importing your own 3d models yet.
Not only that, but if we were able to upload our own 3d models, the maps would be much larger for people as they would have to download the extra content.

The SDK is a mp sdk only so there is no way to do events, triggers, cutscenes and all that you could do in a typical singleplayer map editor.

Edited by: Otreum

Toblerone Mod Level Designer
Dec 17 2008, 5:31pm Anchor

it'd be extra shiny content though ;) Ah well..

Ok one last dumb question - which would forgive the fact that I cant upload meshes - Can I scale objects?

Dec 17 2008, 5:37pm Anchor

:( thats one thing that really annoyed me when developing my maps...not being able to scale objects.

So unfortunately, that's another "no", you cannot scale objects :(

Dec 17 2008, 6:08pm Anchor

Hi all! I thought it'd be nice to participate in the contest and see if I can get a handle of the map editor. :D So far I've started creating this map for the "Real World Landmarks Reward". The Aztec Pyramids :

User Posted Image

I'm not near finished as I only started today. So it'll most likely be a week and a bit before it's finished.

Dec 17 2008, 6:16pm Anchor

Oh nice! Chichen Itza and the Pyramid Of Kukulkan, I visited the real one in Yucatan, the pyramid has 91 stairs on each side and 9 stages with a perfect 45 degrees angle. Also there's green grass all around. Good luck with this one, it has to be perfect.

Toblerone Mod Level Designer
Dec 17 2008, 6:23pm Anchor

Its a real shame about the lack of a scale tool for objects.. it would afford so many more possibilities.. i'm puzzled why there isn't one. :(
Love the Pyramid Invader, it reminds me of a place called Caracol in Belize. That was a Mayan City though ;)

Dec 17 2008, 8:51pm Anchor

My post has been Updated with my Parthenon map, tell me what you think ;)

Edited by: Grimezy15

INtense! End Boss
Dec 17 2008, 9:22pm Anchor

great work so far - just remember there are 3 categories! So far everyone is entering "WHAT THE!?" type maps. Remember there is a PC to win in each category (biggest prizing ever for a mapping contest) so you should think about the other categories as well.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Dec 17 2008, 10:49pm Anchor

The other categories are difficult to do due to the limited amount of objects in the editor, but i'm working on a bunch of nostalgia category maps now, then i'll move on to land marks. And as far as I know, a few others are working on nostalgia based maps aswell.
I think that right now, the competition is not really heated, and that there will be a large influx in the last days. So best for everyone to get in before the rush.

*update* Just updated my main post up above with the "Vertigo" map

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