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zahlenbechk Superhuman Mediocrity
Dec 23 2008, 1:49pm Anchor

The amount of accuracy to the real thing in your level is up to you. If you feel it is necessary to modify for the sake of balance or whatever, it is up to you.

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Dec 23 2008, 3:52pm Anchor

DirtRiver wrote:Hello guys I have a question for you:

I still havent bought Far Cry 2 so I am unable to play with the Editor but I really want to enter this contest so I will buy it as fast as I can.
Since I have already 2 nice ideas to start, the questions are:

1 - Do we need to make a Multiplayer type map? (I dont even know if the editor can make it or not)

2 - Is the editor able to do complex buildings?

3 - Where can I find good and simple tutorials for this editor?

1: Yes
2: Not unlesss your tricky with the terrain editor

DirtRiver wrote:Ok you calmed me down :p I didnt thought I would have the time to do what I want if I still nedded to learn it.

What about A.I? Can we spawn enemies and put them guarding a place?

(Damn it I have 2 ideas that are awesome but really tricky to get them done :X)

No AI MP only

Ghost.X wrote:Another question. Is it judged off complete accuracy, or can I do my own improvisation? Like say I wanted to do an area from Kampala (capital of Uganda), so when you play the map, you feel this could actually be a district from Kampala, only I modified it for the sake of balance and gameplay. Is that considered or just accuracy? In other words, looks like Kampala but isn't?

Well considering how most of us have not been there we can only judge on what we know. The map does not have to be well rounded if its more as a map rather then a map designed for deathmatch. So the focus here is not to make an amazing MP map (tho it helps to have some before thought) but rather to make a map that (in your case real world land marks) would look like what your basing it off.


Dec 23 2008, 5:58pm Anchor

Don't be disheartened to enter the competition because of some of the other entries, at least if you do your best and make an attempt to win, you at least have a chance at winning, hence the saying "you've gotta be in it to win it".
Good luck with learning the editor, it's very easy, but you will find it's limits.

Dec 23 2008, 10:00pm Anchor

Ok, here's the idea: A map that is all underground, in caves. Sea caves.
So far I've got the APR base, have a look:

Smuggler's Barge:
User Posted Image

Secret Entrance:
User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Diamond Base:
User Posted Image

Hangout Room:
User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Fog vs. No Fog:

>coming soon when imageshack stops being [expletive]!

>coming soon when imageshack stops being [expletive]!

(I'm Currently using lots of fog.)

Constructive criticism welcome :wub:

Edited by: TentativeChaos

zahlenbechk Superhuman Mediocrity
Dec 23 2008, 10:19pm Anchor

Cool idea TentativeChaos, I tried something similar and had some big annoyances. I made a little cave for my crygulch map and it looked kinda lame so I figured that I'd put about a foot of water on the floor that would look pretty cool. The problem was that the water wasn't generating reflections for the smaller rocks used for the structure of the the cave, so although underground I had sky reflecting on the water. Needless to say it looked pretty stupid. Did you have any similar problems with this?

Dec 23 2008, 10:28pm Anchor

Cave maps are a bit....dull shall we say with this editor, simply for the fact that we don't have a flashlight or any other portable light source, so indoor lighting is key when making a map like this.
I have been working on a cave map aswell just for the hell of doing a cave map, there have also been other attempts to make a cave map..but not very good ones, I don't believe the idea is really original or creative, however, it is something for people to play if they feel like running around in caves singing the ooga booga song while shooting one another blindly.
Have fun working on it though, it actually looks ok.

HotNirvanaJudoTrend Northern Avid Judo Ant
Dec 23 2008, 10:33pm Anchor

LOL It seems i wasnt as original as i thought when it came to caves... but hey, i have a little bit of everything :D both wide open space and claustraphobic confines. i got creative with the caves and added a shanty town. i am not experiencing as much trouble with my PC, so i went ahead and threw together a shantytropolis too :D

screens due tomorrow :)

Otreum wrote:the fact that we don't have a flashlight or any other portable light source

We have cars... they have headlights... that's portable, but not convenient for foot paths :D

Edited by: HotNirvanaJudoTrend

Dec 23 2008, 10:38pm Anchor

bahahah, I like your sense of humor :P

It should be good to see what other ideas you have up your sleeve. As i've said before, we all have ideas, but it's a matter of who actually creates the ideas, let alone creating them well.

BTW: Anybody who downloaded my UltraTank map will need to download the new version when it comes back up.
There isn't a MAJOR change, however I spent a few minutes adding a few minor touches to the map to make it easier to find your way around the tank and also as I wasn't sure whether to add rocks out in the open area behind the tank or not, I decided to just do it since it was also recommended by another entrant; zahlenbechk.
Enjoy when it's available again :)

Edited by: Otreum

Moleman2009 Mod Manager
Dec 23 2008, 11:04pm Anchor

well i have finished a map that ive been working on all weekend up until today, and have been getting some good testing time with some buddys of mine, We have dubbed the map Hobo's Hideout. Essentially its a three level map made for all around fun, fast paced game play and the what the...?! award.

Heres some in editor game screen shots, (i know the graphics look like crap but thats my 8400 card for ya)

zahlenbechk Superhuman Mediocrity
Dec 24 2008, 12:32am Anchor

New update for CryGulch; just the typical of neurotic overhaul. Mostly aesthetic changes, but there are a couple of minor gameplay changes as well.

Dec 24 2008, 1:59am Anchor

Here is an update for my Super Mario 64 Nostalgia map "Bomb-omb Battlefield".

I decided to throw the idea of doing the map to be picture perfect, and since the conditions of the nostalgia award is to make the map with an african flavour, i'm TRYING to make the map noticable as the bomb-omb battlefield, but also look like a proper far cry 2 map at the same time.
It is a fairly large scale map, which I couldn't really help, and i'm pretty much done with the map. I'm thinking that i'll add more to the grassy plains since the original mario 64 game didn't have much detail on the grassy areas in this map, so if I want it to be interesting, i'm going to have to do them different.
Anyway, no more rambling, here is the top view of the map thus far. It even has the floating island too ;)

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

You will have to excuse the funny looking trees at the moment, since the leaf polys only rotate on the one axis and don't rotate upwards like speedtree trees.
Remember there is still more work to be done on the map, but i'm quite happy with how it's turned out thus far.

Dec 24 2008, 2:35am Anchor

Wow, some great entries I'm seeing submitted. Can't wait to take a crack at own Henley in some of these babies!!

Edited by: stenchy

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Dec 24 2008, 3:58am Anchor

stenchy wrote:Wow, some great entries I'm seeing submitted. Can't wait to take a crack at own Henley in some of these babies!!

pish posh my little friend pish posh


Dec 24 2008, 4:52am Anchor

Another update on the Super mario Bomb-omb Battlefield map. Plenty of screenshots for you all to drool over, hehe.
The map geometry is all complete, now all that is left is for the actual spawn points and so on.
User Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Edited by: Otreum

Dec 24 2008, 5:17am Anchor
zahlenbechk Superhuman Mediocrity
Dec 24 2008, 6:48am Anchor

I dig the Mayan temples you have there; you gotta do something about the corners though. Also be sure to put a little lake nearby; I am not really well read in this area, but weren't the Mayans the ones that got there water from those huge underwater rivers welling up to a little pool in the middle of the forest?

Random Question out to anyone:
What is the purpose of those occlusions blocks? I've figured out how they work, but I can't for the life of me place any sort of practical purpose with them.

Dec 24 2008, 7:33am Anchor

HAHAHAH, those occlusion blocks are pretty much useless for most levels.
I'm used to having occlusion points not just a big block.
They can be used if your level is designed in a way that they can be used, however otherwise they're pretty much pointless to have, especially in larger scale maps.

I personally don't bother with them, I have tried to use them, but I'm in the same boat you are since i'm used to being able to have more control over occlusion.

Guess what folks, it's almost time to play the super mario map remake of Bomb-omb Battlefield :)
Just uploading it now and next is to await authorization.
There are a few little things that i'm a bit 2 sided (50/50) about that I may change, however, I think the map is a good balance between keeping it to the original whilst at the same time giving it a new flavour.
Anyway, you shall see the map within a few hours I hope :)

Edited by: Otreum

Snipergen Lvl Designer/Env Artist
Dec 24 2008, 11:09am Anchor

Yay wips! The storm slider is maxed out but ill bring it back a bit. So this would be a central area (small part you see on the screen) and than both teams should get to the middle and kill them all :D

Edited by: Snipergen

Dec 24 2008, 3:29pm Anchor

My Bomb-omb battlefield super mario 64 map is available for download now, have a very merry christmas all :)

Toblerone Mod Level Designer
Dec 24 2008, 7:02pm Anchor

Koopa Troopa Beach (Standard Race Version) has been submitted, and is awaiting authorisation. 'Death Race Version' will be along soon :devious:

Looks like you guys will have two doses of marioy goodness during the hols :D

zahlenbechk Superhuman Mediocrity
Dec 24 2008, 7:11pm Anchor

Koopa Troopa Beach, that's mario cart right? Otreum, your super mario 64 map is looking pretty good, but not as distinctive as I expected. Anyway, happy hollidays to everyone around here.

Dec 24 2008, 7:51pm Anchor

The best map is one that is fun to play like de_wanda is great to look at but crap to play and de_dust is nothing special but amazingly fun.

So how are all these being judged?

razorb Indie Dev
Dec 24 2008, 8:12pm Anchor

grantelicious it says in the main page for this comp where the rules are n such... but yea here it is

  • Aesthetics: Visual fidelity/accuracy of design /10
  • Functionality: Does it work? /10
  • Balance: Is it fair? In (team) deathmatch play, do both teams have equal advantage? /10
  • Fun Factor: Enjoyable? Do you lose track of time while playing? /10

oh yea also i just bought far cry 2 today, so should be entering!

zahlenbechk Superhuman Mediocrity
Dec 24 2008, 8:17pm Anchor

Nice stuff guys. I have something new on the press [finally] VERY WIP. Here's the situation; a group of African gentlemen go on an expedition through time (with a super awesome teleporter) and make their way to the site of the great sphinx during it's early stages of construction. Anyway, somebody pisses someone else off and they are killing each other in no time. I'm thinking this'll be mostly a deathmatch map


Edited by: zahlenbechk

Toblerone Mod Level Designer
Dec 24 2008, 8:33pm Anchor

zahlenbechk wrote:Koopa Troopa Beach, that's mario cart right?

Yes Indeedy :D MK64
A headless Sphinx eh? cool! I know it doesn't fit your concept, but I would like to see a full sphinx, with the head built out of rocks

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