OpenMW is a new and modern engine based on the one that runs the 2002 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. The engine (OpenMW) will come with its own editor (OpenCS) which will allow the user to edit or create their own games. Both OpenCS en OpenMW are written from scratch and aren't made to support any third party programs the original Morrowind engine used to improve its functionality.
To give you a better idea of what this project is about, here are some of the aims for the future of the OpenMW engine:

  • Be a full-featured reimplementation of the Morrowind engine
  • Run natively on Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
  • Support all existing content, including Tribunal, Bloodmoon and all user created mods (in case they don't use external programs).
  • Allow much greater modability: change game rules, create new spell effects, etc through scripting.
  • Fix system design bugs, like save-game “doubling” problem.
  • Improve the interface and journal system.
  • Improved graphics by taking advantage of more modern hardware.
  • Support to improve game mechanics, physics, combat and AI. (
  • (Possibly) Support to implement multiplayer.

NOTE: Playing Morrowind with this engine still requires one to own the Morrowind data files.

OpenCS will support the editing of for all OpenMW features. We aim for the editor to stay fully up-to-date with the corresponding OpenMW version, allowing the user to edit any newly implemented feature. It will also support editor plugins, files that add to the engine code which can extend the editor's functionality and allow it to be used as a debugging tool for OpenMW content. The OpenCS is not based on the editing tool which came with the original Morrowind game, it is a program made by modders for modders.
Important properties of the OpenCS are:

  • non-blocking
  • multi-threaded
  • multi-document support
  • multi-view support
  • high scalability
  • customisable GUI

OpenMW/OpenCS is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Please consider visiting our forums and our wiki page

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The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.39.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings background cell loading and caching, which is a feature not to be missed. Initial support for object shaders has found its way back into our engine, and a host of bugs have been smashed. See below for the full list of changes.

The venerable Atahualpa has bravely stepped up to fill WeirdSexy's boundless shoes as our video producer, check out the video for this release and OpenMW-CS 0.39.0. Check our blog or Youtube channel if you missed his videos for versions 0.36, 0.37, or 0.38.

If you want to get involved as a developer visit this page.

OpenMW is a free and open source project by fans of the Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. If you want to support one of our long term developers (4 years) at his patreon that would be greatly appreciated. The vanilla game and expansions are fully playable at this stage of development.

Known Issues

  • Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land


  • Implemented background cell loading and caching of loaded cells
  • Implemented support for object shaders in OSG
  • Implemented interpolation for physics simulation, smoothing rendering of statics and fixing some collision issues
  • Implemented support for sphere map NiTextureEffects
  • Implemented the FixMe script instruction
  • Implemented support for RGB and RGBA embedded textures in NIF files
  • Implemented corpse clear delay
  • Implemented per-creature respawn time tracking
  • Fixed Dark Brotherhood Assassins, ghosts in Ibar-Dad, and other creatures spawned with PlaceAt spawning inside world geometry
  • Fixed Activate / OnActivate script instruction to match vanilla behavior
  • Fixed player spawning underwater when loading a game saved while swimming
  • Fixed NPCs not using correct animations with Animated Morrowind mod
  • Fixed Riekling raider pig screaming continuously
  • Fixed Vivec's hands in the Psymoniser Vivec God Replacement mod
  • Fixed NPCs spamming restoration spells instead of defending themself
  • Fixed a crash caused by local script iteration
  • Fixed AI packages to not stack when duplicates are added
  • Fixed actor animations not being rebuilt on resurrection
  • Fixed dialog boxes for non-standard NPCs not scrolling correctly
  • Fixed wandering NPCs disappearing or getting teleported to strange places
  • Fixed missing NPC name in journal entry when given Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces quest
  • Fixed bounding box used for items when dropping them from the inventory
  • Fixed spells exploding on an actor being applied twice
  • Fixed Azura's missing head
  • Fixed potion effect showing when ingredient effects are not known
  • Fixed hands turning partially invisible when chopping with a spear
  • Fixed fast travel breaking save files made afterwards
  • Fixed crash after casting recall spell
  • Fixed constant effect enchantment animation playing on dead bodies
  • Fixed spell effects to not persist after the caster dies
  • Fixed corpses that are submerged at the beginning of the game to stay submerged
  • Fixed "when strikes" enchantments to not launch a projectile from the attacker when they apply
  • Fixed camera snapping to straight up or down after teleporting
  • Fixed alchemy window ingredient count not decrementing when combining ingredients that don't share effects
  • Fixed mods corrupting the hasWater() flag for exterior cells
  • Fixed a crash with mods that define bip01 spine1 but not bip01 spine2
  • Fixed class image display when an image for the class is not found
  • Fixed possible infinite disposition through exploit
  • Fixed glitch causing removed clothing to still be rendered on the character on the inventory paper doll
  • Fixed statics and activators not being able to cast spell effects on the player
  • Fixed cells not loading when using Poorly Placed Object Fix mod
  • Fixed female characters incorrectly using the male base animation skeleton
  • Fixed "use best attack" punches to match vanilla behavior
  • Fixed crash when clicking through the class selection menu a specific way
  • Fixed save list jumping to the top when deleting a saved game
  • Fixed the selected class and race not being cleared when starting a new game
  • Fixed crash when water normal map is missing
  • Fixed an issue with handling stray arguments in scripts
  • Fixed Drop script instruction to match vanilla behavior
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented GMST verifier
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented info record verifier
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented rendering cell border markers in Scene view
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented point lighting in Scene view
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented optional line wrapping in script editor
  • OpenMW-CS: Reimplemented 3D scene camera system
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented scenes being a drop target for referenceables
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented rendering cell markers in Scene view
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented Instance selection menu in Scene view
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented Move sub mode for Instance editing mode in Scene view
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented behavior for changing water level of interiors to match exteriors
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented using "Enter" key instead of clicking "Create" button to confirm ID input in Creator Bar
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed objects dropped in the scene not always saving
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed objects added to the scene not rendering until the scene is reloaded
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed land data being written twice
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed GMST ID named sMake Enchantment being named sMake when making new game from scratch
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed creator bar in Start Scripts subview not accepting script ID drops
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed using the "Next Script" and "Previous Script" buttons changes the record status to "Modified"

OpenMW 0.37

OpenMW 0.37

News 4 comments

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.37.0! This release brings the long-anticipated implementation of the OpenSceneGraph renderer...

OpenMW 0.36.0 & 0.36.1 Released!

OpenMW 0.36.0 & 0.36.1 Released!

News 4 comments

OpenMW .36 & .36.1 Release. Post from 2015-05-29 on Homepage of

OpenMW 0.34~0.35.1 Release Video

OpenMW 0.34~0.35.1 Release Video

News 6 comments

The new versions improve AI, add features to our new editor, and fix hundreds of bugs.

OpenMW 0.33 Release Video

OpenMW 0.33 Release Video

News 7 comments

The team behind the open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind engine is back with another release. We're closing in version 1.0...

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I love exploration in games! Morrowind is one great game that scratches that itch! I have long had the desire to make a game for housebound people that would allow them to feel like they are getting out. Perhaps this is the engine I have been looking for. With all original assets, I could do almost anything with OpenMW and make an original game. I have to learn OpenCS though. I never got into Morrowind modding due to the fact that it wasn't open source. Why spend time modding for a game with a limited shelf life? This changes things though in a big way. After all, because they released the source, people are still modding for the original Doom! But I never finish my creations anyway.

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No pressure guys, but if you don't finish OpenMW, I will curl up in a fetal position and weep. :( Keep up the good work! You are doing an amazing job! I don't take lightly how much work has gone into this project!

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ok what about this ideas?
Mount system for horses?(look at mount and blade,that is the best way i think)
vehicles like ships and horse carts? (i say vehicle for using them as extra inventory space not just mount them)
gibs (you know body parts go flying their separate ways after death)

are you going to add this things in the future?

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it would be cool if this were to transition into an game creation studio

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openscenegraph port nomnomnom

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Will be changed the minimap size in the right corner? On my 24 Zoll display Is not bigger than my thumb.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

how about split screen?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Split screen is not hard to implement, but LAN, online is hard to make.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It may be too difficult to implement but I too would love splitsreen, lan and online multiplayer :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

serious sam game have a very good way for input devices,you can actually have 2 keyboards and 2 mouses,using 2 usb and 2 analog inputs at the same time.perfect for split screen or for 2 monitors in the same pc.

(koyk_gr here)in case you want to down vote some one...

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