OpenMW is a new and modern engine based on the one that runs the 2002 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. The engine (OpenMW) will come with its own editor (OpenCS) which allows the user to edit or create their own games. Both OpenCS en OpenMW are written from scratch and aren't made to support any third party programs the original Morrowind engine used to improve its functionality.

To give you a better idea of what this project is about, here are some of the goals of the OpenMW engine:

  • Be a full-featured reimplementation of the Morrowind engine
  • Run natively on Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
  • Support all existing content, including Tribunal, Bloodmoon and all user created mods (in case they don't use external programs).
  • Allow much greater modability: change game rules, create new spell effects, etc through scripting.
  • Fix system design bugs, like save-game “doubling” problem.
  • Improve the interface and journal system.
  • Improved graphics by taking advantage of more modern hardware.
  • Support to improve game mechanics, physics, combat and AI.
  • (Possibly) Support to implement multiplayer.

NOTE: Playing Morrowind with this engine still requires one to own the Morrowind data files.

OpenCS will support the editing of for all OpenMW features. We aim for the editor to stay fully up-to-date with the corresponding OpenMW version, allowing the user to edit any newly implemented feature. It will also support editor plugins, files that add to the engine code which can extend the editor's functionality and allow it to be used as a debugging tool for OpenMW content. The OpenCS is not based on the editing tool which came with the original Morrowind game, it is a program made by modders for modders.
Important properties of the OpenCS are:

  • non-blocking
  • multi-threaded
  • multi-document support
  • multi-view support
  • high scalability
  • customisable GUI

OpenMW/OpenCS is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Please consider visiting our forums and our wiki page

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OpenMW v0.44.0 released!


The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.44.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings a slew of new features and bug fixes, including a search bar for spells, a tab for advanced settings in the launcher, and multiple quicksaves.

Check out the release video and the OpenMW-CS release video by the perspicacious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes

Known Issues:

  • Shadows are not re-implemented yet
  • To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
  • On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

New Features:

  • Spell search bar implemented
  • Launcher: Advanced settings tab added (#4054)
  • Implemented option for fast travel services to charge for every companion (#4064)
  • Added an option to have multiple quicksaves (#4174)
  • Added an option to rebalance soul gem values based only on soul value, not soul times gem value (#4423)
  • OpenMW-CS: Terrain Texture Brush button implemented (#3870)
  • OpenMW-CS: Edit functions for terrain texture editing mode implemented (#3872)
  • OpenMW-CS: New, and more complete, icon set added

Bug Fixes:

  • Daedra are now summoned when picking up cursed items through the inventory, OnActivate is now triggered even with the inventory menu open (#1428, #3726)
  • Similar glyphs are now used as fallbacks when unsupported glyphs are encountered (#1987)
  • Magic effects active when a save is loaded are now rendered (#2254)
  • Journal alphabetical indexing now works in Russian language versions (#2485)
  • Declaring OnPCHitMe in an actor’s script now prevents the actor from attacking, even in self-defense, if his Fight is equal to zero (#2703)
  • Content selector now places Morrowind.esm at the beginning of the mod list, if it is present (#2829)
  • Undefined weather settings now fallback to middle grey instead of pure black (#2841)
  • Mods are now found if the mod directory is a parent of the installation directory (#3557)
  • Flying and swimming creatures no longer use the pathgrid (#3587)
  • SetPos no longer skips weather transitions, fixing transitions in mods that use SetPos to travel the player, such as Boats Mod (#3603)
  • ESM files with capital-case extensions now load correctly with the launcher (#3618)
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck inside terrain/objects when the player rests (#3638)
  • Combat music is now updated in menu mode (#3664)
  • Extraneous carriage returns are cut from dialog output (#3696)
  • Fixes for controllers on macOS (#3708)
  • SetPos can no longer place the target under terrain level (#3783)
  • Fixed an issue where casting Calm Humanoid on a guard the player is resisting arrest from caused a dialog loop when trying to resist again (#3863)
  • Enemies who are knocked out will no longer recover immediately (#3884)
  • Imported content files are now sorted according to their dependencies, instead of just modified time (this fixes Bethesda ESMs broken by the Steam version of Morrowind) (#3926)
  • Scripts now support period and hyphen characters in the script name, as long as it is not the first character (#4061)
  • Soul gems with trapped souls of creatures from mods that have been removed will now be empty instead of crashing the game (#4111)
  • Swim animation is no longer interrupted when attacking underwater (#4122)
  • An empty battle music folder now results in explore music being played in combat (#4134)
  • Added a vanilla absorb spell behavior option, which is enabled by default (#4135)
  • Added vanilla enchanted weaponry behavior option, which is enabled by default (#4136)
  • Centroid interpolation is now used for shader lighting, fixing some graphical artifacts when using antialiasing (#4143)
  • NPC base skeleton files are not longer optimized, fixes some body replacer mods (#4159)
  • To prevent animation flickering, the landing animation is no longer played when the player is turning as they are landing (#4177)
  • Fighting actors now face their target instead of the nearest actor (#4179)
  • Weapon switch sound is no longer played when no different weapon is present to switch to (#4180)
  • Guards can no longer initiate dialog with the player when the player is far above the guard (#4184)
  • The correct graphical effect is now applied to armor and clothes when changing them while chameleoned or invisible (#4190)
  • “Screenshot Saved” message has been removed (#4191)
  • Attack range for NPC archers and spellcasters now more accurately matches vanilla behavior (#4192)
  • Dialog topics are now always highlighted when first encountered (#4210)
  • Fixed an FPS drop after minimizing the game during rainy weather (#4211)
  • Thrown weapon projectiles now all rotate when in the air (#4216)
  • Spell casting chance now displays as zero if the player does not have enough magicka to cast it (#4223)
  • Fixed double activation button presses when using a gamepad (#4225)
  • The player’s current class and birthsign is now the default value in the class select and bithsign select menus, rather than the first item in the list (#4226)
  • Tribunal and Bloodmoon summoned creatures no longer automatically fight other followers (#4229)
  • Player movement from one directional key is now nullified if the opposite directional key is also pressed (#4233)
  • Wireframe mode no longer affects the map (#4235)
  • Fixed a crash when quick loading from the container screen (#4239)
  • Greetings are no longer added to the journal topic list (#4242)
  • Merchant NPCs no longer sell ingredients from containers that they own that have zero capacity, such as plants (#4245)
  • Armor condition is now taken into account when calculating armor rating (#4246)
  • Removed unintended jump cooldown (#4250)
  • Fixed console spam when OpenMW encounters a non-music file in the Music folder (#4252)
  • Magic effects from eaten ingredients now have the correct duration (#4261)
  • Arrow position is now correct in third person view during attacks for beast races (#4263)
  • Players in god mode are no longer affected by negative spell effects (#4264)
  • Missing ‘sAnd’ GMST no longer causes a crash (#4269)
  • Root node transformation is no longer incorrectly discarded, fixing characters in the mod The Black Mill (#4272)
  • The map is now updated with explored cells correctly, instead of only when the map window is opened (#4279)
  • MessageBoxes now appear over the chargen menu (#4298)
  • Optimizer no longer breaks LOD nodes (#4301)
  • PlaceAtMe now correctly inherits the scale of the calling object (#4308)
  • Resistance to magic now affects all resistable magic effects (#4309)
  • Opening doors is now restricted to bipedal actors (#4313)
  • Rainy weather no longer slows down the game when changing from indoors to outdoors (#4314)
  • Meshes with Collisi flag are no longer ignored (#4319)
  • Activate and Move keys are no longer used for GUI navigation if they are bound to mouse buttons (#4320)
  • NPC negative faction reaction modifier now works correctly (#4322)
  • Taking owned items is no longer considered a crime if the owner is dead (#4328)
  • Torch and shield equipping behavior now is more consistent with the original game (#4334)
  • Installation wizard now appends “/Data Files” if needed when autodetecting path (#4336)
  • “Interior” removed from cell not found message (#4343)
  • Inventory item count for very high numbers no longer shows incorrect values due to truncation (#4346)
  • Using AddSoulgem no longer fills all soul gems of the specified type (#4351)
  • A message is displayed if the spell a player tries to select via quickkey is missing (#4391)
  • Inventory filter is now reset to All when loading a game (#4392)
  • Terrain is now rendered for empty cells (#4405)
  • OpenMW now handles marker definitions correctly, fixing mod Arktwend (#4410)
  • iniimporter no longer ignores data paths (#4412)
  • Moving with zero strength no longer uses all of your fatigue (#4413)
  • Camera no longer flickers when opening and closing menu while sneaking (#4420)
  • Cursor now displays correctly when OpenMW is compiled against macOS 10.13 SDK (#4424)
  • Item health is no longer considered a signed integer, it can no longer be negative (#4435)
  • Adding items to currently disabled creatures will no longer crash the game (#4441)
  • Encumbrance value is now rounded up (#1786)
  • Werewolf health is now correctly calculated (#4142)
  • NiLookAtController node is now ignored, like in vanilla (#4407)
  • OpenMW-CS: “Original Creature” field renamed to “Parent Creature” (#2897)
  • OpenMW-CS: Unchecking “Auto Calc” flag when editing an NPC record no longer causes unreasonable values to be filled in (#3278)
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed search and verification result tables to be case-insensitive when sorting (#3343)
  • OpenMW-CS: “Model” column renamed to “Model/Animation” (#2694)
OpenMW v0.43.0 released!

OpenMW v0.43.0 released!

News 3 comments

The OpenMW team has released version 0.43.0 of our open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. OpenMW is already in a fully playable...

OpenMW v0.41.0 released!

OpenMW v0.41.0 released!

News 2 comments

The OpenMW team has released version 0.41.0 of our open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. OpenMW is already in a fully playable...

OpenMW v0.40.0 released!

OpenMW v0.40.0 released!

News 7 comments

The OpenMW team has released version 0.40.0 of our open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. OpenMW is already in a fully playable...

OpenMW version 0.39 released

OpenMW version 0.39 released

News 5 comments

Check out our new update video of OpenMW (new engine for Elder Scrolls 3)! 80 bugs fixed, background cell loading and caching, and initial support for...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 95)

This is turning out great! It is so stable, and it allows me to play on Linux! The Construction Set is turning out to be wonderful! I am rooting for this project!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

trying to search far and wide; has really no one else noticed the bug that makes it so you can't fire arrows (with a bow), near mountains/boulders? I try to hit Cliff racers, flying among... the cliffs, from below and my arrows reach a certain point and then suddenly just flies off, far away from the target, as if though sliding on an invisible piece of wall, sticking out from every single boulder/mountain mesh, making it completely impossible for me to shoot any Cliff racer at a distance with bow and arrow - thus making bow and arrow pretty much useless for anything but kiting...

(0.44, btw)

complete reinstall seem to have solved the issue, at the moment.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Maybe a crazy idea, but someone with more knowledge than me about this stuff should look into incorporating OpenMW into VR

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
OpenMW Creator

Some people looked into it, but odds are that it won't happen before 1.0 anyway.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It seems to be a REALLY GREAT PROJECT! I hope they'll finish it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
OpenMW Creator

Well, you can already play all the quests in OpenMW, as well as the __vast__ majority of the mods, event the amazing Tamriel Rebuilt ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

so any real mods for this? like rideable horses(with carts also), controllable ships(with npc collision), new npc animations like eat sleep sit in chairs ect(including player interactions with the same objects like chairs), new high quality models(not just textures). should i continue with what can be made? ware are the modders? we cover the coop part, thank god some one did it finally! lets continue with more advance staff now like the coop mod team did, please.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
OpenMW Creator

OpenMW is an engine to play Morrowind, you can use any Morrowind mods with it. The project is __all about__ the engine, and not creating new data, like textures, animations, models, …

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I love exploration in games! Morrowind is one great game that scratches that itch! I have long had the desire to make a game for housebound people that would allow them to feel like they are getting out. Perhaps this is the engine I have been looking for. With all original assets, I could do almost anything with OpenMW and make an original game. I have to learn OpenCS though. I never got into Morrowind modding due to the fact that it wasn't open source. Why spend time modding for a game with a limited shelf life? This changes things though in a big way. After all, because they released the source, people are still modding for the original Doom! But I never finish my creations anyway.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

No pressure guys, but if you don't finish OpenMW, I will curl up in a fetal position and weep. :( Keep up the good work! You are doing an amazing job! I don't take lightly how much work has gone into this project!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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OpenMW 0.44 has been released! There are some new features, and many bug fixes. Read our announcement here:…

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RT @OpenMW_org: Want to help the OpenMW project, but can't code? Finding Bugs, Documentation, and technical support are somethings you can do to help out!

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We also have the Example Suite in the pipeline, we need modelers, animators and musicians to build a standalone game for OpenMW!

Apr 7 2017

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