OpenMW is a new and modern engine based on the one that runs the 2002 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. The engine (OpenMW) will come with its own editor (OpenCS) which will allow the user to edit or create their own games. Both OpenCS en OpenMW are written from scratch and aren't made to support any third party programs the original Morrowind engine used to improve its functionality.
To give you a better idea of what this project is about, here are some of the aims for the future of the OpenMW engine:

  • Be a full-featured reimplementation of the Morrowind engine
  • Run natively on Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
  • Support all existing content, including Tribunal, Bloodmoon and all user created mods (in case they don't use external programs).
  • Allow much greater modability: change game rules, create new spell effects, etc through scripting.
  • Fix system design bugs, like save-game “doubling” problem.
  • Improve the interface and journal system.
  • Improved graphics by taking advantage of more modern hardware.
  • Support to improve game mechanics, physics, combat and AI. (
  • (Possibly) Support to implement multiplayer.

NOTE: Playing Morrowind with this engine still requires one to own the Morrowind data files.

OpenCS will support the editing of for all OpenMW features. We aim for the editor to stay fully up-to-date with the corresponding OpenMW version, allowing the user to edit any newly implemented feature. It will also support editor plugins, files that add to the engine code which can extend the editor's functionality and allow it to be used as a debugging tool for OpenMW content. The OpenCS is not based on the editing tool which came with the original Morrowind game, it is a program made by modders for modders.
Important properties of the OpenCS are:

  • non-blocking
  • multi-threaded
  • multi-document support
  • multi-view support
  • high scalability
  • customisable GUI

OpenMW/OpenCS is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Please consider visiting our forums and our wiki page

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OpenMW 0.37

News 4 comments

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.37.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings the long-anticipated implementation of the OpenSceneGraph renderer! More info on this 3d graphics toolkit can be found on the OSG website. Hats off to scrawl for the Herculean amount of effort he put in working on this massive codebase change! The new renderer brings a massive performance speedup, as well as many graphical fixes and improvements.

New transparency

NPC scaling

Antialiasing x8

You may notice that shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land and object shaders, but we wanted to get the release out rather than delay any further! These features will be re-added soon! This release brings many other changes and bugfixes, as well as a huge amount of new work done on OpenCS, the editor for OpenMW. Some features are missing from OpenCS as well: only basic camera controls are implemented, pathgrid and cell marker rendering is missing, as well as instance moving. See below for the full changelog.


  • Rewrote graphics engine using OSG rendering toolkit
  • Implemented profiling overlay (press F3!)
  • Implemented journal and book scaling
  • Implemented NiStencilProperty
  • Implemented Game Time Tracker
  • Implemented comments in openmw.cfg
  • Implemented resource manager optimizations
  • Implemented handling NIF files as proper resources
  • Implemented using skinning data in NIF files as-is
  • Implemented small feature culling
  • Implemented configurable near clip distance
  • Implemented GUI scaling option
  • Implemented support for anonymous textures
  • Implemented loading screen optimizations
  • Implemented character preview optimization
  • Implemented sun glare fader
  • Implemented support for building with Qt5
  • Implemented Bullet shape instancing optimization
  • Implemented FFMPEG 2.9 support
  • Implemented head tracking for creatures
  • Implemented additive moon blending
  • Implemented an error message when S3TC support is missing
  • Fixed short activation distance for light emitting objects
  • Fixed animation not resizing creature’s bounding box
  • Fixed setPos and setScale instructions only modifying the collision model when invoked on Static objects
  • Fixed stars showing on horizon at night when they should be obscured by clouds
  • Fixed errors in moon trajectory
  • Fixed NPCs width not being adjusted by their weight
  • Fixed raycasting for dead actors
  • Fixed several issues with underwater view
  • Fixed Erene Llenim not wandering
  • Fixed cliff racers failing to hit the player (should have left this broken, hm?)
  • Fixed NPCs not being able to hit small creatures
  • Fixed vibrating terrain in cells far from the origin
  • Fixed several issues with first person weapon model rendering
  • Fixed crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode in D3D9
  • Fixed scripts failing to compile if name starts with a digit
  • Fixed Socucius Ergalla having doubled greetings during the tutorial
  • Fixed underwater flora lighting up the entire area
  • Fixed not handling controller extrapolation flags
  • Fixed footstep frequency not updating immediately when speed attribute changes
  • Fixed crash with OpenGL 1.4 drivers
  • Fixed antialiasing not working on Linux
  • Fixed enemies attacking the air when they spot the player
  • Fixed NIF rotation matrices that include scaling not being supported
  • Fixed crank in Old Mournhold: Forgotten Sewer turning about the wrong axis
  • Fixed several particle transparency stacking issues
  • Fixed Trueflame and Hopesfire flame effect rendering
  • Fixed little box rendering beneath verminous fabricants
  • Fixed sparks in Clockwork City not bouncing off the floor
  • Fixed dicer traps in Clockwork City not activating when you’re too close
  • Fixed scrambled pixels on the mini map
  • Fixed NIFs with more than 255 NiBillboardNodes not loading
  • Fixed objects flickering
  • Fixed issue with running out of vram
  • Fixed NPCs dying silently
  • Fixed jumping animation restarting when equipping mid-air
  • Fixed light spell not working in first person view
  • Fixed light spell not being as bright as in Morrowind
  • Fixed transparency sorting to be more accurate, obsoleting transparency-overrides.cfg
  • Fixed player followers reporting crimes
  • Fixed hidden emitter nodes still firing particles
  • Fixed music from title screen continuing after loading a saved game
  • Fixed map not being consistent between saved games
  • Fixed dialog scroll not always starting at the top
  • Fixed Detect Enchantment marks not appearing on top of the player arrow
  • Fixed changing NPC position via console not taking effect until cell is reloaded
  • Fixed mannequins in mods appearing as dead bodies
  • Fixed spurious fifth parameter on Placeatme raising an error
  • Fixed COC command printing multiple times when the GUI is hidden
  • Fixed crash when a creature has no model
  • Fixed character sheet not properly updating when backing out of CharGen
  • Fixed Horkers using land idle animations under water
  • Fixed map notes not showing on cell marker tooltips
  • Fixed alchemy including effects that show twice on the same ingredient
  • Fixed ORI console command
  • Fixed Ashlanders in front of Ghostgate wandering around
  • Fixed ESM writer not handling encoding when saving the TES3 header
  • Fixed NIF node names to be not case-sensitive
  • Fixed fog depth and density not being handled correctly
  • Fixed Combat AI changing target too frequently
  • Fixed not being able to attack during block animations
  • Fixed player not raising arm in third person view for blizzards
  • Fixed current screen resolution not being selected in Options when starting OpenMW
  • Fixed Ordinators thinking beast races can wear their helm
  • Fixed slider bars still moving after clicking to move them and not releasing the mouse button
  • Fixed quirks with sleep interruption
  • Fixed being able to ready weapons and magic while paralyzed
  • Fixed inverted Kwama Queen head
  • Fixed additem and removeitem behavior with gold
  • Fixed –start putting the player inside models
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed infinite free items when bartering
  • Fixed handling of quotes in names of script functions
  • Fixed Open and Lock spell effects persisting when cast on certain statics
  • Fixed being able to lock beds
  • Fixed script compiler not accepting IDs as instruction or function arguments if the ID is also a keyword
  • Fixed cell names not being localized on the world map
  • Fixed swimming player being too low in the water
  • Fixed Save and Load menu localization issues
  • Fixed Disintegrate Weapon applying to lockpicks and probes
  • Fixed mouse wheel in journal not being disabled by Options menu
  • Fixed Heart of Lorkhan not visually responding to attacks
  • Fixed inventory highlighting the wrong category after a load
  • Fixed teleport amulet not being placed in player inventory in Illuminated Order 1.0c
  • Fixed fSleepRandMod not behaving correctly in special cases
  • Fixed hang in non-GOTY version caused by bad SetRot data
  • Fixed NPC confusion over player race
  • Fixed custom races breaking numbering of PcRace
  • Fixed being able to sneak while paralyzed
  • Fixed Chameleon not working for creatures
  • Fixed player power chance to show as 0 when used
  • Fixed error handling for non-existing enchantment references
  • Fixed recursive script execution
  • Fixed infinite recursion when compiling a script with warning mode 2 and enabled error downgrading
  • Fixed potential infinite loop in addToLevCreature script function
  • Fixed PlaceItem returning radians instead of degrees
  • Fixed a crash when entering cell “Tower of Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr”
  • Fixed a crash on assertion in a rare combat case
  • Fixed an issue with loading a save game with mod LGNPC_PaxRedoran_v1_20
  • Fixed an issue with loading a game when a mod that provided a spell known by the player was removed
  • Fixed an issue with unequipping amulets that had been created with the console
  • Fixed crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode in D3D9 (switched to OpenGL)
  • Fixed no texture issue with DirectX (switched to OpenGL)
  • Renamed ‘grid size’ setting to ‘cell load distance’
  • OpenCS: Implemented Merge tool
  • OpenCS: Implemented copying a record ID to the clipboard
  • OpenCS: Implemented script line number in results search
  • OpenCS: Implemented mouse button bindings in 3D scene
  • OpenCS: Implenented scrolling newly created TopicInfo and JournalInfo records into view
  • OpenCS: Implemented horizontal slider to scroll between opened tables
  • OpenCS: Implemented shortcut for closing focused subview
  • OpenCS: Implemented context menu for dialog subview fields with an item matching “Edit ‘x'” from the table subview context menu
  • OpenCS: Implemented ignoring mouse wheel input for numeric values unless the respective widget has focus
  • OpenCS: Implemented refreshing the verify view
  • OpenCS: Implemented configuration of double click behavior in results table
  • OpenCS: Implemented severity column to report tables
  • OpenCS: Implemented improvements to dialog button bar
  • OpenCS: Implemented mouse picking in worldspace widget
  • OpenCS: Implemented cell border arrows
  • OpenCS: Implemented cloning enhancements
  • OpenCS: Implemented fine grained configuration of extended revert and delete commands
  • OpenCS: Implemented magic effect record verifier
  • OpenCS: Implemented Sound Gen record verifier
  • OpenCS: Implemented Pathgrid record verifier
  • OpenCS: Implemented Script Editor enhancements
  • OpenCS: Implemented color values in tables
  • OpenCS: Implemented ID auto-complete
  • OpenCS: Implemented partial sorting in info tables
  • OpenCS: Implemented dialog for editing and viewing content file meta information
  • OpenCS: Implemented using checkbox instead of combobox for boolean values
  • OpenCS: Implemented dropping IDs into bar at bottom of subview when creating a record
  • OpenCS: Fixed global search not automatically focusing the search input field
  • OpenCS: Fixed opening a chest blurring the character portrait
  • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to edit alchemy ingredient properties
  • OpenCS: Fixed being able to select Attribute and Skill parameters for spells that do not require them
  • OpenCS: Fixed unnamed checkbox showing when right clicking an empty place in the menu bar
  • OpenCS: Fixed freeze when editing filter
  • OpenCS: Fixed verifier not updating local variables when other scripts are modified
  • OpenCS: Fixed AIWander Idle not being settable for a creature
  • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to enter values for rows in Creature Attack
  • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to add a start script
  • OpenCS: Fixed verifier reporting non-positive level for creatures with no level
  • OpenCS: Fixed value of “Buys *” not saving for a creature
  • OpenCS: Fixed scale value of 0.000 making the game lag
  • OpenCS: Fixed “AI Wander Idle” value not being saved
  • OpenCS: Fixed created creatures always being dead
  • OpenCS: Fixed being unable to make NPC say a specific “Hello” voice dialog
  • OpenCS: Fixed being unable to make a creature use text dialog
  • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to set trade gold for creatures
  • OpenCS: fixed race filter on body parts not displaying correctly
  • OpenCS: Fixed inverted table sorting
  • OpenCS: Fixed Undo and Redo command labels
  • OpenCS: Fixed listed attributes and skill being based on the number of NPC objects
  • OpenCS: Fixed crash when removing the first row of a nested table
  • OpenCS: Fixed incorrect GMSTs for newly created OMWGame files
  • OpenCS: Fixed deleted scripts being editable
  • OpenCS: Fixed line edit in Dialog subview table showing after a single click
  • OpenCS: Fixed incorrect position of an added row in Info tables
  • OpenCS: Fixed deleting a record triggering a Qt warning
  • OpenCS: Fixed metadata table missing the Fixed record type column
  • OpenCS: Fixed not being able to reorder rows with the same topic in different letter case
  • OpenCS: Fixed Sort by Record Rype on the Objects table being incorrect
  • OpenCS: Fixed undo/redo shortcuts not working in script editor
  • OpenCS: Fixed missing TopicInfo “custom” condition section
  • OpenCS: Fixed sorting search and verification result table by clicking on the column names
  • OpenCS: Fixed enchantment effects always switching to water breathing
  • OpenCS: Fixed NPC information failing to save correctly due to mNpdtType value
  • OpenCS: Fixed deleting record in Objects (referencables) table messing up data
  • OpenCS: Fixed some NPC data not being editable
  • OpenCS: Fixed some missing data in cell definition
  • OpenCS: Fixed value filter not working for float values
  • OpenCS: Fixed undo leaving record status as modified
  • OpenCS: Fixed crash from closing subview and opening a new one
  • OpenCS: Fixed default window size being ignored
  • OpenCS: Fixed TopicInfo data loss when saving from ESP to OMWAddon
  • OpenCS: Fixed deleted record remaining in Dialog subview
  • OpenCS: Fixed editor not scrolling to a newly opened subview when Scrollbar Only mode is active
  • OpenCS: Fixed changing Level or Reputation of an NPC crashing the editor
  • OpenCS: Fixed filters not updating when adding or cloning records
  • OpenCS: Fixed issues when referencing a non-existing script
  • OpenCS: Fixed focus problems on edit subviews input fields
  • OpenCS: Fixed crash when applying filter to TopicInfo on mods that have added dialog
  • OpenCS: Fixed some dialog only editable items not refreshing after undo
  • OpenCS: Fixed cancel button exiting the program
  • OpenCS: Fixed mapcolor not changing correctly on the Regions table
  • OpenCS: Fixed crash when trying to use cell render view on OS X
  • OpenCS: Fixed missing columns in tables
  • OpenCS: Fixed a sort problem in the Objects table when nested rows are added
  • OpenCS: Fixed script verifier not catching endif without an if
  • OpenCS: Fixed list of available content files not refreshing in Open dialog
  • OpenCS: Fixed Flies flag having no effect on ghosts
  • OpenCS: Fixed save game failing to load due to script attached to NPC
  • OpenCS: Fixed reputation value not being stored
OpenMW 0.36.0 & 0.36.1 Released!

OpenMW 0.36.0 & 0.36.1 Released!

News 4 comments

OpenMW .36 & .36.1 Release. Post from 2015-05-29 on Homepage of

OpenMW 0.34~0.35.1 Release Video

OpenMW 0.34~0.35.1 Release Video

News 6 comments

The new versions improve AI, add features to our new editor, and fix hundreds of bugs.

OpenMW 0.33 Release Video

OpenMW 0.33 Release Video

News 7 comments

The team behind the open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind engine is back with another release. We're closing in version 1.0...

OpenMW 0.32 has arrived. Over 100 issues fixed!

OpenMW 0.32 has arrived. Over 100 issues fixed!

News 9 comments

The new version adds features to AI, our all new editor, and fixes a huge amount of bugs.

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You Accept Donations ?

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OpenMW Creator

No. But you can donate to Ogre :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Is 2013 still the target for 1.0 release? Great work btw!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think somewhere in 2014 is an estimate they're making. Good times.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Would it be possible to implement stealth kill animations?

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OpenMW Creator

OpenMW is an engine, not a mod. It will allow modders to add custom animations.

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this engine is supporting destroyable props? like walls ect. you know for siege mods.

and how about ragdolls? and if it has it then how they work? i hope like half-life 2

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OpenMW Creator

Haha, let's first get to v1.0. After that, we or other developers will start implementing new features.

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