This is my old mod for Chaos Rising, done with the help of Jaylo138, Aliblabla,Zetrial,Shuma and the WoA mod team!

Make a backup of your dow2.module file.

Restore this backup if you want to undo the mod.

Unzip the mod into your Dow2 Chaos rising main folder.

BUGS: Do not use terminator armour at Angels gate or it breaks.

Try to get all your units to Apothecary Galan in the same time or game can have Scar error.

When approaching Tarkus in CR, use only your Commander and send Avitus and Cyrus back to the starting point. if they kill all IG before Tarkus can throw the grenade, the game gets Scar error.

Added bigger squads, more weapons, and hundreds of eldar, orks, tyranids for you to kill!

Meltas and new Dreadnought weapons are added, like autocannons and plasma cannons and lascannons.

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Version 4.0 coming

News 8 comments

With Vengeance of the Blood Ravens updated to recent standards, it is now time to update the Wrath mod.

There will be a balance pass on too powerful items and bosses.
There will be more items, Volkites, Grav and even more exotic weapons.
Propably a cleaner loading method more akin to Vengeance.

Volkite pistols, guns and heavy weapons as well as grav guns, Phosphor pistols, Rad launchers, Multi Meltas and all that goodness from vengeance will come back to Wrath at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Oh and powerfist single gun versions of the Mortis Dread weapons and I will try to add combi weapons as well for Tarkus, Aramus and Thaddeus.

Thule will be getting a lot more gear: Mortis Missiles, One handed Lascannon, Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Hurricane Bolter, Missile launcher, Ironclad melee weapons. Possible the Ironclad ML as an accessory for Thule Only.

I'm also looking to incorporate dual powerswords/ two-handed swords for the FC, as well as new graphics like Red powerswords, Blue ones, scimitars....


Vanilla (4 items per type, except 3 for Dreadnought):
Heavy weapons: Multi Meltas and Volkite Culverins
Special/Support weapons: Volkite Calivers and Graviton Guns
Pistols: Volkite Serpenta
Melee weapons Dual powerswords and Relic blades.
Dreadnought melee weapons: Ironclad seismic hammer and powerclaw.
Dreadnought one ranged one melee weapons: Lascannons, Autocannons and Heavy bolters and Missile launchers, and Ironclad Seismic fists and Hurricane bolters.
Mortis weapons: Plasma cannons and Missile launchers and Multi Meltas.
Hellfire weapons: (2 of them only at levels 15 and 20, since there is a lot of them): Assault cannon/Missile launcher, Lascannon/Missile launcer, Plasma cannon/Missile launcher, Autocannon/Missile launcher, Autocannon/Lascannon, Autocannon/Plasma cannon, Lascannon/Plasma cannon, Lascannon/Assault cannon, Assault cannon/Plasma cannon
Terminators: Catapracthii and Tartaros Terminator armour at level 15 and 20. Chainfists at levels 10,15,20. Chainfists all deal a lot of extra damage to vehicle armour type.

Not done yet:

Combi plasma, combi flamer, combi melta, Phosphor pistol, possible HB/AC/MM Dread guns if we need more.

There is a problem with other marks of terminator armour. The head is not attached to it, and the regular terminator helmet clips badly with either of the two HH era patterns.

I can fix this by moving the terminator helmet from marine to armour, but that makes all terminator helmets tied to the wargear so the same for all characters, so the commander's unique is now on Legendary Terminator armours.

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Wrath of the Blood Ravens 3.04

Wrath of the Blood Ravens 3.04

Full Version 8 comments

Make a backup of your dow2.module file. Restore this backup if you want to undo the mod. Unzip the mod into your Dow2 Chaos rising main folder. BUGS...

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DeusImperator Creator


Please check which Catapracti helmet you, the fans, prefer, Mark IV or Mark III?

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Couple issues I remember from playing through the basic campaign and some in CR. Thule can be a bit wobbly with weapons and targeting. The vanilla assault cannon in particular has issues with target acquisition and actually shooting. And even when it does shoot he tends to shoot diagonally and then wobble into the position he should have been shooting from.

Thaddeus cant use his charge up rage ability in the first campaign. Cyrus cant use his detonator in either campaigns. Terminator armor seems useless for force commander and (sort of)thaddeus, being able to get much higher armor values and damage just by wearing the legendary power armor. My FC for instance can get around 100000 melee damage through a crusader shield and the 1000 damage lightning claw. Though I ended up just using the thunder hammer and staying with 50000 because of the natural aoe. Also, if possible having more of your gear translate into CR would be amazing, as if you bring termies on any squad in the final mission of OG you are screwing yourself out of decent gear in CR since you cant use termies for a while. Other than that, having white gear drop more than once would be a good change even if just to pad out the later missions so they have actual rewards instead of a blank box. Maybe a slight buff to the final hive tyrant so it isnt a joke?

Thats all I got for criticism, this is definitely the best mod for DoW2. If we had something like this for retribution campaign even if only on the statistical side without new content it would actually make doing more than a single race interesting.

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DeusImperator Creator

I can't edit the base programming of Thule's targeting.

I can and will make terminators much better.

I can make CR drop more stuff from vanilla and buff the end tyrant, but do you know any other bosses that are too weak?

Again Retribution is the same campaign for all races. So I can't balance it at all. If you need to complete a campaign with X CSM or SM squads and X IG and Orks, the IG and Orks will not be able to do the same as the marines, to the point that the missions are undoable, because I can't make them spawn 20 more squads.

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Wobbly dreads are base game? Yuck, I don't remember that.

Nearly all bosses were a joke for me. Even in the beginning(before I had amazing gear), bosses that I remember being troublesome(requiring detpacks and remote bombs) died without effort. Again this may be due to me staying on normal but unless you changed it, all difficulty does in the first campaign is buff enemy damage.

On the subject of retribution's campaign, that was honestly just wistful griping. Like Zaravan mentioned, if it could be modded, someone would have.

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DeusImperator Creator

It can be modded, just with vanilla balance.

Wobbly dreads I think are due to targeting errors as the individual enemy units die fast and it switches from target 1 to target 2 in a large mob of foes quickly.

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Brother Deus can probably elaborate more, but I believe the Retribution Campaign can't really be modded due to the way it's set up differently from II and CR?

Again, he can likely tell more, but I do feel if he COULD modify Retribution's Campaign, he'd very well have done so already.

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DeusImperator Creator

It can be modded but it won't be balanced, as 2 ork heroes and 2 ork squads don't equal 2 sm heroes and 2 sm squads because SM squads are just that more powerful and I don't have the tools to make the orks spawn 20 squads.

So it would totally be imbalanced for some factions. I mean so imbalanced as to be completely impossible to complete or trivially easy.

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I was gonna elaborate more on it earlier in the above message but the page reloaded and I lost my train of thought.

The main problem with terminator armor in Wrath is not the armor itself I believe. (I am usually referring to legendary(orange) lvl 20 gear when i talk statistics) As it works quite well for tarkus and avitus. Avitus' assault cannon(and termie squad loadout, as he loses the las and plasma cannon squad members when becoming a termie) being a general upgrade to dps at the cost of aoe damage potential and squad damage variety. Tarkus' storm bolter gives similar buffs but he can still equip aoe rounds(he still loses squad weapon diversity though.)

Our problem is much more clear-cut when it comes to Thaddeus and the Force commander however. Wearing terminator armor(even the level 20 set) and using the weapons that come with(lvl 20 terminator lightning claws or thunderhammer-stormshield) are a statistical downgrade. Armor value, attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, etc.

This may be due to me powerleveling and getting every gear piece in the game(sometimes twice over because i get duped version from CR for some reason) by slaughtering almost every enemy squad on the map. But if you could work on either buffing up enemies or getting CR's difficuty scaling(increased health mainly) into the original campaign that would be greaaaaat. As on sergeant, the avatar took me 30 seconds to kill, while I was busy trying to micro the FC halfway across the map, without using squad abilities... I enjoy dumpstering hordes of enemies and then watch ork bodies start doing little loops in the air because the physics system doesn't know how to handle that many bodies(or maybe that many orks in a squad), but I am still interested in being challenged somewhat you know?(I remember when I first played, even on the lower difficulties, the avatar was nightmarishly hard.) As unless you changed something for the first campaign, bumping up the difficulty is just gonna make my force commander and thaddeus die a lot more. (x4 damage taken)

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DeusImperator Creator

I'm buffing terminators. Can you give me a list of bosses too easy for you?

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All of them? I honestly never had a squad get downed by bosses except in specific circumstances, like that overtuned wraithlord boss lategame.

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