Tiberian War is a mod that brings back and revamps Tiberian Sun with new graphics, mechanics, and systems.

Influenced by 80s action-horror flics, this mod aims to bring a sense of action-adventure in a lost RTS format.

This is a stand-alone mod.

EA has not endorsed and does not support this product.

Mod feature included:


Tiberian War: WarZone

- New Visual effect and improvement without deviation from the original art style.
- Campaign improvements, both visual and gameplay.
- New pixel art effects that bring the game to life (gore, explosions, fire, sparks, etc)
- Dynamic destructibility to maps and decorations.
- New units and weapons.
- New weather systems.
- New visual shaders provided by (reshade.me)


Tiberian War: Ion Shock (coming soon)

- New GDI campaign
- New GDI artic camo set and visual style
- New multiplayer/skirmish maps


Tiberian War: Ascension (coming soon)

- New Nod campaign
- New Factions
- New units
- And more

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Greetings fellow commanders!

In this article, we will be discussing some updates on the future of the Tiberian War: Collection and it's development.

Hello, my name is MirceaOfRivia and I am the mind behind this wonderful project. Over the past few months, I have been hard at work expanding this mod, yet I can not take all the credit as the Warzone team has been growing, witch such artists as Cake (lead sound engineer), Tayy (content creator and discord C.M.), Kerbiter (lead client developer), ayyLMAO (lead adviser and content contributor), humble Rimtas (lead beta tester and adviser), and new addition Lysander Bekker (promoter) plus others (full list of credited names here: Discord.gg)

With the expansion of our dev team and acquirement of assets, so came a cost that has been supported by me and our fans, in this regard I have started a Patreon page to gave fans of this project a way to support the ongoing development.

Currently, the benefits for supporting is a direct line to communicate with me and provide your input and inside on the development process (videos and images)

I promise to do my best and push all my projects to the limit.

Now about


Here is a small preview of the content coming with the next major update of TW: WarZone.

- New fire system and effects - New cabal mines - Nod Vertigo Bomber (napalm bomber) - Dark Seeker rework - New GDI power plant, all 3 turbines one upgrade - New advanced GDI powerplant - New AC-130 like Vtol - Revamp A10 look to the original orca scout - New Dropship mechanics - New Seeker super weapons - New Meteorite graphics - New Dirt splash graphics - New Blood pool graphics - New Arctic map additions - Artic skin For GDI faction - Classic TD skins for the A10 and AC 130 - Animated Voxels - New maps - Signal flare - New Mammoth MK2 skin and unit design

Let's focus on some of the major ones, starting with my favorite as long time fans will know, FIRE!

A realistic and visually pleasing redesign has been added to the game and in combination with the fully destructible trees and flammable bushes, a new level of details has been accomplished.
All trees will have an extra stage of damage, looking burned.

forest fire - Mod DB

For all GDI units, we will have adaptive camouflage for artic maps

artic camo - Mod DB

The options menu will have additional customization options

Desktop Screenshot 2020 11 22

New units showcase and redesign


Game exe Screenshot 2020 11 09   07 17 12 25

New abilities!

poddrop test2

Expect the update in December of 2020!!

And don't forget to vote for us on

Mod of the Year Awards

Coming soon...

Included with the WarZone Update 2 IonShock maps will be included.

Tiberian War: IonShock
Game exe Screenshot 2020 11 27   14 50 12 85

alien scrin teasemoda3

WarZone x2.1

WarZone x2.1

News 10 comments

The new feature coming with the new update! Update 2.1 will bring balance changes, and new classic Ra2 maps reimagine for TS! Changes to the Juggernaut...

WarZone X2

WarZone X2

News 12 comments

This I a preview of what is included in version 12 of C&C Warzone. Main feature new maps mods and options. This version is a recreation of the warzone...

Warzone 10.5

Warzone 10.5

News 6 comments

WarZone version 10.5 is out, with new UI, new effects and new terrain.

Reshades and effects

Reshades and effects

News 15 comments

New changes with V10. Changes!! - Bug fixes and performance improvements! - New easy way to install the mod! - New Music score! - New maps!

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Tiberian War: WarZone

Tiberian War: WarZone

Full Version 26 comments

The definitive version of WarZone. This version includes new units, new structures, game fixes, and much more. And a new update that keeps the new content...

FMV addon

FMV addon

Plugin 1 comment

The original full-motion videos, for the fans that have the extra space on the HDD. Install: place in the main folder so that the mix folder adds to the...

WarZone 2.8

WarZone 2.8

Full Version 23 comments

Bug fixes, campaign tweaks, visual improvements, and unite balance changes.

WarZone v1.0

WarZone v1.0

Full Version 16 comments

A New Update that brings new units, new graphics, and new features. The installation has never been easier.

WarZone v0.5

WarZone v0.5

Full Version 3 comments

Installation: Step 1- run TSpatch Step 2- copy over all content in main game directory Step 3- run game

WarZone v0.1

WarZone v0.1

Full Version

Just for old time sakes.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 465)

There are spiders in this mod? I saw one in the mutant city map in skirmish

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Alright, Firestorm GDI mission 9 is completely broken.
Every so often, you get missile'd with Tib-bomb pretty much after you have established your base, destroying it.

Or its quiet for a while. so you build up as quickly as you can only to be treated to a rush+bomb.
And if that wasn't bad enough, you get bum-rushed by everything, you can not keep up the onslaught at all.
IF you are quick you might get the firestorm defense up to shield against tib-bombing, but **** me, I have been trying for a solid two hours, and haven't even been able to destroy the harvesting site - that triggers the absolute **** out of the AI and the rushing is-A-go.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This game crashes as soon as I click to start a scirmish game. Any idea on how to make it failsafe?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Tweak the renderer settings, It did this to me before and it fixed it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How goes everything? Will there be an update in the near future?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hopefully; I want to replay the campaign with this mod, but judging from the comments I've read there's several hard lock/unwinnable mission bugs with this mod, such as GDI mission 7.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The level where you have to buy a Tiberium Waste Facility to use the Chemical Weapon for the first time does not complete when you build it and destroy all of GDI. I had to restart the mission again to see if that would work, but that doesn't work at all.

ALSO the Cyborg Reaper doesn't move when it comes out of the War Factory.

Other than that - the Mod looks amazing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm having a problem accessing the FinalSun of the mod. It just freezes when ever I open it.

I even done the whole delete finalsun.ini and relocate the game.exe, and it still freezes every time I open it.

Anyone had this problem and have any advice?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Looking forward for the next major update that includes the Scrin!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

New Update. Your MOD is a mess. I was just finishing mission 9. Then I went back to mission 2?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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I love this mod so much because of the graphical improvements and the new units, but I did have some problems when playing the campaign, like crashes and that I cant load my saves.
If you manage to fix those problems Il be rating this 10 stars. I also have a question, will you add new factions later into development?

Aug 20 2018 by Skulltagg


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Nov 28 2020

RT @cak3mat3: #WarZone mod main theme song composed and produced by me 😎 stil wip #darksynth #retrowave #Flstudio #80s #90sT.co

Nov 25 2020

What's next? T.co

Sep 15 2020

Oh the humanity! T.co

Jun 15 2020

WarZone 2.1 is Live! New effects, new weapons. Moddb.com New Maps! List: Chasm Duel [2]Tropical Retre… T.co

Jun 7 2020

New ZoneTrooper! T.co

May 19 2020

We got a chunky boy. T.co

May 17 2020

I improve it, right? Coming in Update #2 T.co

May 13 2020

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