Kane is dead. A new enemy has emerged. It's time to head up the Firestorm task force. Nod's experiments have unknowingly released a horde of cybernetic nightmares upon the world. As GDI and Nod scramble to save themselves, they realize their only salvation lies in the unthinkable. This is a moddable expansion pack for the ever popular C&C: Tiberian Sun game.
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Dawn of the Tiberium Age Version 11

Prepare for battle, Commanders! A major update for DTA has arrived, and it includes our new Advanced AI! Check out its trailer below!

Advanced AI is a new game option that entirely replaces the base-building logic of the original TS AI engine. To list some of its features, the new AI:

  • dynamically base-crawls towards Tiberium and Ore fields, places refineries near them and so harvests the map much more efficiently
  • builds multiple factories when its economy allows it to produce units at a faster pace
  • places defenses towards the direction where its enemy is, instead of randomly placing defenses everywhere like the original AI did
  • considers proximity to enemy when placing down buildings; for example, super-weapon buildings and helipads it tries to place far away from its opponent, so those buildings are harder to destroy
  • cheats less: because the AI plays smarter, we found it can be a challenge even with reduced monetary cheats!

These changes make the AI much more interesting and fun to play against, especially on big maps with lots of resources to harvest!

Advanced AI Defensive Line

The Advanced AI checks the direction of its enemy when placing down defenses, which often makes it build formidable defensive lines.

QoL Improvements

The new AI is far from the only improvement in version 11. There's also a bunch of bugfixes, balance changes and QoL updates! There are too many of them to list individually in this news, but we'll highlight one specific item.

Message List

The message list, usually shown top-left, is now instead drawn at the bottom-left of the screen, like in most modern RTS games. The top-left message interface simply doesn't scale very well to modern widescreen displays. There is, however, a toggle for this in the client if you prefer the classic behaviour.

New multiplayer maps

Like almost all DTA updates, version 11 also comes with new multiplayer maps! Some older maps have also been remade as improved versions.

[2] Field

New version of [2] Field by Chronoseth. The similarly named C&C Renegade map converted into RTS form.

[3] Top o' the Hill

[3] Top o' the Hill, from Yuri's Revenge, remade for DTA by Chronoseth

[6] Cool Down

[6] Cool Down by BaghiraRTS

[6] Stormy Valley

[6] Stormy Valley, from Tiberian Sun, remade for DTA by Rampastring

[8] Red Mountain

[8] Red Mountain by Rampastring

[8] Arctic Circle

[8] Arctic Circle, from Red Alert 2, brought to DTA by Chronoseth

Stability fixes

Anyone who has ever played Tiberian Sun or its derivatives know that the engine has historically suffered from severe instability-causing bugs.

Co-Op Multiplayer has been particularly problematic. When playing against AIs, many players have sometimes seen a "Synchronization error!" (also known as "Reconnection error") dialog stop their game. These sync errors have been very hard to debug and figure out, but we've finally made progress and managed to reduce these errors by a significant number.

Desync dialog

The dialog above has been significantly less common for us while testing DTA v11 compared to earlier versions.

In addition to fixing desyncs, we also fixed one AI-related bug that could sometimes cause random crashes.

Change Log and Downloads

For more detailed information about changes in DTA version 11, check the full changelog.

As usual, if you have DTA installed already, you can fetch the update by using the client's updater.

Otherwise, you can download DTA from our Downloads page here at ModDB.

We've had great fun playing Skirmish and Co-Op against the new AI, and we hope you will also enjoy it to at least the same degree. See you on the battlefield, Commanders!

Playtest 20221203

Playtest 20221203

News 1 comment

Welcome back, Commanders! After more than a year and a half the OpenRA team proudly presents Playtest 20221203. It is finally here!

Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 8.0.0

Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 8.0.0

News 7 comments

Greetings Commanders! DTA version 8.0.0 just released, a patch that first and foremost sees big changes to Nod in order to return them to their roots...

A new version is upon us!

A new version is upon us!

Tiberian War: WarZone 9 comments

Details regarding the new final update for 2020. Tiberian War: Warzone! Effects, graphical increase, and a small test of the Ion Shock content.

WarZone x2.1

WarZone x2.1

Tiberian War: WarZone 12 comments

The new feature coming with the new update! Update 2.1 will bring balance changes, and new classic Ra2 maps reimagine for TS! Changes to the Juggernaut...

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Scales of the Serpent 01

Scales of the Serpent 01

Dune Legacy Guide

Chapter 01 The new Ordos Directors arrive at Arrakeen to take over operations. Staff members raise concerns, about fears both old and new.

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v11.4 (with videos)

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v11.4 (with videos)

Full Version 1 comment

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v11.3: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v11.4

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v11.4

Full Version 1 comment

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v11.3: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Fading Dusk Beta 00.03

Fading Dusk Beta 00.03

Fading Dusk Demo 8 comments

Beta B00.03 build, which covers corrections to the previous B00.02 build + new content (units, missions, maps) + a brand new faction: GDI Rapid Response.

Field Log: A Mutant's Tale

Field Log: A Mutant's Tale

Fading Dusk Guide

A young mutant warrior travels across Eastern/Central Europe, and gives a first-hand account of life as a Forgotten.

Field Log: 1SG Aras Liepa

Field Log: 1SG Aras Liepa

Fading Dusk Guide 2 comments

An ex-GDI commando reflects on some of the challenges facing him in his new role, as he adjusts to leading a militia unit in a region being abandoned...

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Guest - - 692,937 comments

How Download

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ϟBlack_Goku☯ - - 198 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
CM32 - - 184 comments

Don't you just love the fact that this game and TS is free? :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes
DR][FT - - 32 comments

Hi there, can anybody help me out? I'm looking for a TSun/FStorm mod that simply adds more units and/or structures to make the gameplay and variety better.

Not a total-conversion with a new faction or plot and stuff. Just legit and quality looking units/structures to make the game more fun. That's the one thing that I wished they had time to do in Tsun/FStorm.


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UNSC_SCOUT - - 384 comments

Which mod allowed you to build orca dropships and Kodiak?

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nose-bLeed - - 1,077 comments

i still play this game

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Redlightning - - 142 comments

I still play this game as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
deathincarn - - 56 comments

does anyone know how to fix the 'tiberium not spreading bug' in TS:F? coz i have this problem where after a short time tiberium in TS:F just stops spreading and growing. its a problem that many other ppl have. so i just wana know if anyone here knows how to fix this bug?

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dogger2006 - - 2 comments

good mod ?

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deathincarn - - 56 comments


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Tommycrazy1287 - - 89 comments

Your mod must have made the game engine reach its max object (or even particle) count on the map that you are playing the mod on. In which case, tiberium stops growing, period. This "bug" you mention rarely happens though, the mod you are playing must be chock full of new stuff for that to happen.
Oh, almost forgot to mention that all engine related bugs are hard-coded, impossible to fix. Hope this answers your question.

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