Hello everybody,

This thread is for the Retribution version of the Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod.

1.6 Full release is now out! Command the Terrifying Chaos Possessed at tier 3 and get your boyz back in the fight with the Mad Dok, the new ork hero!

Install the mod by unraring it to the main retribution folder, set textures to ultra high and running Astartes.bat file.

Gabriel Gorgutz and BloodRavage (Aradiel) have very kindly given me permission to use their modifications and models. I am very grateful, and here are the threads to their epic mods.



Here is my own mod for Chaos Rising.


Credits: Here are all the people who contributed to Retribution modding. I have copied the original credits for fullness, and I will do my best to update them if something changes.

The Codex Edition mod team:

Special thanks for the valuable feedback to the balancing team and community, and to Xenenator for organizing this page.
HEROES OF THE IMPERIUM: Take a moment to honor these brave souls, without whom the Light of the Astronomican would have gone out long ago...
Bloodravage, Master of the Forge (Models, textures, animations, the Standard Bearer, new weapon fx, pintle guns and too many awesome models to list here, check out his mod Destroyer40k)
Canis Lupus, Chapter Master (Models, textures, animations, new Eldar features, worked on pintle guns with Bloodravage)
Horus Heretic, Warmaster of Chaos and the WOA + FOK team
Full credits to the WOA team can be found here: Woa + FoK Modteam -http://fok.dow-mods.com/index.php
Smokin' Joe NL, 1st Company Captain (organizing games, getting new people into the mod, being a top player since the very first release, balance info, and overall support)
Swarmlord Sovereign, The Great Devourer (helping to organize games and get new people into the mod, balance info, becoming a top player and writing some of the up-coming player guides, being a source for lore and tt accuracy, especially for SM and Nids)
Shuma, Master of the Armoury (models, textures)
RagnarR40k, Master Artificer and Codicier (artwork, chapters and banners, game ideas)
Caid, Master of the Eldar Warhost (Dark Reaper models and weapons)
Jaylo138, Master of the Armoury (models, textures for terminator Chaplain)
Hangar-8, Keeper of the Chapter Heraldry (artwork, chapters and banners)
Darrius88, Master Reclusiarch (chaplain model and textures)
Shadowninja009, for helping me with some models and the scout heavy bolter issues.
Unusualfashion/OneProduct, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of help getting things to work)
Miguel, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of getting wargear and other issues cleared up)

The Destroyer 40k mod team :

Thank you to NastyNoodle for her understanding, and for the continued use of the Tau models used within the Tau race.
-Tau models crated by NastyNoodle:
-Tau Firewarriors, Tau Heavy Weapons team, Kroot, Drones, Crisis Suits, Devilfish, Skyray, Hammerhead variants, and all Tau troop and vehicle weapons.

Thank you to Shuma for the use of the listed models and textures, I hope that I have included them all:
-Dreadnought weapons and textures, chaplain, terminator chaplain, comander terminator helmet, chaos plague lord, khorne champion, veteran helmets, black templar models and multiple weapons textures.

Thank you as well to HorusHeretic for the use of new marine and chaos bolter textures, sternguand and vanguard armour pieces, khorne berzerkers, thousand sons, chaos terminator helms, whirlwind launcher, and predator side mounted lascannons.

Edit: And of course Bloodravage himself!

The Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod team :

Aliblabla, Jaylo138, Zetrial for making their super mods and support.
Special Thanks to Shuma for his unit models.
Netrogor and Rodzaju for their inspiring modding.
Predi and Leves for the faithul testing and ideas that they provided.
Predi (Malcador) again for the help with the item descriptions!
Corsix, Exo Elite and TheEndlessGrey, Copernicus and Dekhranic for their great tools and wisdom.
Buguba, Miguel and Gorb for advices.
Darrius86 for his Chaplain.
Shuma for the wonderful Chaos Terminators, Rubric marines, Khorne berzerkers and Space Marine Helmets.
Nerevarine for his help with the corrupted Chaos Marines.
Kolaris for the Sternguard Ammunition mod.
Chaos Godstone for fixing the angel gate bug.

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens team and helpful people:

Canis Lupus/LupusXIII and Sterling/SweetBeatrice for their help and contributions with models like the Predator Executioner and Leman Russ Demolisher.

Minimod mod team:

Thanks to Sweet Beatrice, Shuma, Horus Heretic and the WOA team, Shadowninja, Orkfaeller, Uncle Anaesthesia, Hadrun and Konfi, I'll update some specific Chapters and Legions.

Elite mod team:
David CZ for his new Dark Reapers!
Orkfaeller for his Cadian medics and Krieg Quartermasters!
Sterling for All the models he made, Here is the link to the Elite balance mod.

Horusheretic and Mirage Knight and the Warpstorm over Aurelia team: Forums.relicnews.com
Cucc from Relicnews forums : Getting me a new, working edition of Dekrhanic's packing tools!
Gorb from Relicnews forums for helping me get the rest of the mod tools to work!

Thanks to Garrick for the new SM tank armours!

Thank all of the above people for their hard work.

My mod will try to give these fantastic units a new feel and style. After all, I wish to create a new experience, and not just rename the original mods. I will also be trying to help out with the Codex Edition mod with some of the coding.

This is not a codex mod, but a movie marines lore mod. This means the marines here are powered according to the lore, but I will try to balance this by making the other factions units more numerous and faster and cheaper to make.

After all, a proper ork horde or Tyranid swarm is hundreds of xenos strong!

Space Marines : Commanders will be Chapter captain, Legion captain and Grey Knight Brother Captain. Chaplains, Techmarines and Apothecaries, Librarians and Emperor's Champions will be available to all as secondary heroes. GKs can summon the IG Inquisitor lady.
Chaos : Khorne Lord and Nurgle Lord and Sorcerer, plus summonable Plague Champion.
Guard : Commanders Cadian general, Shuma style Krieg General , Tau commander. Commissar and Inquisitor are Summonable.
Eldar : Autarch replaces WSE, Exarch is now summonable.
Orks : Warboss, Mekboy, Weirdboy. Kommando nob will be secondary hero.
Tyranids : Same as before, though I may turn the Swarmlord into a hero. Give him "staregic options" as the wargear, which enhances all tyranids on the map in a certain way. Like Resilience gives more health, Aggression more damage, Fleet more speed.

Heavy weapons: All of these can turn around to fire.
SM and CSM and nids : No teardown or setup time. You just need to be stationary and the superhuman reflexes and strenght will do the rest.
Orks and Eldar: No teardown, very short setup. (1-2sec) Super strenght or speed gets the job done fast.
IG and Tau : Little teardown, longer setup (3-4sec) . These guys take time to set up.

Weapon ranges:
Short: meltas and flamers, around 20.
Medium : Rifles and such, around 40.
Long: Heavy weapons and snipers, around 60.

Also, all meltas will be changed from Mars pattern to Esteban VII pattern, so they will act like in the Space marine game. Baneblade and Demolisher guns fire automatically, not as an ability.
Population limit, from greatest to smallest : Tyranids-800, Orks-600, Guard-500, Eldar-300, Marines-100. All personnal take up 1 pop.
Speed, from fastest to slowest: Eldar and some nids, Marines and some nids, orks and some nids, guard.
There is a frag-krak missile switch for all imperial/Chaos missiles.
Plasma cannons use the Executioner plasma shot model too. Its cooler. Works with the eldar plasma grenade detonation visuals. Very striking.

Permissions and such : Please ask me first, either here or on Relic Forums.

Here is a few book examples of Astartes:
Safe for work link.

For those with 32 Windows:
You need to edit the Bat file. Its like a text file.

Find ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')
Replace with ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')

Old links:


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1.8 plans

News 3 comments

Balance stuff:

-Increase GK hammerhead damage.
-Increase SM and CSM plasma cannon costs and maybe increase reload times.
-Maybe a small reduction of damage for Havoc Autocannons, or price increase.
-Make all Sepcialist bolter weapon do what they are supposed to do. Almost done.
-Give Singularity to Wraithseer if possible.
-Increase limit for cultists and Chaos shrines.
-Give Tau commander more energy for his shield. Tau don't have a lot of heroes.
-If possible add Sonic Scream to Reavers.
-Increase teleport range.
-Add Stormbolters to Razorbacks.
-Slightly increase bolter AP versus tanks and superheavies. Done.
-Give Karskin and Grenadier sergeants plasma pistol and chainsword.
-Give Hellblaster have Incinerators more damage but smaller aoe. Done.
-Possibly add Crux Terminatus shields to Indomitus Terminators in some fashion.

If Tartaros can be added, the following will be done:
Catapractii: Best shields.
Tartaros: Best speed.
Indomitus: Best health.

Bug stuff:

-Add Deathwatch kill team to GKs.
-Give Banshee Exarchs mirror swords as standard, power spear as upgrade.
-CSM melee tactical squads should have power weapons like SM ones.
-Check Deathwatch ML.
-Rename GK Razorback Heavy Flamers to Heavy Incinerators.
-Gk Chaplain looses Merciless strike.
-Check Tau sergeants.

Thank to Uncle Anaesthesia, I got a few goodies I may be able to add. I can't promise anything before autumn, but possible things to include if I can get them to work:

-Basic Contemptor.
-Deimos pattern for Legiones Astartes vehicles.
-More Volkites.
-Tartaros Terminators.

1.7 Release notes

1.7 Release notes

News 18 comments

Here are the release notes for 1.7 full release that adds the Deathwatch and Primaris squads.

1.6 Release notes

1.6 Release notes

News 15 comments

Plans for the upcoming, though with work, slower release. I also require player input in some fields, comment on the article if you have a thought. Report...

1.55 Bugfix Plans

1.55 Bugfix Plans

News 3 comments

Here are some bugfixes for the next patch. If you find a bug please report it here.

1.5 Patch Details

1.5 Patch Details

News 5 comments

This is the plans for the upcoming patch. If you know any bug, please comment in the article. I will update it as things progress.

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Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.7

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.7

Full Version 27 comments

1.7 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.6 OUTDATED

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.6 OUTDATED

Full Version 7 comments

1.6 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance Patch 1.55 OUTDATED

Vengeance Patch 1.55 OUTDATED


1.5 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.5 OUTDATED

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.5 OUTDATED

Full Version 8 comments

1.5 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.4 Outdated

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.4 Outdated

Full Version 3 comments

1.4 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.35 Patch OUTDATED

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.35 Patch OUTDATED

Patch 12 comments

Install 1.3 first. Extract to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dawn of War II - Retribution\Astartes\Archives

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,251)

Is there anyway to raise the popcap. I have tried using copes toolbox but I have no luck with it due to it never seeming to be able to find the RBF plugin

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey so I remember seeing one that was for dow2 vanilla and chaos rising, can you link it again?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey man does this mod work with campaign? Is skirmish AI any good? Better than Elite's?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The mod is not compatible with the campaign. Skirmish AI is (dare i say) superior to elite's, it can be a bit sloppy here and there but good enough to be challenging. I would always recommend playing against an AI on either hard or extreme for maximum enjoyment.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Make a Word Bearers skin scheme for chaos please

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm having trouble opening the module file with copesmodtool to edit it for fun. I keep getting this error. The output char buffer is too small to contain the decoded characters, encoding 'Unicode (UTF-8)' fallback 'System.Text.DecoderReplacementFallback'. is there a certain program you use to open it? and also how did you fix that damn army painter glitch that crashed the game in the old destroyer mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

Not sure I recall how I fixed it. I use DK - SGA Archive GUI, SgaReader2_150209, and the Cope dow tools version1.992

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

Again work is keeping me barely alive.

I do a bit of help for the BFGA2 mod team but it is mostly just edit txt files.

The more complex details of that game elude me, and I am trying to get time to work on my mod here, and also don't let my Fellblade tank rust without getting at least paid.

My Thunderhawk is 99% ready... for a year now. But I can't find anything for windows.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

plz help me.

multiplayer with friends doesnt seem to work at all.
everytime i want to invite a friend it says "unknown join error"

my version of the game is v3.19.2.10320 and i have the latest version installed.
i tryed playing multiplayer with hamachi and via steam but both dont work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

Not sure about hamachi, steam should work if you got both the same versions. Remember all graphic settings need to be highest.

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