Hello everybody,

This thread is for the Retribution version of the Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod.

Discord: Discord.gg

This mod is not monetised. I will not be doing any paid mods nor set up a patreon or any other such service. This is not an official GW licensed product. I will also not pull the mod, and will keep it on the net since any takedowns would be without merit.

3.3 Full release is now out! Prepare for apocalyptic battles between Superheavy tanks!

Install the mod by unraring it to the main retribution folder, set textures to ultra high and running Astartes.bat file.

Gabriel Gorgutz and BloodRavage (Aradiel) have very kindly given me permission to use their modifications and models. I am very grateful, and here are the threads to their epic mods.



Here is my own mod for Chaos Rising.


Credits: Here are all the people who contributed to Retribution modding. I have copied the original credits for fullness, and I will do my best to update them if something changes.

The Codex Edition mod team:

Special thanks for the valuable feedback to the balancing team and community, and to Xenenator for organizing this page.
HEROES OF THE IMPERIUM: Take a moment to honor these brave souls, without whom the Light of the Astronomican would have gone out long ago...
Bloodravage, Master of the Forge (Models, textures, animations, the Standard Bearer, new weapon fx, pintle guns and too many awesome models to list here, check out his mod Destroyer40k)
Canis Lupus, Chapter Master (Models, textures, animations, new Eldar features, worked on pintle guns with Bloodravage)
Horus Heretic, Warmaster of Chaos and the WOA + FOK team
Full credits to the WOA team can be found here: Woa + FoK Modteam -http://fok.dow-mods.com/index.php
Smokin' Joe NL, 1st Company Captain (organizing games, getting new people into the mod, being a top player since the very first release, balance info, and overall support)
Swarmlord Sovereign, The Great Devourer (helping to organize games and get new people into the mod, balance info, becoming a top player and writing some of the up-coming player guides, being a source for lore and tt accuracy, especially for SM and Nids)
Shuma, Master of the Armoury (models, textures)
RagnarR40k, Master Artificer and Codicier (artwork, chapters and banners, game ideas)
Caid, Master of the Eldar Warhost (Dark Reaper models and weapons)
Jaylo138, Master of the Armoury (models, textures for terminator Chaplain)
Hangar-8, Keeper of the Chapter Heraldry (artwork, chapters and banners)
Darrius88, Master Reclusiarch (chaplain model and textures)
Shadowninja009, for helping me with some models and the scout heavy bolter issues.
Unusualfashion/OneProduct, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of help getting things to work)
Miguel, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of getting wargear and other issues cleared up)

The Destroyer 40k mod team :

Thank you to NastyNoodle for her understanding, and for the continued use of the Tau models used within the Tau race.
-Tau models crated by NastyNoodle:
-Tau Firewarriors, Tau Heavy Weapons team, Kroot, Drones, Crisis Suits, Devilfish, Skyray, Hammerhead variants, and all Tau troop and vehicle weapons.

Thank you to Shuma for the use of the listed models and textures, I hope that I have included them all:
-Dreadnought weapons and textures, chaplain, terminator chaplain, comander terminator helmet, chaos plague lord, khorne champion, veteran helmets, black templar models and multiple weapons textures.

Thank you as well to HorusHeretic for the use of new marine and chaos bolter textures, sternguand and vanguard armour pieces, khorne berzerkers, thousand sons, chaos terminator helms, whirlwind launcher, and predator side mounted lascannons.

Edit: And of course Bloodravage himself!

The Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod team :

Aliblabla, Jaylo138, Zetrial for making their super mods and support.
Special Thanks to Shuma for his unit models.
Netrogor and Rodzaju for their inspiring modding.
Predi and Leves for the faithul testing and ideas that they provided.
Predi (Malcador) again for the help with the item descriptions!
Corsix, Exo Elite and TheEndlessGrey, Copernicus and Dekhranic for their great tools and wisdom.
Buguba, Miguel and Gorb for advices.
Darrius86 for his Chaplain.
Shuma for the wonderful Chaos Terminators, Rubric marines, Khorne berzerkers and Space Marine Helmets.
Nerevarine for his help with the corrupted Chaos Marines.
Kolaris for the Sternguard Ammunition mod.
Chaos Godstone for fixing the angel gate bug.
Thanks to Enlargingcloud, Groovegoth, Garrick and Noot for new models as well as help implementing them!

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens team and helpful people:

Canis Lupus/LupusXIII and Sterling/SweetBeatrice for their help and contributions with models like the Predator Executioner and Leman Russ Demolisher.

Minimod mod team:

Thanks to Sweet Beatrice, Shuma, Horus Heretic and the WOA team, Shadowninja, Orkfaeller, Uncle Anaesthesia, Hadrun and Konfi, I'll update some specific Chapters and Legions.

Elite mod team:
David CZ for his new Dark Reapers!
Orkfaeller for his Cadian medics and Krieg Quartermasters!
Sterling for All the models he made, Here is the link to the Elite balance mod.

Horusheretic and Mirage Knight and the Warpstorm over Aurelia team: Forums.relicnews.com
Cucc from Relicnews forums : Getting me a new, working edition of Dekrhanic's packing tools!
Gorb from Relicnews forums for helping me get the rest of the mod tools to work!

Thanks to Garrick for the new SM tank armours!

Thank all of the above people for their hard work.

My mod will try to give these fantastic units a new feel and style. After all, I wish to create a new experience, and not just rename the original mods. I will also be trying to help out with the Codex Edition mod with some of the coding.

This is not a codex mod, but a movie marines lore mod. This means the marines here are powered according to the lore, but I will try to balance this by making the other factions units more numerous and faster and cheaper to make.

After all, a proper ork horde or Tyranid swarm is hundreds of xenos strong!

Space Marines : Commanders will be Chapter captain, Legion captain and Grey Knight Brother Captain. Chaplains, Techmarines and Apothecaries, Librarians and Emperor's Champions will be available to all as secondary heroes. GKs can summon the IG Inquisitor lady.
Chaos : Khorne Lord and Nurgle Lord and Sorcerer, plus summonable Plague Champion.
Guard : Commanders Cadian general, Shuma style Krieg General , Tau commander. Commissar and Inquisitor are Summonable.
Eldar : Autarch replaces WSE, Exarch is now summonable.
Orks : Warboss, Mekboy, Weirdboy. Kommando nob will be secondary hero.
Tyranids : Same as before, though I may turn the Swarmlord into a hero. Give him "staregic options" as the wargear, which enhances all tyranids on the map in a certain way. Like Resilience gives more health, Aggression more damage, Fleet more speed.

Heavy weapons: All of these can turn around to fire.
SM and CSM and nids : No teardown or setup time. You just need to be stationary and the superhuman reflexes and strenght will do the rest.
Orks and Eldar: No teardown, very short setup. (1-2sec) Super strenght or speed gets the job done fast.
IG and Tau : Little teardown, longer setup (3-4sec) . These guys take time to set up.

Weapon ranges:
Short: meltas and flamers, around 20.
Medium : Rifles and such, around 40.
Long: Heavy weapons and snipers, around 60.

Also, all meltas will be changed from Mars pattern to Esteban VII pattern, so they will act like in the Space marine game. Baneblade and Demolisher guns fire automatically, not as an ability.
Population limit, from greatest to smallest : Tyranids-800, Orks-600, Guard-500, Eldar-300, Marines-100. All personnal take up 1 pop.
Speed, from fastest to slowest: Eldar and some nids, Marines and some nids, orks and some nids, guard.
There is a frag-krak missile switch for all imperial/Chaos missiles.
Plasma cannons use the Executioner plasma shot model too. Its cooler. Works with the eldar plasma grenade detonation visuals. Very striking.

Permissions and such : Please ask me first, either here or on Relic Forums.

Here is a few book examples of Astartes:
Safe for work link.

For those with 32 Windows:
You need to edit the Bat file. Its like a text file.

Find ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')
Replace with ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')

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Hello! With the help of Noot, Garrick, Enlargingcloud, Yellowmonkeyzx93 and the Elite Mod Team community, and Kekoulis and Ma_theos33 and Joazz of Unification (dow1) the mod has been hit by a Belisarian Furnace. Report any bugs you find to me here please.

Discord Discord.gg

GREAT SUCCESS! I think I managed to fix my computer from spare old times for the part being! Emergency cancelled.

3.3 Completed and ready to download.

3.4 ready parts:

-Leman Russ sponson upgrade for Plasma Cannons and Multi meltas. Tier 2.
-Fixed bug for missing Macharius and Malcador in HWT bunker.
-Warpsmith and Legion Apothecary to tier 1.
-Switched Terminators and Assaults and Venerable and Ironclad in beacon and HQ.
-HH era predator extra armour replaced by Grav Cannon turret, as per the new HH model.
-HH era predator plasma sponsons replaced by Volkite sponsons and turret, as per the new HH model.
-All Sicaran variants now start with sponson heavy bolters, and can upgrade them to Lascannons, Volkite Culverins or Heavy Flamers.
-De-Chaosified 30k Reaper Terminator Autocannons.
-Less Chaotic looking 30k Castraferrum Dreadnought.
-Havoc launchers for a lot of Chaos superheavy tanks as a pintle mounted option.
-Looted Leman Russ ork artillery: Leman Russ with basilisk gun, Leman Russ with a large rokkit lobba pod against infantry swarms, and a bubble chucka for anti tank artillery. In progress.

3.4 plans:
-Shokk attack gun for mekboy. A very heavy tier 3 gun with long range and long reload.
-Skullhamma superheavy for Orks. A Baneblade missing its sponson lascannons and co-ax autocannon but with a bigger, better main cannon.
-Meganobs. Slow and very tanky.
-Grots. Stealthed tier 1 unit.
-Looted Leman Russ, 3 big shootas and a battlecannon for anti-infantry variant, with the battlecannon swappable for artillery to give orks tier 2 access to it.

- Maybe tyranid Dimachearon if I can rig it well.
-Tervigon, a tyranid reinforcer unit to allow nids to reinforce in the field. Important.
-Tyrannofex, a heavy tyranid artillery unit.
-Hierodule model update. Just make them prettier. Or not, since they are Tyranids.

Imperial Guard:
- Maybe Hellhammer tank for IG. Maybe Banehammer (Tremor cannon), Stormlord (vulcan bolters) and Doomhammer (faster rate of fire, less range shadowsword style) and Stormhammer (harder to model, its the 2 hull battlecannon variant). Elite is also working on with Garrick so we'll see what gets done by who. If not I can make them myself.

-Propably Chaos IG as support for Chaos faction. Regular Heretic Guard and Heavy weapon teams.
Tanks, Blood pact based:
AT70 Reaver, 1 heavy bolter, 1 light battlecannon, Chimera based or Leman Russ based?
AT83 Brigand, 1 lascannon, 1 battlecannon, Leman Russ based? Or Malcador or even Macharius based?
-Possibly a corrupted variant of the 30k Astartes Basilisk and Medusa.
-If I can make them, Obliterators.

Space Marines:
- More Dreadnought variants like Contemptor and Deredeo and Leviathan.
- Maybe Stormblade for Legiones Astartes, will need a new building like dread variants.
-Propably Solar Auxilia with a few infantry and tanks as support to 30k Legiones Astartes army. This would include a Solar Auxila Tercio and eliter Veletaris infantry, Dracosan heavy transport (Twin lascannons, can be upgraded to Demolisher), Aurox transport (Rhino like tank with 1 heavy flamer), Carnodon (A lighter predator variant with multilasers, turret twin autocannons or twin lascannons upgrade, sponsons heavy bolters or lascannons upgrade) . Also includes a heavier armoured Basilisk/Medusa lacking the heavy bolter. Legion Astartes get a heavier armoured Basilisk/Medusa with heavy bolter.
-New heavy turrets for SM/Chaos Techmarine/Warpsmith with heavy bolters which can be upgraded to HK missile battery.

-Supremacy and Stormsurge at tier 3.
-tau suit missile battery ability projectiles.

Collaboration dependant:
- Better looking (C)SM superheavies.

3.36 : lascannon front weapons for all Spartan tanks.

3.35 Completed:
-Fixed missing weapons for IG heavy weapon team with Noot's help.
-Fix Stalker upgrade icon for Whirlwind.
-Replaced "twin linked" tooltip with "Mortis dual twin linked" for Dreadnought Mortis weapon Lascannons, Autocannons, Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers.
-Fixed some missing parts of the Chaos Land raider. I may edit it to clip less, this covers up the black spotches that I somehow missed for like 7 years.
-Primaris Suppressors. Tier 2, built at Techmarine beacon, limit 1. Equipped with autocannons that deal suppression damage, can take sergeant, has grenades and melta bombs.
-Space Marine Aggressors. Tier 2, built at Techmarine beacon, limit 1. Comes with dual powerfists with built in short range but heavier boltguns and dual shoulder mounted frag grenade launchers. Faster but less durable than Terminators, they can deal with heavy targets in melee or at hordes at short range.
-Space Marine Infiltrators: Tier 1, built at Techmarine beacon, limit 5. Has krak, frag, smoke and blind grenades. Long range spotting sight and long range boltgun.
-Space Marine Incursors: Tier 1, built at Techmarine beacon, limit 5. Has krak, frag, smoke and EMP grenades. Long range stealth detection and high damage boltgun.
-Space Marine Inceptors: Tier 2, built at Techmarine beacon, limit 1. Has heavier Gravis armour like Eradicators, though not as resilient as Aggressors, and can jump like Suppressors or Assault. Starst with dual Assault Bolters, which work much like a heavy bolter, dealing more damage at shorter range. Can take 3 Plasma Exterminators, which are rapid fire short range plasma guns.
-Legion Moritats: Tier 2, built at the Scout Beacon, limit 4. Stealth capable jetpack legionaires with double volkite pistols, and 5 squad members can take dual plasma pistols. 30k SM only.
-Repulsor armed with twin hull heavy bolters, lastalon and onslaught cannon turret, cane replace lastalon with Executioner laser destroyer or plasma cannon upgrade. Hull dual HB can be upgraded to dual Lascannons. Tier 3, built from Techmarine beacon. Can use assault frag launchers, aoe knockback, jetjump, smoke grenades.
-Impulsor with Bellicatus rocket launcher and 2 storm bolters. Can replace rockets with sensor relay or shield dome that can defend tank and also nearby infantry from ranged fire. Can replace storm bolters with frag grenade launchers. Tier 1, built from Techmarine beacon. Can use aoe knockback, jetjump.
-Gladiator tank: Reaper has 2 Heavy gatling cannons, can be upgraded to Valiant has twin las-talons or Lancer for a laser destroyer. Sponsons are quad tempest bolters, can be upgraded to Multimeltas. Tier 2, built from Techmarine beacon. Can use assault frag launchers, aoe knockback, jetjump, smoke grenades.
-Macharius. Tier 3 limit 5 ig tank from bunker. Starts with 4 heavy bolters and 2 dual battlecannons that can be replaced with an Omega weaker Plasma blastgun, Vulcan mega bolters or 2 vanquisher cannons. Price and health and performance between baneblade and russ.
Stormblade, Stormsword and Banesword main gun muzzle flashes mixing.
-Malcador, starts as Defender with hull Demolisher. Can take battlecannon or twin lascannons, or replace turret and hull demolisher for Infenrus heavy flamer or Valdor neutron laser. tier 2 ig bunker. very slow, fixed arcs of fire, more health, cheaper than Leman Russ.
-Fix space wolf toro bug.
-Ig tier 1 tier 2 tank upgrades had their costs reduced.

3.3 FIXED variant is out, redownload and reinstall to gain access to the more bug free version with the Sicaran Venator now having its turret Heavy Bolter and visual fixes!

3.3 hotfix patch details
warpsmith shield to chaos fx. DONE
baneblade muzzle flash for coax DONE
shadowsword muzzle flash for coax DONE
fx muzzle flare for sicaran bolter DONE
Glaive muzzle flash check DONE
falchion barrel size check DONE
ig shell arch bigger DONE
no nid fx on riptide. DONE
arquitor upgrade tooltips. SDONE
check fx on ig artillery front . DONE
Catapharactii Force Commander still uses the 40k storm bolter model instead of the twin-linked phobos bolter. DONE
Assault Cannon predator sound: DONE
See if I can add Heavy Bolters back to Sicaran Venators. DONE
Buffed Pyrovore health from 4k to 6k, Exocrine health from 4k to 8k, Exocrine got 150 req more expensive.
Nerfed custodes melee damage, buffed Paladin and GK terminator melee damage, they are now 800 each. GK terminators were underperforming compared to Custodes, Assault and Berzerker Terminators.
Nerfed AOE on Fellbalde HE shell from 16 to 12, so it won't outshine Glaive and Typhon so much.
Buffed IG Baneblade type superheavy tanks health from 40k to 50k.

3.3 Credits:
-Special thanks to Noot (Bullgryns), Garrick (IG Superheavies), Enlargingcloud (Riptide animations) Joazz and Kekoulis (Ultimate mod) and Uncle Anaestesia (HH sets) and the Elite mod team for their help.

-Hh era predator turret for 30k predators.
-Predator sponson flamers, turret flamer and assault cannons.
-Tier 3 Turret Predator Twin Lascannon available for 30k marines, but limited to 1 per army as I try to confirm to both Forge World giving them to HH era models and GW saying Annihilators are M36 only.
-New fx for imperial and chaos plasma cannons, Stormblade, Stormsword, Banesword.
-Cyclone launcher for Terminator Captains of both eras and Terminator Chaplain. Fires melta missiles, can launch plasma missile barrage. Can be used with all weapon options.
-Heavy flamer and plasma blaster for the Chaplain's crozius weapon options.
-Chainfist, plus for 40k captain, Plasma cannon and for 30k captain, Plasma blaster for the Terminator FC as a new upgrade.
-HH era sponson visuals for 30k predator.
-Mk10 style backpack for Primaris and Gravis armour helmet for Eradicators.
-Leman Russ Punisher turret.
-Havoc and HK launcher for Predator turrets, HK missile launcher for 40k Predators, Havoc for Chaos Predators and either for 30k Predators.
-Laser Destroyer upgrade for Vindicator, 40k, 30k and Chaos variants.
-Havoc launcher option for 30k era Vindicator, Rhino and Scorpius Whirlwind.
-HH era SM autocannon based on IG one, not the chaos model. 30k heavy marines.
-Stormnobs for orks. Tier 3, 3500 hp (1000 less than nobs) but can jetpack and deal power weapon damage that isn't mitigated by armour. Power axes and Plasma pistols, leader has a power claw.
-Nob leader now has a two handed power axe, same damage as the hammer but power weapon AP. Isn't replaced by the hammer upgrade.
-Kill Tank. Armed with 2 sponson autocannons and a Giga Shoota as Kill Blasta by default. Can be upgraded to a Kill Bursta, replacing the long range gatling anti infantry cannon with a short ranged giant heavy cannon, akin to a bigger demolisher. Can also replace it for a Smasha cannon, an anti tank long range gun that slows what it hits. Can replace sponsons with zapp or plasma cannons.
-Redone Forge World style Mars Alpha Demolisher cannon visuals for Leman Russ.
-Better Primaris Mark 10 Phobos armour look for Primaris Reavers, alongside the primaris backpack above.
-Better Mark 10 Tacticus and Gravis variants for Primaris.
-40k Whirlwind can take Hyperios upgrade (Long range 6 krak missiles) or take a limited 2 of Scorpius upgrades. Better sight range and stealth detection than 30k variant, but lacks the left stormbolter gunner as he is replaced by sensor pod.
-30k Whirlwind gets Helios upgrade.
-Heavy upgrade for Primaris Intercessors that gives them a heavy bolter and hellstorm/executor bolt abilities. Tier 3 required for it, gives them gravis looks and health boost.
-Hellfire missile rack instead of Cyclone for Scarab occult Tzeentch Terminators. These can only fire an improved version of the krak missile.
-New Chaos hero, the Terminator Sorcerer Lord, can be upgraded from the Chaos Sorcerer commander choice at tier 3. Wargears:
Armour of Tzeentch: Warp rift and teleport
Armour of Slaanesh: Chains of Torment and warpfire
Demon sword and Combi melta: Coruscating flame and Subjugate
Warp staff and Reaper Cannon: let the galaxy burn and curse of tzeentch
Dark Iron Halo: demonic shield and iron halo
Hellfire Missile Rack: Hellfire missile rack and chaos Vortex of Chaos
-He also has a Chaotic version of the vortex of doom, a new Chaos spell.
-Slaanesh Noise Terminators as an new unit for the Sorcerer and Plague Lord. Upgrades: Lightning claws, 3 combi meltas and 3 combi plasmas, or 3 blastmasters and 3 sonic blasters. 6 members, limit 1.
-Discipline, Boys! : Tier 2 upgrade for Stormboys. Changes their melee weapon to power weapons and gives 5 members rocket pistols, as well as 250 health to every boy.
-Triple lascannon sponsons for the Land Raider Terminus.
-Whirlwind Scorpius for Chaos, tier 3, limit 3, built from the Shrine.
-Librarian terminator armour variant for t3. basic ability is smite
Psychic Hood of the Telekine: Force wave and Force Dome.
Psychic Hood of the Pyromancer: Ignite soul and Avenger
Staff of the Biomancer: enfeeble and purify.
Sword of the Chronomancer: Quickening and might of heroes.
Tomes of Doom: Vortex of doom and Storm of Emperor's Wrath*
Sacred Iron Halo: Shield and gate of infinity
* New ability, recoloured psychic storm
-Sicaran : New tank. Hellblasters are now tier 2 HQ, Eradicators tier 2 Beacon, and Sicaran tier 3 beacon/shrine for 30k,40k and chaos marines. Limited to 1 type per upgrade and 5 tanks for non HH era armies. Comes with front only HB, sponsons lascannons, and replacable duel Accelerator Autocannons. Faster rate of fire, better damage, but smaller AOE than Predator Heavy Autocannon.
Can equip: Punisher anti infantry cannon (better than LR punisher), Arcus rotary artillery missile launcher (rapid fire 2 shot, hybrid between Scorpius and Helios WW), Omega: Rapid fire heavy dual plasma cannons, and Venator neutron laser, a long range tank hunter weapon that disables vehicles.
-Nerfed Plasma weapon Overcharge ability. Not sure if I'll keep it, partially remove it, or change it, as it effects all squad members, which is odd when a tactical squad only has 1 plasma gunner.
-Red eyes for ork boys ported from Wrath to Vengeance.
-Better visuals for Eliminators.
-New visuals for Warpsmith and HH era Apothecary and Techmarine. Not much, maybe a different helmet.
-HH era Vindicator Deimos visual. Had to remove storm bolters upgrade due to animation clipping.
-New look for Recon squad, new main gun look for Recon and Seeker squads. Recon, Seeker, Destroyer and Breacher squads now got a limit of 2 from 1.
-30k era sm tanks had their gunner replaced by remote sponson.
-Eldar Cobra, Lynx and Scorpion, Void Spinner superheavies, built at tier 3 from the webway gate.
Cobra is limited to 1, has a very powerful but short ranged D-cannon (Akin to Volcano cannon, but with bigger area of effect but short rage).
Lynx is limited to 2, has a powerful sonic cannon with a good aoe, moderate rate of fire and good damage against infantry and long range.
Scorpion is limited to 2, has a rapid fire pulsar lance that deals good damage to vehicles at a long range. Damage is not as powerful as most superheavy shots, however it has a very good rate of fire to get a high damage per second average.
Void Spinner is limited to 1, fires 3 artillery shots at long range that are better at armour piercing than the Night Spinner. They do travel slowly, but fire at a medium rate and have large area of effect.
-40k and 30k era Space marines will gain access to the 3 superheavies. Limited to 1, tier 3 beacon units.
These tanks all have a demolisher cannon, a frontal twin heavy bolter and sponson quad lascannons. The model is placeholder and can't fire straight forward with the lascannons. The Garrick-Elite collaborated superheavies will come later when they are ready to be added or to replace placeholder models.
-Fellblade is armed with a twin heavy Accelerator Cannons, which can switch between AP and HE shells. The tank has a rate of fire like the Baneblade but the guns are exceedingly more powerful.
-Falchion has twin Volcano Cannons. Same gun as the Shadowsword, but double the damage for its two barrels.
-Glaive has a Volkite Carronade, a heavy heatray that is devastating in a large area to infantry.
-Chaos have three superheavies that are the same as the Marine ones, except the quad lascannons are replaced with quad reaper cannons, which means 8 barreled autocannon sponsons.
-Decimator is armed with a twin heavy Accelerator Cannons, which can switch between AP and HE shells. The tank has a rate of fire like the Baneblade but the guns are exceedingly more powerful.
-Mammoth has twin Volcano Cannons. Same gun as the Shadowsword, but double the damage for its two barrels.
-Plaguereaper has a Pus Cannon that is devastating in a large area to infantry. Deals half as much damage as the Glaive, but fires twice as fast. Also reduces enemy infantry's speed and damage on hit.
-30k variants have Flare Shield by default, 40k and Chaos as an upgrade.
-New weapons for Tau Hammerhead:
Plasma Cannons, akin to the Ryza LR upgrade.
Fusion Cannons, akin to melta Predator
Swordfish, a dual railgun variant.
Burst Cannons, akin to Punisher
Missile pods, can switch between Krak and Frag.
-Space Marine multilaser turret replaced by Lascannon turret.
-30k era Terminators have 30k era combi bolters.
-Fixed an oversight that made storm bolters do as much damage as a regular bolter, instead of double.
-30k era dread visual upgrade.
-Imperial Guard Artillery Battery:
-Basilisk gun - very long range, effective against all units, large aoe.
-Colossus gun - very long range, very effective against all infantry, huge aoe.
-Medusa gun - long range, very effective againstheavy targets, medium aoe.
-Hydra gun - long range, effective against all units, especially single targets.
-Wyvern gun - long range, effective against all units, small aoe, rapid fire.
-Cheaper than Leman Russ, 2000 more health, but only has a Demolisher cannon. Built at bunker.
-Can be upgraded to Destroyer or Bombard.
-Destroyer is a tank hunter, a low reload, long range, large damage dealing unit best suited to sniping out tanks from safety. Expensive.
-Bombard is a heavier Colossus with 360 degree arc of fire, and a better AP but smaller AOE shell. It is a little like the Medusa, but with a heavier hit and steeper price cost. Expensive.
-Proper tau broadside legs.
-More health for Avatar and Great Unclean One. Fixed bug of tau fire warrior leader missing gun with pvp rankings.
Sabre is a short range fast light tank with dual Anvilus Snub Autocannons, Volkite Saker or Neutron laser and a remote Heavy Bolter/Multi Melta/Volkite Culverin. Built at 30k scout beacon, and TECHMARINE 40k beacon. 40k limit 3. - Note, due to model animations flamer doesn't work so I took it out. Rest is fx fixed.
Arquitor is a slow but durable artillery with sponson mounted Heavy Bolters/Autocannons and a Spicula Missile System, which can be replaced with Graviton Charge Cannon or Moribus Bombard. Built at 30k scout beacon, and TECHMARINE 40k beacon. 40k limit 3.
-Fixed muzzle flash for Leman Russ hull lascannon, volcano cannon, Bombard and IG artillery front heavy bolters.
-Ig autocannon fx for SM dread autocannons.
-Sicaran Venator Chaos.
-Possible solution to how frequently tau crashes, no promises. appears to work after I re rigged the tau gun and shield drones.
-tau stealthsuit fx graphical changes.
-Tau Devilfish has been merged with tau light hammerhead (taken out , replaced in tier 2 with hammerhead proper) as all its upgrades and weapn options are now for tau devilfish. starts with burst cannon, can get fusion or plasma cannon. fixed a bug that caused devilfish guns to not animate.
-Cerberus, tier 3, built at Techmarine beacon/Warpsmith Shrine, limit 1. Heavy tank hunter, can upgrade sponson heavy bolters to lascannons. Has Neutron Laser Projector, which disables tanks for 10 seconds and has long range.
-Typhon, tier 3, built at Techmarine beacon/Warpsmith Shrine, limit 1. Heavy siege tank, can upgrade sponson heavy bolters to lascannons. Has Dreadhammer Cannon, which can destroy large groups of anything at short range.
-Spartan, tier 3, built at Techmarine beacon/Warpsmith Shrine, limit 1. Heavy tank transport, can upgrade front turret heavy bolters to heavy flamers. Has quad lascannons, can transport and reinforce.
-Chaos and 40k can take Flare shield, 30k has it by default. 40k and Chaos has storm bolter. 40k can upgrade to Multi melta, Chaos and 30k to Havoc launcher. 30k starts with heavy bolter.
30k Land Raider starts with the heavy bolter too, and it can take havoc launcher instead of multimelta. 30k Land raider also lost most of its purity seals. Chaos Land Raider can now take Havoc launcher for the combi bolter as upgrade.
-New Whirlwind upgrades, Hunter and Stalker.
Hunter is a long range heavy tank hunter that fires slowly, while Hyperios fires a swarm of krak missiles best suited to taking down light tanks or heavy infantry. Stalker is a long range autocannon, best used against heavy or light infantry, similar to Hydra just stronger.
-Tau should no longer crash with increased frequency. So far testing had shown zero crashes. Gun drones, shield drones, fusion gun drones gained a new look as the error inducing animation was taken out.
-eldar webway gate and ig bunker spawned by AI. Eldar heroes can now also put down webway gates for the ai to use, as it doesn't use the global, which is odd, since that is a vanilla retail ability.
-Tau turrets, for well, tau. Models made, burst cannons and railguns upgrade, based on drone and IG turret animations.
-Plagueburst Crawler. Built at Warpsmith shrine at tier 3, limited to 2. Very powerful long range but slow firing artillery, very strong. Has larger than usual minimum range, but better maximum range than other Chaos artillery. Also has a frontal firing Rothail Volley gun, which slows and suppresses.
Comes with sponson Plaguespitter flamers, similar to heavy flamers but also slow. Can be exchanged for 2 Entropy Cannons, which work as lascannons that slow and deal more damage, but have lower range.
The tank itself is very durable but the slowest of all Astartes vehicles, requiring infantry support to cover retreats but capable of adding powerful support fire from its short ranged secondary guns.
-Devastators and Havocs now start with 4 heavy weapon gunners, and gained 2-2 new upgrades.
Codex Doctrine / Legion Tactics gives them the rulebook compliant 5 bolter bearing spotters and increases vision range. This is a lore addition.
Annihilator Doctrine / Siege Tactics gives them back the 5 heavy gunner wielders, who wield the same heavy weapon as the initial 4, heavy bolter or upgrade. This is the same as the previous squad, but now requires tier 2.
You can only choose on of these upgrades, not both, to get your devastators or havocs back to 9+1 leader size. Both squads are now 3 per player, not 2.
-Tau battlesuits now have missile pods that actually fire, like the Cyclone launcher. Broadside, Heavy and Commander (if so equipped) can fire 1-1 frag, while Stealth or Commander (if so equipped) can fire a krak missile. Regular Crisis suits don't have missile pod or pods on their shoulders, so no change there.
-Various squad caps increased for semi-elite units like Deathwatch, Fire Prism, nobs, etc.
-Limit increased for GK terminators and land raiders as they get no superheavy.
-Custodes. Tier 3 unit. Built from Techmarine beacon for 40k and 30k space marines, limited at 2, and at HQ for Grey Knights, limit 3. Starts out as Sentinel Guard, a heavy but fast melee unit. Can be upgraded to Sagittarum Guard, which is armed with an Adrathic combi heavy bolter. Adrathic weapons are a shorter ranged but more powerful variant of gauss weapons.
Has Battlecry, And they shall know fear, EMP/Plasma/Blind grenades and Iron Halo.
-Dreadnoughts all get And they shall know no fear. Ironclad and Venerable gets a better variant with more health regen. Venerables get iron halo instead of stoicism, which was removed due to the invulnerable bug. Chaos dreadnoughts get a variant called Spite, which doesn't slow, heals less, but improves damage dealt more.
-Riptide Battlesuit. Tau unit, tier 3. Armed with 2 anti infantry smart missile pods, 1 anti tank seeker missile pod, and a heavy burst cannon.
-Can replace the burst cannon and Seeker pod with two Submunition Railguns, a rapid fire plasma railgun.
-Can replace burst cannon with Ion or EMP cannon. The former is a plasma cannon style weapon with more damage but less area of effect, the latter is a melta style weapon with no area of effect but stuns vehicles.


Under Construction: Currently in progress!
Package the mod for uploading.


-Primaris plasma weapons and melta rifle.
-Reaver knives fxs fix.
-Intercessor assault upgrade and primaris bolt pistol
-Eldar weapons, right side replacing the scatterlaser for Falcon and twin for Wave serpent: Scatter lasers, Starcannons, Missile Launchers, Shuriken Cannons and Brightlances.
-falcon pulse laser now slows enemies, wave serpent animations fixed.
-Added Warp Hunter, a close range tank with a big D cannon. Akin to Predator Infernus with melta sponsons.
-Added Firestorm, a long range artillery with anti-medium infantry and anti-light vehicle triple heavy scatterlaser.
-Added Night Spinner with twin Doomweavers, long range artillery very good but only against light infantry.
-Models made for Ork blasta for boy and nob/boss. Model made for Ork plasma gun for boy and nob/boss. Ork plasma pistol for nobs. Ork plasma kannon for mek/loota. Ork rokkit deffgun for loota. Special shoota of warboss now has a new 6 barrel model.
-Carnifex Deathspitters.
-Tyranid Exocrine, Pyrovore, Venomthropes. Malanthrope for latter as leader, and Neurothrope for Zoanthropes as leader.
-New fx for Tau railguns and Leman Russ Eradicator.
-New tau railgun heavy weapon team weapon, new missile and railgun drones, new Pathfinders.
-Chaos heavy flamer with chaos flame and not slime fx, separate slime flamer for nurgle terminators.
-Ork stuff: Shield for warboss, plasma/melta guns for kommando hero, kommandos, flash gitz. Lascannon/Melta/plasma for tanks, hard trukks, Dreads. Rokkits for Trukk and Dreads. Kill Kannon, Supa Kannon and Plasma Kannon for main Battlewagon gun, turret guns get rocket, las or plasma guns.
- Land Raider Ares Demolisher cannon front.
-Made the plaguespewer pistols an upgrade, reduced lag but made it hit harder.
-Gave Deathshroud their wrist mounted plague flamers.

2.1 changelog:

-Seer Council got a big health boost.
-Purgation squad number from 4+Sergeant to 9+Sergeant.
-New FXs and some fixed animations, like Hard truck, and IG superheavy main gun tracking and tyranid double devourers and deathspitters, and SM special ammo and psycannons.
-Health bonus for tanks, lesser one for walkers.
-Plague Lord now has 2 new Terminators, Blightlords and Deathshroud, built at the shrine and replacing the regular chaos terminators.
-Marine tier 3 Reavers and tier 2 Intercessors moved to tier 1 with Eradicators added at tier 3 and Honour guard at tier 2 for SM beacons.
-Enlargingcloud let me use his Carnifex double devourers.
-Noot has let me use his bullgryns, built from Bunker for IG at tier 3.
-New Tau Crisis suit model and new tier 2 burst cannon and tier 3 fusion gun drones.
-New tier 3 Tau Crisis variants, XV81 stealthed and XV89 heavy double weaponed battlesuits.
-CSM squad number reduced to 8 on startup, so with Aspiring Champion and weapon specialist, it goes to 10 marines.
-Terminators of all types are now 10 man squads with 2 heavy weapons where applicable.
- 30k and 40k SM factions Command squad is now more ranged oriented, and at tier 2 there is a new squad with melee focus called Honour Guard.

2.0 changelog:

-Garrick's Superheavies: Shadowsword, Stormblade, Stormsword and Banehammer.

-More Dreadnought weapon options, 2 separate dreadnoughts as Hellfire and regular so that all upgrade options are available.

-Apothecary and Dok healing energy cost increased.
-Assault Cannons gained a small AOE to make them better.
-Chaos Terminators gained a shield like loyalists, so will GK variants.
-GK Terminators limited to 2.
-GK Paladins can now heal since they got an Apothecary there.

-Broadside should be firing out of the right barrels.

1.9 changelogs:

-Dual Powerswords for Chapter Captain.
-New Dual handed Black Sword animation for Champion.
-Volkites for Devastators, 40k and 30k.
-Fixed Tooltips for Warlock, Autarch and Warlock Council, Dark Reaper and Fire Dragon Exarchs and Wraithlord Missile Launcher upgrade.
-Replace Volkite marines with Honour Guard with Halberds.
-Volkite Culverin damage reduced from 600 to 400, a full Devastator squad with them was just too OP.
-Assault cannon damage buffed, they were still doing very badly against infantry. 400 to 600 for terminators and Land Raider (shoots twice as much) and 500 to 1000 for Dreadnought, 600 to 800 for Terminator Captain.
-Wargear Weapon options for the Emperor's Champion since he can't use shield or pistol while dual wielding that big sword. He can now either take an Oath of Fury or an Oath of Faith, the latter working the same way as the shield did. The former gives him a large AOE circle damage skill and a very high cone damage skill. The weapon itself does not change, he just gets new abilities.
-Sniper rifle reload changed from 0.5 to 1 sec, it was way too good at wiping out infantry, outperfmorning specialist regular marines at close range.
-Like Zoanthropes, Hive Guard, Tyrant Guard and Biovores come in packs of 3.
-40K SM Vanguard Eliminators. Putting in the ammo was a pain.
-Rhino having an invisible flamer bug fixed. I searched for hours, but with Noot's help, I figured out it was actually a corrupted wargear file.

Some beginner tips:

Don't play against SM on high resources, they are OP(Or SM legion, or SM GK, or CSM)B: You got a secondary unit production building, for SM this is teleport beacon, for Chaos Shrine, for IG bunker, for Ork WAAAGH banner, for eldar the webway gate, for nids the spawning poolThis is usually also where you can recruit new heroes like Chaplains, Slaanesh Champions (Unless you are Khorne), Lord Commissar, etc
SM and IG are split into 3 racesSM : 40k SM chapter, 30k SM legion, Grey Knights
IG: Cadian style ig, Krieg IG (Slower, can't be supressed, lasgun rate of fire halved, damage doubled) and Tau
If you play a horde army, bring transports for auto reinforceork vs ig will have massive casaulitiesYou can also summon most heroes from the secondary building.
Lowest I think is Eldar with 4 heroes, highest SM with... 6 I thinkCaptain+ Librarian, Chaplain, Emperor's Champion, Techmarine, Apothecary
Also with SM, prioritise taking out anti-vehicle guns. Las/lance/zapp, Plasma and melta is your true foe, rapid fire anti infantry weapons not so much.




My computer may be in the process of malfunctioning. Future updates on discord. Work on the mod will resume as soon as I can get it repaired.

1.85 patch out!

1.85 patch out!


1.85 patch is out! It requires the 1.8 download first to be installed. Unpack the Astartesattrib.sga and place it in your steam folder at his location...

1.8 is out

1.8 is out

News 5 comments

This is just so that the mod profile updates. Here is my crash free graphics settings.

1.8 patch notes

1.8 patch notes

News 3 comments

This is an upcoming changelog that will most likely be implemented in 2 or 3 months.

Add file RSS Files


Patch 5 comments

3.36 PATCH, needs 3.35 Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.35 FIXED

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.35 FIXED

Full Version 12 comments

3.35 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.35 -Oudated

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.35 -Oudated

Full Version 6 comments

3.35 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.3 Apocalypse Fixed -Outdated-

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.3 Apocalypse Fixed -Outdated-

Full Version 40 comments

3.3 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.3 Apocalypse -Outdated Archived-

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.3 Apocalypse -Outdated Archived-

Full Version 30 comments

3.3 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.2 -OUTDATED-

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 3.2 -OUTDATED-

Full Version 46 comments

3.2 full release Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat...

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Hi, my game crashes when i launch it with this mod
but my game launch ok with destroyer40k mod
am i missing something? do i need specific DLC?
or should i delete all destroyer mod's files?

EDIT:what is DLC requirment of this MOD?
anything except retribution??
it seems im missing GameAssets\Archives\005, is this a dlc? or something?

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My friend and I both have the issue where the game crashes on the screen after either we end game. Neither of us make it to the score screen. is this common?

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downloaded game put files into my folder, some of the races dont work, what do

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DeusImperator Creator

Is the starting screen showing a Blood Ravens captain with two swords? If yes, which races don't work? Did you set textures to highest?

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This is a comment regarding the older mod, but how to i combine it with the stat realocation mod?

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Can you reduce the number of dead bodies?

At the end of the game they cut FPS too much =(
Its pain for late game

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DeusImperator Creator

Due to my IRL job, I don't really have a lot of time for custom mods.

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Can I play this mod with offline bots?

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DeusImperator Creator


Reply Good karma+3 votes

Is there a way to change the moving speed to the default speed?

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DeusImperator Creator

Yes, but I got no time to bother with it.

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