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Empire at War 2 is a mod for Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption, being developed by the Free Radical Design team, (led by FlyingDonuts), which is a modding company dedicated to the former developers of the now extinct Battlefront 3 project

First things first, I want to say thanks to a few people that have helped me get to where I am, to be able to mod this game in almost any way that I want. So, I would love to say thanks to Dr. Mckay, for starters, who has really helped me out in a huge way when it comes to rigging and modeling. And I want to say thanks to Admiral_Jamoking, who basically kept me going when I had no idea what I was doing, 2-3 years ago.

Now, for the mod.

EAW2 is exactly what it sounds like, a complete re-do of the stock Empire at War game. My goal is to take Empire at War, and push it to the limit. The Alamo engine has possibilities that go far, FAR beyond what the original game brings to the table. I plan to make Empire at War 2 the BEST FoC experience I can. So, I'll explain how I am going to do this below


Galactic Army of the Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Galactic Empire


New Skirmish Upgrade System
Instead of the original Tech system, you will upgrade single units instead of entire factions. This will allow you to create your own, diverse army, instead of having the same units every game. Maybe you will choose the Aircraft Tree, which will allow you to build special air units, Or possibly the Infantry Tree (My favourite), to give yourself the ability to have special infantry units. Maybe you'll go the Armor route, where you rely on heavy cavalry and artillery to get the job done.

In space, you may rely on heavily armed, well built ships to get the job done. Maybe you'll rely on weak, badly armed ships to do your duty, but you can have a lot more of these, as they come a lot cheaper. This will all be up to you. How will this be implemented? Well, read on to find out.

New Skirmish System
In space, as on ground, you will start off with nothing more than a mere exploration ship, or scout unit, where you will explore the map, and find an ideal base to begin your army. This, hopefully, will allow for much longer skirmish battles. When you start, you will be able to choose from one of two/three bases, as mentioned above, and this will begin your army.

More to Come
Soon, I will announce much more about what this mod's about. I have to make a units list, still, and that will be uploaded as soon as I get the chance.


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We're BACK in the saddle again.
Summer and fall have come and past. Every winter EAW modding taunts me. I always seem to come back around this time of year- every year for the past 5. I'm excited to work on this mod again, and I plan on staying until the job is done. I noticed people were still interested in this mod last night and began to consider doing it again, and now I will.

Work will come SLOWLY
But steadily. My goal is to give news updates once a month, and get pictures up once a week. The speed at which media is uploaded will increase after exams are over. News will only come once a month- but I will try to make them as filled with new stuff as possible.

New plans
I'm operating on a new machine, with a fresh hard drive. That means the mod that I had before is lost. But, this brings something good as well. it gives me the ability to change the plan I had for the mod. Don't worry, what I had planned before will be pretty much the same- but I have a few things I want to change. I'll cover them in brief here, but the January update will bring them out in full detail.

A fun experience
I'm not one to follow things completely canonically. I will to an extent, but fun>realism in every game in my opinion. I want to make the game feel smooth and fast paced. And I will. What am I talking about?

Well, we can look at a game like Battlefield Bad Company 2. It's very realistic, but the gameplay is, for lack of a better word, chunky. The animations feel slow, the GUI looks bad. I still had fun playing it. But DICE came out with Battlefield 3, and it was a huge success, it challenged Call of Duty, unlike the previous game.

DICE focused on mixing amazing graphics with realism with an arcade experience, to make the ultimate FPS experience. So I will do the same with the Alamo engine, to make the best RTS experience possible with the limitations of said engine.

I haven't found words to put my idea into yet- so I will figure that out and put it all out in update format as soon as I can actually.. figure it out.

Have a good day, and watch the mod to stay tuned for the January update!

Welcome to Star Wars: Empire at War II

Welcome to Star Wars: Empire at War II

News 8 comments

A mod that's going to bring you the best FOC experience possible!




Anyone want to be a disk-jockey? I need one! Read on.

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Star Wars Commando's Pack V1.0

Star Wars Commando's Pack V1.0

Model Pack 6 comments

So since i am making new animations i have no use for these ones here using these animations so feel free to use them in your mod,

Stock Imperial Soldiers Re-Animated V1 Fix

Stock Imperial Soldiers Re-Animated V1 Fix

Model Pack 3 comments

Stock Imperial Soldiers Re-Animated V1,Small Animation changes but more will come soon. Reuploaded and fixed thanks to Admiral-Ace for finding the bug...

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Rastek108 - - 76 comments

Dead is a past level, this is more

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hardcore_gamer - - 24 comments

Is this mod still alive?

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Tiberium_Exposure - - 617 comments

can you also try to figure out how to make the mod able to have more player slots? so you can have a 1v1v1v1, 2v2v2, 1v1v1v1v1v1, 4-6 way FFA, or just a means for larger mirror skirmish battles? i have already asked this on multiple mod pages and since this is an evolved version of the first game, maybe this can be accomplished in this? new factions, as i have said in the past is always fun, but it dies out too quickly. the ability to have multiple opponents of all of the factions even multi-mirror play is something that is envied in any RTS mod and promotes longer sustained gameplay that leads to more interesting battles that last, much, much longer than usual. think of a GC that has both era's factions duking it out on the same map? or the ability to have more than 2 factions over a single planet for a space-battle? or even a ground-battle. players are too used to the standard 1v1 gameplay and to have a 1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1 type skirmish over a single planet where 3 are invading the one while at the same time trying to wipe out each-other's fleets would make for a much more random and hectic space-based/ ground-based environment in GC. it would make for longer campaigns, bigger battles and allow a larger group to develop larger maps that are usually unheard of on EaW or FoC. it would be something 100% new for once. not just upgraded units, or detailing, but up-to-date gameplay types. please consider it.

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flyingdonuts Creator
flyingdonuts - - 448 comments

Going to be working on this over the next few days I think. If I get anywhere, I'll probably take a whole new look at the mod and try to come back for good and finish this. No promises, though. I drift in and out of this all the time..

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BrandstifterFussel - - 58 comments

Looks like someone gave it a shot in the head to make sure it's never gonna breath again.

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cpt.franz - - 410 comments

I just found this... mate... MATE! you can't let this die! if you're not going to keep working on this please... give the project to someone who can finish it! THIS LOOKS AMAZING!

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