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New Order timeline spans from the birth of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY to Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY. The whole timeline is divided into 6 eras of the mod (replacing 5 tech levels of the vanilla) with the 6th era currently being available only in skirmish.

Galactic Empire and Alliance to Restore the Republic (New Republic and Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in later eras) are playable and CIS Remnants will become the third playable faction (for first era campaigns) in near future.

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Some personalities greatly influenced the history of The Galaxy. It is true for New Order too. Nearly 100 new heroes were added, which have many bonuses that represents this hero's skills in canon. In battle hero can be a skilled commander (increasing effectiveness of friendly forces) and/or skilled warrior (being more effective in combat). On the galactic map they could provide economic and espionage bonuses.

  • Story scenario

Re-enact some of the greatest campaigns of Star Wars Universe with New Order. We decided to start with, mostly overlooked by other mods, pre-Yavin era. Operation Strike Fear, influenced by the great X-wing game, is our first addition, with more to come.

  • Reworked space combat

New Order Mod currently has reworked space combat with ships having canonical (or close to canonical) stats. The current system is 4 years old and many flaws was found in it, so it'll be reworked soon to introduce better gameplay and performance.

  • Reworked land combat

Disappointed by mostly primitive (and in some ways - stupid) mechanic of the vanilla game, we’re proudly present a completely reworked land combat. New, more logical, damage system, new weapons, units, abilities, new shield mechanic, reworked turrets and a lot more.

  • Secondary features

New graphics (particles, models, interface appearance), new audio (music, weapon sounds etc.), small gameplay and performance tweaks.

  • Launcher

Mod has it's own launcher that checks for updates, and downloads them, if available.


Some plans were already mentioned above. Of course, various new units, graphic and audio improvements and other tweaks will be implemented.

  • Additional Story scenarios

More scenarios will be added: Reconquest of the Rim, Thrawn Campaign, Operation Shadow Hand etc. Some scenarios will require some specific factions (e.g. Yuuzhan Vong), heroes, units and mechanics that will be implemented.

  • Story campaign

Campaign, recounting the life of Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, is in the works. We plan on adding it divided by chapters, alongside same era scenarios.

  • New game modes

Some people are asking for MOBA and survival modes in New Order, so some R&D is in progress to make new fun game modes.

  • Expansions

Expansions will be sub-mods based on New Order, essentially large-scale standalone story scenarios. Currently Imperial Civil War and Second Imperial Civil War expansions are in plans.


Development is very slow because of very small team making mod. If you have any useful EaW/FoC modding skills, we'll be glad to see you in our team. Primarily, we are looking for Mappers and 2D & 3D artists, but any other assistance is welcome too. Also, we are in need of Testers. By the way, if you have some interesting ideas, suggestions or any other thing which could help to make this mod better, feel free to tell us.

Star Wars: New Order

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What is your most desirable campaign / event to be seen in our mod?

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Rebel base

Galactic Conquest

Galactic Conquests in the mod will be divided into several types:

  • Multi-era sandbox GC
  • Single-era sandbox GC
  • 'From the Grounds Up' GC
  • Galaxy-scale scenarios
  • Local Scenarios

Multi-era sandbox GC is such a type of GC where players will fight in a duel between two main factions on the whole galaxy map (except some scenario or local planets). This GC will contain all standard heroes for both sides replacing each other after death or era transition. The two main factions are Alliance and Empire, as only those two sides that were active throughout all the timeline of the mod.

Single-era sandbox GC is a similar type to the above one, but it will be locked to a certain era. The other difference is that minor playable factions might be available.

'From the Grounds Up' GC is a type where each player starts with only one planet.

Scenarios (Galaxy-wide, local) are GCs where gameplay will be built on a certain amount of scripted events, missions, bonuses, timers, etc. Scenarios can be also characterized by asymmetric balance of power for each faction, and the difficulty may vary depending on which side you play.

photo 2021 02 08 19 02 13

Existing and planned examples

Talking about variety of GC types, let's take for example our first finished scenario - Operation Strike Fear. It takes place in Tion Cluster and describes the conflict between Empire and Rebel Alliance. The main objectives for imperial side is to conquer 4 major rebel bases and do not allow their ISD to be destroyed, as rebel side must repel imperial attacks and to keep occupied at least 1 major planet or to annihilate imperial ISD. Each faction also has reinforcements, either increasing or decreasing difficulty, depending on how much time passed. The assortment of available units is also restricted, as it is a local conflict and both factions can not deploy too much forces there.

Another example which is planned to be presented in upcoming releases is 'Thrawn's Campaign'. Unlike the above mentioned campaign, this one will be Galaxy-wide, with some additional planets unique for this GC. We're also planning some missions for this GC, the capture of Katana fleet for example.

Ideas for another GCs

We're intending to add all (or at least most of them) described scenarios mentioned in the list below. It is important for us to know which events are most desirable by our community to give the priority to such campaigns. That's why I decided to make a poll with all interesting events from Legends (reliable to Imperial period) which could take thier places in our mod.

List of proposed scenarios:

  • Reconquest of the Rim
  • Great Jedi Purge
  • IG-88 Droid Revolution
  • Kamino & Dellso Uprising
  • Operation Skyhook & Yavin Blockade
  • Shadows of the Empire
  • Rebellion regrouping after Hoth
  • Zaarin Insurrection
  • Zann's Rising (Forces of Corruption)
  • Return of the Jedi (pre-battle of Endor)
  • Fall of the Empire & Coruscant Campaign
  • Hunt for Zsinj (Bacta War, Post-Zsinj campaigns)
  • Imperial Civil War (Massacre between Warlords)
  • Operation Shadow Hand
  • Daala Campaign
  • Orinda Campaign
  • Empire Reborn / Disciples of Ragnos crisis
  • Restored Empire Crisis
  • Black Fleet Crisis
  • Second Imperium Crisis

And now I would like to ask our community about any thoughts concerning all those potential GCs, please don't hesitate to express your opinion in comments or in our Discord. It could be a great pleasure for us if you could suggest as more ideas as possible. Ideas about missions, proposing GC types for certain campaigns, unique units or heroes in certain events, ideas about interesting mechanics, bonuses, features, etc.

It will be interesting to hear from you :)

[Status Update #11] - Spring Update

[Status Update #11] - Spring Update

News 3 comments

As you should know, we are doing well with adding new infantry models to the mod. The first ones were stormtroopers in their classic form and some environmental...

[Status Update #10] - Not the worst year

[Status Update #10] - Not the worst year

News 1 comment

These are our results from 2020, and plans for 2021...

[Status Update #9] - Refreshing

[Status Update #9] - Refreshing


Hello, everyone. Today we'll tell you about mod news, developing status and more...

[Status Update #8] - Welcome to Tion Cluster

[Status Update #8] - Welcome to Tion Cluster

News 2 comments

Hello, everyone! We proudly present our pre-final screenshots of all ground maps for planets which will be used in Tion Cluster campaign(s).

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TOR Corellia Props Retexture

TOR Corellia Props Retexture

Textures 1 comment

This is my reskin of Corellian props textures uploaded by Darth_Nissarus. Now the visual look of Corellia map fits more to the general look of urban environment...

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I feel as if you guys came together like the ASV community in MOWAS 2 that EAW would literally pay you badass amazing developers, keep up the work guys! This is making me wanna reinstall EAW. Also, that is a question. Would you guys ever consider working with the teams of Elite Conflict and EAW Remake team?

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Greetings! I am the lead dev of Elite's Conflict Mod (not the project head). I am not opposed to the idea of working with EAW Remake and/or New Order Mod, it just depends on what exactly will be involved with working with different team with vastly different visions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Du}{ Creator

Thanks. We're always seeking any opportunities for cooperations, but talking about merging the project with another one - there is no way.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Mod still under development?

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Sudno Creator

Of course, more news in our discord.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

cuando se podra jugar al mod ?

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Du}{ Creator

after it released.

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Please make a gog version, or half the playerbase will be doomed to never enjoy this great mod! also thank you for making this!

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Torrent download:


Share with others, the site has so many games.

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This mod looks promising

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