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New Order timeline spans from the birth of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY to Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY. The whole timeline is divided into 6 eras of the mod (replacing 5 tech levels of the vanilla) with the 6th era currently being available only in skirmish.

Galactic Empire and Alliance to Restore the Republic (New Republic and Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in later eras) are playable and CIS Remnants will become the third playable faction (for first era campaigns) in near future.

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Some personalities greatly influenced the history of The Galaxy. It is true for New Order too. Nearly 100 new heroes were added, which have many bonuses that represents this hero's skills in canon. In battle hero can be a skilled commander (increasing effectiveness of friendly forces) and/or skilled warrior (being more effective in combat). On the galactic map they could provide economic and espionage bonuses.

  • Story scenario

Re-enact some of the greatest campaigns of Star Wars Universe with New Order. We decided to start with, mostly overlooked by other mods, pre-Yavin era. Operation Strike Fear, influenced by the great X-wing game, is our first addition, with more to come.

  • Reworked space combat

New Order Mod currently has reworked space combat with ships having canonical (or close to canonical) stats. The current system is 4 years old and many flaws was found in it, so it'll be reworked soon to introduce better gameplay and performance.

  • Reworked land combat

Disappointed by mostly primitive (and in some ways - stupid) mechanic of the vanilla game, we’re proudly present a completely reworked land combat. New, more logical, damage system, new weapons, units, abilities, new shield mechanic, reworked turrets and a lot more.

  • Secondary features

New graphics (particles, models, interface appearance), new audio (music, weapon sounds etc.), small gameplay and performance tweaks.

  • Launcher

Mod has it's own launcher that checks for updates, and downloads them, if available.


Some plans were already mentioned above. Of course, various new units, graphic and audio improvements and other tweaks will be implemented.

  • Additional Story scenarios

More scenarios will be added: Reconquest of the Rim, Thrawn Campaign, Operation Shadow Hand etc. Some scenarios will require some specific factions (e.g. Yuuzhan Vong), heroes, units and mechanics that will be implemented.

  • Story campaign

Campaign, recounting the life of Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, is in the works. We plan on adding it divided by chapters, alongside same era scenarios.

  • New game modes

Some people are asking for MOBA and survival modes in New Order, so some R&D is in progress to make new fun game modes.

  • Expansions

Expansions will be sub-mods based on New Order, essentially large-scale standalone story scenarios. Currently Imperial Civil War and Second Imperial Civil War expansions are in plans.


Development is very slow because of very small team making mod. If you have any useful EaW/FoC modding skills, we'll be glad to see you in our team. Primarily, we are looking for Mappers and 2D & 3D artists, but any other assistance is welcome too. Also, we are in need of Testers. By the way, if you have some interesting ideas, suggestions or any other thing which could help to make this mod better, feel free to tell us.

Star Wars: New Order

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Tests are coming

Yeah, we're preparing a new build for tests which will be released at the end of this month. If you have a wish to participate - join our discord and contact us there.
The goals of upcoming session are same as they were previous times: to check land combats finding any bugs or issues.
We've severely worked on game balance: stats (fire distance, visibility, etc.) were changed and improved to perform more pleasurable gameplay.
We hope you'll appreciate all improvements and share your expressions.

Star Wars Battlefront Terrain Ed 11

OSF Campaign: Finishing Line

Finally, maps for our scenario are ready. They are highly detailed and much bigger than most of original maps (sized to 10x10). Some of them are quite unique as new props and terrain elements were used during their creation.

Star Wars Battlefront Terrain Ed 17

We have also started to collaborate with developers from 'Ultimate Galactic Conquest CE' and 'Galaxy at War: The Clone Wars' deciding to aid each other with maps for further GC scenarios. So, it's okay if you notice same (or modified) maps used in different mods :)


More content

A lot of new content was created recently and soon it will be placed in game after all preparations are done.

Sudno has worked with new space domes based on ones from 'Empire at War: Remake' mod. Space maps in such style are planned to be given to all new planets, and maybe, if we have time, other planets will also acquire reworked space.


Our new 3d/2d artist - ynyk3d, he worked on our old concept of New Republic heavy trooper. And It was just the beginning, so we are all waiting to see another brand-new stuff from him.

Untitled 2

Some other stuff was also made: banners, props, and a new cannon :D


We will also appreciate if you vote for us in Mod of the Year contest. We're trying our best to provide the most unique experience in Empire at War, to add as more unique content as possible, and to give you refreshed gameplay in our good old game!

Thank you very much! And thanks for following us, too!!!


[Status Update #8] - Welcome to Tion Cluster

[Status Update #8] - Welcome to Tion Cluster

News 2 comments

Hello, everyone! We proudly present our pre-final screenshots of all ground maps for planets which will be used in Tion Cluster campaign(s).

[Status Update #7] - MOTY 2018 and closer look on mod

[Status Update #7] - MOTY 2018 and closer look on mod

News 2 comments

Hello, everyone. In today's article we'd like to pay your attention to all those features which were implemented into 'New Order' before, are already...

[Status Update #6] - Ressurection

[Status Update #6] - Ressurection

News 2 comments

Hello, everyone! In this article we will tell about all news after long silence.

[Status Update #5] - In progress

[Status Update #5] - In progress


After few months of silence we would like to summarize our results.

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TOR Corellia Props Retexture

TOR Corellia Props Retexture

Textures 1 comment

This is my reskin of Corellian props textures uploaded by Darth_Nissarus. Now the visual look of Corellia map fits more to the general look of urban environment...

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I am really, really looking forward to this. I have two questions:

1. Will we be able to battle against the Separatist Holdouts that didn't deactivate after the Separatist Council was eliminated? It was the Empire's biggest military campaign when it was founded just after the Clone Wars named "The Reconquest of the Rim" and other such campaigns up to the Western Reaches.

2. Will AT-ATs actually be the "realistically" very slow moving, hulking juggernauts they are depicted as like in Empire Strikes Back? I've noticed for a while that in the base game and in some other mods that they move far too quickly.

That's all I've got, I wish the best of luck to you in producing the mod. (:

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Du}{ Creator

We'll start Reconquest of the Rim immediately after ground / space unit rosters are fully complete for main factions.

At-at is rebalanced as all other vehicles too. Now it's more deadlier, capable to transport infantry, but slower and bigger compared to original sizes

Thanks :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hyped. Thank you so much for the reply. :D

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Just found this mod, and it looks really good. I see you've taken a lot of inspiration from Thrawn's Revenge.

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Du}{ Creator

Thanks. We're inspired of any good mod, not only of Thrawn's Revenge :)

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How would you say the finished galactic map look like? Many modders simply never touch up on it.I find the base map to be rather drab or really too basic, but some mods like EAW remake make it 10x better. I'd love to hear your take if you have anything in mind!

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Du}{ Creator

Overhaul of basic scenarios is planned. There are also some new scenarios to come, on which we're working at the moment.

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I am looking forward to this my freinds

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Ok, it's been a whole day in the start of the new year. Is this mod ready for release yet? (I'm just joking, but I am super excited for this mod)

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So when do you plan on releasing the mod

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