The dawn of the year 19 BBY saw the last, shuddering gasps of the Clone Wars. In its place is yet another war against the Republic’s successor state, the Galactic Empire. But old grievances can die hard. The remnants of the Confederacy of Independent Systems still stir in forgotten corners of the Galaxy, guided by holdouts ultimately vindicated by the Empire’s rise. The Republic, too, languishes on in some forms- the sudden zeal of the queen of Naboo, rogue cloners and the staunchly idealist.

The time is right for their resurgence under your leadership.

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  • Playable CIS and Republic in all Galactic Conquest campaigns
  • Playable CIS and Republic in space skirmish mode
  • CIS and Republic Tech level cap raised from 3 to 5 in Galactic Conquest
  • An Era System added in Skirmish for the Holdout factions, allowing CW era content
  • New Heroes, Ground Units and Ships added to the CIS and Republic roster
  • New GC, "Shatterpoint", a Clone Wars era GC with custom scripts, a unique hero suite and more
  • New GC, "Valhalla", featuring a One Planet Start and High Resources
  • New GC, "Rise of the Empire", which acts as a 'Hard Mode' for all other factions except the Empire and adds some exclusive heroes
  • New GC, "Twilight Struggle", designed for a purist Galactic Civil War experience
  • New GC, "Sandbox", a low stakes experience designed to help you learn Remake's mechanics
  • Fixes to vanilla Remake 4.0 bugs, AI improvements and much more

Planned Features:

  • Implementation of GC and Skirmish research
  • Land Skirmish Implementation
  • Galactic Conquest faction story events

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This is a submod for Empire at War Remake and REQUIRES it to be activated in order to function properly.

Currently on Remake Version 4.0.91

Installation Steps:
1) Subscribe to this mod: and the Remake Mod:
2) Go to the EAW Gold pack under Library and click the Gear icon and then Properties.
3) Under General paste STEAMMOD=2794270450 STEAMMOD=1770851727 into the Launch options.
4) Run FOC and play the Submod

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Emperor Niko, who provided tireless technical and creative consulting, early access to Clone Wars related material and his friendship. He's provided an astronomical amount of skins and model tweaks to me by this point.

Kasderan, for his thoughtful consulting and providing the new ground-based units for the CIS and Republic.

Luke Lasermaster, for creating the new banner, good banter and his heroic work on the Prequel soundtrack integration.

Admiral Espo and v.perriens, from our sister submod at "Assault". They've provided numerous models, textures, rigs that have greatly sped progress along.

Check out the "Assault" submod for the upcoming Empire at War Remake 5.0!
Assault on ModDB

Kalani6324 and Grimsley, both of the AotR "Dark Times" submod fame, for their appreciated partnership.

Check out the "Dark Times" submod for Awakening of the Rebellion!
Dark Times on the Steam Workshop

Kubli/Sly, known for his Awakening of the Rebellion work and generally just being a modding force of nature. Specifically, I used the (free release) Trade Federation Bomber and the Fantail Destroyer. He also created the holographic portraits used for Intervention missions.

The Farseer, who was commissioned to provide his expertly crafted rendition of Asajj Ventress. Hats off.

Clonetrooper163, for supporting this community and free releasing his high quality ground unit models. Thank you so much, man!

Burninalways, for providing technical troubleshooting.

Delta2234, for providing some great screenshots used in this Steam Workshop profile.

Kharak, for providing the fantastic Republic and CIS Modular Taskforce Cruiser livery.

The creative minds at Hearts of Durasteel, for inspiring my Alternate History paths. Special thanks to LuxLoser / Moff Lux, who also provided the portrait for Asajj Ventress!
You can find out more about Hearts of Durasteel here
The /r/HeartsOfDurasteel/ Subreddit

Sergeant Barlex, due to his selfless support of his modding community via his Free Release models. Additionally, I based my Republic livery Gladiator texture on his old promotional material.

PinkPanzer and his original vision of The New Order, for being a constant inspiration of compelling writing.
See you, Space Cowboy...

SwissKnight and the Dawn of Victory project, for somehow being 15+ years ahead of the industry in the field of Game UI Design. They're also a great example of rich worldbuilding.

DH-Omni Support Vessel
Model: Warb_Null
Texture: Elratie
Rigged: Emperor Niko

BTL-B Y-Wing
Model: WarbNull, Kalani6342, Grimley
Textures: Kalani6342

Belbullab 22/24
Resource is from "Battlefront Commander" by Clonetrooper
Rigged: Emperor Niko

A massive shout to Jeroen and the team behind Empire at War Remake, without whom this mod could not exist. Thanks for the base mod and assistance provided during development!

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-Added the Pelta-class variants to the Republic Hardliners and Rebel Alliance roster. This auxiliary fleet support ship is focused on providing AOE Healing and Point Defense coverage. Available at Tech 1 (HSC) and Tech 2 (ASC).



-The addition of a ‘Overhauled GC AI Build Limit System’!

See ‘GC AI Overhaul' section below for more details.

-Tarkin receives the first of the planned Holographic Portrait System!


-The initial work on the ‘Unit Call-Outs’ System!

See ‘Sound Work’ section below for more details.

-Niko’s Space map overhaul has been added!

See ‘Space Map Overhaul' section below for more details.



This doesn’t fundamentally change what the AI prioritizes but does introduce limitations to what the AI will throw at you on a per-invasion basis. It’s no longer capable of just spamming the same unit against a single target and utilizes a more even spread of unit types. You’ll now often see them build units they’ve ignored in the past. I think gameplay has improved immensely from this change.

Be on the lookout for how this plays- I’ll need consistent feedback on how it’s behaving.



-Maps that were too dark are brighter via map color or background color

-Most maps that had no background nebula now have one

-Adds a new Nal Hutta map, featuring Rings and Hutt ships in a shipyard

-All maps with defender positions further away from the station were consolidated (no more mad dash to the station!)

-Golan marker locations have been reduced to one from two

-Kuat shipyards and ships prop moved over so it's not dead center and causing visual confusion. Ships changed to exclude the Seinar ones. Added another on the opposite corner of the map

-Mon Cala shipyard and ship props moved over for the same reason and same way.

-Black Hole map adds more black holes in the distance of the background and a prop for the Maw Installation by mixing up asteroids and some station parts.



-The AI will no longer throw absurd numbers of regiments at individual planets. Instead, this is capped at 8 per invasion. As a side effect, this means the AI is now more aggressive and better at creating fleets.

-Bumped up Production time nerfs on non-playable minor factions to -75% on units and -35% on buildings

-The Republic gains access to the first of its planned ‘Foreign Regiments’! This includes the vanilla Remake style of recruiting (some) other minors like the Hapans, CSA and Hutt regiments, but also includes powerful Wookie regiments from Kashyyyk. These are capped at 5 regiments per type.

-Indigenous factions now benefit from the new ‘Flexible Loyalty’ script! Essentially, the factions will be able to align with one of two factions but will always choose to align with a human player if detected.

  • Wookies and Gungans may now be aligned with Rebels or Republic
  • Nightsisters may now be aligned with Underworld or CIS
  • Geonosians may now be aligned with Rebels or CIS

-Added Kharak’s Modular Task Cruiser Spy configuration model

-Added new texture for the Corellian Destroyer!

-Reduced number of Golan Stations present on maps from 2 to 1. You no longer have to worry about having to knock them both out in one go, thus preventing annoying situations where there is a free respawning Golan. Their price and ‘AI Combat Value’ have been halved to reflect this.



-Added CIS specific skin for the PT-1

-Added placeholder Rebel skin for Munificent frigate

-Reduced Republic Imperator Star Destroyer build weight

-Capped the Republic V-wing at 30 Squadrons

-Capped the CIS Vulture, TriDroid, Hyena at 30 Squadrons

-Added new Tector Icon

-Added mild ‘Ragdolls’ to Clone Troopers when hit with explosive weaponry

-Added a Sleep timer on the ‘Reconnaissance’ and ‘Heavy Factory Building’ Intervention missions-Reduced Consular build time (15 -> 12)

-Reduced AI Build Weights on MTCs since they were being spammed

-Blocked the AI for the Republic, Rebels and CIS from making Repair MTCs

-Reduced effectiveness of Trident Point Defense (1 -> 1.2 delay)

-Improved AOE healing on the DH-Omni (8 -> 40)

-Changed the description of the Consular-class

-Added new Repair AOE Repair overlay

-Adjusted CIS AI start when playing as the Republic on “Rise of the Empire” to see if the Imperials benefit

-Adjusted VSDII's Ions to be more in line with Fantail/Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers

-CU Sabaoth pushed back to Tech 3

-Added various cross-buildable and non-useful ships to banned defense build list for Ais

-Upped CSA Skiprays to 10 squads

-Moved Sith Harrower to Tech 3

-Slightly raised AI Combat Value (AICV) of Acclamator, Vindicator and Munificent

-Slightly lowered AICV of the Republic’s V-2 ‘Longbow’

-Slightly raised AICV of Fleet Commander units

-Limited the Criminal Underground's Rihkxyrk to 30 Squadrons at once

-Limited the Imperial XG-1 to 30 Squadrons at once



-Added the first of the Unit Call-Outs system! This is essentially a ‘bark’ that will call out that a certain unit type has come into view for the first time during that battle. Only the Republic has them currently, but this will eventually be ported over to the CIS, Rebels and Empire. They will continue to expand in scope and unit types in the future.

-The Republic current has Call-Outs for the following units:

Storm Troopers, AT-STs, Darth Vader, Black Sun Uglies, Porax-38s, AATs, Munificent Frigates, DH-Omnis, Acclamators, V-wings, TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, TIE Interceptors, Vindicator Cruisers, X-wings, Quasars, and MC-50 ‘Tides’

-Added a placeholder VO to the Pelta Hospital Ship. Full/proper VO is still in the works via Luke Lasermaster



-Added Pelta variants to Rebel and Republic Filters

-Added Rebel Pelta Refit to "Turbo Attack" AI Plan

-Added better comment/description to code for Apailana's MagPulse

-Updated Starting Forces script to include Pelta variants



-Niko fixed the angle of the CIS Allocator’s turrets

-Better Skirmish Reinforcement Marker capture behavior for the Republic

-Fixed Grievous so he had his GC Stealth ability

-Fixed the XX-777 to be set to Anti-Corvette role

-Fixed Lucrehulk Battleship to be set to Anti-Capital role

-Corrected V-19 Squadron container to be Anti-Fighter role



-Fixed duplicate pirate base on Rebel Bespin in Final Destination (reported by knownkiller, fixed by Niko)

-Fixed Tech Advancing 'Windfall' mission by capping it at Tech 5 (reported by Kahoot, fix by Hyrum Solo)

-Added squadron caps to Hapan fighters (reported by Bandito Steal)

-Fixed Booster Terrik to match his string description garrison, added Tractor Beam (reported by Kahoot)

-Fixed strange XML Parse errors on SurfaceFX (reported by LordReforged)

-Fixed oversight that stopped Hett from being buildable on Valhalla (reported by Harbinger Ace)

-Fixed Imperial and CIS Trade Hubs spawning Republic Gozantis (reported by Kahoot)

-Fixed incorrect Underworld player profile when playing as CIS on Valhalla (reported by Kahoot, fix by Niko)

-CSA Fantail was missing a texture (report by Sling Blade, elaborated by Niko)



Niko – a silent workhorse and a true master. It would not be an honest changelog if he were not credited here every single time. Thank you for your time, your advice and your friendship.

  • Creator of the Space Map Overhaul
  • Rigged the MTC Spy model
  • Adjusted Allocator turrets
  • Suggesting the 8 Regiment cap
  • Helping with the community and various fixes

Sgt Barlex / LordPoncho – King of the hermits and my undisputed goat for Republic assets these days. He created the Pelta-class models and textures. Thanks again for the beautiful work!

Admiral Espo / Zespo – I’ve never seen a man hardpoint with such feverish energy. You continue to dominate the scene and provide the new blood that the modding scene desperately needs. Solid banter, too.

  • Rigged the Pelta-class
  • Shader Troubleshooting

v.perriens – too noble for this cruel earth. Thanks for constantly supporting this community with your great skins. He specifically contributed the improved Corellian Destroyer skin.

Kubli – thanks for helping me push the boundaries of design on this game with your Tarkin Hologram. I look forward to commissioning a lot more of this bad boys from you in the future!

Burninalways – thanks for the solution for the flexible loyalty script! Additional shout out to Hyrum Solo since I had been harassing the man nonstop with my failed attempts. Even in failure, I learned a good bit about lua.

Separatist Rebirth February Patch

Separatist Rebirth February Patch

News 5 comments

A beautiful brand new ship for the Separatists, new frigate options for the Republic/Imperials, Intervention Missions and so much more!

Twilight of the Republic Patch Notes

Twilight of the Republic Patch Notes


Patch notes that cover the recent additions to the Republic Hardliner roster. Including a new capital design, new heroes, fighters and more!

Summer's End / Separatist Dusk Patch

Summer's End / Separatist Dusk Patch


This patch sees the arrival of more CIS ships, a new hero for the Republic, a gorgeous facelift for the Victory-II Frigate and a lot more! Come check...

Summer Heat / "Victory by Summer" Patch

Summer Heat / "Victory by Summer" Patch


The long awaited Victory-II Frigate from Battlefront 2 (2005) arrives, alongside a Standard GC map overhaul, heroes and a ton more. Come take a look!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 19)
Guest - - 699,788 comments

Is it only downloadable on steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CanadaMan7 Creator
CanadaMan7 - - 2,588 comments

Correct, you'd need to download it on Steam. It (and most other modern mods) requires patches only accessible through the Steam version of EAW.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,788 comments

Where is the download? it says there are no files available

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Guest - - 699,788 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Thread - - 275 comments

Its been a while since i got on this site and i was pleasantly suprised at the completly new ship you have added.very original and yet it fits like the rest. So good job of what you have so far.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
OneMoreIvan - - 32 comments

The additions look fantastic!
This is exactly I wished someone would uptake - mods building and expanding on great base changes Remake has provided.
One question I would like to ask: Are new CIS and Republic ships are only provided for their respective factions or will they be buildable by Rebels/Empire as well after capturing respective planets as in standart Remake?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
CanadaMan7 Creator
CanadaMan7 - - 2,588 comments

Thanks! Glad you're liking the submod so far.
It depends- some ships are added to multiple factions when they make sense in the lore (like the Victory-II, for example), but some higher end ships are faction exclusive (Servator, Valiant, Allocator). I may choose to implement of these as mission rewards later down the line, but what form that takes isn't clear at the moment.

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Guest - - 699,788 comments

Great mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CanadaMan7 Creator
CanadaMan7 - - 2,588 comments

It's a labor of love. Thanks for playing!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,788 comments

how do I run it with the main mod on the GOG version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CanadaMan7 Creator
CanadaMan7 - - 2,588 comments

You unfortunately can't. The Steam version of Empire at War received updates that greatly expanded the modding potential of the game, so the vast majority of modern mods are Steam-only.

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