This mod was original made by Nett40. He has since moved on from the community and our team has taken on the task of continuing the mod. We have made and are still working to make a total conversion mod based on The Clone Wars as seen in Both the 2004 Cartoon and the new Clone Wars series using inspiration from the movies, Republic Commando, Battle Front 1 & 2 and other popular Star Wars sources.

This Clone War era mod would not have been possible without the help and aid of the whole modding community, THANKS TO ALL...

Please contact us ASAP, if you have any concerns against my use of your material, or if you simply feel that I haven't credited you properly

For the Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod go to

For help with installing mods go to this forum and ask

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4.0 Patch

News 55 comments

Well guys. I am trying to get back in to this a bit. Toward the end of the 4.0 development I was getting very burnt on this whole modding thing. Once I got it released I pretty well crashed from it. I tried a few times to get back in the swing but just couldn't. Inspired by7 watching starkiller598's you tube series "Lets play Star Wars the Clone wars mod" I even made a bunch of fixes and adjustments last year but lost interest again real quick. Now I still have all of them so I will no matter what get them out to you guys but I am gonna see if I can get the AI issue worked out and perhaps a little more new content for you guys also.

Thus far here is my list of fixes and adjustments

Infantry rate of fire adjusted to engage enemies faster.
Decrease Plex clone missile damage
Increase Concussion missile damage against ships
Increased fighter laser damage vs other fighters
Increased corvette damage vs other corvettes
Lowered cost of corvettes
Lowered cost of Rep. Light Cruiser
Lowered Health of MTT
Adjusted Severance Tann redirect blaster
Adjusted Severance Tann structure attack
Enlarged PH2 Commander Cody and Gree hero icons
Increased Hutt space garrison deployed by base
Increased Neutral Capital ship shield points
Added Fighters to Neutral systems space units
Added more unit spotted audio
Severance Tann and Sora Bulq force worldwind fixed
Sidious Force Heal fixed
MTT become available at Tech 4 and now fires correctly
Chameleon Droid Cloak Fixed
Death Watch Explosive Fix
Fixed Sergeant and Lietenauts text to include their FOW reveal bonus
MTT texture fixed
Republic freight facility and CIS refinery death clone scaled properly
Slow Malevolence down

Stay tuned for some more developments

Version 4.0 Released

Version 4.0 Released

News 102 comments

Version 4.0 is finally released after 4 years in development. So now what?

Update 33

Update 33

News 12 comments

Hello Loyal Fans. This is the final Update before Release.

Update 32

Update 32

News 19 comments

HOPEFULLY this is the last update telling you whats left to do.

Update 31

Update 31

News 13 comments

Getting close to release and let me tell you what is left to be done.

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Star Wars The Clone Wars Version 4.0

Star Wars The Clone Wars Version 4.0

Full Version 495 comments

In development since August of 2010. Version 4.0 has evolved and been changed many times to make it the massive full conversion mod that it is today.

Battlefront Demo (FIXED)

Battlefront Demo (FIXED)

Demo 137 comments

Sorry for the problem with the demo. I made a minor mistake with the installer, but everything is fine now! Enjoy the demo! The_Darker_Side

Steam Install Instructions

Steam Install Instructions

Guides 62 comments

Were you not able to install the new test version of the mod because you had the steam version of FOC and didnt have instructions on how to install in...

Star Wars - Clone Wars (version 3.0)

Star Wars - Clone Wars (version 3.0)

Full Version 183 comments

This is the third edition of a total conversion mod, for Empire at War - Forces of Corruption, which I have compiled from various mods, addons and donors...

Star Wars - Clone Wars (Patch 2.0)

Star Wars - Clone Wars (Patch 2.0)

Patch 44 comments

This a small patch, which adds some of the CIS symbols (not all), fix some bugs in skirmish and add a new Republic hero... There will be a new full version...

Star Wars - Clone Wars mod 1.5

Star Wars - Clone Wars mod 1.5

Full Version 70 comments

This is version 1.5 of the total conversion CLONE WAR ERA mod for EaW/FoC. I've compiled Clone Wars era models, icon and textures from various mods, packs...

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I have a problem with mod. All models are green and don't have any animation. I have the steam version.

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I too am having the same issue, about to download again just to be sure it wasn't a dud download, will post if it works or no.

Edit: Nope, still appearing to have every texture green. Anyone now what could be causing this?

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try deleting the Shaders folder located
star_wars_clone_wars_iV > Data > Art > Shaders
the mod's steam page should tell you how to find the mod folder, but it'll probably be one folder past Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\32470\

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yo he podido liverar estas unidades si conocimiento jejeje Squad_flametrooper",Rep_I_Clone_Guard,Clonetrooper_CG,

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Here are some fixes I made to the original 4.0 mod and posted on ModDB forever ago, I hope they help :)

Abandoned Sensor Array & Merc Outfitter Fix
-go to: PROPS_URBAN.xml
-Remove: Secondary_Mercenary_Outfitter Prop
-Remove: Secondary_Abandoneded_Sensor Prop

Hero Sora Bulq Force Wave Fix
-go to: Units_hero_CIS_Sora_Bulq.xml
-To: Bulq_Force_Whirlwind

Hero Sevrance Tann Force Wave Fix
-go to: Units_CIS_Minor_Heroes.xml
-Find: Sevrance_Tann
-In a space below </Redirect_Blaster_Ability> Add:
<Force_Whirlwind_Ability Name="Anakin_Force_Whirlwind">
<!-- <Activation_Style>Special_Attack</Activation_Style> -->
<Activation_Style> User_Input </Activation_Style>
<!-- We need to be within this distance of the clicked target to consider activating Force Whirlwind -->
<!-- How long does it take for the shockwave to spread from the hero to the max range? -->
<!-- Percentage chance to activate given a certain number of valid targets in range. -->
<!-- First number in the pair is the number of valid targets, second is the chance to activate. -->
<Activation_Chance>0,0.0, 1,0.0, 5,1.0, 500,1.0</Activation_Chance>
<!-- <Activation_Chance>0,0.0, 500,0.0</Activation_Chance> < ! - - never activate -->
<!-- We only consider the following unit types "valid targets": -->
<Applicable_Unit_Types />
<Owner_Particle_Bone_Name />
<Owner_Light_Effect_Color>4.0, 4.0, 4.0</Owner_Light_Effect_Color>
<Owner_Light_Effect_Color2 />
<Owner_Light_Effect_Pulse_Count />

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Ozzy667 Creator

Wow! Thanks! Can you send them to me in a personal message. A lot of work has been done to 4.0 since release so some of these may already be fixed. If you got the time I could always use the help with coding and bug fixes if you wanna join the team?

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Chameleon Droid Cloak Fix
-go to: Units_land_cis_chameleon_droid.xml
-Rename: <Force_Cloak_Ability Name="droid_Force_Cloak"
-To: "Droid_Force_Cloak"

Death Watch Explosive Fix
-go to: Groundinfantry.xml
-Find: <GroundInfantry Name="Death_Watch"> (Second to Last)
-Replace everything between <!--Primary ability-->
-and <Galactic_Stealth_Ability Name="Boba_Fett_Galactic_Stealth">
<Recharge_Seconds>23.0f </Recharge_Seconds>
<GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> DW_Grenade_Attack </GUI_Activated_Ability_Name>
<SFXEvent_Target_Ability> Unit_Grenade_Boss </SFXEvent_Target_Ability>

<!-- Secondary ability -->
<GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> </GUI_Activated_Ability_Name> <!-- GUI Command Bar support -->
<SFXEvent_Target_Ability> Unit_Move_Boba_Fett </SFXEvent_Target_Ability>
<!-- Disabling these, since we now want Boba to be able to fly anywhere on the map, even into FOW -->
<!-- <Area_Effect_Decal_Distance> 50.0 </Area_Effect_Decal_Distance> -->
<!-- <Effective_Radius> 300.0 </Effective_Radius> -->
<Effective_Radius> -1.0 </Effective_Radius> <!-- For the Jet Pack jump, the effect radius of -1.0 means unlimited range -->


<Abilities SubObjectList="Yes">

<Grenade_Attack_Ability Name="DW_Grenade_Attack">
<Activation_Style> User_Input </Activation_Style> <!-- Was Special_Attack -->
<!-- We need to be within this distance of the clicked target to consider throwing the grenade -->
<Requires_Direct_Player_Command> No </Requires_Direct_Player_Command> <!-- Was NO -->

<!-- Percentage chance to activate given a certain number of valid targets in range. -->
<!-- First number in the pair is the number of valid targets, second is the chance to activate. -->
<Activation_Chance>0,0.0, 1,1.0, 5,1.0, 500,1.0</Activation_Chance>
<!-- We only consider the following unit types "valid targets": -->
<Applicable_Unit_Categories>Infantry, Vehicle, Structure</Applicable_Unit_Categories>
<Applicable_Unit_Types />

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MTT Unlock and Weapon Activation
-go to: Groundcompaniesrebel.xml
-Find: Gallofree_HTT_Company
-Scroll Down to: <Build_Initially_Locked>Yes</Build_Initially_Locked>
& <Build_Can_Be_Unlocked_By_Slicer>Yes</Build_Can_Be_Unlocked_By_Slicer>
-Change Both "Yes" commands to "No"
-Now go to: Groundvehicles.xml
-Find: Gallofree_HTT_Transport
-Replace: <Ranged_Target_Z_Adjust>13.0</Ranged_Target_Z_Adjust>

<Mouse_Collide_Override_Sphere_Radius> 10.0 </Mouse_Collide_Override_Sphere_Radius>


<Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy> Infantry, 50.0 </Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy>
<Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy> Vehicle, 5.0 </Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy>
<Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy> Air, 50.0 </Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy>
<Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy> Structure, 5.0 </Targeting_Fire_Inaccuracy>

Sidious Force Heal
-go to: Units_heroes_cis_darth_sidious.xml
-In a space below </Force_Whirlwind_Ability> Add:
<Force_Healing_Ability Name="Sidious_Self_Heal">
<Heal_Amount> 0.0 </Heal_Amount>
<Heal_Percent> 0.08 </Heal_Percent>

<Applicable_Unit_Categories />
<Excluded_Unit_Types />

<Target_Light_Effect_Color>1.2, 2.0, 1.2</Target_Light_Effect_Color>
<Target_Light_Effect_Color2 />
<Owner_Light_Effect_Color>1.2, 2.0, 1.2</Owner_Light_Effect_Color>
<Owner_Light_Effect_Color2 />

Good Luck with the Mod!

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would be cool seeing another update

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