Currently I'm doing this by myself, I would like to get a team going to help get all this completed faster.

Releasing in February! It will include: 4 new civilizations, 4 new trainable units (without new unit graphics) and new heroes!

What civilization do you want in the next major update? - Poll
What civilition do you want that is not already on the roster? - Poll

List of what researches I'm adding. *I will be adding researches in a later date.

Sword = Completed
Night Watch
Wheel Barrow
Hide Shield
Unit Upgrade Technologies

Civilizations - Post what you think there bonuses should be or more Civilizations you would like me to add.
/ = Ends and Starts a New Bonus
Sword = Completed

Mycnaean: All melee based units have +1 attack/Walls and Towers have +50% HP/Trade Units cost 20% less
Sword Etruscan: Chariots are 25% faster/Phalanx attack 30% faster/20% faster goldmining
Indus (Valley Civilization): 15% faster Foraging & Farming/Build 33% faster/ Chariots and Elephants are produced 25% faster
Sword Atlantean: Villagers Cost 30 Gold but work 20% Faster/Full Tech Tree (Not Polynesians or Meso Americans)
Chavìn: Pottery increases hunting rate by 40%/Temples have double HP/ All units do +4 damage on 5+ Elavation
Mayan: Buildings have +20% HP/Town Center works 20% faster/ Archers have +30% HP (+40% in Iron Age)
Olmec: Villagers carry +5 resources/Priests gain +5 HP per temple/Military units gain +1 HP per Tower
Polynesian: All Boats 20% Faster/Boats, Infantry, Priests and Villagers have +2 LOS and +10% Faster (Boats are 20%)
Funan: Elephants HP is 800/Villagers work 20% faster but are 10% slower/Temples have Double HP
Iberians: Infantry have +1 Attack/Infantry Cost 25% Less/Villagers do +6 Damage vs. Animals
Sword Mauryan: Fisherman & Fishing Boats work 20% faster/Stable Units do +1 damage to Buildings/Priest are 20% Faster
Xiongnu: Does not Require House/Cavalry have 25% more HP/Horse Archers have +1 Range and HHA have +2
Hebrew: Priest are 2 time better at converting/Slingers stats increase per age/Fishing Boats have Double HP
Hồng Bàng: Farms have 100 more food/Docks have double HP/In the Bronze Age Infantry, Cavalry and Ships have +20% HP
Sword Celtic: Infantry move 20% faster/Woodcutters work 20% faster/Siege Weapons fire 25% faster
Scythian: Archers, Elephants and Infantry have +1\2\3 Melee Armor/Cavalry and Horse Archers have 4 armor to Spearman and Phalanx/Houses cost 50% less
Kush: Researches cost 20% less/Trade units contain x2 resources/Skirmishers cost 30% less
Hopewell: Farms Produce 40% faster/Archers do +6 damage to buildings/Buildings have + 5 armor
Illyria: Building have x4 Resistance to conversion/All Units made in the barracks attack 20% faster/Priests are produced 25% faster
Axum: Towers, Market and Trade units have x5 Conversion resistance/Mine Gold 20% Faster/Spearman attack 33% faster
Briton: Cavalry and Infantry are 15% cheaper/Warships do +1 damage/Farms are 33% cheaper
Numidia: Scouts/Light Cavalry are 33% cheaper/Ships move 15% faster/Stable Units are 15% cheaper
Zapotec: Villagers have +1 attack/Ballista and Scorpio have +2 range/Hunters are effected by range upgrades

Civilization Edits
NB = New Bonus
Shang NB: Crossbowmen fire 20% faster
Assyria NB: Siege units get +1 Pierce Armor

Sword = Completed
Battering Ram (Highest Building Bonus)
Sword Scorpio
Siege Tower (Movable Tower)
Heavy Siege Tower (Movable Tower)
Eagle Scout (Meso Only - Replaces Short Swordman)
Eagle Warrior (Meso Only - Replaces Broad Swordman)
Ocelot Warrior (Meso Only - Replaces Long Swordman)
Jagaur Warrior (Meso Only - Replaces Legion)
Warrior (Polynesian and Meso American Short Swordman)
Dagger-Axeman (East Asia Only)
Sword Crossbowmen (East Asia Only - Slow attack, high range and attack damage)
Sword Heavy Camel Rider (Upgrade of Camel Rider)
Spear Thrower
Javlineer (Archer Bonus)
Skirmisher (Archer Bonus)
Heavy Skirmisher (Archer Bonus)
Heavy Spearman (Cavalry Bonus)
Spearman (Cavalry bonus - Maybe I could use Basse's Spearman?)
Lookout Tower (Stone Age Tower - Maybe I could use Graphics for AOI)
Wooden Wall (Stone Age Wall - What ever AOK called it) (Maybe I could a Graphics for AOI)
SwordTrainable Mercenary (Will cost % gold and will have each of its special abilities
Sword Light Cavalry (Bonus against Villagers, faster than cavalry)
Chieftan/King/Pharoh/Emporer/Casesar (For a Regicide Mode, also a hero like unit)
Assasin (Low Hp high and fast attack)
Raft (Stone Age Transport)
Sword Trader and Merchant (Trading on Land)
Sword New Heroes!

This mod requires Upatch-HD and for help installing the mod, click here.

That's all I have planned out currently

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Latest News & Updates


14th September 2016
I've have been working hard at school lately and have not had much time to work on the project. I am sorry to tell you that I will not be working on it for quite some time. For now, I have lost interest in the mod and have moved on to bigger things. So unfortunately I am putting development on hold but will hopefully revisit it in the future.

25th June 2016
Check out another mod I worked on!
Ancient Rivalries [Upatched]

15th May 2016
Thank you to Todler for contributing this superb Egyptian Swordsman icon
Egyptian Swordsman

28th March 2016
Created Lost Empires Mod Survey

4th March 2016
Lost Empires 1.4.1 patch
- Mauryans bonus changed to Fisherman & Fishing boats working 20% faster
- Enabled Chariot, Scythe Chariot, Chariot Archer for Mauryan use.

21st February 2016
Thank you Zielarz for contributing a Crossbowman icon, and thank you to FGF87 for what edits he made to the graphic.
Crossbowman by Zielarz & FGF87

20th February 2016
Posted Article on Mauryans
Lost Empires 1.4 initial release
- Added Light Cavalry (Scout with increased attack, hit points, line of sight and speed)
- Added Heavy Camel Rider (Camel Rider with increased attack, melee armor, hit points and line of sight.)
- Added Trainable Mercenary (Acts exaclty like the mercenary in the scenario editor, cost 100 gold made in the academy)
- Added Crossbowman (Bowman with increased attack, melee armor, piercing armor,
- Added Trader (Works exactly like Trade Boats, though on land and between the Market and Trade workshop)
- Added Merchant (Works like Merchant Ships, though on land and between the Market and Trade workshop)
- Changed Helepolis to Scorpio
- Changed Egyptian swordman graphic to that of Hero Jason.
- Added a new bonus to Shang; Crossbowman fire 20% faster
- Added a new bonus to Assyria; Siege Weapons have +1 Pierce Armor
- Added New Heroes
- Added Atlanteans
- Added Celtic
- Added Etruscans
- Added Mauryans
- Removed most features from previous versions

18th February 2016
- Created Poll

15th Febuary 2016
Posted Article on Etruscans
- Created Poll
Thank you to FGF87 for the wonderful roman trade workshop.
Roman Trade Workshop

10th Febuary 2016
Posted Article on Atlanteans

5th Febuary 2016
Posted Article on Celtics

12 September 2015
Rise of Minor Empires 1.3 beta release
- Corrected spelling errors
- AI Edits
- Edited civilization bonus for Shang: Bowman and Crossbowman have +10 HP and +20 HP
- Added Siege bonus to Assyrian (All Siege Units get +1 Pierce Armor in Bronze Age and +2 in Iron Age)
- Added Forging bonus (All military units have +1 Armor.)
- Edited Slinger (They now get Infantry Armor)
- Population now effects the score
- Bug Fixes
- Edited Crossbowman stats

4 August 2015
Rise of Minor Empires 1.2 beta release
- Added Crossbowman
- Researchable Mercenary
- Corrected spelling errors
- Balanced the Researches
- Removed Mathematics house ability
- Added 10% onto Mathematics building speed increase
- Added Mathematics increases Wonders HP
- Added Crossbowman bonus to Shang (cost 25% less)
- Added Scythe Chariot bonus to Shang (costs 25% less)

7 July 2015
Mod_WINW 1.1 alpha update
- Bug Fixes
- Corrected spelling errors

6 July 2015
Created topic in Age of Empires Forum

5 July 2015
Mod_WINW pre-alpha release
- Added Light Cavalry
- Added Pottery
- Added Night Watch
- Added Forging
- Added Mathematics
- Added Education

28 June 2015
Created Mod_WINW Survey



News 2 comments

You can now do a survey about what you want added or removed on the mod

*New Civilization* Mauryans and More!

*New Civilization* Mauryans and More!

Feature 2 comments

The mauryans were a indian civilization founded by Chandragupta. The civilization expanded north to indus river. The Mauryans used Camels, Horses and...

*New Civilization* Etruscans and More!

*New Civilization* Etruscans and More!

Feature 2 comments

The Etruscan were a civilization in Northern Italy, they had greek like architecture and are probably most known for inspiring the romans in warfare and...

*New Civilization* Atlantis

*New Civilization* Atlantis


Atlantis was a powerful and advanced civilization that was said to anger Poseidon, the god of sea, so he sank them to the bottom of the ocean. The story...

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Lost Empires Patch 1.4.1

Lost Empires Patch 1.4.1


This patch changes Mauryans bonus and edits there tech.tree to enable chariots.

Lost Empires Initial Release 1.4

Lost Empires Initial Release 1.4

Full Version 2 comments

The mod features 4 civilization, (Mauryans, Celtics, Atlanteans & Etruscans)new units. (Light Cavalry, Crossbowman, Heavy Camel Rider & New Heroes) At...

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how do i download? i combined all files and it isnt working
someone can please help?

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Because Roman empire was here from the begining of the Rise of Rome Expansion why not adding into this mod Dacia as a civilization and use the Roman architecture to be Dacia when it was ruled by Rome or something similar

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Please add Turkish Civilization to the mod too, thank you.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


It would be nice to add the dacians/thracians. The scythians and the germanic tribes. And also the trojans.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Oh and btw How to install this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Epd999 Creator

Firstly, download and install Upatch. Afterwards, drag and drop the folder out of the Lost into the Mods folder. Then select the mod in the Upatch Launcher in the "Mod Manager" section. Now, it should work.

For me information see:

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Can you tell what program did you youse to edith the game and make the pach ?

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Epd999 Creator

I used Advanced Genie Editor 3 to edit the data file, Turtle Pack to add the graphics and Resource Hacker to edit the .dll files. Visit Upatch's webpage, go to "Help" then "Creating Mods" for more information.

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