Intro! Jackie!! Come, give Uncle a hug!

Hello! I've been playing Disciples since I was a wee lad barely in Elementary School (almost 20 years ago ._.). I was drawn in by the darker setting, beautiful art and fantastic music (I still hum the battle themes in the shower sometimes). I originally started this mod in an attempt to make Disciples 2 more like it's predecessor, Sacred Lands, but over time that idea changed into something completely different.

With some completely revamped units, new leader upgrades, spellbook makeovers and some balance changes, this mod should keep things fresh and exciting.


Requirements/Recommended! This is how I spray for bugs!

The Mod is compatible with the GoG version of Disciples II: Rise of the Elves as well as the Disciples II: Rise of the Elves Gold CD version (if you still have that ancient relic, like I do). I have tested it with both these versions and it works, but I cannot guarantee it will run with any other version of the game, though it should be fine.

!!! Backup your original Globals folder before replacing it with my mod !!!


Changes! Never question the inscriptions!


All experience requirements have been modified (mostly reduced for neutrals, but increased for level 3+ units)

Chance to hit has been reduced across the board (mostly down to 75% from 80%)

Most units no longer receive chance to hit upon level ups

Difficulty settings have been adjusted; enemy AI now have more money at each difficulty level (this allows them to actually purchase their upgrade buildings more often, so you wont see the green plus sign as much)

High tier building costs have been reduced

Units with secondary damage (ex. Poison) have had their level up damage amounts normalized (ex. Imperial Assassin no longer receives 6/6 damage upon level up, but rather 4/4, or 10% of 60/20, as all other units do)

All spellbooks have been tweaked or altered (ex. Tangle is now a level 2 spell, and reduces movement by 50% instead of 30%)

All level 3+ spell research costs have been reduced

A lot of flavor text and weapon names were changed/added. Check 'em out ;)


Warrior Lords are the only lords who receive Weapon Master, and their leaders can get it at level 2

Guild Lords receive a new hero upgrade, Mercantile, which reduces cost of shops, mages and mercenaries by 25%, and their leaders can get it at level 2

Guild Lords are the only lords who can receive Incorruptible, at level 13


All leaders have had their dynamic upgrade amounts changed (no longer get acc per level up, only get 1 move per level up, except scout leaders, who get 2 move per level up)

All leader costs have been reduced from 500 to 350 gold

All rod planter heroes now have 2 leadership, instead of 1

All leaders now have additional options upon level up

Warrior leaders start with Banners, Mage leaders start with Tomes and all leaders can now use Artifacts (except rod planters)

First Strike has been removed, as initiative can now be gained through the additional level up options


Elementalist was changed to the Exorcist, a unit with mind immunity and life based damage

White Wizard now deals 70 damage, up from 60

Titan has been replaced with the Living Armor, a unit with 30 armor, mind and poison immunity

Cleric renamed to Priestess

Priest renamed to Cleric

Imperial Priest renamed to Imperial Cleric

Witch Hunter, Inquisitor and Grand Inquisitor all had their health reduced, but their xp requirements are much lower than other melee units

Angel now deals life based damage

Holy Avenger now has 70 initiative

Arch-Angel now heals 20 to all

Imperial Clerics can now resurrect

Mountain Clans:

Axe Thrower, Crossbowman, Forge Guardian and Flame Caster have all had their initiative increased to 50 and their damage has been increased

Flame Caster now has blister

Rock Giant, Ice Giant, Son of Ymir, Tempest Giant and Elder One have all had their damage increased

Druidess and Arch-Druidess now boost to all, but boost has been lowered and they no longer permanently boost

Runemaster initiative increased to 50

Runemaster now has air-based shatter, health increased to 325

Dwarf King now has critical strike, health increased to 275 and initiative increased to 40

Wolf Master renamed Forecaster and no longer transforms, but frostbites

Hermit and Forecaster have had their stats adjusted

Yeti was replaced with the Son of Fenrir, who can frostbite and regenerates health quickly

Proud Dwarf now gives attack instead of dealing damage, health reduced to 100 and init to 10

Undead Hordes:

Dragon line now deals earth-based damage

Dreadwyrm now petrifies instead of poisons

Dracolich initiative increased to 50

Death renamed to Reaper, now deals 75/50 death/poison damage

Wight changed to drain life overflow and now deals 75 damage with 60 initiative, no longer drains level

Lich and Arch-Lich now poison

Elder Vampire no longer overflows, but initiative and damage increased

Templar and Dark Lord had their stats readjusted, initiative increased, but damage decreased

Werewolf was replaced with Necrolyte, who summons zombies

Ghost line now has 60 initiative, lowers damage and has a very small chance to paralyze

Legions of the Damned:

Anti-Paladin renamed Degenerate

Infernal Knight renamed Desecrator

Berserker, Degenerate and Desecrator have had their health lowered, but have increased regen

Fiend has been replaced with the Doppleganger unit

Witch line has been revamped. Now deals mind damage to all and lowers initiative of enemies

Pandamoneus now deals 70 damage, up from 60

Modeus now blisters and has had stats readjusted

Doppleganger upgrade path replaced with Dark Magus, a unit that deals death damage and has a chance to drain level

Devil line has had their stats readjusted, and drain life on attacks

Overlord no longer blisters, but strikes twice

Tiamath drain life overflows, no longer reduces enemy damage

Marble Gargoyle and Onyx Gargoyle stats slightly adjusted

Elven Alliance:

Elven dynamic upgrade amounts normalized with the rest of the game (meaning, they wont get wonky level up amounts anymore)

Lancer line has had their stats readjusted

Archon stats readjusted, now critically strikes

Theurgist stats readjusted

Scout line has had their stats readjusted

Stinger now strikes twice

Marauder now critically strikes

Spiritess line revamped; no longer heal but boost allies instead

Griffin and Skylord stats readjusted and now shatter

Dryad stats readjusted

Sage no longer summons, instead bestows wards and heals a single target

Neutral units:

Kraken now deals 70 damage to all

Green Dragon no longer immune to fire, damage increased to 75

Dragons have had their stats readjusted; they should be more dangerous now

Goblin Elder now blisters

Orc King now shatters

Air Elementals initiative increased to 65 and now shatter

Yetis damage increased to 45/25 water/frostbite, health increased to 250

Titan damage increased to 100, health increased to 300


One more thing! I also brought the antidotes that did -not- work!



One MORE thing! Never. Mock. The cookie.

I've listed off everything I could remember that I've changed with my mod. I've been playing it for so long that sometimes I forget what was in the original game and what I introduced, so if there are any things left out, forgive me.

So, try it out! Have fun! Good luck! Conquer! Get killed! Rage! Load Auto-Save! Play more! Order a pizza! Say "Hey this is a pretty cool mod! But I miss the Werewolf, Titan, Fiend and Yeti" Then keep playing it. Then watch some Jackie Chan Adventures. Why? I don't know.


ONE MORE THING! See? What have we learned?

If enough people enjoy this mod I might make some tweaks to it based on popular recommendations. I also have a fun version of the Alliance-Mountain War map if anyone is looking for a new map to play, which I may try to upload at some point. But I make no promises. I'm terrible with promises. I promise.

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RotM-Patch 1.2

RotM-Patch 1.2

Patch 1 comment

Official Patch 1.2 of Rise of the Mod! A few extra balance tweaks and changes to all teams, as well as new naming conventions for extra effects.



Full Version

With some completely revamped units, new leader upgrades, spellbook makeovers and some balance changes, this mod should keep things fresh and exciting...

Disciples 2: Rise of the Mod

Disciples 2: Rise of the Mod

Full Version

With some completely revamped units, new leader upgrades, spellbook makeovers and some balance changes, this mod should keep things fresh and exciting.

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Hi Guys,

Great job on the mod! I ma not sure if this is the place, but I wanna report that when I try to run a new quest on the "Greenskins" map, the game crashes and shuts down.


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To Birdy the creator of this mod:
I have been playing the game with your mod installed, I must admit you've done a great job, now my Elder Vampires are much better with their 75 damage power and their overflow power, I really enjoy them, (Though wish their damage power was 100).

One of the major changes that definitely has improved the game a lot is the land transforming heroes increased leadership to two.
The other great change is the omission of thieves max XP, now thieves can level up too which is great.

I have extra suggestions including:
For the Baroness, the legions' land transforming here, the power that causes enemies to flee is better to be omitted for it causes the hero to gain less XP.

Elder vampires appearance are fantastic but I wonder if we could change their capes to black while the red color goes to their inner part.
Almost all of the units have a good appearance in them however my beloved Nosferato despite being very cool on his horse the picture that indicates him is terrible, I wonder if we could change that too.
The capital structure of most factions are terrible but the undead, I wonder if we could make the Elder Vampires' tower to be the tallest and biggest one inside the capital.

Note: I write this to informs others that I won't get into a discussion with other users over my ideas, I am a vampire freak, the word love is such a pathetic word in comparison to my affinity towards vampires. I don't care about balance in the game, for me all that matters are VAMPIRES.

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There is one issue with the game that has been bothering me for too long, whenever I need to do something else with my computer I alt+tan or window key for minimizing the game window but when I return the sound of the game crashed all the time and I have to restart the game form a quick save, I do remember I didn't have had this problem with Windows XP, but with win 7 or 10 the issue seems unsolvable.

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The enemy faction is very annoying now.
If you keep killing it's leaders, then it buys a new one every turn, even after you take all it's gold mines it still buys one per turn for a while, then one per 2 turns. (I play on "Very Hard" difficulty)
It's very tiresome, especially when you got 3 enemy factions.

Now the elves no longer seem to have decent means to take down the capitals.

Maybe you should make the the capital guards easier to kill (like in Disciples 3), so a tier 5 or 4 party can take out the capital, not a party made out of specific units.

Or perhaps stop the enemy from spamming weak tier 1 parties, but instead, make them send out a powerful party after many turns, if possible.

Taking down capitals was never balanced or fair between factions anyway.

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For me, nothing has changed, to be honest regarding the enemy factions, however, I agree with you in this, it is unfair for example Phantom warriors are the only chance we have for fighting the capital guardians.
In many, many lores mages are more powerful than fighters but in this game, that logic is ignored.
One great change was for thieves and banshees in the undead faction.
I have not seen the spiders yet, but imagine a spider would paralyze an arch-lich or elder vampire and defeat them that is absurd as well. Powerful undead such as Elder Vampires or Arch-Liches is immune to mind tricks. And Gargoyles belong to Vampires not demons in many lores as well.
Again the idea of replacing werewolves with an asinine summoner is not decent too.

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I have just tested something new, in the new skirmish I tsteted these:

Battle 1:

Nosferatu+ five Elder Vampires against Three Timaths

Winner: The Timaths

Battle 2:

Nosferatu+ five Arch-Liches against Three Timaths

Winner: The Nosferatu+ three remanining Arch-liches

Despite that both Elder Vampires and Arch-Liches are tire five mages and at least they must be equal in power the Arch-Liches are more powerful.
Notice that the secondry power of any unit in level 99 increases to 300 that means that now Arch-Liches in level 99 can deal 600 damage while Elder Vampires would stick to 300, that means that now Arch-Liches can take down capitals something that Phantome warriors with their paralizing abilty could and can acomplish.
I do think that Elder Vampires deserve better.
Note: SInce Demons can have the over flow power why Nosferatu can't have that??

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Nosferatu (a scout leader) can already out-damage and out-live the other scout leaders, and now you want him to have overflow too? Seriously?!?!

Wow, 99 level Arch-Liches deal 300 poison damage, who the hell is going to raise 99 level units, seriously?
They need very high exp for a 1 leadership unit, you'll be lucky to get them to level 15 in some maps, and that's being quite generous!

The Archliches got a 45 poison damage boost, while Elder vampires got 15 additional damage. Poison doesn't stack, so if you got 5 archliches there can be only 45 poison, but if you got 5 Elder vampires then it's a 75 (15x5) damage extra.
Sure poison is great vs armor, but how often do you face armored targets? There's poison immune units and troops that can remove poison.
Poison can't be boosted by banners, damage potions and damage spells, but that extra 15 damage of the vampires can! Furthermore, that damage of vampires (boosted by everything) has even greater worth considering half of it heals units!

Yes, Archliches and Elder Vampires should be equal, but not the way you imagine it and not in the same battle.
One favors killing the enemy quickly and the other favors survival, obviously they can't perform equally in the same battle!
It's narrow minded to say unit A is more powerful than unit B, if you put them in a combat situation that favors unit A.
3 Tiamaths is great situation for Archlich's higher damage, not vampire's higher survival.

Also the unit's balance is more complex that a battle, for example the vampires got a strategic advantage: they can heal so they can carry more successive battles, while the liches would need to stop and recover. (plus, if attacked, the vampire party can win, while the liches may be too damaged to even survive)

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It is my idea and lots of people who love Nosteratu, you can search internet and see for yourself.It also has got nothing to be narrow-minded or something else, as a Vampire lover I want to feel power with vampires, as you do the same with Liches. I already told you Lich is a new term, an undead that is newly entered the games and young generation's minds (14-25 years old).
Various works of fantasy fiction, such as Clark Ashton Smith's "Empire of the Necromancers" (1936), had used lich as a general term for any corpse, animated or inanimate, before the term's specific use in fantasy role-playing games. The more recent use of the term lich for a specific type of undead creature originates from the 1976 Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game booklet Greyhawk, written by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz.[2]
Source: Wikipedia
Vampires are top undead they are the masters of necromancy without studying it. Bram Stoker in Dracula mentioned it and so many others in different cultures know that, you must be a Harry potter fan that ridiculously claim vampires are not magic, in the game Vampires are mage units so at least game developers know it, being tire 5 shows that Elder Vampires are among the top undead.
I think you're clearly hostile toward vampires like so many others these days, that is your choice but mine is thoroughly different and the whole universe cannot change that.
Vampires=Darkness=Ultimate power=Hemomancy and Necromancy= being soulless=More powerful than anything.

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WTF? Seriously?!
The mod author should break the game balance because you got a vampire obsession?
Ghost nuts could come and demand the ghost to be invincible because they're incorporeal and stuff, Angel fans can demand them to be OP because they're divine, Devil worshipers can ask for demons to be the strongest cuz' Power to the Devil etc.

Your vampire fetish and legends blablabla nonesense has ZERO relevance and importance to vampire - lich balance in the game.

So if I don't indulge your vampire fetish, I suddenly I'm hostile towards vampires and love liches?
It's hilarious, considering how often I incorporated vampires in my armies in the King's Bounty games or much I liked some vampire oriented games, not to mention how much I relied on vampires and prioritized them in Heroes of M&M 4.... then comes along a derp like you and tells I'm clearly against vampires! WOW!

Unlike you, I seek balance and fairness, I'm not biased towards liches or vampires.
You really should stop talking about balance because you're clearly trying to sabotage it!

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You are just jealous of how much power vampires have.

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