Intro! Jackie!! Come, give Uncle a hug!

Hello! I've been playing Disciples since I was a wee lad barely in Elementary School (almost 20 years ago ._.). I was drawn in by the darker setting, beautiful art and fantastic music (I still hum the battle themes in the shower sometimes). I originally started this mod in an attempt to make Disciples 2 more like it's predecessor, Sacred Lands, but over time that idea changed into something completely different.

With some completely revamped units, new leader upgrades, spellbook makeovers and some balance changes, this mod should keep things fresh and exciting.


Requirements/Recommended/Installation! This is how I spray for bugs!

To install the mod, simply replace the folders in your Disciples directory with the folders in the zip files. You will only need to download the most recent patch, as this will have all the necessary files for running the mod.

The Mod is compatible with the GoG version of Disciples II: Rise of the Elves as well as the Disciples II: Rise of the Elves Gold CD version (if you still have that ancient relic, like I do). I have tested it with both these versions and it works, but I cannot guarantee it will run with any other version of the game, though it should be fine.

!!! Backup your original Globals folder before replacing it with my mod !!!


Changes! Never question the inscriptions!


All experience requirements have been modified (mostly reduced for neutrals, but increased for level 3+ units)

Chance to hit has been reduced across the board (mostly down to 75% from 80%)

Most units no longer receive chance to hit upon level ups

Difficulty settings have been adjusted; enemy AI now have more money at each difficulty level (this allows them to actually purchase their upgrade buildings more often, so you wont see the green plus sign as much)

High tier building costs have been reduced

Units with secondary damage (ex. Poison) have had their level up damage amounts normalized (ex. Imperial Assassin no longer receives 6/6 damage upon level up, but rather 4/4, or 10% of 60/20, as all other units do)

All spellbooks have been tweaked or altered (ex. Tangle is now a level 2 spell, and reduces movement by 50% instead of 30%)

All level 3+ spell research costs have been reduced

A lot of flavor text and weapon names were changed/added. Check 'em out ;)


Warrior Lords are the only lords who receive Weapon Master, and their leaders can get it at level 2

Guild Lords receive a new hero upgrade, Mercantile, which reduces cost of shops, mages and mercenaries by 25%, and their leaders can get it at level 2

Guild Lords are the only lords who can receive Incorruptible, at level 13


All leaders have had their dynamic upgrade amounts changed (no longer get acc per level up, only get 1 move per level up, except scout leaders, who get 2 move per level up)

All leader costs have been reduced from 500 to 350 gold

All rod planter heroes now have 2 leadership, instead of 1

All leaders now have additional options upon level up

Warrior leaders start with Banners, Mage leaders start with Tomes and all leaders can now use Artifacts (except rod planters, who still must learn it)

First Strike has been removed, as initiative can now be gained through the additional level up options


Elementalist was changed to the Exorcist, a unit with mind immunity and life based damage

White Wizard now deals 70 damage, up from 60

Titan has been replaced with the Living Armor, a unit with 30 armor, mind and poison immunity

Cleric renamed to Priestess

Priest renamed to Cleric

Imperial Priest renamed to Imperial Cleric

Witch Hunter, Inquisitor and Grand Inquisitor all had their health reduced, but their xp requirements are much lower than other melee units

Angel now deals life based damage

Holy Avenger now has 70 initiative

Arch-Angel now heals 20 to all

Imperial Clerics can now resurrect

Mountain Clans:

Axe Thrower, Crossbowman, Forge Guardian and Flame Caster have all had their initiative increased to 50 and their damage has been increased

Flame Caster now has blister

Rock Giant, Ice Giant, Son of Ymir, Tempest Giant and Elder One have all had their damage increased

Druidess and Arch-Druidess now boost to all, but boost has been lowered and they no longer permanently boost

Runemaster initiative increased to 50

Runemaster now has air-based shatter, health increased to 325

Dwarf King now has critical strike, health increased to 275 and initiative increased to 40

Wolf Master renamed Forecaster and no longer transforms, but frostbites

Hermit and Forecaster have had their stats adjusted

Yeti was replaced with the Son of Fenrir, who can frostbite and regenerates health quickly

Proud Dwarf now gives attack instead of dealing damage, health reduced to 100 and init to 10

Undead Hordes:

Dragon line now deals earth-based damage

Dreadwyrm now petrifies instead of poisons

Dracolich initiative increased to 50

Death renamed to Reaper, now deals 75/50 death/poison damage

Wight changed to drain life overflow and now deals 75 damage with 60 initiative, no longer drains level

Lich and Arch-Lich now poison

Elder Vampire no longer overflows, but initiative and damage increased

Templar and Dark Lord had their stats readjusted, initiative increased, but damage decreased

Werewolf was replaced with Necrolyte, who summons zombies

Ghost line now has 60 initiative, lowers damage and has a very small chance to paralyze

Legions of the Damned:

Anti-Paladin renamed Degenerate

Infernal Knight renamed Desecrator

Berserker, Degenerate and Desecrator have had their health lowered, but have increased regen

Fiend has been replaced with the Doppleganger unit

Witch line has been revamped. Now deals mind damage to all and lowers initiative of enemies

Pandamoneus now deals 70 damage, up from 60

Modeus now blisters and has had stats readjusted

Doppleganger upgrade path replaced with Dark Magus, a unit that deals death damage and has a chance to drain level

Devil line has had their stats readjusted, and drain life on attacks

Overlord no longer blisters, but strikes twice

Tiamath drain life overflows, no longer reduces enemy damage

Marble Gargoyle and Onyx Gargoyle stats slightly adjusted

Elven Alliance:

Elven dynamic upgrade amounts normalized with the rest of the game (meaning, they wont get wonky level up amounts anymore)

Lancer line has had their stats readjusted

Archon stats readjusted, now critically strikes

Theurgist stats readjusted

Scout line has had their stats readjusted

Stinger now strikes twice

Marauder now critically strikes

Spiritess line revamped; no longer heal but boost allies instead

Griffin and Skylord stats readjusted and now shatter

Dryad stats readjusted

Sage no longer summons, instead bestows wards and heals a single target

Neutral units:

Kraken now deals 70 damage to all

Green Dragon no longer immune to fire, damage increased to 75

Dragons have had their stats readjusted; they should be more dangerous now

Goblin Elder now blisters

Orc King now shatters

Air Elementals initiative increased to 65 and now shatter

Yetis damage increased to 45/25 water/frostbite, health increased to 250

Titan damage increased to 100, health increased to 300


One more thing! I also brought the antidotes that did -not- work!



One MORE thing! Never. Mock. The cookie.

I've listed off everything I could remember that I've changed with my mod. I've been playing it for so long that sometimes I forget what was in the original game and what I introduced, so if there are any things left out, forgive me.

So, try it out! Have fun! Good luck! Conquer! Get killed! Rage! Load Auto-Save! Play more! Order a pizza! Say "Hey this is a pretty cool mod! But I miss the Werewolf, Titan, Fiend and Yeti" Then keep playing it. Then watch some Jackie Chan Adventures. Why? I don't know.


ONE MORE THING! See? What have we learned?

If enough people enjoy this mod I might make some tweaks to it based on popular recommendations.

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RotM-Patch 2.0

RotM-Patch 2.0

Patch 3 comments

Official Patch 2.0 of Rise of the Mod! Balance changes, and big sweeping changes to the Elven archer line and griffin line.

RotM Patch 1 3

RotM Patch 1 3

Patch 3 comments

Official Patch 1.3 of Rise of the Mod! A few extra balance tweaks, changes to the elf archer line, two new units (available to be placed in custom scenarios...

RotM-Patch 1.2

RotM-Patch 1.2

Patch 6 comments

Official Patch 1.2 of Rise of the Mod! A few extra balance tweaks and changes to all teams, as well as new naming conventions for extra effects.



Full Version

With some completely revamped units, new leader upgrades, spellbook makeovers and some balance changes, this mod should keep things fresh and exciting...

Disciples 2: Rise of the Mod

Disciples 2: Rise of the Mod

Full Version 1 comment

With some completely revamped units, new leader upgrades, spellbook makeovers and some balance changes, this mod should keep things fresh and exciting.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 120)

I like few ideas not seen before:
1. rod planter for Mountain Clans is an original idea
2. Guild Lords changes (price reduction and Incorruptible)
3. Starting abillities for Leaders
4. Exorcists instead of Elementalist
5. An idea for faster regeneration for demonical mages
6. Mountains Clan mages tree experiments

Those are inspiring.

I like also incorporating well known good ideas like:
1. reducing the price of the leaders
2. swapping Titan for Living Armour
3. Kraken change

I do not like:
1. removing 1% for Chance to Hit per level
2. very deep changes in units

Adding any other source of an attack to the Undead Hordes makes the Liche Queen less important.

From what I have read it looks as a very interesting mod.

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Birdy Creator

Yeah I always thought there needed to be more differences between the Lord types, and giving up an all-hitter for a summoner just never made sense to me. Happy you like most of the changes there though dude :)

In regards to CtH, I did it because I always thought it was the weakest option in the original game for any kind of spell/leader upgrade/potion. Most of the time, when your people have leveled up and have their 89%+ accuracy it makes spells like Holy Strength almost a waste to cast.

And the deep changes... I get it. I originally wanted to keep it as vanilla as possible, but over time I decided to really add some variety and change up some units to really make the game feel a little newer.

If you haven't tried it out though, please do! You might be pleasantly surprised with how some of the changes really feel, and how interesting the new choices can really be.

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after the ending of chapter 2 saga with the elves ... after you import the items and the leader - the screen gets stuck on loading screen - I never get to see the next chapter ... it's just blank screen with LOADING please wait ... and that's it

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Birdy Creator

Hmm, have you replaced the Scens folder in the directory with the Scens folder in the mod zip?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Titan has been replaced with the Living Armor, a unit with 30 armor - I also had the idea of doing a change like this in an old mod of mine, I knew it was the right idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Birdy Creator

Haha! Great minds think alike ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi could you please add Guardians and Summon Units into editor? Or you can teach me how to do it. Thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Sorry,buyt how to implement this? work on steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yes this work on steam! (:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

A couple of days ago I posted a thread at the GOG forums asking if there was a Discord server for the Disciples franchise. The response I got was quite unfortunate, though.

I've been told there's no active community for the Disciples franchise in the West, and while it made me feel a bit sad that this franchise isn't getting the love it deserves, it motivated me to start up something and try to change this situation for the better: I created a Discord server for English-speaking fans so we can talk to each other, set up games and share any content we create for this awesome game.

I know it's in a very rough state right now, but we can make it better over time if we manage to gather a solid and dedicated community.

Here it is:

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Birdy Creator

Hey dude! I'll join the server, sounds like it could be cool

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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