Explore the Jettisoned Gamma Grove to see what secrets they uncover.

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GOG has started off 2023 with a blast from the past as dozens of oldies are on sale. ModDB's legacy as the place to be for mods new and old alike makes this a healthy fit for our back catalogue, so here's five picks from those timeless classics and a mod for each!

Game: System Shock: £1.29 GBP/$1.49 USD

Mod: Gamma Grove

By Kelis98

Image 2

Explore Gamma Grove, find the other survivors, and uncover its secrets. This mod for the original (yeah, we're going back in time a bit for this one) System Shock expands the explorable regions of the game and adds to the world's lore as more grisly details regarding the fate of much of the station's inhabitants are written out. A remake is coming soon, sure, but the modding scene of System Shock gets slept on quite a bit, and we hope that the remake allows users the option to broaden their horizons like the original did.

Vanilla+ improves the graphics, rebalances weapons, adds new features and quality of life improvements, fixes bugs, unlocks DLC and makes subtle changes to the gameplay to add more flavour and variety while preserving the original feel of the game. Steam, GOG, Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store versions are all supported. Every feature is available in all languages and while using either mouse and keyboard or controller. Vanilla+ is for people who want an enhanced version of the original game, bullet-sponge enemies included.

Game: Heroes of Might & Magic V: £4.39 GBP/$4.99 USD

Mod: Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5: Frax

By Gryw


Frax keeps the best bits of H55, but fundamentally increases your gameplay options with more than eighteen new game changing abilities for Heroes, new abilities for all creatures, updated spells and mana mechanics for mages, and changes to balance which reward a mixed-race composition for any army. The mod also tries to maintain balance in multiplayer modes so more competitive players can dig in and learn a new but refined sandbox.

Game: Crysis: £4.39 GBP/$4.99 USD

Mod: Crysis Enhanced Edition

By RStudio

Village (Next Update)

The Crysis Enhanced mod aims to provide the best experience for fans of the first Crysis. It primarily focuses on graphical updates and is powered by the partly revamped CryEngine 2 engine. Crysis' official remaster rubbed some fans the wrong way, but where one door closes, another opens, as with the modder-made Enhanced Edition. Moving Crysis to the newer CryEngine 2, it last made an update in 2021 but has 2023 set in its sights for a new release.

With some completely revamped units, new leader upgrades, spellbook makeovers and some balance changes, this mod should keep things fresh and exciting. Many difficulty changes have been made to balance the game in an alternative way, added features to major characters keep the level up loop rewarding, and a few dozen factions-specific changes all add to the game and create a new experience in the way only a dedicated fan can properly manage.

There's our picks for five games from GOG's Winter Classics sale, which runs until the 13th January at 11pm UTC. There's tons of other oldies there so if you pick up any of the other classics, don't forget to check out our mods on-site - there's probably a great piece of UGC for just about every one of them.

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Gamma Grove

Gamma Grove

Full Version

Explore Gamma Grove, find the other survivors, and uncover its secrets.

Kelis98 Creator
Kelis98 - - 10 comments

I am open to suggestions if anyone has any. I am generally happy with the mod, but I did spend some time on difficulty, tried to put weapons in that you would have around the time of exploring other groves.

Still maybe need to make some tweaks I am not fully sure, but I was satisfied enough to release version 1.0

Sometimes some enemies may not attack right away/first, IDK why that happens but I am looking into it.

Also I couldn't figure out how to end it so once you get to the control room and explore everywhere you are stuck stranded in space

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Kelis98 Creator
Kelis98 - - 10 comments

Nexus: Nexusmods.com

systemshock.org: Systemshock.org

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Kelis98 Creator
Kelis98 - - 10 comments

This mod is currently in the works and I have been working on it off and on so there is no set release date yet but I wanted to show off the basic idea of it and what I have so far

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