MMH5.5 is an unofficial expansion pack for HOMM5 Tribes of the East or HOMM5 Complete and a spiritual successor to the popular WOG modification for HOMM3. The pack will include many new adventure objects, new larger battlefields, new heroes, new classes, new specializations, new skills, new artifacts, new adventure spells, new HD textures and a greatly improved RMG with more than 60 'visualized' Templates. The AI is much more intelligent and calculated much faster. Balance is also greatly improved both for small competitive multiplayer maps as well as crazy XXXL maps with countless epic battles vs Neutrals and AI.


Extended Adventure Map and battlefields

In MMH5.5 there will be around ~30 new adventure objects. Treasure vaults and dungeons will now have unique immersive interiors with larger battlefields, growing armies and new obstacles. The contents of the new locations is completely dynamic and follows an Oblivion/Skyrim inspired constantly scaling and endlessly randomized system. Armies and rewards will never be exactly the same again no matter how often you play a map. The resistance will scale up to the players strength no matter how long the game takes. Possible rewards are no longer static amounts of gold and resources, but can also include artifacts, spells, scrolls, wands, prisoners and small permanent skillboosts.

The Advanced RMG

The new RMG will fix the lack of great H5 maps and increase the replayability of the game. It combines the excellent 3D landscaping capability from the original H5 3.1 RMG with a complete overhaul and extension of the internal adventure objects, artifacts and monster placement mechanics. The advanced RMG is capable of properly balancing player starting zones and differentiate between early, mid and late game areas. It places all 30 new adventure objects and previously excluded adventure objects. The resistance is much stronger and various with 480 additional mixed neutral stack templates. The new RMG can create balanced PvP maps as well as gigantic singleplayer XXXL maps with hundreds of epic battles and all zones scaling up to crazy powerful heroes.

New Artifact Framework

MMH5.5 will be the first mod to add new artifacts to the game. Currently 34 new artifacts are added including 6 new ultimate items. The effective amount of artifacts in the game will now be the same as H3SOD. There will also be many new effects, in terms of unique effects the variation is actually far greater than H3. Furthermore Smart backpack items will increase the amount of effective slots to the same amount as H3/4

Enhanced Class/Skill/Spell System

MMH5.5 will have might/magic and balanced classes with ingame skilltrees and 8 secondary skill option for all 24 classes!. New framework with 18 heroes per faction, 6 heroes per class, all heroes have only professional quality Ashan style portraits and many newly programmed skills and specializations. Improved experience levels allow the player to fill more slots and level up to 40. Smart witch huts that ask questions and understand class differences. All set artifacts will be rewritten for 24 classes. Improved spell system with spellpower dependant light and dark magic, nurf/buff strength improves with spellpower or the creature stack size. See the Details

Faster AI and Performance

MMH5.5 uses the very fast reprogrammed H5_AIProcess31j.exe from Quantomas. New Quick-Combat loss correction scripts will keep the AI challenging even on the largest maps without losing calculation time. There will be a new 64bit exe file that can address more memory and fix performance and CTD issues H5 was having on XL maps. There will be new console commands and script functions. MMH5.5 will also have extremely easy team settings, the game will autodetect if there are more than 2 human players on the map and propose to make teams, if the proposal is refused the players continue as normal. In singleplayer a console command can be used on any map to play human vs all AI.

Campaigns and Maps

All old campaigns and singleplayer maps from H5/HOF are playable in MMH5.5 with new features. There are also 15 demo maps available that allow to explore all new adventure objects and features without the need to read the ARMG manual first.

Advanced Town Portal (optional)

The ability to teleport to any desired town from H3 is back in H5. In MMH5.5 the system is very simple and balanced. Every town with a mage guild lvl 5 receives a 'town gate' and all heroes can be teleported back to that town if desired, regardless of their level.

Governance (optional)

The new optional governance feature, introduced in RC4 will allow players to use secondary heroes to govern towns and gain experience points and skills by doing that. Governor heroes will also receive various special bonuses from the town buildings

Town & Dwelling Conversion (optional)

Starting from MMH5.5 RC3 it will be possible, but not obligatory, to play any H5 map with town & dwelling conversion. In H5.5 Town Conversion will be much better balanced then it was in H6. In H6 it made the game too simple, because it was too cheap to convert towns and there were not enough restrictions. In H5.5 Town Conversion can actually make the game more difficult, instead of easier. There will be various new RMG Templates available designed specifically for expert players who want the game to be harder and more chaotic with Town Conversion enabled.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 on Heroes Community

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 on Facebook


Hotseat & LAN require script activation!

MMH55 is a script extension and H5 does not have scripts activated in multiplayer modes (Hotseat & LAN) by default. Therefore it is required to activate scripts on newly generated RMG maps and also on multiplayer maps downloaded from the internet (which don't have any scripted content) if you want to play those in Hotseat/LAN. You don't need to do this for playing in single player. All H5.5 default maps and included maps have scripts already activated.

How to activate scripts?

System requirements

MMH5.5 has higher system requirements ,you can pretty much consider the H6 requirements as applicable. Otherwise you may suffer from adventure map lag. MMH5.5 uses more detailed landscape textures. Next-gen core-ix processors with high clockspeed on single core really make the AI 'fly' and are highly recommended.

Map Compatibility

All MMH5.5 functionality works automatically on all H5 default multiplayer maps and also old RMG maps, user maps that don't contain any modding content. Adventure Objects like crypts and witch hut will automatically convert to the new functionality, but of course since these maps are made before this mod they don't contain any new objects. Therefore you have to play Advanced RMG maps to check out all new stuff on your first map. I will add additional demo maps, so the mod can be played right away without even the need to read through the ARMG manual first.

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-Fixes Treant Guardians, Thanes, Pit Lords, Devils & Fire Dragons costing the wrong resources

Here continues changes introduced in Beta 2 mostly a proposal for a revision of the game's economy and some critical bug fixes.


The goal of the economic changes is to make economic demands more continues throughout the game instead of having all economic difficulty very early. Economic demands early will actually be a little lower in Beta 2. Also a lot of big balance issues between towns needed fixing.

-To make early game more smooth fort will cost 3000->4000->5000 gold instead of 5000->3500->5000.
-To make choice between T6 and T7 less linear the cost of T7 dwelling building will be reduced by -5 rare resource per level.
-Slave market is moved away from the capital chain in stronghold.
-Shipyards cost less wood.
-Towns will always have a 'wood bias' OR an 'ore bias'. A wood bias means the town will need around 95 wood for building all dwellings and special buildings (and around 80 ore). Sylvan, Necropolis, Dungeon and Stronghold will have a wood bias. The other towns will have an ore bias. You will feel this while playing, basically all towns will now play more like sylvan which always had a wood bias and was therefore harder to build, while some other towns were unfairly easy.
-Gold is now balanced for all towns and will be around ~71000 needed for all dwellings and special buildings, this actually means that some towns like necropolis got significantly more expensive, but haven got a lot cheaper.
-Each town will now require around 140 rare resources (same as previously fortress) to build all dwellings and special buildings, but not more than ~45 of one type and better spread.
Instead of having 1 'favoured' rare resource every faction will 2 'favoured' rare resources. I will explain the new system by example of the Haven faction, but all other factions will be treated in similar way:

Haven has 2 favourite resources: Crystals & Gems
The resource silo produces 1 Gem per day
T6 Building costs 10 Gems (level 1) and 15 Gems (level 2)
T7 Building costs 10 Crystal (level 1) and 15 Crystal (level 2)
(there are of course also ore, wood and gold costs but those are not relevant discussing)

T6 unupgraded costs no Gems
T6 upgraded costs 1 Gem
T7 unupgraded costs 1 Crystal
T7 upgraded costs 2 Crystal

Since a town produces double the amount of T6 the demand on both resources is actually the same and 2xT6 creature are also similar in power to 1xT7.The result is that towns are not entirely self-sufficient since the resource silos will only provide for T6, this may seem unorthodox for H5 players but H5 was actually the first game were all towns were self sufficient. In H2 and H4 there were no silos and in H3 various towns had silos that did not give the resource needed for tier 7.

While testing this system not much difference in gameplay was shown on maps that had mines for each resource available. On maps without mines however the gameplay can become dramatically different and the players will be in constant struggle for T7. It is however not likely a problem to start breeding them early if desired.


-Fixed critical issue, mod becoming dysfunctional on custom maps where one or more AI players start without heroes.
-Fixed AI sync issues caused by scripted movement modifiers.
-Possibly fixes 'Permanent cursor flickering' issue when AI lookahead depth is set to higher than normal. (I could not trigger this bug on Huge+underground map with 8 players and lookahead depth at impossible with this fix)
-Fixed inferno t4 unable to gate.
-Fixed many perks not giving the right spell.
-Fixed some classes unable to learn power of endurance, arcane armor & power of speed.


-channeling costs mana and require feed from dryads
-fixed dungeon shipyard not costing wood, fixed inferno castle not requiring pit.
-Implemented all minor stat fixes added to RC10 details thread.

Changes with impact on txt (translators):

-added skeleton bonus to pile of skulls building for heroes without necromancy
-balanced low level creature growth perks (to give more)
-Added warning to governance contract about governors not able to use more than 10 dragonblood crystals. (blocks shatter-farming)
-Some resource silos have desc changed.

MMH5.5: New Creature & Duel Mode (RC10Beta)

MMH5.5: New Creature & Duel Mode (RC10Beta)

News 14 comments

A new release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download! Here follow the release notes with all changes not yet mentioned in previous articles.

MMH5.5: Tactical Enhancements

MMH5.5: Tactical Enhancements

News 6 comments

This article will explain all tactical improvements that will be introduced in the next release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 - Lore Update

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 - Lore Update

News 7 comments

This article will explain the Lore of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5, which is in current version (RC9b) close to fully updated to MMH6/7 Lore.

NCF Utility Beta release & new packs

NCF Utility Beta release & new packs


After long wait the beta release is here! Now even easier to deploy and able to create custom NCF packs!

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Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (RC10 Beta 4)

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (RC10 Beta 4)

Full Version 92 comments

The latest version, this version makes Beta 3 obsolete and creaturepedia is now included again. Install the mod on top of Tribes of the East + Patch 3.1...

MMH5.5: Reference Manual (RC10 Beta 4)

MMH5.5: Reference Manual (RC10 Beta 4)

Guides 11 comments

The 'official' interactive reference manual for Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5, now also includes mini-artifacts. Made by dredknight. Unlike previous released...

MMH5.5: Hotfix RC9c

MMH5.5: Hotfix RC9c


Updates RC9b to RC9c, fixes critical issues, updating highly recommended! This is NOT for people using RC10 Beta.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (RC9b)

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (RC9b)

Full Version 35 comments

The latest version, including Mapmixer Utility made by Cichy. Install the mod on top of Tribes of the East + Patch 3.1 (sometimes called 3.01). Always...

NCF Utility Setup Beta

NCF Utility Setup Beta

Full Version 17 comments

Download NCF Configuration Utility setup. Check installation instructions below.

MMH5.5: Hotfix (RC10 Beta3)

MMH5.5: Hotfix (RC10 Beta3)

Patch 11 comments

Updates RC10 Beta to Beta3. This will include many important bug fixes and propose for gameplay testing a revision of town building cost balance and sylvan...

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Can i play this with tribes of the east campaign?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think Prayer should work with Artifical Glory. Current version is very bad for mechanism strategies (and there really isn't much else to get in Leadership tree, unless you are going for Aura of Swiftness). At least undeads get some special treatment when morale is involved.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey got the mod but theres something i dont understand, i tried starting with the necropolis hero that's supposed to summon death knights every week, but i dont get any is there something i overlooked? do i have to manually sumon them somehow?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Found a bug, the fire ball ballista specialization is not working correctly, it always does 1 dmg. Found it on inferno dude with that spec, idk if other heroes with same spec have it broken aswell, i cant confirm it rn, x64 btw

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


No me muestran los sets, por mucho que coleccione sets y los equipe al heroe no me sale que me dan +6 de knowledge o lo que sea arreglenlo

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Check the FAQ ->

"Set artifacts are not working?"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Greetings! I have an unfortunate problem with the mod currently. Whenever I hover my mouse over to view Agrael, Biara, or Kha-beleth, it causes the game to crash. Do you by chance have a way to fix this? Thank you in advance, and thank you for an amazing modification.

Some details:
- It happens regardless of the mode of play, for example. In Agrael's trial, it will crash the game when I hover over Agrael.
- It happens regardless of the map I play on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I solved the problem, fixed it by using the MMH55_64.exe instead of MMH55.exe

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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MMH5.5 brings Heroes 5 at another level. Best Heroes game. - brilliant ARMG with a lot of map Templates. - new Skill Tree, significantly improving game balance and bringing 3 classes per race. - new, larger Battlegrounds at New Sites, with growing numbers of creatures. - new Artifacts and artifact Sets. - town and creature dwelling Conversion. - Town Gate that gives choice to which town to teleport. - town Governor feature. - improved Leveling of heroes, improved spell and creature Balance. - significantly…

Dec 10 2015 by BelisariusMK

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