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Hello and welcome back, to the 4th developers blog! In this blog we will be talking about the progress on
version 1.5!

I. Custom Battles
II. Character Creation
III. Scening
IV: Bug Fixing

V: Follow us!

I. Custom Battles
For version 1.5, work has began on overhauling the custom battle in Bellum Imperii. The naval combat is removed out of it and instead we will be returning back to the land battles and sieges. With up to +10 different unique factions to pick with new unique characters to lead them! New scenes will also be made for you to fight on!

(1.5 Custom Battle WIP)

II. Character Creation
In 1.5 I've also expanded on the character creation. Many of you have asked for the option to start with your own faction, or with an own fief. This will be possible in 1.5! Furthermore there are more different people to choose from and different starting options.

(1.5 Character Creation WIP - Roman Legatus starts with his own fort)

III. Scening
As some of you might have seen between the previews, there has also been made some progress on overhauling all the scenes in BI. Focus with the creation of new towns has been moved to making smaller compact scenes centered around the town center to improve performance and improve the atmosphere!

(1.5 Scene previews)

IV. Bug Fixing
Next to all the new stuff, there is of course the bug fixing on which I've been working. A big thanks to all of you who have reported the issues that were in 1.4/.1. There has been made some good progress on getting it all sorted for 1.5! Be sure to keep on reporting anything that should be adjusted for future versions! Thanks!

V (planned) Feature List

.I: Done
- first blood system
- auto save system
- notification system
- buildings system
- head, arm and leg decapitation system
- rage and heroism system
- banner notifications
- unique hero skills
- troop ratio bar
- ballista’s (also in sieges)
- waiting for better weather
- better blood
- horse hear on command
- horse learn whistle come
- horse rear on near cliff
- kill riders on fall change
- roman financial master and grain system
- actual senate added
- multi layer siege of rome
- we reworked the troop trees of the roman empire
- we reworked the troop trees of the gaul (roman indexated)
- we already removed 321 bugs
- we added 32 new items
- improved map terrain
- enabled further zoomin out on the map
- added multiple artillery pieces at the same time functionality
- increased all parties
- gave Rome special troops

.II: To be done
- multi layer siege of rome 2.0- to rework all other roman indexated troop systems
- fix a map vertex issue
- fix some banner issues
- enable custom faction colors (red might be confusing with roman empire)
- add better battle simulations
- make camels scare horses (historicly accurate)
- custom vassal titles
- add british druids
- poisoned weapons for asian troops and british druids
- add a senate scene
- improve 2D art
- add onagers and carroballista’s (moving ballista’s)
- roman legion camps and fights at it
- world map terrain variation
- world map forests and rivers added
- world map factions list patrols
- world map extended trade
- world map army food supplies
- world map, moving and camping legions
- world map, army uses scouts to patrol
- world map, army uses foragers to gather local food
- world map, more active lord rolls
- world map, auxiliary troops move to provinces to reinforce legions
- world map, escaped gladiator parties
- world map, escaped slaves parties
- world map, mercenary parties and camps
- world map, slave escorts and caravans

VI. Follow Us!
Follow us and spread the word on one of the following platforms! It is highly appreciated!

- Youtube
- Steamgroup
- Facebook
- Taleworlds

- Discord

That was the developers blog! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news and previews on 1.5!

- BI Head Developer

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 Release Date!

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 Release Date!

News 11 comments

There it is lads! The release date of Bellum Imperii 1.4

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog III "1.4 & Future updates"

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog III "1.4 & Future updates"

News 6 comments

Hello and welcome to the 3rd developers blog! In this blog we will be talking a bit about the coming update (1.4) and further updates in the future.

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 to be Released soon (Changelog)

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 to be Released soon (Changelog)

News 12 comments

Welcome back lads, the recovering process has taken a long time, but I managed to do it finally. 1.4 Will be released soon, here is the changelog which...

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog II "Recruitment"

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog II "Recruitment"

News 17 comments

Dev blog II! Talking about a major change that will be represented in 1.4.

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Bellum Imperii 1.41 (Mini Hotfix)

Bellum Imperii 1.41 (Mini Hotfix)

Patch 21 comments

Mini hotfix for Bellum Imperii 1.4, fixing the tournament, troop trees and a missing scene.

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 (Full Version)

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 (Full Version)

Full Version 37 comments

Here it is! The newest version of Bellum Imperii! Check the changelog for more details about the changes!

Bellum Imperii 1.3 [Full Version]

Bellum Imperii 1.3 [Full Version]

Full Version 107 comments

There we have it then! 1.3 Released! Check the changelog for the latest changes and please take note to what's being said below the changelog. Not every...

Bellum Imperii 1.21 (Hotfix)

Bellum Imperii 1.21 (Hotfix)

Patch 35 comments

Been having a break from modding in general, but here a small hotfix-patch that should solve some of the current issues that can be encountered in 1.2...

Bellum Imperii 1.2

Bellum Imperii 1.2

Full Version 50 comments

1.2 Released! A Standalone update! No previous installations are required in order for this to work. Simply unpack in your warband/modules folder and...

Bellum Imperii 1.11 (Hotfix)

Bellum Imperii 1.11 (Hotfix)

Patch 9 comments

Worked my way around the current Ai shield using bug. The ai will use shields again but the formations won't all work at the moment. This was the only...

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so, anny estimative or date about when it will be released ??

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Hello guys,

Does anyone else have the bug where, when you get hit, random menu' s pop up? As if keys get hit which I did not hit myself.

Anyays, nice work on the mod you guys.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hello everyone! the mod is exiting i already love it and i cant wait to see this mod on its full potential , one thing tho i am from georgia ( country of georgia , not state of us ) and i see that kingdom of armenia is located on my countrys teritorry would be more realistic if ull add faction of georgia in the game , its kind of weird that theres armenia there. :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
godarcher Creator

Thanks to all of you who shared your great stories and motivations, tonight when i edited the last parts i will send some of you guys the module, from then on i will try to update it every week in the link i will provide you so you can keep debugging if you want to, a massive thankyou to all of you and remember, Acta non verba!

Reply Good karma+6 votes

I really hope to be among one of those luck ones !! =D
Also, congratulations for the million views!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Alright godarcher thanks! Btw guys i got 4548 hours in warband Oi also if you want to contact me on private heres my steam profile:

Oh nice you wrote in latin! I know some thing in latin aswell, Julius Caesar said Alea iacta est!
Anyways Fortis cadere, cedere non potest. (Another cool latin reference)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Congrats on the million views! This is one of my favorite mods and I'm always impressed by the great work on each update.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
godarcher Creator

We as team want to thank everyone for their support while we try and make this mod as good as possible.
Today we reached the 1 million views mark on this amazing site and to thank all of you guys we will select 2 people who will get the latest in development version to try it and give us some feedback.
All you need to do is to post a reaction under here why you should get it

Reply Good karma+13 votes

Mighty warlord godarcher! I praise thy and your kin. I'm but a humble serf of the mighty Bellum Imperii but I beg you to have pity on me. My mother is embarrased over my pathetic warband and failed raids on roman lands. Give me a chance to show her what I'm capable of! Unleash Shaol on the enemy and you will receive slaves, loot and fame!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why should I get it? There's no particular reason why I should receive special attention over others. But I have played over 1300 hours of Mount and Blade on Steam, so certainly I have the experience. THank you for your time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I hope these two guys under me get the latest version, especially the guy with the youtube channel, in that way he plays the mod and I can watch him playing, right now I don't play M&B so much(need to focus on school) and I just watch some videos of youtubers before I go to sleep, if the guy with the youtube channel sees my message and receives the version please send me your channel so I can watch you too : )
(sorry if I made some mistakes in my comment it's late night and yeah..)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have 2193 hours on Mount & Blade : Warband, which doesn't take into account every hours spent offline. Most of this playtime has been spent in singleplayer. I suppose it is clear that I have already played at least 20 huge mods on Warband (Gekokujo, Northern Hemisphere, L'aigle, Nova Aetas, Last days of the third age, etc...). I also played "Imperial Rome" which I really enjoyed because I have been seeking for a good quality roman mod on Warband since a very long time. However Imperial Rome had some huge issues in my opinion. At the moment I am also working with a team on a LOTR mod for Bannerlord, my task is to write quests and stories.
So I think I have the experience required to define what lacks in a Warband mod or what makes its strenght. More than pointing what issues I would eventually have with the mod, I would also propose some ways to fix them.

If you have any question feel free to contact me on steam :

Thanks for your hard work, I am looking forward for 1.5. It may be the best roman experience ever on a Warband mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hello, i would like to get this latest development version.Im a fan of this mod and ive played it since 2016... Im also italian and i lived near rome so i feel like a true roman :P Sadly i got a small YouTube channel and im not sure i will get many views if i record a video about this mod's version. Im pretty sure i will not be chosen, but its ok! thanks for reading, best luck with mod, take care

PS: Congratulations for the 1 million views!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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