1.5.21 Released!!

(Most likely not savegame comp)

Known bugs:

- Broken tournament master dialog

- Not being able to block with various swords

A new campaign map, new troops, items, scenes and more for you to explore! Be advised, there are still bugs around and some unfinished native-aspects. Due to a lack of time, a full explanation on the Alpha state can be found on the download article on Moddb!

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RSS Articles

Welcome back to our new developers blog!

This blog will give an inside in the current changelog to the upcoming version: Bellum Imperii 1.5.2!
The changelog is still subject to change, as there are more things that will be done over time. I am currently estimating that the release of version 1.5.2 will be between now and a week. Do take note that this can always change to unforeseen circumstances.

As can be seen in the changelog, I've succeeded in getting rid of the major issue's what were found in the last version. Besides fixing the issue's I'm also trying to improve the troops and equipment balancing. I added various items which weren't being used yet, new buildings and as could be seen before. It will be optional for people to have the Roman factions have similar colors or not.

Below the changelog there is also noted what still needs to be done and what I have (at least for now) planned for either the upcoming new version or 1.6.

If there is any bug/glitch you found that isn't listed anywhere, please let me know so I can get on it!

Changelog 1.5.2

Added - Small intro before character creation
Added - New shirts that were not used from the brf’s.
Added - More horse variants to the shops
Added - More axe, spear and sword variants for the Germanic and Briton factions.
Added - Head clothing to Parthian Horseman & Horse Archers
Added - New buildings (Blacksmith & Palisades)
Re-added - Carthage and Spartan equipment (Not historical, for anyone’s personal use)

Changed - Re-done the majority of the weapon prices and stats (damages).
Changed - Various town economies
Changed - Roman troop faces (no more beards)
Changed - Overhauling all troop levels
Changed - Increased Dacian falxmen stats
Changed - Roman Faction colors based on their troop clothing (Optional with file)
Changed - Rugii & Jazy faction colors
Changed - Popup text when on the campaign map.
Changed - Main menu back to older and better version.
Changed - Decreased Roman Legionnaire stats
Changed - All archers / skirmishers stats (Giving them more wp's)

Fixed - Roman Tribune & Chain armors (invisible body)
Fixed - Enterprises (Enterprises popup on the income list, can build them in all towns)
Fixed - Player having an enormous family
Fixed - Lord’s name changes to strings
Fixed - Double textured trees
Fixed - Recruiters not moving
Fixed - Freelancer Promotions
Fixed - Player clones when defending village against bandits
Fixed - (Workaround) Continuous Lady courtship error popping up
Fixed - Battle size back to normal (30 -> 150, can be adjusted with the battle sizer tool)
Fixed - Ordering errors
Fixed - Debug report Carthago having to many trade routes
Fixed - OP Woman head cloth

Removed - Double lances on Parthian horsemen
Removed - Generalum Superbo items out of the shops (2nd time… ._.)
Removed - Unnecessary textures / files
Removed - (Temp) The not working buildings, including the academy. Until a fix is found.
Removed - Some left over Calradia mentionings
Removed - Native dress in Eastern shops

TO-DO (Not complete)
- Fix overpowered weapons used in the tournaments
- Overhauling NPC dialog
- Adding more & unique bandit parties. (Like Jewish and Nubian parties as examples)
- Add some variation to the Greek hoplite mercs
- Fix meeting background (Currently white)
- Add more items not yet used out of the brf files.
- Fix various brf errors (more ordering, missing files and duplicates)
- Replace out-dated 2D art.

Planned for 1.5.2 (Or later)
- Invasion factions

Thanks for checking out the blog! If there are any questions or suggestions feel free to post them!
Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, join our discord and our steam group for updates on the mod!

Dev Blog VI: "1.5 in sight!"

Dev Blog VI: "1.5 in sight!"

News 14 comments

Welcome back to our next developers blog, "1.5 in sight!"

Dev Blog V: "Looking for 2d Artists!"

Dev Blog V: "Looking for 2d Artists!"

News 1 comment

Welcome back after a long period of silence to our latest developers blog: V!

Bellum Imperii: Factions

Bellum Imperii: Factions

Feature 22 comments

Here a list of the factions Bellum Imperii represents!

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog III "1.4 & Future updates"

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog III "1.4 & Future updates"

News 5 comments

Hello and welcome to the 3rd developers blog! In this blog we will be talking a bit about the coming update (1.4) and further updates in the future.

RSS Files
Bellum Imperii 1.5.21 (Hot-fix)

Bellum Imperii 1.5.21 (Hot-fix)

Patch 31 comments

A small hot-fix to fix some of the reported bugs. Warning: Not save-game compatible

Bellum Imperii 1.5.2 (Full version)

Bellum Imperii 1.5.2 (Full version)

Full Version 45 comments

Version 1.5.2 released! A full version with various changes and fixes!

Bellum Imperii 1.5.1 (Full Version)

Bellum Imperii 1.5.1 (Full Version)

Full Version 31 comments

Here is the new version, with mostly fixes. Not all bugs were solved due to a lack of time. Those bugs will be fixed in future updates!

Bellum Imperii 1.5 Alpha (Full New Version)

Bellum Imperii 1.5 Alpha (Full New Version)

Full Version 77 comments

Here's the 1.5 Alpha version of Bellum Imperii, thanks for your patience! A little explanation on the Alpha state below.

Bellum Imperii 1.41 (Mini Hotfix)

Bellum Imperii 1.41 (Mini Hotfix)

Patch 25 comments

Mini hotfix for Bellum Imperii 1.4, fixing the tournament, troop trees and a missing scene.

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 (Full Version)

Bellum Imperii: 1.4 (Full Version)

Full Version 39 comments

Here it is! The newest version of Bellum Imperii! Check the changelog for more details about the changes!

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I have followed this mod development for years but is it dead? We haven't got any updates or articles for about a year.

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So... just out of curiosity, is this mod still in development or was abandoned ? anyone knows ?

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how to grant a fief to a character? I have started a new faction, won 2 towns and I can't grant as a fief to a vassal or idk where is the command to grant.

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when can we rescue more ancient cultures swallowed up by Rome, mainly Greek? there's already a lot of Greek stuff in the game (armor, weapons). the mod itself is already very good, with that it would be even more incredible.

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Why you erase the special key from the old version for batte cry, fearsome, and etc?

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