Welcome to Age of Arthur!! Set in the time of the Dark Ages, this mod encompass the right balance of historical realism and light fantasy. Journey 150 years before the events of Brytenwalda, a time when Saxon hordes have arrived in England. See a world lost in transition, moving from a time of Rome to a new world ruled by war and chaos.


  • Total Conversion - Explore the lands of England, Scotland, Ireland and most of France!!
  • Over 45 unique historically accurate factions!!
  • Over 150 unique lords, many historical with their own dialog and family trees.
  • Full Diplomacy
  • Have your own family with children and watch them grow to serve you.
  • Kingdom Management
  • Improved Ai and formations
  • Changing seasons (summer,fall, winter)
  • Special festivals
  • Build forts & upgrade them to castles
  • Build villages and upgrade them to towns
  • Sea travel and combat
  • Ship building & purchasing
  • New items and weapons for the period
  • Fishing and hunting
  • 11 different cultures, each with their own troop tree and special troops
  • Unique quests
  • Light magic and spell cursing
  • random events
  • Work-sites / mining
  • Invasion scripts for Saxon reinforcements
  • Religion
  • Banking and landowners
  • Weather and effects
  • Minor factions
  • Camp entrenchment
  • Ambushing and special raids
  • Mine ownership and mining
  • Many unique scenes
  • Killable lords and kings, (with a chance their deaths will spawn new family members on a mission to hunt you down).
  • More as we develop...
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News 60 comments

Age of Arthur


  • Full conversion, enter the dark ages and explore England, Pictland, Ireland and France on a massive map
  • Hundreds of new items to chose from
  • Have your choice of starting people, from the desperate Britons, to wild Picts, over 12 different races in game, each with their own benefits, challenges, troops, and special quests
  • Completely redone troop trees and troops to fit period and cultures
  • Over 50 new quests added, and more being developed as we go
  • Expanded Kingdom management options to help grow your empire
  • Fishing and hunting allows new ways to get food
  • Nearly a hundred random events in game to add challenge and immersion
  • Over 200 possible dynamic events add flavor to the game.
  • Religion system, choose Pagan or Christian, each with their own advantages
  • Killable lords and kings, with a chance their deaths will spawn new family members on a mission to hunt you down
  • Over 150 unique lords, many historical with their own dialog and family trees
  • An option to play the game with more fantasy and magic, or keep it more historical
  • Light spell casting and magic if fantasy settings are enabled
  • Have children and watch them grow to serve you, eventually becoming lords or companions
  • Arrange marriages for your children to seal alliances and build friendships
  • You may die in battle, but you can continue playing as your first born Son or Daughter


  • Weather to match the seasons and cause effects during battle
  • Full changing seasons....


From summer to fall....


From fall to winter....


  • New flora and fauna, completely new scenes and special locations to explore
  • Every scene in game either completely redone or reworked to fit period




  • New reports, menus and camp screens
  • New camp options, from fortifying, to sending out scouts and foragers


  • An option of building towns and villages... Forts and castles; all giving you a more peaceful road to owning your own Kingdom
  • Build ports for your newly built towns if close to water
  • New town & village improvements available, with improvements appearing in scenes


  • Sea travel and ship combat
  • Ship purchasing and building


  • A massive amount of new dialog, characters, stories, locations and ambiance
  • Over 51 starting factions in game



  • Improved AI and battle formations
  • Enemies that know how to beat you; only improved by their intelligence and tactical skill
  • A death cam & Strategy camera gives you more view of the battlefield

mb57 1


  • A new ambushing system. You can now set an ambush by hitting Ctrl A and accessing the ambush menu


  • Tavern Keepers now post bounties and missions
  • Lots of familiar AND newly created mini-games at Taverns.


  • Freelancer OSP with some changes and expansions


  • Hire spy's and assassins. Send them off on special missions to hinder your enemies


  • New Town menus and options


  • New kingdom partition and succession laws means new factions can rise up if more then one heir


  • Start the game as a major faction ruler if you desire...

mb1 2 1


  • Fatigue and realistic moral
  • Wound / healing system
  • Messenger system
  • Great Hunts at castle feasts, you can join the hunt (provided the host knows and likes you)
  • Special Traits - unlocked as you play, giving more options in battle
  • Character stress system, mental breaks and lunatic events.
  • Call out your kingdom levy if at war, and or hire merc companies
  • Most companions completely reworked
  • Have unique conversations with your companions at camp as they get to know you
  • Each starting gender has one possible romance companion available - try and find them
  • Romance companions now give special quests
  • New advanced siege system and options, including building battering rams and mantles, pillaging farms and demoralizing the enemy

  • ....And.... much, much more....

Like my mod and as much as a cup of coffee? Then please throw me some love...

Age of Arthur 5.0 (Definitive final version)

Age of Arthur 5.0 (Definitive final version)

News 6 comments

Check out the (new) final version of AOA. It adds some nice new features and bug fixes....

Version 2.66 is here!

Version 2.66 is here!

News 2 comments

Version 2.66 just dropped! Thought I'd take a break from other projects to give this gift to everyone. Happy holidays from Lady Ashwood. See change log...

2.0 Release

2.0 Release

News 8 comments

Age of Arthur - version 2.0 is out! I hope you enjoy, please see change log listed in the below description.

1.0 is LIVE!!

1.0 is LIVE!!

News 7 comments

I'm very happy to announce the Age of Arthur 1.0 is now available for download. I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did making it.

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Age of Arthur .v7.0 (latest version)

Age of Arthur .v7.0 (latest version)

Full Version 74 comments

Found some free time to release another version of AOA, hope you enjoy, I won't say this is the final version, but we are getting close :) See change...

Age of Arthur 6.2 (patch)

Age of Arthur 6.2 (patch)

Patch 24 comments

Patch for 6.0, may not be save game compatible with earlier saves, best to wait for a new game before installing. Original 6.0 was updated with these...

Age of Arthur v6.1 (patch)

Age of Arthur v6.1 (patch)

Patch 16 comments

Small patch, should be save game compatible with 6.0, not needed if you downloaded v6.0 on or after April 6th as main 6.0 file has already been updated...

Age of Arthur v6.0

Age of Arthur v6.0

Full Version 62 comments

So until Bannerlord reaches full version I've decided to put some more of my energy into this mod a little longer. Big update, see change log below...

Age of Arthur 5.2 (patch)

Age of Arthur 5.2 (patch)

Patch 20 comments

You do not need to download this if you installed AoA 5.0 AFTER February 20th, 2021 as main 5.0 files have been updated with this fix. Not Save game compatible...

Age of Arthur 5.1 (hotfix)

Age of Arthur 5.1 (hotfix)

Patch 2 comments

Small hotfix for tavernkeepers, arena masters not appearing in upgraded towns from villages.

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Is it only me, or quest about rescuing mother from Dorca's ship just bugged and can't be finished without cheats in v.7.00? I play it several times during my 12 in-game days (something about 30+ tries overall, I guess), seems like amount of enemies here just infinite or something. First of all in this encounter we must fight saxon raiders and huscarls (which is elite saxon units, if you look in troop tree) and they just 1-2shoted my 3-4 tier brit units, so I must killed all the saxons literally by myself, which is total hell.

I can say limit of saxons depends on my level, because I try cheats (ctrl+f4), and limit of saxons was increased from 23 to 31 from my level 10 to 12, I farming on arena and buy best weapon and armor which I have in shops (great heavy berdiche and mail and cloth, something like that).

I came to bandits, try cheats again (limit of bandits was still 31), loading and kill 30 of them by my hands (1-3 shotted everyone of them) and BOOM here spawn another 9 bandits. Like WTF, is this limit dynamic or comething? How am I supposed to kill all of them even with 6 of my men, which is getting killed in instant from like 1-2 saxon raiders, and here like 30+ of them (ok, I lowered difficulty settings in mod settings, turn off option which is allowing take me x2 damage and I can make only 1/2 damage to enemies, but it's not the solution of this situation)?

As I can see mod abandonned in it's current state, which is shame, because I like mod and it's features overall. But this quest just kills all my wish to play further. Maybe author of mod or another people here will answer me how to complete this quest (because can't see any official discord or forum of the mod and I don't know why, but seems like ppl not taking any issue with this quest or they just don't play it, I dunno). There's also no guides, so maybe I missing some easy way to complete this quest.

Sorry for bad english, not my native language.

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Hey, is anybody else getting the invincible women bug, where all yours hits just go through them?

Its making tourneys really painful, and using cheats crashes the game.

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yeah, this is getting more and more unplayable.

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nice mod

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Great mod! What Warband should have been. Needs a little polishing, but still awesome mod.

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I already installed it and put it in the mod folder but it still doesn't appear

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