Greetings Warlord!

Hello everyone!

I didn't have time for a year, that I improve my mod and add new things, but now I start developing. I have a lot of ideas and I will show you some pictures in future. I can't write a release date. It will be 1.5 full version. And I will try fix mod's issue and bugs. I will make two version. First version will be 1.5 full version and the second a hard version. the hard version will be released later than the other. So I returned and Wars of Calradia mod's development is not dead.

Information about the mod:

My mod is a big single-player mod pack. The basic mod is Tocans Calradia (not my creating, here you can find it:, beacause this mod include so many features, that I like and I add new things. I m not programmer and I cant create texture so I used other mods :

  • The basic mod is Tocans Calradia
  • 12th
  • 1429 la Guerre de Cent Ans
  • Crusader
  • Hispania 1200
  • L'Aigle
  • Nova Aetas
  • Perisno
  • Polished Landscapes
  • Sand of Faith
  • Floris
  • A New Dawn
  • A Clash of Kings
  • HD World Map
  • Diplomacy
  • Pre-battle orders & deployment (pbod)
  • Freelancer
  • Better banners
  • More metal sound
  • Improved male faces
  • Historic castles project
  • Arena overhaul mod
  • Warband UI Retexture
  • 15th century weapons v1.1
  • AlphaDelta's Ancient warriors pack v1.0
  • Better Horses Mod v1.2
  • Coloured Lances Project v1.0
  • Crusader Heraldry v0.1
  • Crusader Mail Armour Pack v1.2
  • Deployable Pavise Shield v1.0
  • Eastern Armor OSP v1.0
  • Frell's Khazak Armor Pack v1.0
  • HalfCataphract v2.0
  • Helmets v0.2si
  • Indo-Persian Armor Pack v1.2
  • Indo-Persian Armor II v1.0
  • Indo-Persian Shields v2.0
  • Item Variants v1.6
  • More Warhorses v2.0
  • Narf's Rus Armour Pack v1.3
  • Narf's Transitional Armour Pack v1.3
  • Norman helmet pack v1.1
  • Pino's Armors Pack
  • Pino's Armors Pack 2
  • Spak Items v2.0
  • Standard Weapons Upgrade Project v1.2
  • Viking Model Pack v2010
  • Warband Horses v4.0
  • Weapons v1.0

New features and gameplay changes:

from Tocans Calradia (not my creating):

- dark knight invasion

- sea battles, seatrade & seafaring
- bridge battles
- custom troops
- 60 new companions [& the 16 native]
- top-tier-troop to hero

- new towns + villages scenes
- faces reworked
- "realistic" blood
- new horses and camels [~60]
- some new items
- outposts
- floris bank system
- customizable sparring matches
- duel kit
- improved trade goods
- salt mine [the player can let prisoners work in the mine]

- new buildings
- new books
- new npcs in taverns
- new options with the tavern keeper/arena master
- added the 10 quick game heroes into calradia's land
- kings give the player a gift for being a vassal
- new kingdom management option
- troop trees viewer

- merchant's trade ledger
- lav's companion/inventory management
- companion export/import function
- new cheat options

- reduced lord defecting
- always choose side when joining battles
- the player can end his mercenary contract by speaking to liege
- bonus for player (+ai) troop size in case you are king, marshall and/or hold fiefs
- towns & villages prosperities tuned | fief income/rents changes [to make defending it worth]
- village raids can be aborted | access on inventory during a siege
- the player can besiege castles with neutral relations
- cattle follow player ;-)
- mercenaries now cost 25% more than normal troops [native's 50% are not justified]
- more mercenaries in taverns
- ammo for ranged weapons +4 [to make throwing skill something worth]
- 40% chance to capture an enemy [instead native's 30%]
- tournament win changes [increased bet amount,xp win + relation win]
- prisoner management -> 10/skillpoint [(instead 5) to make it something worth]
- building time 1/2 faster
- the player can always ask the guild master for a new quest
- increased the needed renown to got in service as a vassal [200 instead 150]
- a school increases the loyalty of the villagers to you by +1 every week instead every month
- increased the goods merchants available money

they were helping the tocans of creator:

taleworlds for this fantastic game; windyplains; caba`drin; lumos; arch3r; lav; malik faris; adorno; garnier; jinnai; iboltax; wanderer949; markquinn; lord samuel; ruthven; duh; idibil; martinf; checkmaty; dunde; motomataru; sir kornin; warass; pellagus; soulmata; diplomacy, freelancer, floris + native expansion mod team

I add to mod:

-Every kingdom got strong royal guardsman. The player cant recruit Royal guardsman, but player can release prisoners from bandit. The guardsmen are more expensive as the nomal elit soldiers but very strong.


(Sarranid, Nord, Khergit, Rhodok, Vaegir)

-new bows, crossbows and bolt(~20-30)


-HD world map


- new landscape from lot of mods (not only polished landscape)

-Rhodok and sarranida got horsmen fighters with spear.

- more ladder in siege


- bigger badit group and caravan


. add Khergit new stronger horsearcher

- add more armor, weapon, horse, camel

- new map border (~10-15)


- add swandia longbow archer

-better moral system, the player have to not every day fight with big army, that the moral is not decrease.

. The player can buy bigger meat pack (useful with big army)

- the many towns and castles got new sceneojt


(siege of Praven )

- more sky scenes

- Ronin bandit with more variables unit


-bigger looters group

-new music (medival, viking, mongol...)

-more reinforcement/attacking waves (and I recommend the battlesizer program)

-new mercenary spearman


new shield skins


new character window

character window

Mod works with 1.153-1.173 (I tried with 1.153, 1.161,1.166,1.171, 1.173)

Good fighting Warlord!

(sorry for my bad english)

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News 1 comment

Hello everyone!

I start fix the bug in my mod, but I need more time, that the update will be done, until then I thought, I would give you some advice to the game. (you can download it, here:

  • The mod have a hidden opcion. You can click camp menu –> diplomacy & Tocan’s Calradia preferences –> PBOD Mod Preferences –> and you can configure, that the enemy AI uses Formations Battle AI (a little more formation use as the native AI) and Enable AI to use Special Orders (for example: the enemy Ai try strike only the player's archers with the horsemen.)
  • "What wonder that a certain person, being asked what were the things necessary for war, should reply that there were three, to wit, money, money and money." ( R.Montecucculi) - The player can be making lots of money, if lead captive the enemy and the plyer takes the prisoners to salt mine. the salt mine gives 10 denar/ prison every week. 10 denar is not to much, but if you are skillful, you can collect 200-300 captive, after then you can pay weekly budget of big army (with lot of elit fighters).
  • Every kingdom got strong royal guardsman.The guardsmen are more expensive as the nomal elit soldiers but very strong.These fighters have not upgrade path, they have not troop tree. The factions can recruit these warriors and they do not need upgrade for a long time The player cant recruit Royal guardsman, but player can release prisoners from bandit. Many bandits have royal guardsman prisoners, you defeat the badits and you can collect big elit army. Zaira (badit hero) usually has most prisoners, but also one of the strongest armies.

  • In tavern are heroes skillful (enginner, healer, pathfinder, ambassador with 10 skill) search everyone and your army will be effective.
  • If you haven't castle or town yet in game, then you can build outpost( camp --> take an action --> construct an outpost), where your warriors can be stationed at outpost. the adveced outpost have market too.
  • You can build school in your village and a school increases the loyalty of the villagers to you by +1 every week instead every month. (more recruit or better fighter immediately, prosperity)
  • tournament win changes [increased bet amount,xp win + relation win] - great risk, lot of money.
  • you can configure the dark knight invasion. You can click camp menu –> diplomacy & Tocan's Calradia preferences –> Set when the dark knights invasion begins and you see that:


  • In diplomacy & Tocan's Calradia preferences can you configure many option too.

Good fighting!

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Wars for Calradia 1.0

Wars for Calradia 1.0

Full Version 2 comments

1.0 is the full version, but later I will create a new invasion, where the nomad horde are coming.

Wars for Calradia 1.02 patch and new nord shields

Wars for Calradia 1.02 patch and new nord shields

Patch 2 comments

Greetings Warlord! Here is the 1.02 patch. The 1.02 patch included the 1.01 patch's things. 

Wars for Calradia 1.01 patch

Wars for Calradia 1.01 patch

Patch 5 comments

Greetings Warlord! Here is the 1.01 patch. I fixed some item bugs and some item got new names (bows and arrows). I fixed the own fort’s texture, but...

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Guest - - 689,335 comments


I was wondering if you could post the source code so that I can do some personal modding via Morgh's. I won't do anything shady with it, just some tweaks I always wanted to do.


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Zack_Blastoff - - 2 comments

One of the best mods of all time but I still have a couple of problems.

Even after re-downloading many times but both Vaegir Lance and Khergit War Lance are invisible.

I know it's unlikely this mod's still being worked on but has anyone had the same issue or, even better, a solution?!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,335 comments

Hello vazul2, great mod !
a lot of mercenaries and large groups of bandits all around the map and
awesome new elit units. I was quite surprised when the mounted elephants appeared in a battle.

I hope you can create a new version soon. Can you please add:
- Kill count for the pleayer and companions
- Taberns with more town people and musicians
- audio orders in the battles (when press F1, F2, etc). Like Native_New_Design_v3.1

thanks a lot!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
theggamer27 - - 75 comments

Whats the aim of the mod? its very good combining every mod or some mod to be one mod its really cool but wahts the aim of this mod for example Liagle its aim is to play the game in the era of napoleon's war

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
vazul2 Creator
vazul2 - - 44 comments

It's a native extension mod. I saw good resource - trees mesh, terrain borders,nothing else - in L'aigle mod and I added to my mod this component.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
videogamemodsarecool - - 178 comments

This looks AMAZING, I can't wait to try it out! I LOVE mods that combine every good thing from all other existing mods, and I hope everyone does this more often too! I hope that eventually, all the best parts of all mods will be mixed together into a total of around 2-5 super mods, the only difference being that they all contain the same best features, but are just a different theme. Like one big star wars mods that contains all the star wars mod content ever +all the best mod features, one big lord of the rings mod +all the best features etc, etc, and so on. I would really like this a lot, and I hope that someone does it, and I thank you for making this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
vazul2 Creator
vazul2 - - 44 comments

Thank you!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,335 comments

And children system like Age of Arthur?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ssd21345 - - 172 comments

what's with the update

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
vazul2 Creator
vazul2 - - 44 comments

I did make the update in september, but later I had less time. I try to take the time to develop, but I don't know when update will be ready.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
bren19 - - 9 comments

sorry for raising up issues - Can't besiege anything - even when at war it never shows up that option

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