The long term objective of this mod is to make the game a little less linear and add enough features to increase its replayability value. So far, there's only a number of NPCs affected but a lot of item related stuff in this mod. Eventually, most of Arx will be affected by this mod.

There are a lot of new features added in Arx Extended but the most important features are:

-Vendors now offer more items, in addition to new ones.
-Some containers like barrels and corpses are more random in contents and quantity.
-There are now more food items to cook like cheese sandwiches, iron rations and filling meals.
-Added more variety of early weapons like iron and steel versions of vanilla melee weapons.
-New bow available for purchase for the "rogue" oriented players.
-New armor pieces and the ability to craft or recycle them.
-Raw materials and junk items can be turned into useful items to be sold or used in crafting.
-Some animals/monsters also drop raw materials when killed like pelts and crafting ingredients.
-Most goblins in their city now use iron weapons and some have unique skins.
-Alchemy has been improved with new ingredients, potions and different mixing methods.
-Some items can stack more like powders, which can stack to up to 20 instead of 10.
-There's a new "sidequest" available in the tavern, indirectly given by Tizzy, the bartender.

For more detailed info about the features added/changed, suggestions and download links, visit the Mod's thread in:

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If you like my mods, please consider making a donation. Any donation will be used to buy games, DLCs, and better hardware/software so I can make better mods for more games.

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Current features I'm working on.


Thinking about adding new enchantments for weapons and armor. Maybe even change the old ones too. New "ingredients" for these enchantments might include wine, flour, oil, burning oil, water, etc. Here are some of the things I have thought so far:

Reagent on All Items
-Amikar Rock: AC Bonus / Defense Bonus
-Black Gel: Stealth Bonus
-Oil: Durability Bonus

Reagent on All Armor
-Bone Powder: STR Bonus
-Garlic: DEX Bonus
-Red Powder: CON Bonus
-Blue Powder: INT Bonus
-Dragon Bone Powder: All Attributes Bonus
-Yellow Powder: Poison Resistance
-Golem Heart: Magic Resistance

Reagent on Helm Armor
-Blue Potion: Ethereal Link Bonus
-Flour: Intuition Bonus
-Wine: Object knowledge Bonus

Reagent on Chest Armor
-Blue Potion: Casting Bonus
-Oil: Technical Bonus

Reagent on Legging Armor
-Blue Potion: Casting Bonus
-Oil: Technical Bonus

Reagent on Shield Armor
-Blue Potion: Ethereal Link Bonus

Reagent on All Weapons
-Bone Powder: STR Bonus
-Garlic: DEX Bonus
-Amikar Rock: Damage Bonus
-Burning Oil: Critical Hit Bonus
-Golem Heart: Paralyzing Attack

Reagent on Melee Weapons
-Flour: Close Combat Bonus

Reagent on Ranged Weapons
-Wine: Ranged Combat Bonus

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Features currently on hold. Posting them here for suggestions and feedback.

Mud Putty
-You can make more Mud Putty by combining a Bread Dough with Bone Powder.
-Can be used to make more molds and be able to make small items with them like daggers and rings.

Chicken's Egg
-Cooking ingredient but it could also be used in alchemy.
-Chances to find them on killed chickens.
-Sold by Maria in her Store.

Ranged Weapons
-Longbow: 9 Damage / -6% Casting // Requires 10 Dexterity and 40 Marksmanship

Rag wrappings and Bandages
-Goblins will drop small Rag Wrappings that can be combined to make big Rag Rolls.
-Rag Rolls will be used to create the first tier of mage clothing or be turned into Cloth with Dwarven Crafting Tools.
-Rag wrappings can be turned into bandages in washbasins or with Aqua Essentia and be used as an alternative to health potions.

Set of Tools
-Making it possible to use them on closed unlocked doors to turn them into traps to hurt NPCs when they open a door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
There's some things I have been unable to mod but I would like help if there are other Arx modders out there. Maybe links to modding tools or cheats that would allow me to test things easily.

Armor Helmet:
Can't make them work properly with each hero head. If the script is internal, then I can't add new helmets.
-Mail Hood
-Merc Helmet: 2 Armor Class / -3 Stealth / -3 Casting / 20 Durability // Requires 9 Constitution
-Mithril Hood

Usable Mice

-Making Mice interactive. Use cheese to lure them to a place and then grab them.
-Some characters kill mice when they hear/see them so they could cause different reactions to some characters.
-Could also be killed/prepared by combining a blade with it so it can be cooked.

New Sounds

-If adding new sounds can be done, then I can make new dialogs and with that, new sidequests.

Unskillful use of one handed Weapons

If the player doesn't have the required strength to lift a one handed weapon, the weapon would take longer to charge a power strike, deal less damage and require both hands instead. This is something I have yet to try but I believe it's possible.


-Making Carlo wear the Kingdom Guard uniform instead of the plain one.
-Making the Bank Key you forge work like the original one and actually open the Bank Door.

Arx Extended Features

Arx Extended Features


The following is a list of all the current features up to version 2.2 of this mod.

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Arx Extended Translations

Arx Extended Translations

Other 1 comment

Italian and German localization files for Arx Extended Mod.

Arx Extended 2.2b

Arx Extended 2.2b

Full Version 7 comments

Arx Extended 2.2b in a rar file. The files just need to be extracted inside Arx Libertatis folder. More info in the Readme inside.

Arx Extended 2.2

Arx Extended 2.2

Full Version

Arx Extended 2.2 in a rar file. The files just need to be extracted inside Arx Libertatis folder. More info in the Readme inside.

Arx Extended 2.1

Arx Extended 2.1

Full Version

Arx Extended 2.1 in a rar file. The files just need to be extracted inside Arx Libertatis folder. More info in the Readme inside.

Arx Extended 2.0

Arx Extended 2.0

Full Version

Arx Extended 2.0 in a rar file. The files just need to be extracted inside Arx Libertatis folder. More info in the Readme inside.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 20)

Hi ChikoEduardo
I'm MisterBlue, you remember me?
So long time.

I traslate you mod in Italian language.

I send you an email whit files.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Does this game require the original Arx Fatalis? Cause it won't work & I have to use Arx Libertatis to play the game & I wonder how I could install this mod into Arx Libertatis. (& how do I install this mod in general? I have the copy of Arx Fatalis from Steam)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChikoEduardo Creator

Sorry about the inactivity. I really need to search for a way to get an email notification or something so.

Anyways, yeah. You do need Arx Libertatis to play this one. It's explained in the description of any of the downloadable files in the files tab.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

good job mate!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi Chiko, I dont know if you look sometimes at this thread here, but I just wanted to say that I translated your Mod into German. Since there is Full localized version of Arx Fatalis and also the Arx Libertatis Mod recognizes which Language Version of the Vanilla Game you installed (before Installing the Mod with the correct Data-Files) and works pretty good (at least with my localized German Version of Arx Fatalis), I thought it would be a shame not using your wonderful Mod too.
I think you have done really a great Job with this Mod, I love especially crafting in Games. In fact I love Crafting more than waiting for any silly drops of Monsters :) I played Arx Fatalis Vanilla of course several times in my life, and in a period lets say of 2-3 Years I install and play it again just because there was after this game (and of the Ultima underworld series of course :)) no Game which was nearly something like Arx Fatalis, and I am happy that I am not the only one who dont forget this great Game. And I must say with the graphical updates of Libertatis + Your Mod its worth to make a new playthrough and a new experience of this great game.
The only Problem with this was after Installing your Mod that it would not work with my localized version of Arx fatalis, and I decided to translate the utext_english.ini into utext_deutsch.ini (in localisation folder as you know). Well I did it and it works very well, know I have the both Mods installed and can play AF/AL even in my native language :)
Afaik there was onother guy who translated your mod into russian localisation, so if you like you could bundle this translated utext_ebglish.ini Files in your next release, so people who like to play in ther native language (or didnt speak english very well at all) could use your Mod in there installed language.

solong Wanderer

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ChikoEduardo Creator

Hello there, Wanderer. Thanks for the feedback. I'd love to add your translation into the mod's localization.

The Russian one is not updated to the latest version of this mod so I cannot use it until it is. There was also someone working on an Italian localization but I haven't heard of him in ages. I know it's hard work to translate all these new stuff, specially since I like to change the item descriptions every time I mod the game. I have a tendency of always editing stuff.

So, as I said, it would be great to add your translation into the files so more ppl can play this mod in their native languages. You can send the file to me thru here or to the Email found in my ModDB Profile.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This looks really nice.
I'm looking forward to the finished product.
Hopefully you'll keep at it and don't give up midway through.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
ChikoEduardo Creator

This is pretty much the finished product. It just started as a couple of new skins and then I started adding new items and stuff. I add something new once in a while, which can be in months but yeah, this is a completed mod already. :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote

But what about new helmets and new enchantments(for weapons and armour)? You promised:)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChikoEduardo Creator

New helmets cannot be done coz part of their code is hard-coded. And enchantments and the rest of the things in that In Progress list will be added, eventually. :P

I'm currently doing other stuff but I will come back for this mod. I always do.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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