"Explore the island of Vvardenfell as you never have before, with a world built anew to be both alien and familiar to the Morrowind you knew before. New adventures await, with new exciting areas to see and explore, and new artifacts just waiting to be discovered. This is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do"


Morrowind Rebirth is a total overhaul for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with the aim to enhance the gameplay by balancing certain aspects of the game, and by giving the player more to see and do. Rebirth is mainly aimed at returning players and veterans that have seen and done most things in-game, and want a fresh experience. New players are recommended to try the vanilla experience.

Morrowind Rebirth is the result of thousands of hours of modding, and is still a work in progress. For those of you who want more information about the specific changes in this modification please refer to the extensive readme, the features section and/or watch the videos down below for a general overview. Do note that some videos are somewhat outdated.


Morrowind Rebirth is a massive mod with a ton of new features. Down below you can view some of these, but it's only through gameplay that you'll have a chance to fully discover what Rebirth has to offer.

Landscape changes

  • Almost all cities have recieved massive tweaks including new layouts, houses, shops and other places of interest.
  • Massive landscape changes including an effort to eliminate all texture seams and floaters throughout the world.
  • New rocks and trees for all regions in Vvardenfell.
  • New dungeons spread throughout Vvardenfell.


  • More than 20 new creatures such as the Frost Monarch, Ash Scorpion and Swamp Scrib seamlessly integrated into the game through leveled-lists.
  • Most creatures have recieved new spells/resists and have had tweaks to levels, health, magicka and other variables.
  • Removed reflect from most creatures, as the effect was way too common in Morrowind and its expansions.
  • Blighted creatures have recieved unique textures to set them appart from their normal counterparts.
  • Dremoras and Golden Saints no longer drop Daedric gear such as weapons and shields.


  • More than 100 pieces of new armor, weapons and clothing including additions to sets already present in Morrowind, but also new artifacts and enchanted gear.
  • Tweaks to values, durability, AR and other variables.


  • The magnitude, duration and area of effect of all spells have been tweaked to provide the player with more useful options in combat.
  • All of the old starting spells have been removed in favor of new ones that are cheap to cast, while still being effective.
  • New spells and variation of vanilla spells have been added to NPCs and vendors.
  • Some spell-effects can no longer be used for spellmaking (Fortify Skill, Fortify Attribute, Drain Health).


  • Plants and organic containers are somewhat less likely spawn alchemy components.
  • Player made potions are now 50 % less valueable compared to vanilla.
  • Vendors will no longer restock rare ingredients (such as pearls, diamonds, vampire dust and similar valuable ingredients).


  • Only uniquely named enemies will have soul values high enough to be used for constant effect enchantments (with Dremora Lord of Divinity being the only exception).
  • Summoned creatures now have 50 % of the soul value compared to vanilla counterpats.
  • Grand soul gems are now very rare, although will still appear random loot.
  • Blank scrolls in various qualities can now be bought from enchanters.
  • Soul gems in various qualities can now be bought from enchanters.
  • The cost of creating enchantments have been drastically reduced.
  • The recharge-rate of enchantments have been reduced by 50 % +.
  • Some spell-effects can no longer be used for enchanting (Fortify Skill, Fortify Attribute, Drain Health, Invisibility).


  • There's now a 50 % chance that you can recover projectiles such as arrows and bolts after combat.
  • Fire, Shock, Frost and Lightning-shields now damages opponents that gets too close to the "bubble".
  • Traveling by boat, silt strider or using Mage's Guild services is now more costly.
  • Jumping from great hights will now either kill the player or cause a lot of damage.
  • Using trainers for increasing skills is now more costly.
  • Camp fires and other sources of heat will now cause damage.
  • Minimum running speed has been greatly increased.
  • Shops, city gates and other places closes at night.


  • Tweaks to almost all birthsigns to make them either more useful or less powerful. Previously most players used either the Lady or the Atronach.

Leveled list tweaks

  • Most containers contain less valuebles such as gold, gems and other valueble items.
  • All containers that previously had a set amount of gold now have a random amount of gold.
  • Low level creatures such as netches now spawn at level 1.


  • Fixed hundreds of bugs such as script errors, typos, incorrect uvs, missing textures, bleeding objects, incorrect pathgrids and more.
  • Included is the largest and most up-to-date collection of mesh replacers, some which are only available in this modification.
  • Artifacts and magical gear of great power is now either guarded, put in locked containers or protected by traps.
  • Dark Brotherhood assassins now carry less valueble gear, and will no longer be an easy source of income. Additionally Dark Brotherhood assassins won't attack you until you hit level 15.
  • Important characters, guards and other NPCs now have more health and better protective gear.
  • Bounty Hunters will attack you if your bounty reaches a certain threshhold.
  • Campfire kits and bedrolls are now available at selected traders.
  • Mercenaries for hire now roam the streets of all major cities.


  • New musical tracks suitable for both battle and exploration (optional).
  • New splashscreens (optional).
  • New main menu (optional).


Installation and requirements

Please read the article "Installation & requirements", which can be found here:

Bugs and other issues

It's important that you, the players, provide me with feedback and support. Without it I might not be able to track down bugs introduced by Morrowind Rebirth. You're also welcome to report issues found in vanilla Morrowind. Post your bug-reports in the forum section here: at Nexus: or send me a personal message at either site.

Morrowind Rebirth and MGSO

I do not recommend using MGSO the slightest. There are plenty of reasons to why you shouldn't use it, and most of them are listed in this reddit post:

Morrowind Rebirth and OpenMW

Morrowind Rebirth is currently compatible with OpenMW, and should be compatible with it's multiplayer component, too. Note that OpenMW is still a work in progress so changes in future releases might cause compatibility issues.

Morrowind Rebirth and Tamriel Rebuilt

At this moment I do not recommend using Tamriel Rebuilt with Morrowind Rebirth. While TR is an amazing mod, it doesn't really work well with Morrowind Rebirth due to several reasons. First of all the balance in TR is based on vanilla, thus every item, weapon, armor, rewards etc will not go well with the balance changes in Rebirth. Another thing that will prove to be troublesome is the fact that Morrowind Rebirth comes with a lot of new models replacing rocks, trees, furniture etc. This causes issues like floaters, bleeding objects etc in the mainland.

I heartly recommend getting TR, but play it in a separate installation just to be on the safe side. Follow this guide on how to create multiple copies of Morrowind:

Old Save Games
Please read the article "How to update your old save game to a new version using Wyre Mash", which can be found here:

Please read the article "Compatiblity", which can be found here:


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RSS Articles

Which are the worst balance changes in Rebirth?

Hey guys! Rebirth's 10-year anniversary is just around the corner (March 29th), and I thought what better way to celebrate that than a new and massive update? So massive in fact that pretty much every settlement and settled area have been altered in one way or another. That's not all, included in this update are also a plethora of changes ranging from bugfixes to new weapons & armor to graphical improvements. I've been working tirelessly on this update for more than 5 months, so with the usual update-schedule that's almost two updates in one.

Due to the huge amount of changes I highly recommend that you start a new game with this update. Have fun and let me know if you guys run into any issues!

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.4

Before we dive into all the new goodies, here's a small retrospective of what Rebirth has to offer:

Ebonheart 1 1

Balmora 1

Dren Plantation 1

Pelagiad 1 1

Caldera Mine 1

new armor

new weapons

Morrowind Rebirth [Main]

Morrowind Fixes

* Fixed issues where several NPCs didn't have a "hello" parameter assigned to them, meaning they would never greet you.
* Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in geometry inside the Lonely Shipwreck, Lower Level.
* Fixed an issue where Only-He-Stands-There didn't offer spellmaking services as mentioned in dialogue.
* Fixed an issue where signposts near Falensarano was pointing in the wrong direction.
* Fixed an issue where Yambagorn gor-Shulor used the prefix gor instead of gro.
* Fixed an issue where Mauhul gor-Burish used the prefix gor instead of gro.
* Fixed an issue where Ushat gra-Gulfim used the prefix gra instead of gro.

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes

* Fixed an issue where you could use the Ring of Equity more than "once or twice" as stated in dialogue (also buffed the ring somewhat, back closer to vanilla).
* Fixed an issue where traveling to Vivec by Silt Strider, the location in the travel options is named "Ascadian Isles Region" instead of "Vivec".
* Fixed an issue where Dreamers added by Rebirth were present at the start of the game, instead of being enabled alongside the vanilla Dreamers.
* Fixed an issue where the was some statics missing inside Sataran, making it possible to see the worldspace beyond (or the lack thereof).
* Fixed an issue where the Imperial-styled smithshed had bad collision. The model has been replaced by new and optimized mesh.
* Fixed an issue where the scale of the Ice Blade of the Monarch was off, making it appear tiny in comparison to other claymores.
* Fixed an issue where Celraira in Pelagiad Guild of Mages didn't offer trading services as mentioned in dialogue.
* Fixed an issue where Imarum (Dren Plantation, Hidden Caverns) was neutral, instead of hostile towards the player.
* Fixed an issue where the Elomie (Ald Maaryon) had no barter option, even though she was supposed to be a trader.
* Fixed an issue where the entrance to Arys Ancestral Tomb was almost entierly buried inside geometry.
* Fixed an issue where most cave pieces, except for the bone cave-set, pointed to the wrong textures.
* Fixed an issue where the Pants of Protection enchantment wasn't working due to having a higher enchantment cost than the available enchantment charge.
* Fixed an issue where all Shockbite enchantments weren't working due to having no enchantment cost.
* Fixed an issue where the Zealot's Robe enchantment wasn't working due to having no enchantment charges.
* Fixed an issue where the dimensions of the gold icon was incorrect, making it somewhat egg-shaped.
* Fixed an issue where the player could potentially fall into the water during character creation.
* Fixed an issue where the Magic Circle in Mournhold; Royal Palace: Reception Area was missing.
* Fixed an issue where the door to Trendrus Drals' house teleported you to the wrong location.
* Fixed an issue where the door to Volmyni Dral's house teleported you to the wrong location.
* Fixed an issue where you could fall through the platform outside the Dagoth Ur facility.
* Fixed an issue where the door to a guardtower in Ebonheart had scipts similar to shops, meaning it would be locked at night.
* Fixed an issue where Nalcarya's Banner in Balmora didn't display the full name.
* Fixed an issue where the destination topic for Rindral Dralor was incorrect.
* Fixed an issue where guards refered to themselves as "I'm guard, guard of.."
* Fixed an issue where a section of wall was missing in Caldera Mine.
* Fixed an issue where Hexfang (weapon) had no enchantment.
* Fixed issues where the Nordic Longsword, Shortsword and Dagger had several large gaps in their models.
* Fixed issues where a few keys were hidden inside geometry.
* Fixed (potentially) an issue where the script 'DaedraMalacath' couldn't find the reference 'netch_bull_dead', sometimes causing a crash.
* Fixed issues where weapons/armor sharing the same model had different stats.
* Fixed issues where dozens of items weren't set as 'owned'.
* Fixed pathgrid issues.

Morrowind Rebirth Changes

* Roland's Tear (a variety of the Golden Kanet) is now actually called Roland's Tear in-game. It also has it's own set of textures (includes ingredient model) to set it apart from the regular Golden Kanet.
* Removed the Gateway Haunt from the list of creatures whose souls can be used for CE-enchanting (The Haunt is an endless source of a constant-effect capable soul due to it respawning).
* Removed the light emitting from summoned creatures.
* You can no longer travel to Mournhold using the Magic Circles until you've been attacked by the Dark Brotherhood.
* Temples with two floors now have a unique exterior model matching the interior.

* Grand Soulgems will now drop in random loot, but they're few and far between.
* Reverted the change that allowed travel from Tel Aruhn to Tel Fyr or vice versa. Too much dialogue would have to be rewritten in order to keep this change.
* Increased the value of high tier throwing weapons such as Glass, Ebony and Daedric.
* Increased the chance for loot to appear in Dwemer containers.
* You can now aquire Spell Breaker without being a vampire.
* Added teleporters to the cantons of Vivec, making travel somewhat easier throughout the city. These are simple teleporters, acting as "doors", meaning you can go from A to B, and from B to A. If you want to go to C, you need to go another teleporter. There are also two slightly different teleporters that sends you to the Temple, but you can't go the other way around.
* Added a bit of detailing and few NPCs to the once deserted Waistworks of Molag Mar.
* Added more variation to loot found in common containers.
* Added even more variety to Dreamers, a work that started in v 5.3.
* Added more variety to Velothi Altars, featuring 7 new variations [WIP in 5.4 onward].
* Added restoration shrines to temples that had none.
* Added a hut to where Umbra can sleep in.
* Added doors to all outhouses.
* A massive amount of landscape fixes and improvements.

Balmora 4

Temples with two floors now have a unique exterior model matching the interior

Sadrith Mora Changes
* Added more NPCs walking around. Aside from the vendors and guards, there were actually very few NPCs in Sadrith Mora.
* Some changes to Wolverine Hall exterior including stairs and doorway leading up to the battlements.
* Minor changes here and there.

Ald'Ruhn Changes
* Minor landscape changes near the Temple.

Ald Ruhn 2

Caldera Changes
* Reworked the landscape in and around Caldera to make it feel more natural.
* Removed some clutter, and replaced some clutter for added varietey.
* Moved the Imperial Barracks further down the hill, replacing the somewhat oddly placed storage tower.

Dagon Fel Changes
* Added more clutter here and there.
* Added a home for a homeless (lol) NPC.

Tel Aruhn Changes
* Reworked the landscape in and around Tel Aruhn to make it feel more natural.
* Added a bit more detailing.

Suran Changes
* Replaced the simple entrance next to Oran Manor with city gates.
* Reworked the temple exterior.
* Minor misc changes here and there.

Suran 2

Gnaar Mok Changes
* Removed some clutter, and replaced some clutter for added varietey.
* Removed most of the walls surrounding Gnaar Mok.
* The layout is now closer to vanilla.

Pelagiad Changes
* Removed some clutter, and replaced some clutter for added varietey.
* Moderate changes to the layout of the village.
* Minor misc changes here and there.

Pelagiad 2 1

Hla Oad Changes
* Added more clutter here and there.
* Added a new shack.

Vivec Entrance Changes
* Slight expansion of the docks.
* Added a city gate.

Vivec Entrance 1

Maar Gan Changes
* Made the plaza, near the stairs up to the temple, a bit less open and square-like.

Balmora Changes
* Removed a 100 or so references (objects), while also replacing some structures that previously were made out of several pieces with one single object. Overall these changes should increase performance, if only slighly.
* Reworked the interior of Balmora's Fighters Guild.
* Reworked the interior of Balmora's Mages Guild.
* Reworked the interior of Balmora's Eight Plates.
* Minor misc changes here and there.

Balmora 2

Eight Plates

Balmora Guild of Mages

Ebonheart Changes
* Re-arranged some buildings, and added some structures to make the courtyard feel less grid-like.
* Reworked the exterior and interior of the Imperial lighthouse located just outside the castle.
* Removed some clutter, and replaced some clutter for added varietey.
* Added market stalls, with traders offering various items.

Time for some shopping

Ebonheart Lighthouse [WIP]

Zainab Camp Changes
* Added more clutter in and around the camp (mainly new/old ashlander styled stuff), along with some new traders and NPCs.
- Other camps will be reworked in a future update.

Vos Overhaul
* A large overhaul of the farming settlement of Vos including new farmland north of Vos, landscape rework to make the it feel less flat, more clutter, new vendors and much more.

Vos 1

Grazelands Overhaul: Part 2
* Added more rocks (and new rocks!) to various hills around the Grazelands. Most of them were completely empty and made the region feel rather underdeveloped.
* All trees are now much smaller, taking up less of the scenery.

Grazelands WIP

Morrowind Rebirth Additions

New Creature
* Silver Saint

Silver Saint

New Armor
* Cephalopod Gauntlets
* Silver Saint Shield

New Magic Armor
* Cuirass of Resilience
* Cuirass of Retribution
* Mail of Waning Fire
* Mail of Waning Frost
* Mail of Waning Shock
* Armorer's Chainmail
* Mara's Chestplate
* Silverskin (Cuirass)
* Frostheart (Cuirass)
* Hunter's Hide (Cuirass)

New Magic Weapons
* Orcish Battle Axe of Fire
* Orcish Battle Axe of Frost
* Orcish Battle Axe of Shock
* Orcish Battle Axe of Poison
* Silver Battle Axe of Fire
* Silver Battle Axe of Frost
* Silver Battle Axe of Shock
* Silver Battle Axe of Poison
* Nordic Battle Axe of Fire
* Nordic Battle Axe of Frost
* Nordic Battle Axe of Shock
* Nordic Battle Axe of Poison
* Frostbane (Battle Axe)
* Firebane (Battle Axe)
* Shockbane (Battle Axe)
* Poisonbane (Battle Axe)

New Magic Clothing
* Robe of Light
* Robe of Invisibility
* Robe of Flight
* Elementalist's Robe
* Summoner's Robe

New Unique Items
* Voroyn's Ring
* Dread (Helm)

New Unique (Dread)

New Potion
* Potion of Champions (replaces the duplicate instance of Potion of Heroism inside the Hall of Wonders).

New Ingredient
* Blighted Kwama Egg

New spells
* Burning Touch
* Burning Touch: Strong
* Burning Touch: Great
* Burning Touch: Wild
* Freezing Touch
* Freezing Touch: Strong
* Freezing Touch: Great
* Freezing Touch: Wild
* Poisonous Touch
* Poisonous Touch: Strong
* Poisonous Touch: Great
* Poisonous Touch: Wild
* Shocking Touch
* Shocking Touch: Strong
* Shocking Touch: Great
* Shocking Touch: Wild

Unique Blank Scrolls

Blank scrolls now have unique textures based on their quality


Spells (base cost)
* Silence base cost from 24 to 32.

* Winged Twilight speed from 25 to 20.

I've always felt that it was wierd that high ranking members of the Imperial Legion wore armor that had such low armor rating. These changes make Templar and Duke's Guard armor more
protective, and also more valueable.
* Imperial Templar Armor rating from 20 to 30.
* Duke's Guard Armor rating from 26 to 40.

* New enchantment capacity for all rings and amulets:

- Common Ring 50 (equals to 5 in-game etc..)
- Expensive Ring 200
- Extravagant Ring 400
- Exquisite Ring 600

- Common Amulet 100
- Expensive Amulet 400
- Extravagant Amulet 800
- Exquisite Amulet 1200


* New models and icons for blank scrolls. Depending on quality they now have a unique appearance.
* New model and icon for Trebonious' Robe. This model is less detailed than the previous one, but is without any gaps in the model.
* New models for some parts of the Duke's Guard Silver set + other fixes and improvements (still not 100 % sure about this one).
* New models for almost the entire Morag Tong armor set + other fixes and improvements.
* New models for some signs.

More UV-fixes

Some of the fixes included in this update

* New model and icon for the Black Hands Dagger.
* New model and icon for the Ebony Halberd.
* New model and icon for the Ebony Waraxe.
* New model and icon for the Silver Longbow
* New model and icon for King's Oath.
* New model and icon for Dreugh Boots.
* New model and icon for Hexfang.
* New model and icon for Stinger.
* New model and icon for Nightbane.
* New model and icon for Indoril Greaves.
* New model and icon for Dwemer Oil.
* New model for Dreugh Greaves.
* New model for the Rockcrab.
* New model for the Grinding Wheel.

Added unique textures to the Clannfear Runt and the Stunted Scamp

New unique textures for the Clannfear Runt and the Stunted Scamp

* New icon for Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul.
* New icon for Conoon Chodala's Axe.
* New icon for Temple Robe of the Patriarch.
* New icon for Robe of Drake's Pride.
* New icon for Cephalopod Pauldrons.
* New icon for Redas Robe of Deeds.
* New icon for Robe of the Hortator.
* New icon for Hort-Ledd's Robe.
* New icon for Whitewalker Robe.
* New icon for Gothren's Robe.
* New icon for Clanbringer.
* New icon for Bloodskal.
* New icon for Mountain Spirit.
* New icon for Champion's Hide
* New icon for Sarano Helm.
* New icon for Watchman's Eye
* New icon for Daedric Crossbow.
* New icon for Pilgrim's Lantern.

Texture changes for some weapons

Updated art for vanilla weapons (Umbra, Silver Spear, Steel Longbow in this case), using vanilla textures.

* New texture and icon for War Axe of Airan Ammu.
* New texture and icon for Beluelle's Silver Bowl.
* New texture and icon for Old Man's Lucky Coin.
* New texture and icon for Emperors Defence.
* New texture and icon for Muffinbread.
* New texture and icon for Templar Shield.
* New texture and icon for Temreki.
* New texture and icon for the Steel Longbow.
* New texture and icon for the Silver Spear.
* New texture and icon for the Silver Crossbow.
* New texture and icon for the Iron Longbow.
* New texture and icon for Umbra.
* New textures and icons for oriental-styled Ebony weapons (Katana, Wakizashi etc).
* New textures for some collectors cards (Rest will be reworked later).
* New textures for all custom frescos.
* New textures for Dwemer books.
* New textures for Topaz and Sapphire.
* New textures for all blighted creatures. Additionally blighted Kwama Workers, Kwama Warriors and Kwama Queens now uses blighted textures.
* New textures for egg sacks inside egg mines with a blighted Kwama Queen.
* New texture for the Prancing Kwama Sign.
* New unique textures for the Clannfear Runt.
* New unique textures for the Stunted Scamp.
* Improved models for all types of ore vains (Ebony, Diamond, Glass).
* Hundreds of general fixes and improvements (UV, tiling, shading etc).

Blighted Kwama Warrior

Blighted Kwama Warriors, Queens and Workers now uses blighted textures, just as other blighted creatures. Kwama sacks and Kwama eggs inside blighted caves are now also affected by the blight.

Morrowind Rebirth - Morrowind Patch Project

* Fixed dozens of topics were bad filters were applied, and added filters to some topics that should have one.
* Fixed an issue which made it impossible to get Eltonbrand.
* Fixed dozens of typos and inconsistencies.


* Included a compatibility patch for Julan Ashlander Companion 3.0 beta.
* Added more info to the readme.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.3

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.3

News 8 comments

Greetings Friends. The time has come to unveil yet another update, and with that another massive amount of changes. This time I've spent most of my time...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.2 + 5.2.1

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.2 + 5.2.1

News 11 comments

Hi guys! Today I'm happy to introduce you to the latest update, and as always it's a big one! With v 5.2 comes a plethora of changes, mainly aimed at...

[RELASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.1.1

[RELASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.1.1

News 4 comments

Hey guys. The last update didn't go very well, and was plagued by bugs and issues. I didn't mean for this to happen (obviously), but the combination of...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.1

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.1

News 6 comments

Hey there! Today marks the 18th anniversary of Morrowind, and I thought what better way to celebrate this special occasion other than a new release for...

RSS Files
[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.41

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.41

Full Version 2 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 5.41.

[RELESE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.3 Hotfix [OUTDATED]

[RELESE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.3 Hotfix [OUTDATED]


Apply this hotfix after installing the main download.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.3 [OUTDATED]

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.3 [OUTDATED]

Full Version 10 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 5.3.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.2.1 Hotfix [OUTDATED]

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.2.1 Hotfix [OUTDATED]


Fixes an issue where the magic circle in Ald'Ruhn was missing. Install into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.2.1 [OUTDATED]

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.2.1 [OUTDATED]

Full Version 4 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 5.2.1

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.1.1 [OUTDATED]

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 5.1.1 [OUTDATED]

Full Version 14 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 5.1.1

Comments  (0 - 10 of 3,132)

Quick question, are the Main Quest Overhaul and Ashlander Companion options compatible with each other?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trancemaster_1988 Creator

I think so!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will installing this erase my achievements in the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trancemaster_1988 Creator

No idea.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Does MR change the script for Eltonbrand? I just looked on uesp on how to get it but it doesnt seem to work.
Also when I destroy the hearth Dagoth ur doesnt die

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trancemaster_1988 Creator

Are you using the latest version of Rebirth?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Alright so I went back to investigate and what happens is this. In the base game (if I'm not mistaken) when you destroy the heart Dagoth immediately dies and then you cross the bridge and Akulakhan collapses, journal entry, done. With MR (in my case) Dagoth only dies AFTER you cross the bridge having destroyed the heart. I don't know if that's intentional but its definitely not gamebreaking as I thought it was.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So basically without MR, Dagoth dies with the heart and with MR, Dagoth dies with Akulakhan.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Absolutely love your mod by the way man

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Other question! Dagoth ur is now dead and im officially nerevarine, people give me the usual praise except for temple officials and ordinators, they still scorn me. Is this something you implemented?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trancemaster_1988 Creator

Cant say if it's intentional or not, but I assume there was a legit reason for the change. It's not a change made by Rebirth (MPP).

As for being scorned it could be that the Morrowind Patch Project changes the filtering, but I cant say for sure. I'll have to check it out.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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