"Explore the island of Vvardenfell as you never have before, with a world built anew to be both alien and familiar to the Morrowind you knew before. New adventures await, with new exciting areas to see and explore, and new artifacts just waiting to be discovered. This is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do"


Morrowind Rebirth is a total overhaul for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with the aim to enhance the gameplay by balancing certain aspects of the game, and by giving the player more to see and do. Morrowind Rebirth is the result of thousands of hours of modding, and is still a work in progress. For those of you who want more information about the specific changes in this modification please refer to the section down below, and/or watch the video below for a general overview.


Morrowind Rebirth is a massive mod with a ton of new features. Down below you can view some of these, but it's only through gameplay that you'll have a chance to fully discover what Rebirth has to offer.

Landscape changes

  • Almost all cities have recieved massive tweaks including new layouts, houses, shops and other places of interest.
  • Massive landscape changes including an effort to eliminate all texture seams and floaters throughout the world.
  • New rocks and trees for all regions in Vvardenfell.
  • New dungeons spread throughout Vvardenfell.


  • More than 20 new creatures such as the Frost Monarch, Ash Scorpion and Swamp Troll seamlessly integrated into the game through leveled-lists.
  • Most creatures have recieved new spells/resists and have had tweaks to levels, health, magicka and other variables.
  • Removed reflect from most creatures, as the effect was way too common in Morrowind and its expansions.
  • Blighted creatures have recieved unique textures to set them appart from their normal counterparts.
  • Dremoras and Golden Saints no longer drop Daedric gear such as weapons and shields.


  • More than 100 pieces of new armor, weapons and clothing including additions to sets already present in Morrowind, but also new artifacts and enchanted gear.
  • Tweaks to values, durability, AR and other variables.


  • The magnitude, duration and area of effect of all spells have been tweaked to provide the player with more useful options in combat.
  • All of the old starting spells have been removed in favor of new ones that are cheap to cast, while still being effective.
  • New spells and variation of vanilla spells have been added to NPCs and vendors.
  • Some spell-effects can no longer be used for spellmaking.


  • Plant and organic containers are less likely spawn alchemy components.
  • Player made potions are now 50 % less valueable compared to vanilla.
  • Vendors no longer restock ingredients.


  • Only certain enemies will have soul values high enough to be used for constant effect enchantments.
  • Summoned creatures now have 50 % of the soul value compared to vanilla counterpats.
  • Grand soul gems are now limited, and does not appear as random loot.
  • Blank scrolls in various qualities can now be bought from enchanters.
  • Soul gems in various qualities can now be bought from enchanters.
  • The cost of creating enchantments have been reduced by 50 %.
  • The recharge-rate of enchantments have been reduced by 50 % +.
  • Some spell-effects can no longer be used for enchanting.


  • There's now a 50 % chance that you can recover projectiles such as arrows and bolts after combat.
  • Fire, Shock, Frost and Lightning-shields now damages opponents that gets too close to the "bubble".
  • Traveling by boat, silt strider or using Mage's Guild services is now much more costly.
  • Jumping from great hights will now either kill the player or cause a lot of damage.
  • Using trainers for increasing skills is now much more costly.
  • Camp fires and other sources of heat will now cause damage.
  • Minimum running speed has been greatly increased.
  • Shops, city gates and other places closes at night.


  • Tweaks to almost all birthsigns to make them either more useful or less powerful. Previously most players used either the Lady or the Atronach.

Leveled list tweaks

  • Most containers contain less valuebles such as gold, gems and other valueble items.
  • All containers that previously had a set amount of gold now have a random amount of gold.
  • Low level creatures such as netches now spawn at level 1.
  • Deadra no longer spawn in the Grazelands.


  • Fixed hundreds of bugs such as script errors, typos, incorrect uvs, missing textures, bleeding objects, incorrect pathgrids and more.
  • Included is the largest and most up-to-date collection of mesh replacers, some which are only available in this modification.
  • Artifacts and magical gear of great power is now either guarded, put in locked containers or protected by traps.
  • Dark Brotherhood assassins now carry less valueble gear, and will no longer be an easy source of income.
  • Important characters, guards and other NPCs now have more health and better protective gear.
  • Bounty Hunters will attack you if your bounty reaches a certain threshhold.
  • Campfire kits and bedrolls are now available at selected traders.
  • Mercenaries for hire now roam the streets of all major cities.


  • New musical tracks suitable for both battle and exploration (optional).
  • New splashscreens (optional).
  • New main menu (optional).


Installation and requirements

Please read the article "Installation & requirements", which can be found here:

Bugs and other issues

It's important that you, the players, provide me with feedback and support. Without it I might not be able to track down bugs introduced by Morrowind Rebirth. You're also welcome to report issues found in vanilla Morrowind. Post your bug-reports in the forum section here: at Nexus: or send me a personal message at either site.

Morrowind Rebirth and MGSO

I do not recommend MGSO for two reasons: 1) It's outdated 2) It's unoptimized. MGSO includes a heap of stuff including textures that are inconsistent, and meshes that are so badly optimized that they can cause serious fps-issues. This is especially troublesome when using Morrowind Rebirth along with MGSO, since Rebirth adds a ton of stuff to the gameworld. One object without proper collision or with too many polys won't cause any harm, but multiply that by ten and you are bound to experience massive framedrops.

Rebirth on the other hand includes a large number of mesh replacers that are, in most cases, optimized. These meshes are also up-to-date, ensuring that you, the player, will have the best looking models possible without causing a ton of hitching. With that said I wouldn't recommend MGSO. The proper way to play Rebirth with the best possible fidelity is to use MGE XE: and handpick texture replacers from either morrowind nexus or morrowind modding history.

Morrowind Rebirth and OpenMW

Morrowind Rebirth is currently compatible with OpenMW, and should be compatible with it's multiplayer component, too. Note that OpenMW is still a work in progress so changes in future releases might cause compatibility issues.

Morrowind Rebirth and Tamriel Rebuilt

At this moment I do not recommend using Tamriel Rebuilt with Morrowind Rebirth. While TR is an amazing mod, it doesn't really work well with Morrowind Rebirth due to several reasons. First of all the balance in TR is based on vanilla, thus every item, weapon, armor, rewards etc will not go well with the balance changes in Rebirth. Another thing that will prove to be troublesome is the fact that Morrowind Rebirth comes with a lot of new models replacing rocks, trees, furniture etc. This causes issues like floaters, bleeding objects etc in the mainland, where many models are based on the footprint of vanilla models.

I heartly recommend getting TR, but play it in a separate installation just to be on the safe side. Follow this guide on how to create multiple copies of Morrowind:

Old Save Games
Please read the article "How to update your old save game to a new version using Wyre Mash", which can be found here:

Please read the article "Compatiblity", which can be found here:


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RSS Articles

Which are the worst balance changes in Rebirth?

Hey guys! It has been some time since the last update, but as you will notice I've been quite busy. 4.9 is a massive update with changes all across the board. With the holidays coming up I wanted to release an update that felt really special, and I hope you'll all agree when you've tried it out. As always check the list down below for more details.

Mod of the Year Awards

Also I want to thank you guys for voting Morrowind Rebirth into the top 100 in the yearly Mod of the Year Awards. Feel free to show your support and vote in the next and final stage as well. Thank you!

With that said I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 2019 will be an awesome year for Morrowind Rebirth.

Morrowind Rebirth [Main]

Odrosal Overhaul - Odros room

Vemynal and Odrosal have undergone some changes..

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* Fixed an issue in Valas Ancestral Tomb and Thiralas Ancestral Tomb where ramps didn't have proper collsion, cusing the player to clip through the models and being unable to progress any further.
* Fixed an issue where Silver Staff of God's Frost, Silver Staff of God's Fire and Silver Staff of God's Shock had mixed up names and enchantments.
* Fixed an issue where a note in the quest 'Evidence of Conspiracy' was missing due to it clipping with the desk it's supposed to be placed upon.
* Fixed an issue where the model for Fang of Haynekhtnamet and some other artifacts had the wrong scale.
* Fixed an issue where there were two Argonians named Stand-In-Shallows in or near Hla Oad.
* Fixed an issue where the helm 'Spirit Drinker' didn't have the correct icon.
* Fixed an issue where a leftover wall in Tel Voryn blocked a doorway.
* Fixed missing ownership flags on hundreds of objects.
* Fixed pathgrids in several areas.
* Fixed typos.


New collectable cards

Morrowind Rebirth Changes
* Bloodmoon creatures, bosses and spawns have now been brought in line with the rest of Morrowind Rebirth's changes. Balance in Bloodmoon is notoriously bad, and this is the first iteration to fix it.
* The two unique Centurion Spiders variations introduced in Rebirth have been separated into two unique 'creatures': the Centurion Miner and the Centurion Drone.
* Any changes to Mournhold and Solstheim should now be gone. This should also fix all annoying doubling issues.
* Sword of White Woe, Saint's Black Sword and Saint's Shield are no longer included in random loot tables.
* Reverted Vampire Sun Damage back to vanilla values (from 10-10 points to 5-5 points per second).
* Khajiits will now buy all sorts of illegal items including for example Sixth House items.
* The Black Pearl is now an amulet instead of an ingredient, and uses a new amulet model.
* Ash Salts will no longer prevent you from bartering with various vendors.
* Increased the amount of ingredients available at healers, priests and alchemists.
* The entire population of Vvardenfell will no longer bother you about Solstheim.
* Increased the chance of ingredients spawning in non-organic containers.
* Generic Quarra, Berne and Aundae vampires are now a bit stronger.
* Added descriptions to Call Wolf, Call Bear and Summon Bonewolf.
* Re-enabled Absorb Health for spellmaking and enchanting.
* Landscape fixes and improvements.

Ald'ruhn close-ups

Ald'ruhn close-ups

Major changes to Ald'ruhn including more clutter and landscape changes

Morrowind Rebirth Additions
* Added a new Daedric ruin located in the 'mushroom forest', south of Dagon Fel.
* Added a river just north of Hla Oad, for a bit more landscape diversity.
* Added 10 new 'latest rumors' based on content introduced in Rebirth.
* Added 13 new collectable trading cards scattered around Vvardenfell.
* Added a ton of new Sixth House related models to the gameworld.
* Added Dwemer items and statics to Yagrum Bagarn's hideout
* Added a ton of clutter and architecture to Ald'Ruhn.
* Added ashmires to various areas of Vvardenfell.
* Added a small dock to Wolverine Hall.


A new Daedric ruin near Dagon Fel

Ebonheart Overhaul: Part 2
* Added a few imperial styled farms outside Ebonheart that are able to provide the fortress with food in case of a siege
* Added additional defences including a new gatehouse and wall facing the dock plus a drawbridge at the front-gate.
* Increased the hight of the castle foundation and the hight of the bridge leading to the castle.
* Added a new lighthouse close to Ebonheart, overlooking the surrounding area.
* Added more clutter and details inside Ebonheart.

ebonheart 1

Several changes have been made to Ebonheart, including the farmlands south of the fortress

Unique Weapons and Armor Overhaul: Part 2
Many of Morrowind's unique armor and weapons lacked unique models/textures setting them appart from vanilla assets. With this overhaul I've gone through many of the uniques (some may need further tweaking in the future).

So far the following have recieved new unique models/textures or both:
* Staff of Carnal Channeling (v 4.8).
* Gothren's Cephalopod Helm (v 4.8).
* Boots of Blinding Speed (v 4.8).
* Shield of the Undaunted (v 4.8).
* Erur-Dan's Cuirass (v 4.8).
* Mountain Spirit (v 4.8).
* Shadow Shield (v 4.8).
* Widowmaker (v 4.8).
* The Icecap (v 4.8).
* Bloodworm (v 4.8).
* Spear of the Snow Prince (v 4.9).
* Sword of White Woe (v 4.9).
* Trebonius' Staff (v 4.9).
* Auriel's Shield (v 4.9).
* Saint's Shield (v 4.9).
* Stormfang (v 4.9).
* Clanbringer (v 4.9).
* Bloodskal (v 4.9).
* Shadowsting (v 4.9).
* Blood Axe (v 4.9).
* Azura's Servant (v 4.9).
* Darksun (v 4.9).
* Gravedigger (v 4.9).
* Veloth's Judgement (v 4.9).
* Light of Day (v 4.9).

uniques 2

Several unique weapons and armor that lacked unique models/textures now are truly unique

Suran Commercial District Overhaul
* A small overhaul of the commercial district of Suran focusing mainly on the temple, adding more clutter, walls and an additional building.

Odrosal Overhaul
* A massive overhaul of the Dwemer ruin 'Odrosal'. Getting Keening is now a worthy challenge.

Vemynal Overhaul
* A small overhaul of the Dwemer ruin 'Vemynal'. Getting Sunder is now a worthy challenge.

Hlaalu Guard Diversity
* Hlaalu Guards are no longer clones and there are now a large variety of both female/male guards.

New Creature
* Jotun Warrior (also note that the regular 'Jotun' has been changed to 'Jotun Berserker').
* Ash Scrib

Suran Temple

Several changes have been made to to Suran's commercial district

New Enchanted Armor
* Protector's Cuirass
* Chromatic Cuirass
* Boneflesh
* Heartguard
* Sparking Mail
* Ice Warder
* Poison Shroud
* Iron Shell
* Etheral Hide
* Wyrmhide
* Flamescale
* Seeker
* Lightbringer
* Nighthawk
* Snake Hide
* Spellward
* Mirror Wall
* Boots of Nullification
* Ironhide Boots
* Warden's Boots
* Scout's Boots

New Enchanted Weapons
* Frostspark
* Firetip
* Frosttip
* Icebreaker
* Voidspark

New Weapons
* Nordic Shortsword
* Nordic Longsword
* Nordic Dagger

New Clothing
* Trebonius' Robe
* Gothren's Robe

New Artifacts
* Pyromancer's Boots
* Gill Breather
* Duality
* Amberfire
* Phaseshifter
* Coldheart

New Potions
* Silver Barrel Lager

New Ingredients
* Sweetroll

Hlaalu Guard Diversity

Hlaalu guards have been anti-cloned


* Dremora Lord of Divinity soul value from 375 to 400. With this change Dremora Lord of Divinity is now the only respawning creature with a soul strong enough for a constant effect enchantment.
Previously you had to find a unique named creature, but this change should make the search somewhat easier.
* Fabricants are no longer immune to poison, rather they have a 75 % resistance to it. Also removed the paradoxal resistance to shock, since they already have a weakness to shock.
* Goblins are no longer immune to normal weapons. Also removed any other resistance from the various Goblin-types for consistency.
* Jotun speed from 45 to 40.

Spells (base cost)
* Absorb Health base cost from 16 to 18.
* Drain Magica base cost from 1.0 to 0.6.
* Lightning Shield base cost from 0.5 to 0.6.
* Frost Shield base cost from 0.5 to 0.6.
* Fire Shield base cost from 0.5 to 0.6.
* Shield base cost from 0.5 to 0.6.
* Water Breathing base cost from 6 to 8.
* Swift swim base cost from 0.5 to 0.8
* Slowfall base cost from 2.0 to 1.5.
* Burden base cost from 0.15 to 0.20.

* Enchantment pool adjustments for almost all light armors (especially low-tier armor sets). These are now highly enchantable to make up for their lack in protection.
* Weight and health adjustments for the following armor sets: Netch Leather, Bear, Wolf, Snow Wolf and Snow Bear. These are now lighter and more durable in general.
* Helm of the Wolf's Heart armor rating from 20 to 15 (to match Wolf armor)
* Bloodworm Helm armor rating from 18 to 22 (to match Trollbone armor).
* Spear of the Snow Prince value from 3250 to 14750.
* Paws of the Wolf-Runner value from 1000 to 5250.
* Saint's Black Sword value from 5750 to 8750.
* Helmet of Bearkind value from 40 to 2250.
* Auriel's Bow value from 8250 to 12450.
* Stormfang value from 2750 to 8750
* The Skeleton Key uses from 50 to 75.

* Frostsong enchantment:
- Frost Damage on touch from 5-5 for 1 second to 5-10 for 1 second.
- Enchantment pool from 200 to 150.
* Ice Blade of the Monarch enchantment:
- Weakness to Frost on touch 25-25 for 3 seconds (new effect).
* Fang of Haynekhtnamet enchantment
- Shock Damage on touch 1-1 for 10 seconds (new effect).
* Auriel's Bow enchantment from touch to target.
* Stormfang enchantment:
- Weakness to Shock 20-20 on target for 3 seconds (new effect).
- Shock Damage on target from 5-10 to 10-10 for 1 second.
- Area from 0 to 5.
* Spear of the Snow Prince enchantment:
- Frost Damage from 5-5 to 10-15.
* Robe of the Lich enchantment
- Fortify Magica 100-100 changed to Fortify Maximum Magica 1.0x INT.
- Drain Health from 100-100 to 50-50.
* Bloodskal enchantment:
- Frost Damage from 5-10 to 5-15.
- Enchantment pool from 100 to 200
* Shadowsting enchantment
- Chameleon from 10-10 for 10 seconds to 20-20 for 10 seconds.
- Poison Damage from 2-2 for 5 seconds to 2-2 for 10 seconds.
* Banhammer enchantment
- Fire Damage from 1-4 to 4-8.
* Light of Day enchantment:
- Drain Magicka (self) from 100-100 to 25-25.
- Fire Damage from 5-20 to 5-15.
* Whitewalker enchantment:
- Frost Damage (self) from 5-5 to 2-2
- Drain Health (self) from 5-5 to 1-1
* Dragonbone Cuirass enchantment:
- Resist Fire from 100 % to 75 %.
* Vampiric Ring enchantment:
- Absorb Fatigue from 5-25 for 2 seconds to 25-50 for 1 second.
- Absorb Health from 5-25 for 2 seconds to 25-50 for 1 second.
- Enchantment pool from 300 to 250.
* Warlock's Ring enchantment:
- Fortify Attribute: Speed duration from 30 seconds to 60seconds .
- Reflect duration from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
- Enchantment pool from 250 to 200.
* Helseth's Ring enchantment
- Reflect from 20 % to 10 %.

creature variations

Some creatures such as Staada have recieved a unique look


* New textures for the Silver Barrel sign and the Black Goblet banner.
* New textures for Dahrk Mezalf and Radac Stungnthumz.
* New texture for the Golden Saint Staada.
* New texture and icon for Ward of Phenem.
* New optimized models for most interior and exterior rocks.
* New models for skulls, bones, ribs and other bone-related items.
* New model for the Shock Centurion.
* New model for the Dwemer Towershield.
* New models for the Steel armor set.
* New models for the Ebony armor set.
* New models for the Glass armor set.
* New model for the Mudcrab Merchant.
* New models for Ghostfence pylons.
* New model and icon for Frostsong.
* New model and icon for the Dagoth Dagger.
* New icon for the Reinforced Iron Longbow.
* New icon for Ashlander's Longbow
* New icon for the Adamantium Dagger.
* New icons for Royal Shields.


New artifacts for you to find..

Morrowind Patch Project 1.6.5 [For Rebirth]

* Fixed a conflicting edit between The Patch Project and Morrowind Rebirth making Dark Brotherhood assassins spawn too early.


and two new robes!


* Removed several textures from the archive that matched vanilla textures. Previously these textures would for example conflict with replacers such as 'HD Vanilla Textures'.
* Converted several .tga and .bmp textures to .dds format.
* New compatibility patch for "Uvirith's Legacy 3.53".
* A large clean-up of the file archive.
* Improved credit list.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.9

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.8

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.8

News 7 comments

Hello guys! I know I'm getting bothersome, but it's time for another update! With this update comes a plethora of changes including overhauls to the various...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.7 + 4.71

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.7 + 4.71

News 8 comments

Hello guys! It's time for yet another update. I know that I've said this before, but I can assure you that this is the largest update for Morrowind Rebirth...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.6

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.6

News 18 comments

Hey guys! It wasn't my intention to upload an update this soon, but it has come to my attention that there are some issues with MR that I really need...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.5

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.5

News 7 comments

Hi guys! Today I'm happy to introduce you to the latest update, and as always it's a big one! With v 4.5 comes a plethora of changes, mainly aimed at...

Add file RSS Files
[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.9

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.9

Full Version 12 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 4.9.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.9 Hotfix

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.9 Hotfix


This is a patch for Morrowind Rebirth 4.9. Apply after main file.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.9 - Optional Files

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.9 - Optional Files

Other 2 comments

This is the optional files for Morrowind Rebirth including new music, new splashscreens and more. This package is not required for Morrowind Rebirth to...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.8

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.8

Full Version 17 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 4.8.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.7 Patch [OUTDATED]

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.7 Patch [OUTDATED]


This patch fixes a couple of issues with the latest update. You only need this patch if you downloaded Morrowind Rebirth prior to the upload date of this...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.71

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 4.71

Full Version 21 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 4.71.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,867)

Anyway to change the fall damage? I usually play with acrobatics up to 200, and after 90 or so, I'm taking chunks of damage just from my own jumps.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trancemaster_1988 Creator

You can simply disable the game settings plugin, although that will also disable other things like for example projectile recovery chance and respawn time.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Nevermind on my question.

Found my answer below.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Complete noob to Elder Scrolls, please advise.

Kinda new to mod scene, only 2 games I ever heavily modified (STALKER, Doom "classic"), want to get into Elder Scrolls but not sure where to start or the "go to" mods to use.
I like playing games in sequential order (Stalker SoC->CS->CoP) but not sure if I should start at beginning as ES goes a fair way back, kind of like if I were to start GTA I'd start with 3 (not that they need to be played in order) and go from there.
Also looking for mods that are graphics/physics/audio/etc. overhaul without changing the core story, and without taxing my rig/potato. The less mods to use at the same time the better. Example, the "Complete" series to Stalker (SoC Complete, etc.). Even though the mod is outdated by now it changed weapons/terrain/sky/AI/physics with just that one mod.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trancemaster_1988 Creator


You'll be fine starting with Morrowind and go from there (if you so wish). As for complete overhauls there are only Rebirth and MGSO, where the latter is severly outdated and not recommended.

Since you are new to the series and Morrowind (I assume?) I do recommend that you play vanilla mw for a while and see what you think. Overhauls like Rebirth and MGSO changes a LOT, although none changes the story.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Ever considered incorporating assets from Morrowind Animated(1,2,expanded)? Great stuff there, too bad its not already compatible.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trancemaster_1988 Creator

There are some elements of Animated Morrowind in Rebirth, like the praying pilgrims and some slaves farming. I might include more in the future.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I'd say use them all! They add such great atmosphere. It's cool to see people sitting in taverns, or beggars on the street, or imperials at their desks writing!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm excited to experience this mod but I was wondering if you ever plan to release it in segments so you can choose the minor town adjustments in this, or the large expansions you prefer in another town. I have some expansions I already really love. So I wonder if yours can be overwritten by them. Or if you may release a version that makes your alterations optional?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator


There are no plans to release Rebirth in segments. It's almost impossible by now, and even trying would take years (at least for me).

As for using other town mods I'd say there would be too many conflicts. Rebirth doesn't just add new buildings etc, but also alters the terrain to a large extent. You'd need to create compatibility patches to make them work properly alongside Rebirth.


Reply Good karma+1 vote
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