This mod adds new content to Arx Fatalis. Those include new items, different skins, NPC changes and crafting recipes. You will need the open source Arx Libertatis to run this mod.

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The following is a list of the current features I'm working on and possible new additions that might be included in the next updates.

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Current features I'm working on.


Thinking about adding new enchantments for weapons and armor. Maybe even change the old ones too. New "ingredients" for these enchantments might include wine, flour, oil, burning oil, water, etc. Here are some of the things I have thought so far:

Reagent on All Items
-Amikar Rock: AC Bonus / Defense Bonus
-Black Gel: Stealth Bonus
-Oil: Durability Bonus

Reagent on All Armor
-Bone Powder: STR Bonus
-Garlic: DEX Bonus
-Red Powder: CON Bonus
-Blue Powder: INT Bonus
-Dragon Bone Powder: All Attributes Bonus
-Yellow Powder: Poison Resistance
-Golem Heart: Magic Resistance

Reagent on Helm Armor
-Blue Potion: Ethereal Link Bonus
-Flour: Intuition Bonus
-Wine: Object knowledge Bonus

Reagent on Chest Armor
-Blue Potion: Casting Bonus
-Oil: Technical Bonus

Reagent on Legging Armor
-Blue Potion: Casting Bonus
-Oil: Technical Bonus

Reagent on Shield Armor
-Blue Potion: Ethereal Link Bonus

Reagent on All Weapons
-Bone Powder: STR Bonus
-Garlic: DEX Bonus
-Amikar Rock: Damage Bonus
-Burning Oil: Critical Hit Bonus
-Golem Heart: Paralyzing Attack

Reagent on Melee Weapons
-Flour: Close Combat Bonus

Reagent on Ranged Weapons
-Wine: Ranged Combat Bonus

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Features currently on hold. Posting them here for suggestions and feedback.

Mud Putty
-You can make more Mud Putty by combining a Bread Dough with Bone Powder.
-Can be used to make more molds and be able to make small items with them like daggers and rings.

Chicken's Egg
-Cooking ingredient but it could also be used in alchemy.
-Chances to find them on killed chickens.
-Sold by Maria in her Store.

Ranged Weapons
-Longbow: 9 Damage / -6% Casting // Requires 10 Dexterity and 40 Marksmanship

Rag wrappings and Bandages
-Goblins will drop small Rag Wrappings that can be combined to make big Rag Rolls.
-Rag Rolls will be used to create the first tier of mage clothing or be turned into Cloth with Dwarven Crafting Tools.
-Rag wrappings can be turned into bandages in washbasins or with Aqua Essentia and be used as an alternative to health potions.

Set of Tools
-Making it possible to use them on closed unlocked doors to turn them into traps to hurt NPCs when they open a door.

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There's some things I have been unable to mod but I would like help if there are other Arx modders out there. Maybe links to modding tools or cheats that would allow me to test things easily.

Armor Helmet:
Can't make them work properly with each hero head. If the script is internal, then I can't add new helmets.
-Mail Hood
-Merc Helmet: 2 Armor Class / -3 Stealth / -3 Casting / 20 Durability // Requires 9 Constitution
-Mithril Hood

Usable Mice

-Making Mice interactive. Use cheese to lure them to a place and then grab them.
-Some characters kill mice when they hear/see them so they could cause different reactions to some characters.
-Could also be killed/prepared by combining a blade with it so it can be cooked.

New Sounds

-If adding new sounds can be done, then I can make new dialogs and with that, new sidequests.

Unskillful use of one handed Weapons

If the player doesn't have the required strength to lift a one handed weapon, the weapon would take longer to charge a power strike, deal less damage and require both hands instead. This is something I have yet to try but I believe it's possible.


-Making Carlo wear the Kingdom Guard uniform instead of the plain one.
-Making the Bank Key you forge work like the original one and actually open the Bank Door.


i hope you will add more sidequests sounds and locations:) That would be more than AWESOME!!!

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