Its the Dark Age.

Cast away from the surface of the Earth by the disappearance of the sun, Mankind lived hidden underground in the Fortress of Arx. Humans only have magic left to survive against Ratmen, Dragons and starvation... But a much greater danger is hovering above the world of Arx Fatalis. Lurking in the eternal darkness of the mines, it feeds off the innocent souls of the city. It is not a monster. It is not human. It is pure evil. The adventure has just started, and soon, the fate of Arx, will be in your hands.

Arx Fatalis is a medieval heroic fantasy first person role playing game which places the accent on immersion, storyline, exploration and innovative magic system.

Dive into the universe of Arx Arx Fatalis is an RPG that thrusts the player into an extremely complex fantastic world. Arx Fatalis combines a rich storyline with impressive medieval settings. The easy to use interface results in maximum interaction. The player is in an intense immersion state where he can feel how each one of his actions affects the surrounding world. The goal of the game is to reduce to nothing the cult of Akbaa, God of destruction and Chaos, and thus, prevent him from returning to the physical world. If the player fails, the demon will crush Arx under its rule of blood and terror.

The player, assuming the role of potential hero, fights in a large underground fortress, with wood clubs, swords, lances. and many magic artifacts, against the threat of multiple underground creatures (Goblins, Trolls, Ratmen and other vicious creatures.) Skill and sharp reflexes is need for this path.

But rough power is not always the best road to victory. Every quest has at least 1 or 2 non violent options. You may use stealth and cunning to progress, keeping an eye out for details is crucial to succeed this way. The hero may also use the new "screen magic" to advance. By using the mouse, magic runes have to be drawn and combined on screen in order to create powerful spells that will protect the player or give him the strength to defeat his enemies and to complete his quest. Experimentation is crucial to succeed in this path.

In addition to the fight against demons and monsters, there is also a practically infinite number of interactions with the creatures and objects in the fortress, which enable the player to regain his memory, solve enigmas, and fulfill quests. By accumulating experience points, the player is able to train him any way they want.

Dare to enter the world of Arx Fatalis. Explore the underground cities, secret temples, ancient mine tunnels, discover forgotten civilizations and dominate the magic of Arx Fatalis...

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Arx 2023


Hello everyone, now we reveal the definitive and final release date for Arx Insanity in addition to the official release calendar. First of all, thank you very much to each of you for your patience, loyalty and for all the love you have given to the project. More details will be explained below as well as common questions made by the community very often which will be answered.








We planned to launch the mod earlier in December 2022, but the current situation could not allow us to achieve it, in addition to the fact that this will be the definitive date.

As you all know a while ago the first Arx Insanity trailer was released on youtube, revealing the first release date which unfortunately had to be cancelled, instead, in that period the Arx Insanity demo was released as an apology to the delay, but we don't want to repeat that situation once again.


I don't dedicate my life to developing the mod exclusively all the time, it would be great if that were possible, COVID-19 and my current job with 12 hour days and extended shifts is the main reason of all this delay time.

What's the current state of the project nowadays?

As you can imagine, this project is very ambicious, practically a whole new game, orginally it was made only as a difficulty mod, but it got more and more content, turning into a complete remaster and overhaul for the whole game, every texture, script, code line, sound and everything you can imagine has been worked or completely replaced and we don't mention the original content, we put a lot of love in every asset, we don't mind how much time an asset or idea could take but we want to achieve what we plan and be satisfied with the result, for instance from a simple old-fashion fishing system to new and modern mechanics found in the game.


The progress is at a very slow pace but it's continuous (Due to our limited time). To be honest, in my personal life I work 12 hour days, 6 days a week, so my spare time was drastically reduced from 12hrs to 1-2hrs per week to work the mod, so this will extend development as it is now and we will require more months and time to develop and achieve what we want to do. As I said before, I don't dedicate my life to developing the mod exclusively all the time, it would be great if that were possible, COVID-19 and my current job with 12 hour days and extended shifts is the main reason of all this delay time. I work shifts with 12hrs because it's the only job and I also have personal goals and ambitions in my life and I dedicate myself to working on them, I know that all the efforts will be worth it, and this mod too, although it's a hobby, it's an ambition and a personal goal.


What's already finished?

We finished about 90% of textures, levels are already finished in art and design, all remastered weapons are finished as well, so we want to focus on final details and polishment, audio and general remastering, also we want to add new lore and depth to the universe and world of Arx (Exosta) but the critical part is that some game designs and scripts need rework or be finished, also Insanity will be developed under Arx Libertatis 1.3, we want to add support for this version and develop with more possibilities, sadly one of our team programmers and friends left the project a long ago and we need to redo the code from scratch and improve what was already in the demo, we got more ambitions and features which we have in mind, so the time and the long wait will worth it we promise.

Why has the release of Arx Insanity been delayed since the first announcement?

Like you, we are people, we need to work, get money, eat, we have a personal life but above all we have problems and difficulties in real life. The mod was delayed due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a very difficult time since there were no jobs, there was no way to support ourselves, in addition to the fact that the delay was also due to serious health problems which have been gradually overcome little by little during this time, all this made it impossible to continue or focus on the development of the project enormously


The mod is 7 years in development, that's a long time, why is it just not released now?

Indeed, the mod has been started for more than 7 years, but it was mostly developed by one person in his spare time, moreover, when the project was started, I had no knowledge of anything, texturing, scripting, programming or audio, literally anything, so my love for Arx made me learn and make what we know today, it was a very long learning curve, most of the assets that were created initially, were improved or even replaced over and over again as I learned to make better results (Hardcore fans know the difference between old and new assets and the evolution of the mod), so the project has been a constant learning, there have been big and difficult challenges but also great achievements, as well as failures and mistakes, all this has been a process of years, so it's not that we make content and it's there implemented at the first attempt, every day it is about improving and giving more life and quality to the project, exceed our own expectations


Why it is taking too long to be completed?

As we said before, the project has been evolving and improving day by day, we could release an unfinished mod, but we want it to be finished properly and achieve what we really want for the project, give all the love and respect that Arx deserves, we need to make shure that the mod is solid and it has the quality we are looking for and make a better experience for all of you, it's very important to us. We need to be happy with the final result, so you will be happy as well.


Why another release date?, it's not interesting if you will delay the mod once again...

We're taking more time until the next year to develop what we need and have enough time to finish it, taking into account all our personal limitations and the little time we have to progress with the development of the game, this time there will be no more delays.

We made the mistake of release the Arx Insanity Demo with a raw build, without enought tests and it was developed under pressure in a very short deadline, resulting in a disaster that was fixed eventually, we learned about that and we don't want to repeat the same thing, this time we want to have a solid organization, schedules and release the mod in the best possible way within our possibilities, again, thank you very much for your love and patience.


And what's planned from now?

Finish the mod once for all and deliver the best possible experience for you, thanks for your understanding. From now we'll be sharing progress and updates more often, periodically in our discord server, if you didn't join yet you can do it now here.

We plan to release a new trailer in the next months, maybe some weeks depending in the situation but it will come sooner or later, also we plan to release teaser videos exclusive for our discord members with short fragments of gameplay from the full version.

From now we will do our best and give all our love to Arx, thanks for your patience and for supporting the mod, it means a lot for us...


Hello everyone, some months have passed since the last demo patch was released and we are still working daily in the Full mod and the next patch.

The patch was expected to be released a month ago but it was delayed due to new implementations and addons that we are finishing, we want to release a major patch instead, some of the upcoming features are:

IMPLEMENTATIONS:3D Remastered models for weapons and misc objects

swords in progress

It's a very requested feature from the community, redo most of the weapons in better quality, after we did and experimented with the implemented bone as a contribution, a lot of you requested to remaster every weapon in the game so now it's happening, thanks to our new 3D artists we have some of the remastered weapons already done, a new Lord Inut's bow is in the works, after that we are done with every weapon from the demo.


The work consists in work the mesh on blender, fix and add details, collision spheres and the required attachments, paint textures and finally make a post-process to make the new weapons fit in the Insanity graphics environment.

As an standalone step we make about 6-7 blood variants for every weapon in 5 different blood colors found in the game, our idea is to have dynamic and real time bloody effects depending on the NPC we fight.


Bringing back to life early concepts and ideas discarded by Arkane

We want to implement new content based on old concept arts, ideas and concepts that Arkane Studios removed back in the days because of their deadline or other reasons.


Early concept art by Arkane Studios, featuring a goblin weapon and a shield.

As you already know, we have brought back the Miguel's Fight Arena, a concept that was completely discarded by Arkane due to the lack of time, we are using unused dialogues, sounds, weapons, skins, puzzles and many things that were lost in the final version.

3 swords

New Am Shaegar's faces and some remastered NPC faces

We experimented remaking the textures for the Am Shaegar faces, our goal was to make them more realistic and the first prototype had very good results, so we decided to implement this feature as official and replace all the Am Shaegar's faces in addition to remake others such as Tizzy, Alia, etc


patch 0 4 7 banner


Patch 0.4.71 has been released solving and balancing some issues found in the latest one:

  • Fixed a bug with 2 trapdoors at the outpost
  • Fixed Kultar not firing the first cinematic at the prison
  • Fixed a wrong description for the medicinal herb
  • Buff for the drop attack game mechanic, now they inflict more damages
  • Nerf for general npcs in insanity and nightmare difficulties
  • Taar is now on its old spot and not inside a crate anymore

The latest patch is now available in 2 versions, full and patch only. 84 new bugs fixed, requests and new features done, update your demo installation to this latest version to get an improved game and a better experience.

In the most important changes and addons:

  • Optimized all-fog quality to significantly increase game performance on most systems and very high resolutions
  • Fixed a bug with a door not opening when showing a gem dealer license at the prison introduced in the previous patch
  • New magic system and balance
  • New and improved drunkenness system
  • Updated level design and level lighting for some levels
  • Localization minor improvements
  • Fixed some buggy goblins not hearing noises in the goblin prison
  • Nerf for drop attack and added a new system for them
  • Nerf for trapdoors and new system for them
  • A few brand new gameplay mechanics
  • New sound effects
  • General bug fixing and improvements


To install the latest version or reshade read the complete updated instructions once again.


Old saved games from old Insanity demo versions/vanilla/libertatis are incompatible with new patches, so start a new game to apply all changes and avoid corrupt scripts or broken games, thank you very much.


There are 2 different downloads available for version 0.4.7:

  • 0.4.7 Patch only version: this just include updates so it's required to have 0.4.5 (Or latest) previously installed before hand (0.4b is obsolete and not supported).
  • 0.4.7 Full version: this is an all-in-1 package (Full Insanity demo + patch), if you don't want complications just install this package and you're done, older demo versions or patches aren't required.

Arx Libertatis 1.2 "Mega Mega Mega" released

Arx Libertatis 1.2 "Mega Mega Mega" released

Arx Libertatis 10 comments

This release brings improved rune recognition when casting spells, as well as a new bow aim mode. Support for high resolutions and wide monitors is enhanced...

Development update 12/06/21

Development update 12/06/21

Arx Insanity Overhaul 10 comments

Some news about the current development progress and the upcoming patch.

Demo Patch 0.4.7 now available!

Demo Patch 0.4.7 now available!

Arx Insanity Overhaul 7 comments

Patch to fix more than 84 new issues and add new features. Arx Insanity demo is now available to download in a stable version. Play and test the first...

Demo Patch 0.4.6 Hotfix now available!

Demo Patch 0.4.6 Hotfix now available!

Arx Insanity Overhaul 3 comments

Patch to fix more than 400 issues and add new features. Arx Insanity demo is now available to download in a stable version. Play and test the first levels...

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The Backrooms - version 1.0

The Backrooms - version 1.0

The Backrooms of Arx Fatalis Full Version

This is the first release, which has a goal. You need to find a door and it's key to leave this level. Increased the ceilin height to have better navigation...

The Backrooms - first playable version

The Backrooms - first playable version

The Backrooms of Arx Fatalis Full Version 3 comments

The first playable version of the map generated with the seed 70448428008674860000. Nothing to collect except the runes to make lightning strikes, which...

Living Statue NPC first demo

Living Statue NPC first demo

Living Statue NPC Full Version

Initial version of the NPC. It needs to be spawned in with a console command. spawn npc statue/statue <marker id>

Arx Fatalis Complete Darkness v1.3.0

Arx Fatalis Complete Darkness v1.3.0

Complete Darkness Full Version 1 comment

The mod now has 2 versions: one where torches are still lit and one where torches are turned off. Pick whichever you fancy!

Arx Fatalis Complete Darkness v1.1.1

Arx Fatalis Complete Darkness v1.1.1

Complete Darkness Full Version

Fixed the remaining 5 levels and now everything is dark!

Arx Fatalis Complete Darkness v1.1.0

Arx Fatalis Complete Darkness v1.1.0

Complete Darkness Full Version

Turns the levels completely dark by removing hidden lights, turning off torches and setting pre-calculated lights to black.


There is a game in production called Monomyth that is inspired by and very similar looking to Arx Fatalis, it looks like we will finally get a spiritual successor to one of the greatest games ever made --- Trailer and other links with info below:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Here are delicious cakes majesty me slip zem under ze door!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

its a beauty among RPG's

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Finally and open-source rpg! There are many open-source fps. But very few open-source REAL rpgs.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

That's great news. Finally I can give this game a go! on my current machine. Kool!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I nearly cried tears of joy after reading the news.

Finally I can play that wonderful game again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

BTW guys, I created a quick video showing the basics of Arx. The video covers: casting spells, cooking food, combat and inventory. It ends with my character getting drunk in a tavern and causing trouble. It'll be uploaded soon...

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It'd be nice if we can upload downloads and not just mods...

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Sweet :)
Can't wait to see what new and old modders alike will come up with!

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