SINGLE PLAYER MOD FOR Warband 1.153 / 1.154 / 1.158
Offical Chinese Mod Thread:
Offical FAQ/ Guide for 16th Century Mod
This game begins on March 23rd of 1516(based on history but not history)
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Please click this link to see MORE DETAIL before playing:

Summary :

Campaign map based on the world map with many changes for gameplay improvements
You can travel around the world(you can reach Pacific Ocean from the port of San Anna in South America).
33 factions:
East Asia(6):
Mongol Empire
Jurchen Tribes
Kingdom of Joseon

Kingdom of Scotland
Union of Livonia
Crimean Khanate
Knights of Saint John

Central Asia and the Middle East(6):
Mamluk Sultanate
Kazakh Khanate

States_of_North Africa
Empire of Songhai
South African Tribes

Amrican Indian Tribes
Azteca Empire
Maya Cities
Inca Empire

Extra minor factions(10):
Indian tribesman
Indian Ocean pirate
African tribesman
Zunghar looters
Japanese pirate
Ikko Ikki
Chinese Rebels
European pirate
Cossack looter
Africa bandit

Enormous Amount of New Units: players can recruit units unique to each faction in villages (after player joins particular faction)
New Abilities during Battle: players can crouch by pressing [z], and horse can be summoned by pressing [m]
Smiths in Towns
Station Units in Villages
New Animation
Easier Lords' Personality Check
Unit Tree
Mini-map and info during Battle
Sea Travel
Naval Battle
Extended Formation System

19 Treasure Chests: players can find different chests containing mysterious treasures and unique equipments.

Horses' Speed Reduce when injured
Lance Breakst.And pikemen will use melee weapons like shooters when enemies come very close.
Terrains Influence Morale: players, when staying in certain terrains (e.g. desert, ocean) over a period of time, will have their units' morale significantly lowered
Recruitable Rebels: players have a certain chance to recruit rebels into their ranks by bribing them, however, by doing so the renown of the players will drop
Backstab Damage: player will inflict more damage if target is attacked from behind

Enable/Disable NPC Quarrelling
player can customize certain NPC's outfit, and modify certain NPC's look
Morale Boosters
Foreign Units Cost more
Cavalry Values More as Prisoners
Cavalry Takes More Space in Party

Ramon's Price Fluctuates From Faction to Faction
Besieging Icon: a besieged settlement will have a special icon appearing above it
Forced Peace: players, as the leader of a faction,can force peace by talking to the administrator (this will cause money)
Gifts: players can deliver gifts (money or wine) to friendly lords to increase relationship by talking to the administrator
Unified Flags: lords of the same faction can only use the same flag
Bodyguards: players will have NPCs as their bodyguards after entering a settlement
Control NPC in Battle: players can take control of any NPC in battle

Gambling in Tavern
World Map: player can access a detailed world map in the report panel
Markets and General Store in Castles: players now access markets and general stores even in castles (with 5+ relationship)
Players can execute any lords except kings
Players can interact with whores who are found in taverns (outcome may vary)
Hunger: the players' food supply now plays a bigger role in the game; lacking food not only will lower party morale, but also will lower certain character attributes

One Click Prisoner Selling
Peace Talk with Captured King
Selling Imprisoned Lords
Improved Casualties Statistics
Enemy Strength based Equipment Drop: the stronger the enemy, the better the loot!
Automatic outfit Changing System: players' outfit will automatically change based on the scenario (e.g. upon entering a palace,you will be in formal clothing instead of armours!)

Player Customizable Game Settings: players can customize the game like never before with the 16th Century's game settings (e.g. adjustable lance breaking chance, war starting chance; changeable faction flags and colour; instant item buying; Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment)
Marching System: players can force rapid march to increase campaign map movement speed (lowers morale), or order partys to move slower in exchange of stealthier movement
Players can invest in settlements to ameliorate relationships, and/or prosper the settlement
Numerous New Sound Effects: players will have an enhanced experience with the newly implement sound effects in 16th Century(e.g. sound effects for death, charging, whores, etc)
Special Guards (work in progress): the special units of Ming, Mongolia, Nvzhen, and Japan will only appear as the King's bodyguards.

C.Special Functions

1. Banking System
- players have line of credit that is directly linked to honour (higher honour means more money)
- players' savings will increase in value over time as there are interests
- Bank will send mercenaries to force player pay debts when player do not repay them

2. Customizable Units
- once players found their own factions, it is possible for them to customize the factions' units
- to access this feature, players need to go to the camp panel, in which they can change the attribute and name of the unit by clicking on the unit, and modify the equipments of the units by clicking on the picture of the unit
- player customized units generally are better, but they cost more
- players will be able to recruit their customized units several days after their creation
- lords of players' factions will also enlist these well trained and equipped soldiers

3. The "O" Key of Party Management
- playerscan use the key "O" to access a panel in which they can quickly check the status of their party, character, and NPC; players can also change the equipment of the NPCs in this panel

4. Titles of Nobility
- players can now become nobles (there are 5 rankings)

5. New Recruitment System
- players will need to improve their relationships with cities and castles in order to unlock different grades of units (cities: relationship 5+ unlocks first grade,10+ unlock second grade/ castles: relationship 10+ unlock third grade)

6. New Trading System
- players can now purchase special goods in certain cities that will bring enormous profit when sold in distant lands; players can also find peasants in the taverns who are willing to exchange special goods with the players' goods
- YingTian: Silk/ Kyoto: Sake/ Kuran: Steeds/ Chunpei: Nutmeg/ Deli: Pepper/ London: Whisky/ Venice: Glassware/ Moscow: Vodka/ Seville: Mercury/ Tenochtitlan: Tobacco/ Ankara: Carpet

7. Building Certain Settlements
- Players can now build villages and/or castles as soon as they have 6 right to rule and 200 renown
- Players can also construct patrol stations in which they can enlist/disband patrols
- For more information please check the "game concept" within the "report" panel
- Players can buy back this village if they loss it(Talk with village elder).

8. Fog of War
- Players can only see settlements they have already visited, so start exploring! (can be enabled/disabled in camp panel)

9. Freelancer Incorporated
- Players can offer their swords to lords now as an average soldier (there are bugs as it is not perfectly merged with the game yet)

10. Special Locations
- There are special places on the campaign map in which players will be alone fighting some enemies to acquire certain equipments
- Diaoyu Island/ Villa of Spain/ Beached Galley of Bermuda/ Ruins of Mali/ Pyramids of Egypt/ Hu Guang Government Council of Ming/ Tavern of Antioch/ Castle of Cossack/ Ancient Arena

11. Injuries and Treatments
- Hunger: players' strength and agility will be lowered without food, however, the effects are reversible as sufficient food will restore the players' attributes into their original value
- Injuries: players have chances to become injured in different areas of body (head, hand, feet), lowering corresponding attributes
- Treatments: players need to seek doctors in taverns in order to be fully healed of the injury; doctors can also heal NPCs and soldiers

12. Fast NPC Search
- Players now can ask the tavern keepers for NPCs' locations or pay the tavern keepers to find and bring the NPC for them.

13. Steward
- Players now will have a steward in their castle and through him players can adjust tax rate, change the name of the castle, etc.; in cities the mayor=steward, in villages elder=steward)

14. Miscellaneous
- Enlisting Captured Lord: now lords in prison can be talked into joining players' factions (or you can be nice and release them)
- New Custom Battle Scene: players can now fight as one of the characters created based on the 16th Century mod creators in a carefully crafted Great Wall Scene

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An Complete Introduction to the 16th Century Mod

An Complete Introduction to the 16th Century Mod

Feature 13 comments

An Complete Introduction to the 16th Century Mod.Please read before playing

16th Century Mod FAQ

16th Century Mod FAQ

Other Tutorial 87 comments

Here is the FAQ for 16th century, it also gives tips, guides and stuff on how to play the mod

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Patch 16thCNiw1.8.3

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OUTDATED Mundum Ignem Et Gladium - First Release

OUTDATED Mundum Ignem Et Gladium - First Release

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scenes fix

scenes fix

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Fist at all,thank you who plays and mod this mod for these many years. In fact,we have 2 versions of this mod,in Chinese version,we add some other function...

16th Century 1.8.2 Nations in war

16th Century 1.8.2 Nations in war

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16th Century 1.8.2 Nations in war By: Century War Team ...made by @Yifeng_Konjac, and updated by @Izaackque_Diaz. We at Mount & Blade Brasil and Century...

[PT-BR] 16th Century ver 1.8

[PT-BR] 16th Century ver 1.8

Full Version 113 comments

This is a bug-corrected version of the acclaimed modification 16th Century from Century War Team. As the title says, the modification is in Brazilian...

English Names Fix

English Names Fix

Patch 12 comments

Changes tons of settlement names and corrects troop names (spelling, capitalization, adjectives).

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,471)

I wanted to communicate that I have a problem with the kill feed in this mod, in certain battles (whether sieges or open field battles) the kill feed disappears (I have it activated in the options). It happens to someone else? and if so, they have found a solution?
(Sorry for my bad english)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If its not even showing damage feed then it could be it has a lot of errors showing or something and cant be displayed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

First of all, thank you for making this fantastic mod sir!

But I want to ask, how do I equip my custom troops tree when you try to build your own kingdom? All I can do is to change the status, but they're ended up all naked with no equipment.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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It's Hanbok, not Han Fu.

Korean traditional dress isn't Chinese. That has to be fixed.
If you refuse to do so, you're not making the most accurate, if not history being distorted, portrayal of a historical mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is it compatible with version 1.174

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a way to disable the noble titles for the player name, I am tired of changing my name from _Baron_Edward_Theodur to Emperor_Theodur_I. I don't like the mod to force a title in my name that doesn't show that I am a ruler, it makes no sense. That's why I want to know how to disable giving noble titles to the player, and why is there no settings to turn it off.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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modding mb2 mod
in the name of Jerusalem2

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