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YouNean DevTeam Is Proud To Present You This Epic Mount And Blade Warband Mod : War Of The Samurai

War of the Samurai is one of Mount and Blade: Warband Biggest and greatest Modification. You Start as powerless useless unknown

samurai or should i say a peasant a villager who has or who need to make his dream come true , become reality, a dream of a united country a united japan


War of the Samurai Clans(Factions)

  • the mod now have 53 official clans

    1. "Akamatsu Clan"
    2. "Akizuki Clan"
    3. "Amago Clan"
    4. "Anegakoji Clan"
    5. "Anto Clan"
    6. "Arima Clan"
    7. "Asakura Clan"
    8. "Ashikaga Clan"
    9. "Ashina Clan"
    10. "Aso Clan"
    11. "Azai Clan"
    12. "Chosokabe Clan"
    13. "Date Clan"
    14. "Hatakeyama Clan"
    15. "Hatano Clan"
    16. "Hojo Clan"
    17. "Honganji Clan"
    18. "Ichijo Clan"
    19. "Imagawa Clan"
    20. "Isshiki Clan"
    21. "Ito Clan"
    22. "Jinbo Clan"
    23. "Kakizaki Clan"
    24. "Kimotsuki Clan"
    25. "Kitabatake Clan"
    26. "Kono Clan"
    27. "Matsudaira Clan"
    28. "Motoyama Clan"
    29. "Mimura Clan"
    30. "Miyoshi Clan"
    31. "Mogami Clan"
    32. "Mori Clan"
    33. "Nagano Clan"
    34. "Nagao Clan"
    35. "Nanbu Clan"
    36. "Oda Clan"
    37. "Otomo Clan"
    38. "Rokkaku Clan"
    39. "Ryuzoji Clan"
    40. "Sagara Clan"
    41. "Saito Clan"
    42. "Satake Clan"
    43. "Satomi Clan"
    44. "Shiba Clan"
    45. "Shimazu Clan"
    46. "Soma Clan"
    47. "Suzuki Clan"
    48. "Takeda Clan"
    49. "Tsutsui Clan"
    50. "Uragami Clan"
    51. "Utsunomiya Clan"
    52. "Yamana Clan"
    53. "Yuki Clan"

    adding more ? not sure maybe later!

War of The Samurai Features

  • Villages : more then Native with 408 Villages
  • Castles: more then Native with 159 Castles
  • Towns: more then Native with 54 Towns
  • Clans: more then Native with 47 clan

  • 53 Daimyos
  • 717 Lords(will add more in the future)
  • more then 300 ladies(maybe more in the future)

  • Historical accurate era (in the year of 1560)
  • Historical accurate events
  • a Mod that will help you learn history in the best way you've ever seen
  • be a retainer(lord) under one of your most famous / favorite daimyos
  • or be a daimyo your own and face the famous ones

Recreate history or change it what will you do ?!

Please Give your Support To The Mod and Thanks

PS: please be patient (i know its taking a lot of time but...) the Mod is in development and it's getting close and closer to a beta , all of you want a great mod features rich a mod that will give you the best experience you can ever wish for and that's what you will get hopefully !

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All that's left is the few empty spots reserved for some building which I'm working on in blender.
and the small details like tables lamps, guards, merchants.....etc

Here are some pictures you can enjoy!

From above view Of Nijo, Beautiful!

From Above View

In streets View of Nijo!

A Temple.

Nijo Palace Progress 2!

Nijo Palace Progress 2!

News 2 comments

So, I thought I'll release news on the progress wherever something is done, to let you know where we are! and Nijo Palace is the Perfect Start!



News 4 comments

Sorry for the long wait, and absence. Had many health problems and life problems that slowed the work a little bit, but I'm not here to nag I'm here to...

I'm looking for sceners !

I'm looking for sceners !

News 3 comments

I'm looking for sceners !! guys who are good in making scenes! simple scenes of villages mansions towns castles anything that can relate to the mod era...



News 6 comments

sorry for the long long absent i've been having problems in my real life so i couldn't update but still i kept on working on the mod and now here is a...

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Dead as a doorknob. The Shokuho mod for Bannerlord looks better anyway:

And even if this project wasn't dead (which it most certainly is), it makes little sense to continue developing mods for a 13 year old game. Warband is an amazing game and a classic, but Bannerlord is much more moddable and has some seriously amazing released mods and upcoming mods in the works.

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best wishes with dev :)

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Hello is this mod still alive

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello Everyone, this is me the creator of this mod, sorry for the long dead-out had some life issues and was hospitalised for a long while.
I'm fine now and I managed to get my **** back together, so I'll be reworking on this piece of art again, lately I've been trying all kind of different mods, seeing the integrated features and thinking of what could get this mod kicking again.

For those who gave up, I'm sorry.
For those who are still interested, I'm back *************!

LoneFennec (previously "imado552" lost account-)

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Come fast me love :) <3

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Stay strong!Waiting for your great mod!

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okay sir. waiting for you. keep it up

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