A historical warband mod with 33 factions and hundreds of units. Which empire shall rise and which shall fall?The fate of this world is now in your hands...

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진Jin says

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Some the custom hairstyles are great! But I noticed when attacking cities some turn grey? but are fine if just walking around them. Also the japanese faction is defensive even if they attack you sometimes they just stand there and wait for you ( I out ranged them so i sat there and shot them all dead O_o ) also even a faction thats been defeated their generals like one man armies will charge around the map trying to capture cities by them selfs LOL its quite funny.

Really great mod! Can not wait for full release! please take in mind im really not complaining!! just happy ^_^ one last thing... Should not me Kingdom of Korea^^ should be Joseon Dynasty or Choson Dynasty.


maybe the best mod of warband, this mod is the one with the longest life, for varius reasons

+1 the map is all the world, wich is mostly impresive

+1 awesome variety of items

+3 custom troop tree ¿ are you serious ? i dreamed with this feature in every mod and now u just implemented it, love making mi own supersoldiers

+2 sieges, the sieges are now a huge battle with muskets street by street, not just kill kill kill in the same place

+1 economic sistems implemented, and minor mods than make the game more fun

+1 every faction has is own troops, many mods use the same troops for every 5 factions and say that they created 50 factions, wich in fact are 10 recolored

+1 finally, every city has minor diferences that make them very different to other ones, you know when u are on rome, moskovia, london, paris, sevilla, the secrets make the game funnyer since there is a part of mystery on it the effects of the bullets are awesome and the pike sistem very realistic, this is, by my point of view , the more worked mod, and the best mod of warband, thx you guys for releasing this masterpiece

Love it!


Good would map
good factions
good armors,weapon
sea Battle
Free lancer added
custom troops
puplic Graphic (not too hight but still look so good so many weak computer can play this )
this mod good than some other mod what try to ask people donate for it !
this mod very good and this free for people
when we ask for some update and fix bug....they listen and do it(for free)
they do this mod for people and for their passion not for money
The best of Mount and warband mod!

I love it but I have some requests. Can you please change the notification saying "Kingdom Not responding" to something else it feels like a error at first. That's really my only complaint. I assume that the names of some of the towns and armor are just beta. Great mod I will always support it!


CulprittDenied says

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Amazing mod. I can't wait for the next version. Lots of work done and I love the custom troop creator. EXCELLENT


Everything is working very smoothly for me. In most of the mods I get crashes and fps issues, but in this one total of 0 crashes & other issues.

Troops looks overally nice/awesome. I love the battle commands.

If this mod had more diplomacy. It would be 10/10.



Best f**king mod ever! nuff said! but the review field must at least 150 characters in length.

Getting away with features from With Fire and Sword is already a huge deal plus every faction is unique to each other and I'm really digging this and also you can customize your own troop tree which is soooo nice! well what much else to say? Huge *** map? So many variety of weapons and armor? this is like a complete package of everything you want from a mod!

Great work Yifeng_konjac! hope to see more updates!


One of the best mods I've played for M&B: Warband. There is a lot of detail in the models and a whole lot of new features. A big reason why I praise this mod so much is because you can go anywhere in the world and not be stuck in Europe like some other mods. I also highly recommend you to try to be an explorer and fight around the world while seeing new weapons, armor, and troop types. I hope that this mod does not cease it's development and continues their work of gold.


anonymousofhellas says

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excellent mod when the full release will ready?