The recipient of every major "Best RPG of the Year" award, The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall revolutionizes the world of role-playing games, creating a new standard in 3D graphics and role-playing expansiveness. The second chapter in The Elder Scrolls, Daggerfall contains, literally, hundreds of hours of gameplay. Prepare to experience your new obsession.

Starting off in Daggerfall can overwhelm the senses. No other game has such a huge world to explore. Travel around a land mass twice the size of Great Britain, exploring dungeons, castles, tombs, and even alternative dimensions. Just to walk from one end of the world to the other will take over 2 full weeks in real-time (we actually tested this!) Converse with over 750,000 characters that inhabit this world. Daggerfall is a game that sets new boundaries with over 200 hours of gameplay. It's no wonder that it took almost 3 years to develop this epic game.

You can literally do anything you want and go anywhere you want. Join a guild and climb in rank to become a respected member of a Knightly Order. Become a spy and infiltrate the royal ranks, and even rebel against your own king. Become a thief who slips in and out of the shadows and steals the rare treasures of the world. There are six different endings, if you choose to play out the main story quest, but ultimately the life you choose to live will be a unique experience that no other gamer will encounter.

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Unlike later games in the series, diseases in Daggerfall are more than a mere annoyance. They mean serious business and could spell a permanent end to your adventures if left untreated. Diseases will sap your attributes to nothing and even kill you in a matter of days if you don't manage to get cured.

So good news everyone! Starting with latest Live Builds you can become infected with diseases in Daggerfall Unity thanks to dirty creatures like bats, rats, and mummies.

Diseases actually began development a while back. Most of the research and back-end framework was built out by two rockstar contributors you should already be familiar with: Allofich and Hazelnut. Diseases have just been waiting for me to implement effect system to handle their payload and support their curing by spell effects. This is another great example of a successful collaborative effort for Daggerfall Unity.

Rather than roll out a dry article about implementation details, I've decided to use the Visual Diary format to tell a bit of a story and show all the different parts of the disease system in the context of normal play. I've decided to create a fictional day in the life of your average character to show how he might catch a disease and find his way to a cure. This is also great opportunity to show just how far gameplay has come, as everything that follows is something that could play out in Daggerfall Unity right now.

Let's begin.

Part One : The Mummy

It's just one of those days. Your bank loan is due and your room at the Pig and Cat is almost up. You need some gold like yesterday to fuel the expensive tavern and ship-travel lifestyle you've become accustomed to. You're about to be homeless and legally wanted in Gothway Garden of Daggerfall. So what's a flat broke adventure to do?

You decide to visit Tristyn Hawkton of the Mages Guild to see if there's any work available. It turns out he's just delighted to see you and crazy for some wrappings from a very specific mummy called Maruag. Would you mind popping over to the Ruins of Wicksmith Court to get them for him? He's paying 1359 gold pieces for your trouble.

That should be enough to pay back your bank loan and a buy several months at the Pig and Cat, so you accept the quest and make your way on horseback to the Ruins of Wicksmith Court to look for that mummy and nick some of the poor thing's bandages.

Not much left of this place, is there? Just a few crumbled building and an entrance to some below-ground hellscape. You wonder if these places would still be ruins if they didn't insist on building on top of labyrinths filled to the brim with monsters. Maybe the property tax is lower or something?

After a few hours of searching dead-ends, you finally encounter the mummy Maruag itself. Looks like some other adventurer has taken the time to put it in a cage. Maybe they needed wrappings too?

You try reaching for a loose end from Maruag's wrapping. Live and let live right, the poor thing is already trapped in a cage. But Maruag is less than impressed and claws at your arm, drawing blood. You think: "right, you're done mate!" and cut down Maruag with that overpriced Daedric Dagger you took out a huge bank loan for a while back. On its double-dead corpse you find another 900 pieces of gold (score!) and the wrappings Tristyn Hawkton is looking for.

With all the gold you've made on this run, plus the reward, you'll finally be out of debt with the bank and have a roof over your head for a long while. You rest up and use your Medical skill to treat that scratch Maruag gave you earlier, then head back to Gothway Garden.

What you don't know yet is that Maruag's parting shot at you from his last moments of undeath have left you with a nasty surprise lurking in your bloodstream.

Part Two : The Homeward Journey

You look at your map to plan your journey home, and this is where you get your first sign of trouble. Suddenly the game is warning you something isn't right.

As a seasoned adventurer, you know this means you've caught a disease. Probably from that mummy scratch. You think it over for a minute and determine that you feel healthy right now.

You know from experience that diseases have a short incubation period. You probably won't feel bad until tomorrow sometime. The Ruins of Wicksmith Court is about a day from Gothway Garden, so travel should not be too risky. If you were several days from the nearest town with a temple, things might be different. But it's already late in the afternoon after spending so many hours in that dungeon, so you decide to get a move on and make your way back to Gothway Garden as quickly as possible by travelling recklessly.

You arrive shortly after midnight, and you're already starting to feel unwell. Looking at those sores forming on your arm, you know that you've caught the Red Death, a horrible disease that will be fatal if left untreated. You're already feeling quite drained. Thankfully you made to town without wasting any time!

Part Three : A Temple Cure

The quickest way to heal is by visiting the local temple if one is available. Fortunately Gothway Garden has a Resolution of Z'en on the north-east side. You make your way through the sleeping town in darkness, accompanied only by the sound of crickets.

A temple healer is on duty at all hours, and she offers to cure your Red Death for the low price of 317 gold pieces. You pay the fee and are healed in short order.

Part 4 : Curing By Spellcraft

On the other hand, you might decide you don't want any dealings with a temple that's only going to take more of your hard-earned gold. You have some skill in Restoration... well, kind of. Maybe instead you can heal your own disease and save yourself some gold. You're already a member of the Mages Guild after all. The first problem is that you travelled to town as quickly as possible and the Mages Guild is currently closed. At least you can rent your room at the Pig and Cat for another 30 days and try to create yourself a cure in the morning.

Later that morning, you visit the Mages Guild again and head straight for the spell maker to create a Cure Disease spell. Here you strike another problem. You're more of a Daedric Dagger kind of person, so you've been a bit tardy in your magical studies. You only have 6% skill in Restoration and 120 spell points to work with. Thankfully that Red Death isn't draining your Intelligence attribute or a temple might be the only option for now. You create a Cure Disease spell with the best chance of success you can for under 120 spell points.

You put together a Cure Disease spell that gives you a 1% chance of success plus 9% for every 2 levels gained. You're currently level 12, so you have a 1+9*(12/2)=55% chance of success. That's a better than half chance of success. Unfortunately it costs 408 gold pieces, which is more than the temple was offering. But at least now you can cure your own diseases whenever you need to. Anyway, who cares about stupid numbers? Let's cast this thing!

A crackle of fierce magical energy erupts from your hands and flows around your body. You feel the healing energies seep into your... wait, "spell effect failed"?

A better than half chance of success still means you have about a half chance of failure as well. And now you've blown your whole magicka reserves casting that one spell. Oh well, at least you're not that sick - yet. Not to be defeated, you return to the Pig and Cat to recover your magicka reserves to rest and try again. But first you give Tristyn Hawkton have his stupid mummy wrappings on the way out.

After several hours of rest and a second attempt, you finally clear yourself of that disease.

Part 4 : Epilogue

With some gold in hand, you visit the local Bank of Daggerfall and pay back that loan for the Daedric Dagger. Despite everything you've been through, you still managed to come out even stronger in the end. Maybe now it's time to continue with the Emperor's quest.

XL Engine Update 3 - Shadow Warrior XL

XL Engine Update 3 - Shadow Warrior XL

DaggerXL 5 comments

DarkXL Build now has all the necessary features. Unified Software Renderer will now be a option for those who want the graphics to scale out better ...

New Workshop Members

New Workshop Members

Daggerfall Unity 1 comment

Please welcome Nystul, LypyL, and InconsolableCellist to Daggerfall Workshop!

Terrain Overhaul

Terrain Overhaul

Daggerfall Unity

Streaming world now uses Unity's own terrain system for maximum features.

Improved Terrain Tiling

Improved Terrain Tiling

Daggerfall Unity

Implements a fragment shader for tiling from atlas, with corrections for texture bleeding and mipmap sample errors.

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Daggerfall Remastered Music Mod

Daggerfall Remastered Music Mod

Daggerfall Unity Music

The aim of this remaster is to use the samples and tools I have at my disposal to produce a cohesive and comprehensive remastering of all the midi files...

CharcoalGhosts 1.0

CharcoalGhosts 1.0

CharcoalGhosts Full Version 1 comment

First official release of CharcoalGhosts, replacement textures for Daggerfall Unity

Daggerfall översättning 0.1

Daggerfall översättning 0.1

Svensk Översättning av Daggerfall Other

Detta är första versionen av vår Daggerfallöversättning

Dagerfall v2.13

Dagerfall v2.13


Last and final official patch (v.1.07.213). Copy into your Daggerfall directory and execute.

Daggerfall Unity Test v0.2.9

Daggerfall Unity Test v0.2.9

Demo 3 comments

Daggerfall Unity 0.2.9 is now available for general download. (You must have the Full Game Installed on your C:\ Directory to use these Unity Files! It...

Daggerfall: Streaming World v1.2

Daggerfall: Streaming World v1.2

Full Version 10 comments

Daggerfall Streaming World v1.2 features full streaming world, day/night cycle, building interiors, contextual music, seasons, rain, snow, dungeons, combat...

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My character grinds on city guards for xp since some monsters have immunity with lower tier weapons. The guards will arrest you when they successfully land a hit on you. For added bonus try playing a ranged type character.

And some inns are known to have Daedric Weapons.

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It kind of sucks how a game made 3 years after Doom didn't ever get official modding tools or a source code release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

None of the Bethesda games saw the source code release.
Trust me, fans would bury Bethesda so deep with bug fixes and new upgrades. It's kind a no wonder they never released a source code.
They should really, I mean the games are single player. Who gives a damn, give fans the freedom if you stop supporting the games.

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simply one of the best games ever made burn alive any one who says otherwise lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

LOVED Daggerfall, I just wished they could've implemented everything they (Bethesda) had in mind when they were developing this and didn't had to rush it. The bugs were pretty bad when it got first released and was never completely dealt with, but when you over look the bugs it truly was a fantastic game. The lore in DF is really deep and I love that aspect also.

Just remember when playing Daggerfall:


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This is what started Skyrim, all bow down to it's ancestor.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

actually I pretty sure Arena started Skyrim...

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Anyone that wants to play on newer systems can either use dosbox or a virtual PC

Also look for the fully made setup version with auto configed dosbox if setting it up otherwise is too difficult.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

If they would port this to the ds or some other handheld, I would be very pleased. And I would buy it. :-)

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Absolutely brilliant RPG game. Tons of features that were sadly removed from future Elder Scrolls entries,cause Bethesda just enjoys streamlining the shit out of everything. Depth,total control of the character you are creating with all his powers/weaknesses,this is how a proper RPG is made.
Some advice -
SAVE! OFTEN! This game has no checkpoints/autosaves.

Mar 8 2017 by Necrolifer

Role Playing
Single Player

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🍃🍁1st of Frostfall 🍁🍃

Oct 1 2019

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