The recipient of every major "Best RPG of the Year" award, The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall revolutionizes the world of role-playing games, creating a new standard in 3D graphics and role-playing expansiveness. The second chapter in The Elder Scrolls, Daggerfall contains, literally, hundreds of hours of gameplay.

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Absolutely brilliant RPG game. Tons of features that were sadly removed from future Elder Scrolls entries,cause Bethesda just enjoys streamlining the **** out of everything. Depth,total control of the character you are creating with all his powers/weaknesses,this is how a proper RPG is made.
Some advice -
SAVE! OFTEN! This game has no checkpoints/autosaves.

Plain awesome. A HUGE map to explore, a few thousands of quests, and hundreds of dungeons make it is great. And I know it's old and all, but the graphics damages the score as no new gamers will play it.


I don't think there's any true way to explain why Daggerfall's worth having around that hasn't already been gushed by players far more in the know of it's depth and greatness than I.

Thanks to Bethesda for releasing it for free and the community behind all the fixes and small tweaks over the years. As well as the lovely people behind Daggerfall Setup, I wouldn't be able to play it without them.


Classic Ever


Terrible graphics....But ****ing awesome game!!!!!!

Amazing endeavor! Please support these devs!~



Best FPS-RPG! No I didn`t played Oblivion or Skyrim! Only Daggerfall and Arena.


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