The Xenoforce Reborn mod takes the classic Xenoforce mod from CNC Generals and re-invisions it on the CNC3 engine with new units and new designs. The new armies that are currently scheduled to be in the mod are the Earth Federation, ZEON, the Invid, and the Earth Robotech Defense Force. We also have heavily modified the original CNC3 armies, giving the GDI, NOD, and Scrin a much more dynamic gameplay experience. This mod is NOT FOR PROFIT and NON-commercial based.

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A picture of the future Salamander death system NOD Colossus Repair Vessel
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15 comments by azuza001 on Nov 5th, 2012

Well it's been a long year but we've finally got something here that we think deserves to be officially released. This is the new version of the Original 3 mod, using our own custom balancing system and unit classification system making it a unique playing experience for any seasoned CNC 3 player. And with our custom Xenoforce AI's to go against old pro's will have a lot of new challenges to try.

There are a lot of new changes here, almost every single thing has been modified in some way, so it would be impossible for us to give an entire rundown of what has changed here. However I will go into detail on the more general changes.

First we will talk about the general changes. The Xenoforce Reborn Mod is currently using a Class/Teir system. What that means is that each unit in the game falls into 1 of 4 different Class's.

Offensive units are units designed to take a hit. Their health is set to 50% higher than what it should be for a unit of that Armor Teir. Assault units are units designed to get first hit in. Their attack range and damage output is set to be 25% higher than the weapon the unit uses allows. The 3rd class is Repair, these units are designed to keep others operating in the field. Finally you have Utility class units. These are Units that have a lot of different special abilities or powers giving them an extra edge in specific situations.

The Teir aspect of this design is very simple to understand. Each unit has a Weapon / Armor / Utility teir set. A unit with a Weapon Teir of 1 is able to easily deal with enemies that have an Armor Teir of 1 as long as that weapon is designed to deal with that unit type. So a unit that has a Weapon Teir of 3, Armor Teir of 4, and Utility Teir of 2 will be able to deal with enemies that are Armor Teir of 3 pretty easily while being able to survive anything lower than a Teir 4 Weapon pretty easily as well. Finally that Utility Teir of 2 means that this unit has at least 2 special features, be it detect stealth, stealth, generate funds, extra armor, ect...

Second up is GDI.

GDI News Pics

The GDI forces are all about deployment. Their most powerful units are able to be deployed to the field easily and for free giving GDI the ability to build up a massive force of units and then pound their enemies to dust. GDI forces specialize at two different types of tactics, Swarm Attacks and Seige Campaigns. With many different choices to pick from for artillery attacks, the ability to deploy 3 different types of Zone Armor Troops with Defensive Rig support, and the venerable Kodiak Escort Class ship to go to if everything starts going south GDI is a hard force to deal with.

GDI News Pics

Third up is NOD.

NOD News Pictures

NOD has undergone a major change. They are now the centerpiece of our storyline. After the 2nd war and CABAL was defeated NOD needed a new leader to help them move forward after the loss of Kane. In the end the NOD that emerged from that 2nd war was nothing like it's older self. NOD was transformed into a multi-billion credit company run the Memory Matrix AI LEGION. LEGION had 4 specific lines of research that it had NOD focusing on. In game this means that there are 4 different Doctrines that the player can research to give their units an edge against the Scrin Forces that LEGION knows are coming. After all, who would know better at how to defeat an enemy than one of their own AI's?

The Sector 9 Doctrine is designed around building a cybernetic army of super-soldiers. These forces are made with the idea to make the ultimate secret units that are easily produced off the assembly line. Using the brain scans of Natasha, one of NOD's most effective and lethal special agents Sector 9 has been able to make mechanical recreations that are faster, stronger, and much more deadly than the original could ever be. Sector 9 also focus's on Laser Technology giving many of their units some form of laser weapon type with their upgrade.

The Homeland Defense Doctrine is designed around needing a first response team. Soldiers equipped with powerful armor, flamer and melta weapon technology for dealing with Scrin Shields and rapidly teleporting infantry forces, and missile packs that allow them to fight an enemy no matter where they are.

The Tiberium Guard Doctrine is based around the realization that no matter what the Scrin would be able to get to the Tiberium on Earth. So Legion focused these forces around being there when they did. Able to work in small groups, equipped with powerful kinetic weapons with thermite ammunition, these forces are the last line of the NOD defense against an enemy they know are coming.

Finally the Black Operations Doctrine are the one force that LEGION decided that NOD needed to deal with GDI forces. LEGION had no direct quarrel with GDI but it also knew that GDI would not let it go unchecked with it's preparations for the Scrin. So it developed the Black Operations teams, forces that were designed to keep GDI at bay and off balance long enough for the rest of the Doctrines to come to fruition. Black Operations teams have different powers and abilities that they use to hit the enemy right where it hurts.

But thats not all. Legion knows that no matter what it does to prepare for the Scrin that it would need something special for dealing with Scrin Capitol Ships. The Salamander would be sufficient to counter GDI Air units and Kodiaks but for the Scrin it needed something special. And for that it built the Medusa Memory Matrix. This special structure takes 15 minutes to go from built to completed, but even at 25% completion it's able to act as it's own base. It produces its own money. It produces its own power. It produces it's own structures. It is a base all on its own. But once it deploys its a completely different beast. In the air it's main purpose is to be able to destroy Scrin Capitol Ships while staying far enough away to not worry about enemy fire. And finally, if Legion finds that all is lost it can use the Medusa to escape this Solar System and start over elsewhere. The Medusa is LEGION's escape plan.

NOD News Pictures

NOD News Pictures

Finally we have Scrin

Scrin Pics for news

The Scrin are a completely alien force in the game. And they are at war. They use Tiberium to survive, to expand their galactic empire, and to make sure that they are the only race that lives. For thousands of years they did this sucsessfuly, sending meteors covered in Tiberium to different planets and then years later moving in to harvest the crop.

And then they came across a planet that did not seed properly. They came across the new home planet of the Invid. The Scrin / Invid war has gone on for centuries. It is now coming to a close with both forces on the brink of collapse. The tipping point is that Tiberium, the energy source that the Scrin use, and Protoculture, the energy source that the Invid use can not co-exist. Tiberium corrupts and destroys Protoculture, but Protoculture is a much purer and more powerful source of energy. Now there is only one planet left that is ready for harvesting according to Scrin Sensors. This planet was not due for harvesting for another 30 years but with an entire planet ready to harvest it would be just enough to tip the war into the Scrins favor. However there is also a Protoculture energy pulse coming from the planet so the Scrin need to get there and remove it before the Invid find it and move to stop them. They can not afford to lose this planet. Their entire civilization could hang in the balance.

But they were not expecting the planets original population to alive when they got there. They never expected the floating cylinders in space housing millions of humans, or the massive number of troops scattered across the globe fighting each other, armed to the teeth. And the rich fields of Tiberium ready to be harvested were not there as well. Someone or something had tricked them into coming to the planet early. And they are not happy about this.

Scrin Pics for news

The Scrin force is based around their upgrade system, called the Scin Bio-Index. Using the Bio-Index the Scrin can manipulate their Bio-Armors, Bio-Units, and Escort ships performance to get the optimal performance out of their forces. The main ground forces of the Scrin, the Bio-Armors, are very powerful and versatile. They have 3 types that they use, Silver Bio-Armors are the bread and butter ground force for the Scrin. Emerald Bio-Armors are designed to slow the enemy down and protect Scrin Harvesters so that they can get their job done. Finally Ruby Bio-Armors are powerful leaders with the ability to increase the performance of all units near them. The key think about Bio-Armors are even when they die they are not done. Bio-Armors are piloted by Bioroids. Bioroids are elite infantry units that escape Bio-Armors as they die allowing them to continue to fighting.

But the key force of the Scrin army are the Scrin Capitol Ships. These powerful flying fortress's are a match for anything else on the field weaker than a Medusa Memory Matrix. These ships are able to deal with enemy forces that would stop an entire enemy army. And they are able to be mass produced. Given enough time nothing can stop a Scrin Capitol Ship force in mass. Nothing.

Scrin Pics for news

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azuza001 Apr 9 2015, 6:31pm says:

Another update for everyone who is patiently awaiting our update. Its going to be a lot longer than we originally thought. This is due to us making a hard decision when it comes to the mod, which is the state of the factions. It has taken us over a year to redo NOD for many different reasons but in the end NOD is defiantly worth the wait. While other factions like GDI and Scrin hold up decently (this part is arguable, they will have to be looked at at some point in the far future for fixing) the Earth Federation was horrible. To play as NOD and then switch to EF was such a jarring difference that in all honestly there is no way I was going to release this like it is. So after we're done with the NOD changes that are still being done (just final touches, making sure bugs don't cause some units to become able to be exploitable) we need to go back and make EF-UC function properly and not be the "Meat Grinder" experience that it is.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Valherran May 17 2015, 6:21am replied:

Any BETAs gonna be available?

+1 vote     reply to comment
azuza001 Apr 1 2015, 1:57pm says:

Just an update, we're still balancing things out and do not want to release something that we know isn't properly set up (as this will lead to other issues and a re-release in a few weeks anyways).

+1 vote     reply to comment
Roboute-Guilliman Mar 26 2015, 10:58pm says:

Hey not sure where to look but ive been playing reborn and i swear i read you could play as Zeon but dont know how >.<, any help would be appreciated and also how come i can only build the AW HQ not the UC HQ

+1 vote     reply to comment
azuza001 Mar 29 2015, 4:50pm replied:

Sorry about that. The next installment will have GDI, NOD, Scrin, and EF-UC in it. After that we will be getting AW and SEED back in and then moving on to Zeon, Robotech, and then finally Invid.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dougbendo Creator
Dougbendo Mar 27 2015, 8:01am replied:

you can play as aeon if you have the first installment. however that installment wasn't released to the public and that is a good thing. back then we were just going to do a carbon copy of the original Xenoforce mod. however as time went on we realize that there were no gains to be made by not doing this. and this you have installments that you can download today.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Tural. Mar 25 2015, 4:55pm says:

when there is a release?????

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dougbendo Creator
Dougbendo Mar 27 2015, 8:03am replied:

it will either be at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. what we're working on right now it's simply balancing and tweaking a few things in terms of units. trust me this will be worth the wait.

+2 votes   reply to comment
azuza001 Mar 10 2015, 5:24pm says:

We should be having an update by the end of the month that covers nod, a few changes to scrin, and maybe a bit to ef as well. Just a quick update.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Valherran Mar 20 2015, 2:25pm replied:

Nice, you should post it on the download section so it doesn't look like it hasn't been touched in 3 years. lol

+2 votes     reply to comment
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ive played both xenoforce and xenoforce reborn, all i say is; reborns has more potential, and is deeper than the original game. everything is improved, balanced, optimized. i have nothing bad to say about xenoforce reborns, except the updates are " a little little, very small, little" bit slow, other than that: 10/10 sure, its just an alpha, ive considered that in my rating. but still phuking unjoyable! sound: ~/10 (not dramatically changed) graphics: 8/10 good mods, could use some twinkling though…

Jan 23 2011, 6:55am by mangakaninja

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