Modern Warfare Mod brings World in Conflict from the Cold War into the Modern Age. It also ups the ante on realism and authenticity in every role – Infantry, Armor, Support and Air, while trying our best to keep everything relatively balanced for fun and interesting gameplay.

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How to Report a Bug Heaney Heaney - read

Aug 3 2010

[Guidance bug] Mi28 Ataka missile ineffective against approaching targets rPoXoTauJIo blahdy - read

Dec 10 2017

Forward air Controller won't lase Bridges with JTAC Kukulkahn Kukulkahn - read

Jul 29 2017

Bluefor Anti Tank Guided Missile Vehicle (M1134) does not shot emka4 blahdy - read

Jun 30 2017

[4.8.5 Gameplay Bug] Anti-Tank weapons made out of explodium. CK-Restarter182 blahdy - read

Dec 19 2016

Bluefor has too strong Air Support emka4 emka4 - read

Dec 4 2016

[4.8.5] Missile raid warning messages are still using old "RU" "US" names cym104 cym104 - read

Sep 3 2016

[4.8.5] REDFOR AT infantry squad have incorrect model for the soldier carrying 9M113 cym104 cym104 - read

Sep 3 2016

[4.4] (UI bug) Misdescribe units & TA RCDelta Bongstig - read

Jun 20 2015

Scarab-C missile can be held in mid-air cym104 cym104 - read

Jul 16 2014

[4.1.1] Possible bug in 9M120 guidance algorithm? cym104 blahdy - read

Jun 29 2014

Main Battle Tank not attack infantry bgabi9 bgabi9 - read

Mar 30 2014

[4.2] 9M120 and 9M114 warheads not properly detonating cym104 cym104 - read

Jan 9 2014

Mod 3.2: Russian & USA APC fail to fire rockbottom109 blahdy - read

Sep 8 2013

AI units standing by at the spawn point danielec13 danielec13 - read

May 1 2013

Pantsir is not using it's cannon tofuboi tofuboi - read

Apr 21 2013

Russian battle tanks Refleks missile has bug. tofuboi tofuboi - read

Apr 21 2013

[Graphical Bug] New apache model for beginners rPoXoTauJIo Cal96 - read

Jan 19 2013

Infantry Assault Squad (aka: regular) will not fire missile at air units na1351447122 na1351447122 - read

Nov 12 2012

apache ammo fail to rearm bluecape blahdy - read

Sep 19 2012

[SAM-Bug] S-300 PM and Pantsir S1 Always Wasting Their Missile dhannemon13 bluecape - read

Sep 9 2012

[FLINT-Bug] Why the Javelin missiles always firing to the sky? dhannemon13 blahdy - read

Aug 10 2012

Blawkhawk Armed transport ALECOS blahdy - read

Jul 31 2012

[AI-bug] Jets don´t respond and Move wrong! Germanfragger rPoXoTauJIo - read

Mar 14 2012

[AI bug] Cruise or TBM do not fire at buildings Mo_yi AllenZakiv_Blackwell - read

Jan 29 2012


Here is a list of the known bugs in the release candidate. This will also serve as a database for bugs.