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[Graphical Bug] New apache model for beginners (Games : World in Conflict : Mods : WIC: Modern Warfare Mod : Forum : Bugs : [Graphical Bug] New apache model for beginners) Locked
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Jul 3 2012 Anchor

The Bug

New apache model have 8x hellfires, and 2x rocket pods. But apache for beginners must have 16x hellfires.

How to Reproduce
1. Start as US air.
2. Buy Attack Helicopter for Beginners(AH-64D)
3. Look at description.
4. Now look at model.
5. Close wic:mw 2.7.1
6. Fix model.
7. Release new hot-fix! :)


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blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Jul 4 2012 Anchor

This is a known issue, not sure when I'll get it fixed; however, thanks for reporting!

Also, you're running 2.7, not 2.7.1. (if you're running 2.7.1, it will list as 16x AGM-114R-3, not AGM-114K)

Jan 16 2013 Anchor

Yeah what the hell ayy? When i saw this im like yeah i cant use rockets and there is suppose to be 16 hellfires!!

Also if you look at some of the pictures used on the loading screen for wake island you can see a Apache with just hellfires. Thats what i want.

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Jan 18 2013 Anchor

It's a known issue but low priority :-)

Jan 19 2013 Anchor

Yeah i can understand. will it be fixed in 4.0?

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