Titanium Wars Mod is high quality DoW mod with almost all Games Workshop units. Features of this mod: - Many-many new units and buildings. Extended tech tree. - Many-many new abilities and upgrades. - New Heroes and fully functional Heroes wargear. - RPG elements from CutterShane's Heroes System. Experienced units after battles. - Fully functional single campain, skirmish, and multiplayer. - And finally Titans and Titan-like units!

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Hiigaran says

6 agree

Stop The War People
In the name every deity in Warhammer 40k

UA and TW are both awsome mods.

Do you want a Horus Heresy
in Dow Moding.

It will only hurt us all.


Galudirithon says

5 agree

Phenomenal mod. Especially good as the campaign is fully functional and the additional units look brilliant.

Only qualms: too many Leman Russ alternatives; The Titan production building would look better if tailored to each race.

Nothing major though.

Well done


Theos14 says

May contain spoilers - 2 agree

At the moment is the best modes of the universe, this is what I expected from the output of Warhammer 40 000 SS.
Here are Completed features that I have dreamed of looking through the codes.
And in the appendage to the whole great AI, an interesting system of heroes.
It was he who made ​​me ostsya the first DOW.
Thank you GrOrc


D3@DM4N says

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It has been a long time since ive played a DoW Mod with effort and skill in it. Your guys work is so nice i was actually irritated with the map quality in the game xD.

Also to, im glad you guys acknowledged that FLYING UNITS BROKEE!!!!!!! DOW1!!

So thank you, for your brilliant mod.

(P.S. i think you need to look at the balance issues in the game however.) Dark eldar are unbelievably lethal, and orks are big girly babies.


paradamed says

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I will rate it 9 cause it is a great mod but I think there is still room for improvement.


Pivus says

4 agree - 2 disagree

Хороший мод, проделана огромная работа.


Héllalujah! says

May contain spoilers - 7 agree - 5 disagree

Cool mod =) =D =P XD


Marko23 says

1 agree

Игра хорошая,но не отражает своего названия


ingwarSwolf says

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Great mode respected GrOrc! Words of thanks on warforge


shishman says

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A brilliant work of one dedicated and determined man! RESPECT!!

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Cool mod =) =D =P XD

Mar 9 2012 by Héllalujah!