This mod is set 300 years after the redemption of The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan. It Follows the return of the True Sith Empire after their humiliating defeat during the Great Hyperspace War. The Sith have now returned to the Galaxy, armed with new warships, loyal troopers, and fearsome Sith Warriors and Inquisitors, ready to wage war against the Republic

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Hey all. First let me thank you for downloading and playing the demo. I hope you all enjoyed it, but know that it was only a taster for things to come. Some of you may have seen the Thranta and Silencer images put up recently, and if you liked those (who wouldn't lol) then your in for a great mod. I plan to release V 0.5 space only sometime early next year, sometime in February. I will try and post images on a weekly basis to keep you all up to date and excited about the mod. I will be looking for Beta testers towards the middle of January so if you are interested please let me know by posting a comment down below. An don't put your hand up and say 'ME ME I"LL DO IT!!!'. and then give me no feedback about the mod, or report any bugs. Cause that's just a waste of everyone's time, and it prolongs the mod release.

I have completely reworked the health of every hard-point currently in-game. I found that when playing, there were certain things being destroyed far before they should be. So i have given the hard-points a uniform health system. This means that the health for a turbolaser on a Harrower class Star Dreadnought will be the same and the health for a turbolaser on a Thranta warship. I feel that this will add a sense of realism to the mod and hopefully it will make for better game-play.

Some of you may have also seen examples of new projectiles in game. When the mod is released it will contain the following weapons systems.

Fighter based laser Cannons - Commonly mounted on fighters (duh)

Anti Fighter Laser Cannons - Can be found on ships of all shapes and sizes, but are most commonly deployed on corvettes

Anti Capital Laser Cannons - Standard ship to ship weaponry, found on frigates without the reactors to support turbolasers

Turbolaser Cannons - Massive weapons, essentially scaled up versions of Laser Cannons

Heavy Turbolaser Cannons - More damage output than regular Turbolasers

Dual Turbolaser Cannons - Double the damage of a regular Turbolaser

Ion Cannon - Does significant damage to shields

Heavy Ion Cannon - Does the most damage to shields of any weapon (excluding superweapons)

Fighter based Concussion missile launcher - Gives smaller ships the ability to damage Capital ships. Can also target fighters

Concussion Missile launcher - Capable of penetrating shields.

Heavy Concussion Missile launcher - Does more damage than regular Concussion Missiles.

Fighter Based Proton Torpedo - Unlike concussion missiles, these weapons are only capable of targeting capital ships. they do more damage though.

Proton Torpedo Tube. - Found on capital ships. Nothing more than scaled up versions of the weapons found on starfighters. Does massive hull damage.

I will release a units list within the week, but i want yo guys to tell me how to do it. I could do a big long list and post it here in the new section. Or i could release a few images a day, along with a short description of what the unit will do/weapons statistics/shields/Hp etc. you guys let me know below.

We are back

We are back

3 years ago News 8 comments

I know things have been very quiet. but we are back into full swing again.

Finalized Republic Space list

Finalized Republic Space list

3 years ago News 4 comments

I know its been a while sorry i have a truck load of exams going on. I'll try get some screenshots up this weekend, but here's just the finalized Republic...

Update time

Update time

4 years ago News 4 comments

Just a brief progress report on whats happening. Sorry for the wait, my copy of windows crashed, but everything concerning the mod was able to be saved...

Land units list

Land units list

4 years ago News 5 comments

Just a breif land units list for both the Sith and the Republic. I would like feedback on what you do and dont like.

GGW Beta

GGW Beta

2 years ago Demo 28 comments

Hey guys, ill explain whats going on below, but now all you need to know is that this is the Space beta, and there will be an amended patch released asap

GGW demo

GGW demo

3 years ago Demo 37 comments

Well its here. Please post below if there are any problems.

GGW Mappack

GGW Mappack

3 years ago Multiplayer Map 6 comments

5 Maps For Forces of Corruption. Will be remade with additional maps and put in the full land/space release.

MTD Editor

MTD Editor

3 years ago Graphics Tool 7 comments

A skinning tool for FoC. Designed for tga and dds files. This is meant for people who know how to skin

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andypandy1 Jul 12 2015 says:

will there be any jedi/sith in this mod?, with tython, korriban and drommund kaas it would be pretty epic with jedi and sith roaming around.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dzev Sep 27 2014 says:

Is it being developed?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dragon492 Apr 23 2014 says:

Any fix for the beta strings?

Getting alot of "missing units" with no discriptor

Also, is the leviathan in beta? I cannot seem to find it.

Ty for the great mod C:

+1 vote     reply to comment
xdxsadd Feb 27 2014 says:

will there ever be land battle? and galactic conquest?

+1 vote     reply to comment
generalfacu Dec 23 2013 says:

Great mod.

+2 votes     reply to comment
LordVindican Creator
LordVindican Dec 20 2013 says:

Okay got my Laptop back The Problems people are experiencing might have something to do with the file set up I used with the mod. Each ship code was placed into the original XML files from EAW (eg the Xml data for the Harrower was placed in the SPACEUNITSCAPITAL xml file) Does anyone know if this form of modding causes errors and such when playing steam games?

+1 vote   reply to comment
LordVindican Creator
LordVindican Dec 9 2013 says:

Ok I thought this was pretty commin knowldge but skirmish is not supported

+1 vote   reply to comment
KilroyWH78 Dec 7 2013 says:

i cant make the beta work, it only shows the vanila eaw

+1 vote     reply to comment
LordVindican Creator
LordVindican Dec 7 2013 replied:

Start a new GC as either the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic

+2 votes   reply to comment
1radref Dec 5 2013 says:

Hey I was wondering if anyone new a fix for the mod on steam? I can't get it to play despite several different attempts. I've gotten another GGW style mod, along with RaW and Legacy Era, to run but not this one.

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