Galaxy At War - Clone Wars (GaW) is a total conversion mod for theStar Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption real-time strategy, developed by the Art Create Mods, a team of enthusiasts and huge SW fans.

The mod aims at complete replace of the original factions and huge improvement in visual and gameplay aspects.

We have planned Galaxy at War:

- to take you to the battlefields of the galactic scaled conflict between Episode II Attack of the Clones and Episode III Revenge of the Sith - the Clone Wars

- to add new playable factions - the Galactic Republic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems and a Crime syndicate faction (we have not yet chosen a name)

- to add a huge number of detailed units, with improved models, textures and abilities

- to have a carefully balanced sides for best game experience and pleasure

Our sources are all cannon SW information resources like Episode II and III and Star Wars The Clone Wars, but we will be happy to add any othe unit, planet, etc. that we like or is requested, so tell us what do you want to see in the mod and we'll do our very best to try make it real. We are open to ideas, so please share all your thoughts with us.

As we are not professional modders and game developers and and we spare for the mod as much time as possible, but we also have real live things to do, we don't know when the mod will be released, so please do not ask us. We are working as fast as we can.

We also are always happy to answer all your questions regarding the mod, general modding or Star Wars, so just ask us, guys, but don't forget to check first the FAQ and the lists of the planned units and planets in the Articles section, and to check regulary the News, the Pictures and the Videos sections for latest mod updates and don't forget to comment and give us feedback, this is very important to us.

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Feature 54 comments

Hi, guys, maybe some of you recently felt ignored by us, but there are some questions that we don't want to answer for 1349309539204820935023 time all over again. Sorry, but it's not easy for us.
So I decided to make a Frequently asked questions section in which with the time we'll collect all the questions and answers that are common. Of course we still want you to ask us what ever you want, just check the FAQ first :)


1. When this mod will be released?
- We have no idea, we cannot even guess, so don't ask us! Every question of that type will delay the mod release with 1 day after it's completion

2. How much is ready?
- We show everything that we consider ready. We don't want and we won't bother ourselves with calculations and predictions of percentages, parts, schedules and all sort of things like that so just don't ask

3. Will be any demo before release?
- No, we are planning directly to release a bug free totally playable version 1

4. Can I be a tester?
- When the time for beta testing comes, we will make a casting for testers. We will announce some requirements that a beta tester must complete. But we are far from that point. DO NOT ask us about that, you will be blacklisted and you will never have the chance to be a tester!

5. How many versions are planned?
- 3 for sure, maybe more if we have what to add

6. Why you are going to make so much versions?
- Because we want to give you a playable mod far earlier the gran finale of the work

7. What will be included in the different versions?

- In version 1 - fully playable skirmish and GC with the Republic and CIS
- In version 2 - one new faction (still working on the final name) and some new units for all
- In version 3 - a campaign and rise of galactic empire

8. Will there be more than one GC or campaign?

- Yes and maybe. We will make few CG scenarions, but for the campaing we can't tell yet, but it's very possible to add at least a Order 66 small campaign

9. Is one or another unit will be included in the mod?
- Please ask that only when you first check the units lists for the Republic and CIS in the articles section and than ask us in that article comments section

10. How many factions will be in the mod?
- For now we are planning 3 major factions - Republic, CIS and a criminal cartel (the name is not chosen yet. Don't suggest obvious things like Hutt cartel or Black Sun. We need original ideas)

11. What units will have the third faction?
- The third faction is planned for the later versions of the game and we are not working on it, planing it or even thinking about it. We can't answer your questions yet, so have patience and keep them for now

12. Is this the final version of that unit/ vehicle/ map/ whatever?
- No, nothing is the final version, until release, so please, give us feedback :)

13. Are clones/droids going to be individual or on squads?
- All clones and some droids will be individuals, some droids like the B1 are going to be in squads.

14. Any minor factions? Can you add this or that?
- We want really to recreate the atmosphere of the SW galaxy, so this can't happen withour the small factions. We have huge plans for the native armies, but we are focused on other things now, so just have patience, it's too early to talk about them.

15. How many planets will be in CG? Can you add the planet X?
- This is the planets list, check it first before asking. Keep in mind it's very WIP

16. Will you increase the cap limit?
- Yes, we will for both space and ground. We haven't choose yet exact number, but it will be enough for epic battles :)

17. Why my question in the comments isn't answered or it has been deleted?
- Well, this may happen for several reasons:

  • your post is in a section that we don't check very regulary, e.g. old picture. I check them once per month or two, but don't count on that.
  • your question's answer is in the FAQ and you are just ignored by the team.
  • your question/comment is not GaW related in any way/offensive/about other mod or mod team/developer or it gives us any other good reason to ignore/delete it.
  • we just unwillingly missed it.

So if you don't receive your answer in a day or two, think what is the most possible case. If it's case 1 or 3, repost it, if it's case 2, check this picture

18. I want to help!
- Perfect! We accept all kind of help and for us enthusiasm and decire to learn and improve are far more important than current skill levels. We all started from scratch. If you want to be part of the team, just write us a PM :)

So, for now that is on my mind. The list will be updated regularly. I hope it is helpfull :)
Please feel free to ask and suggest anything that's not covered by this FAQ

Finished map of Christophsis

Finished map of Christophsis

News 13 comments

We are proud to present our first custom made map in the mod :)

Phase 2 Clone troopers

Phase 2 Clone troopers

News 20 comments

All Phase 2 Clone troopers and their abilities, that we want to include in the mod

Preview of 2016

Preview of 2016

News 18 comments

This is a preview of all our work and achievements during 2016 :)

Republic buildings part I

Republic buildings part I

News 24 comments

Here is part I of the republic buildings that we are going to include in the mod :)

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suerteto Creator

Two more hours until the ending of the vote, last call :)

Reply Good karma+5 votes
suerteto Creator

Yes! Thank you, guys! We are in top 100

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Can't wait for this mod to be done so i can command my confederate overlords to victory

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

long live to droids

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
suerteto Creator

It won't be an easy victory :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

That moment when you hit that 'Vote' button and feel satisfied you've made the right call.

Spent about 30+ Minutes trying to find this Great mod, incredibly detailed like I just love how you've kept to the CW CGI theme whether it be the big stuff like the Ships and Characters or the little details like seeing the Pilots inside the Y-Wings and Gunships and more or seeing a little Astromech with a Wammpa Paint job :') like i Just love it, specially (As I said) the really detailed CGI Themed Models like the AT-TE, Gunships and more. Cant wait to play this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
fr0st47 Creator

Thank for your support, I'm very glad that you like :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Really keen to play this sometime keep up the good work and I very much like the dedication and enthusiasm that has gone into this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
suerteto Creator

Thank you for your support :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

your welcome and keep up the good work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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