A modification for Rise of the Witch-king that enhances gameplay, improves and adds onto existing factions, and adds new ones.

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G'day ModDB users!

This is the mod you are looking for if you enjoy high quality content, fun online games, brand new features and a fantastic development team.

I have enjoyed the rise of the mod and I hope to see more of it as they bring out new content and new factions!


units guarding buildings ( it's amazing! ), fire arrows Fx, changes in formation, visually it's top class


One of the best mods thus far, these guys have come a far way from the previous release of THL. The mod makes you feel like you are running a bfme empire, all the walkers around the buildings add to this feel. The fact that this mod was made on 2.02 also adds to the great wide screen visuals and amazing models created by the team. You all know that I love BFME games and that I am a well known tester for many of these mods, but this one blew me away. I would like to become a tester and help as much as I can to make this mod a screaming success. Amazing work keep it up!!

It is a mod with large models and some interesting new mechanics.

It is just a demo but is impressive.

Interesting mod with high quality content


A mod with a great history and many hours of work. It totally deserved such a great rate and I'm totally confident that in the future it will grow even more and even better.

At the moment of this review the mod has just released its first demo and I'm blown away. Whilst the content is more or less incomplete, it's visually outstanding, almost like looking at a new game!
I have complete faith that this mod will grow to be one of the best LOTR Related Mods out there.

Beautiful mod made by a beautiful team of modders who's talents far exceed that of any other BFME mod out there! The visual designs are outstanding and the faction plans are unique to their lore from both the book and the movie. This mod is good enough to be called BFME 3 the hype is real I kid you not.

a Massive Potential Mod

Forewer :)

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units guarding buildings ( it's amazing! ), fire arrows Fx, changes in formation, visually it's top class

Sep 11 2016 by Potysvk