The Wars of Arda is a (very) large expansion mod for the EA Games title "The Lord of the Rings: The Rise of the Witchking". We will first be heavily reworking the existing factions (adding Rohan and Harad and merging the Goblins into Isengard) and implementing a "minifaction" system where you begin a skirmish map with a "Core Faction" which contains a variety of units and heroes, and you purchase "Mini Factions" as the match prgresses, giving you access to new units and heroes.

The Mod will also be implementing several "Eras" into the mod. This will NOT be an Empire Earth style system where you upgrade from one era to another, but a system where each era is a seperate set of skirmish factions and campaign missions (however all factions will be able to play against each other). The eras of the mod will be as follows.

The War of the Jewels
The Last Alliance
The Rise of the Witchking
The Wainriders Invasion
The Quest of Erebor
The War of the Ring
The New shadow

Each era will consist of between 2 and 7 factions, each with between 3 and 5 "mini factions".


The demo is available in the download section now.


The mod also has a new feature called "Be-A-Hero". Wherever possible we are adhering to a mix of the LoTR movies and the works of tolkien, but in many cases there are not enough characters to adaquetely fill the required numbers of Heroes for each faction (10-15 heroes per faction), so we are allowing people to submit designs for their own personal Avatar to appear in the mod. This can be voiced by you and you can even appear on the skin/unit portrait.

Examples of current heroes are Calintz of Rhun, and the black Numenorean General Eraus, commander of the defence of Barad Dur against the Last Alliance (mod team get the most impressive characters!).

I cannot guarantee youll get the character you want (were FULLY stocked with Elves already im afraid) but within reason I will try and include your character, until all the spaces for new Avatars are full.

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New Year's Update

5 years ago News 1 comment


Happy New Year, everyone!!!!
This update was suppose to come out last year, but I couldnt get around to it.

So here we go,

The last of the Doriath Units for now, the Mounted Glade Guard,

IPB Image

Here's Arwen at Helms Deep, Mounted and Armour in the Galadhrim Armour,

IPB Image

And Final's here is Idrial from the Third Age game, thats all I am saying, for now.

IPB Image

On, a final note, this is going to be the last update from me for a while,


Doriath Court - She-elves of the Sindar

Doriath Court - She-elves of the Sindar

6 years ago News 0 comments

here is the new update from EHL :D Enjoy it everyone.

The Elf Witch of Doriath - Update Doriath Court Part 2, Update 13/12/2009

The Elf Witch of Doriath - Update Doriath Court Part 2, Update 13/12/2009

6 years ago News 0 comments

Here we see the Elf witch / Doraith Sorceress who studied under Melian. Enjoy :D

The Court of Doriath - Update 6/12/2009

The Court of Doriath - Update 6/12/2009

6 years ago News 0 comments

Here is the new update for WoA :D enjoy it people.

Mibbit Client Installed and Forum Maintenence

Mibbit Client Installed and Forum Maintenence

6 years ago News 0 comments

Her JEV informs us of the forums maintenence at

Wars of Arda Demo - The Return of Shadow

Wars of Arda Demo - The Return of Shadow

8 years ago Demo 27 comments

The Wars of Arda has been in development for over a year now, in its current form, and this is our first public release. All going to plan it will be...

Wars of Arda - Trailer 1

8 years ago Movies 1 comment

This is the first official trailer of the Wars of Arda mod. Its by our awesome mapper Digital general and features many new maps and units.

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mattygp90 Jan 19 2015 says:

Such a shame this mod is dead.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Anon90 Apr 11 2013 says:

Yeah this is probably dead, just been to their forums and it's filled with spam.

+1 vote     reply to comment
[x]Max Jan 7 2013 says:

Im not sure the mod is dead, I think the owner just moved on to make his own website :
Apparently due to release soon :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
lordmorgoth-. Dec 18 2012 says:

i was in teh crew of this mod. Mordred (argolis in the3rdageforums) dissaperard and since then mod has been stoping slowly sorry to say it but its dead ):

+1 vote     reply to comment
LordSyron Sep 30 2012 says:

No Doubt ths mod is D-E-A-D!. Man this is just effing great, another promising mod in the garbage disposal. I just wish that more modders would actually start making a commitment to their work and more importantly their fans. its really dissapointing to see things going good then ending all of a sudden :(

0 votes     reply to comment
Trailhog250 Nov 8 2012 replied:

Modders don't owe anyone anything. As a modder you are free to mod and stop whenever you please. In most cases, modders do not discontinue their work due to lack of commitment. But rather lack of time. Whereas they may have had plenty of time at the start, after a year or more they may have much more to do in RL.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheLapari Jun 28 2012 says:

Please finish this mod!! It looks so awesome! :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
moddlord1 Sep 27 2012 replied:

the guy who wrote the last news has not been on moddb since 2011 so think this is dead

+3 votes     reply to comment
ThatDrunkidiot89 Jan 15 2012 says:

This mod is too awesome to die.. It should be continued by someone.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Asil030 Sep 12 2011 says:

god bless this mod rest in peace

+1 vote     reply to comment
Trailhog250 Nov 10 2011 replied:

I wouldn't say so just yet, as apparent as it seems it's most likely not dead.

+1 vote     reply to comment
French_Fry Nov 23 2011 replied:

Why would someone work so HARD on a mod and give up after the demo release?

+3 votes     reply to comment
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