This is a SubMod for Edain Mod which only works with the "Glorfindel23's Map Pack" (Link in the description). The main goal of this SubMod will be to : - Add new SubFactions (with new units, heroes, buildings and powers). - Add some models and texture to my pack of maps to improve the global design of the maps. - Solve the ButtonImage problem for all the CommandButtons in my maps. - To add some new useful Command Buttons (to mask the trees in "Caras Galadhon" for example).

Link of the Maps :
You can also download the maps in ModDB -> in ROTWK > addon
(I will rework all the maps and fiw all the bug in the SubMod)

Note than this SubMod need the latest version of Edain Mod to work:

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Hello everyone!
I will briefly explain how my submod works:

It is very easy: just choose one of the maps available in my pack and select one of the factions you are supposed to use for this map. At the start of the game the chosen faction will receive the new options.

For exemple in Barad Eithel maps :
- If you chose Imladris, it will be changed in Noldor
- For all the other factions, the map will be playable normally.

Why a submod which work with maps?
I think this is the best way to make an original content.
- First I very like edain and I think it is perfect. I so decide to keep it like the edain concepters decide to give it.
This system which so allow me to keep Edain Mod adding it an original touch.
- In a second time I can say than with this system the number max of factions will be illimited and I will not be obligaded to make subfaction.
For exemple If I want to make a faction KazadDum in map moria I can without make her as a subfaction of erebor.
- Also this system allow me to choose different game strategies for the balance of the game. For exemple all the faction are balanced but in my map minas tirith I want to make gondor faction better than mordor cause they will fight against 3 mordor. I will so add to them a lot of heroes units which can easely defeat the orc of mordor.

I introduce my SubMod with a list of the Maps and SubFactions than it will contain.

Maps Fortress :

- Amon Sul
- Fornost

- Minas Tirith
- Osgiliath 2475
- Osgiliath 1437
- Ithilien
- Minas Ithil
- Henneth Annun

- Helm's Deep
- Edoras

- Rivendell
- Barad Eithel (Lindon)
- Mithlond (Lindon)
- Ost-in-Edhil
- Gondolin (Lindon)
- Shire (Hobbit)

- Caras Galhadon
- Wood of Lorien
- Mirkwood (Mirkwood)

- Khazad Dum (faction extended)
- Erebor
- Blue Mountains
- Hiron Hills
- Ered Mithrin (faction extended)
- Ered Luin
- Esgaroth (faction extended)
- Dale (faction extended)

- Barad Dur
- Cirith Ungol
- Mistrand (Rhun)
- The Rhun (Rhun)
- Umbar (Umbar)
- Harad (Harad)

- Isengard
- Dunland (Dunland)

- Carn Dum

Misty Mountains
- Moria

Maps Skirmish :
I will also make Skirmish maps standard because I think the players want not play always in the fortress maps (I will explain later wath will be exactly the system for the skirmish maps).

SubFactions :

- Gondor (Faction Extended):
-> Minas Thirith
-> Osgiliath
-> Ithilien

- Bree
- Dol Amroth (Faction Extended)

- Lindon
- Shire

- Mirkwood (Faction Extended)

- Mordor (Faction Extended):
-> Cirith Ungol

- Harad
- Rhun
- Khand
- Umbar

- Ered Mithrin (Faction Extended)
- Kazad Dum

- Isengard (Faction Extended)
- Dunland (Faction Extended)

Caras Galadhon map making

Caras Galadhon map making

News 11 comments

Hi everyone! I've started to rework entirely Caras Galadhon, the Galadriel and Celeborn kingdom. I will post pictures in the same time than I making the...

Ered Mithrin map making

Ered Mithrin map making

News 6 comments

Hello everybody! I've started to work on Ered Mithrin, this time I will not remake the old map but I will totally make a new map, I will post pictures...

Esgaroth map making

Esgaroth map making

News 5 comments

Hello everybody! I've started to rework entirely Esgaroth (LakeTown), I will post pictures in the same time than I making the city to show my progression...

SpellBooks in Minas Tirith

SpellBooks in Minas Tirith

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I've written this article to showcase and explain how the spellbooks in the new Minas Tirith map will work. They will be available for the two special...

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I am sooooo god damn downloading this when it is out! I hope Edain 4.5 will come soon and then your mod will come and brign havock! Good job!

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Glorfindel23 Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

I cannot get that link above to take me anywhere and I don't know where else to get the download.
Also, does anyone know where I can get the original sub mod from years ago?
Thank you. B

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Glorfindel23 Creator

You can't download this submod because it is not released for the moment.
The link available in the description is the link of my old pack of maps playable for edain.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This mod has extremely great potential! Keep working! :o))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Glorfindel23 Creator

Thanks! may the force be with you

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Jedi scum!! XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hahahaha... XD very funny XDDDD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

hey is any of those maps available atm ? like a pre-tease or something ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Glorfindel23 Creator

The only beta versions of these maps available can be played in Age of the Ring (MinasMorgul, BaradDur, Osgiliath, CairAndros) but like I said, they are still in beta and they are still bugged for the moment, for exemple: the wall, in Minas Morgul don't stop the catapult projectils.

Also, they are maps made for the game which own build plot system, then you will have some problem to build your camps in Age of the Ring mod.

On the other hand I will release Minas Tirith in demo when the 4.5 of Edain come (this not means than the map will be out in the same time than the 4.5, after the 4.5 I will be able to start the coding on my maps and the coding take a lot of time, especially for the spellbooks).

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ok bro thnx ! Your work seems very promising. i' ve played some of your maps and they look fantastic. had a great morning bake thnx to your work ! u the man

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Glorfindel23 Creator

Thank you!

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