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We the people of the Earth called the Tauri have risen up and taken our rightful place among the stars.
We were once thought to be destined to become the great fifth race in the next thousand years or so.
time would have it we didn't have over five years of peace, before fate took over. The great interstellar
War has raged for over a century now. Billions of life forms wiped from existence.
We are now the last line
of defense for all Life forms in the known universe.
We have learned much from all corners of our
reach. We have meet hundreds of races ,
some of which are our allies and friends. Others we have met
have not been so hospitable and have banded with our foes.
The Jaffa Nation has risen from the ashes of what once was the Gouald empire. There rise has been
turbulent to say the least. There are rumors of internal strife and talk of renegade Gouald still with in
there ranks. They are a people that for the moment we consider allies, but as with any alliance it can fail.
There fleets are great and number in the hundreds if not thousands! Our intelligence indicates
there fleets
are comprised of Hataks, as well as Anubis class ships. The Anubis class is of particular
concern as they
are a mighty warship capable of attacking ships, planets, and star base's with ease.
One of the most powerful enemies of life itself the Wraith now have the means of interstellar
hyperspace. There initial invasion forces were massive and the battles took many ships and
people from both sides. The wraith had defeated the ancients, however they were not prepared
for humanities perseverance and determination to defend life and live. We now know that they have
access to a number of zpm's and are using them. We fear that they have built yet another cloning
facility somewhere in the milky way and Pegasus galaxies. We have also detected several massive
wraith vessels on approach from Pegasus, our intelligence suggests that they are powered by zero point modules.
We are preparing our defenses and making plans as best we can.
When we were at our weakest moment another enemy emerged before us the Lucian Alliance. They
took advantage of our forces being spread so thin among the stars and have taken many bases
and systems. They are a ruthless people that only seek to conquer , destroy.
They massacre anyone or anything that gets in there way!
The Asurans once thought to be totally destroyed have reemerged from hiding. We are on a routine
patrol mission when we stumbled upon them. We had discovered a massive planet the size of Jupiter
swarming with nanite life. The Asurans once thought to be entirely wiped from existence
are now back with a Vengeance. They are hell bent on destroying all of carbon based life. There single goal and
directive is to destroy anything and everything the Ancients had created. They have managed to take several
worlds and destroy and ravaged countless others. We are engaged in diplomatic discussions
other races to help
coordinate a counter assault. Our intel suggests that they have
built a Lantian
class city ship as well as the Antues class which is capable of destroying our star bases .

It has been some time since we had last encountered the rogue Asgard of the Pegasus.
But we knew it to be only a matter of time. With the Wraith busy fighting us on many fronts the Asgard attacked.
There initial invasion fleets were massive with every major class of Asgard vessel. We had hoped that
we may be able to form a alliance with them. However they are different breed of Asgard,
they do not seek peace, knowledge and friendship. Instead they seek to only better there genetic code
at any
means necessary. We were ill prepared for the opening salvos that started the war with them.
We did
manage to destroy a large number of there fleets. However they were able to form a strategic
beachhead and take several worlds.

The Map of Earth Below shows all active Stargate Teams Worldwide.
Will you join the Invasion????


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RSS Articles

Stargate Invasion Progress Report August (Week 5)

Presentation 01


There’ve been some changes to the way we distribute SGI, read on for the details. No doubt many of you will be pleased:)

Support for the Google Groups has been DISCONTINUED

We have discontinued support for the files currently available through our Google Groups. The reason for this is that Google has unfortunately been unable to provide consistent and timely access to these files for all members.

GitHub Repository AVAILABLE

As of this week, we have started working in our new GitHub repository. These files are public and can be downloaded or synced freely, even without a GitHub account. Our experience with GitHub has been very positive so far.

In general, please refrain from attempting to push changes to the server. Instead, contact us on Discord to let us know what you have in mind.

GitHub Repository:

Instructions for installing/syncing the mod via GitHub:

Spotlight Videos

For anyone that wishes to post spotlight videos featuring SGI:

- Please mention that this is an early access build and that not everything is as we intend it to be

- Since this is an incomplete mod, don't treat the spotlight video as a review. Presenting the work is fine but comments about what should have been included are obviously not since we may already have plans that we haven't stated. Once we are ready, we will let you all know that reviewing is in order.

- Before making the video, download and install the mod again from our GitHub repository so that you are featuring the latest version.

Thanks for sticking to the above! Now for our change-log:


  • Changed “ICO Internet Multiplayer” to just “Internet Multiplayer”.
  • Shortened some Human Faction strings to remove overspill.
  • Stargate connection ability was renamed.
  • Fixed all missing strings in the Manage Pacts menu.
  • Updated many Artifact descriptions to be more authentic and fit the research dependencies.
  • Updated the Asgard description to reflect the lost tribe Vanir, Pegasus Galaxy Asgard, instead of the Ida Galaxy Asgard.
  • Updates to Tau’ri weapon names, descriptions, and icons


For All Factions:

  • Upkeep changes:
    • Upkeep will now be immediately active from the start of the game.
    • The Home Planet has received a considerable income and resource buff to compensate for the initial fleet upkeep. (the way this bonus is applied may be revisited if balancing it proves difficult, the amount is the same for all factions atm). This buff to the planet is only for the starting world capital, if the capital is moved to another world then the bonus will have the stock values (about 3 times lower), if the world is lost to an attack then so is the bonus. Defend your Homeworld!
    • The new Resource Acquisition ability (Asuran) works in the same way as Upkeep so Stargates can be used to bolster the Asuran fleet at the expense of tactical slots/defensive structures.
  • Gate Satellite:
    • Reworked in line with the new Ability (below) and will now have a much lower standard shield and hull values as well as low armor.
    • It will no longer fire at ships and can now only bomb planets.
    • When the ability is active, the satellite will consume an additional -0.05 of resources per second (rounded up and displayed as -0.1 by Sins but it should still only consume -0.05 internally, more details in Abilities & Research section below).
    • The general idea is that it will be vulnerable during transit and must be escorted but if some of these manage to start a siege on a planet they will be hard to dislodge. Values will probably need balancing so feedback is welcome.
  • Humans and Asurans now spawn with tactical orbitals, both with Normal and Quick start

Various Fixes

  • The Stargate connection ability was renamed and linked to Stargate research so that it will no longer be available at the start.
  • The Lagrangian Satellite Research was moved from the Combat - Assault section to Defense - Resistance
  • Home Planet tax rate bonus had the wrong value placed. Updated to 11.7
  • Various missing string links have been fixed.
  • Human HQ no longer take any tactical slot counts
  • Ship weapons will no longer fire near their target instead of hitting it. This was an issue of shield values applied to entities which had no shield mesh, Sins could not deal with this discrepancy and targeted the weapons at the wrong location.
  • Reduced the size of the Human AG3 satellite beam particle. Changed the beam to the vanilla effect as the particle texture being used was very basic. Also changed the color of the beam to better fit the AG3 satellite beam from the show. Added a modified particle for the muzzle.
  • Fixed the Change Theme and Change Name in the Player Setup that caused the buttons to not work
  • Pacts no longer cause minidumps

UI / Skin

ScreenShot 14 1

  • Removed the SGI startup video
  • Improved the Tau’ri race skin (darkened bottom).
  • Fixed ICO Internet Multiplayer icons for Chat, Friends, Host Setup
  • Refreshed the GUI, research icons, race skins, and various images with higher quality versions
  • New start screen featuring the Pegasus Stargate
  • New and updated Artifact images
  • New and updated Asuran research images
  • New and updated Tau’ri research images
  • Temporary stock overview icons for those not yet completed for items such as repair bays and starbase constructor
  • Updated the Asgard quote on the race selection to reflect the Vanir.
  • Increased the width of the bottom information panel to allow for longer item names and descriptions.
  • The next and previous buttons in the Race Selection screen now include the picture of the race as a selection area to move forward or back.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 at 10 47Screen Shot 2017 09 01 at 12 41Screen Shot 2017 09 01 at 12 41 1

Screen Shot 2017 09 01 at 12 47Screen Shot 2017 09 01 at 12 47 1Screen Shot 2017 09 01 at 12 42

Abilities & Research

Additional ideas we have discussed for Artifacts:

Ancient Titan Artifact

  • An ancient Titan is found! In the final years of the Wraith conflict, the Lanteans attempt to build the ultimate ship. No amount of Wraith fleets is to ever be able to withstand this vessel. Using their technological superiority, they begin construction on a fearsome ship that is to turn the tide of this war and put an end to the Wraith singlehandedly. Due to its complexity, advanced systems and size the ship is never fully complete. However, enough of it remains to enable every race to find some way of improving their systems: Factions manage to build hybrid ships that use parts of this vessel for improvements, Asuran Romulus and Antaeus are unlocked by this discovery enabling them to build these ships. Wraith unearths the Titan Hyperdrive engines, improving their hyperspace travel speeds considerably, both intergalactic and interstellar.

New Abilities:

  • Added a new ability (Resource Acquisition) to the Asuran Stargate, it will generate additional resources and income. Includes description string.
  • Modified the Asuran Gate Satellite Stargate ability considerably:
    • It now requires that an Enemy planet is in range in order to be activated (8000 range).
    • The ability works automatically with autocast and doesn’t need to be manually activated to function properly.
    • It provides a large Shield Mitigation & Shield Regeneration bonus to the Gate Satellite when it’s active as well as making the planet a phase gate end point.
    • When the Gate Satellite is in siege mode, the energy fed through the gate in order to sustain its incredible shield regeneration and shield mitigation causes additional resource drain. The value is -0.05 in addition to the usual ship upkeep. This drain is removed as soon as the satellite ability timer runs out (or it enters hyperspace) and the ship is no longer in range of an Enemy planet.
    • Deactivates on hyperspace jump initiation as well as when the timer runs out and no Enemy planet is in range.
  • All research costs have been adjusted so each tier costs the amount.

We welcome suggestions for possible Artifacts or research based on Artifacts both for currently available and potential new ones. These Artifacts should have considerable quasi game changing benefits for at least one, or possibly two faction. Post your ideas in the comments section of this progress report and we will see if they can be incorporated into the new Exploration research sections.

Texturing & Modeling

Work continues on the Traveller details. In addition, the Human AG3 heavy defense satellite was rebuilt and textured:

Presentation 04

Presentation 02

Join our Steam Group!

Viking_Warrior has created a official steam group where you can meet fellow SGI enthusiasts, suggest ideas to the team, receive technical support or organize play days with your new friends so feel free to join us.

steam icon 19

Join our discord channel!

We have created a discord channel for all Stargate Fans! Come and chat with not only the Stargate Invasions developers, but also Stargate Pegasus Chronicles, Stargate-DOF, Stargate Utopia, Stargate Traits and Stargate Ships developers. Just click on the image below to join.


Stargate Invasion Progress Report August (Week 4)

Stargate Invasion Progress Report August (Week 4)

News 4 comments

Continuing our updates, below is a change-log covering our progress since we last weeks post. Most of the changes are already on the public GD, or will...




Introduction to the new community manager

Stargate Invasion Progress Report August (Week 3)

Stargate Invasion Progress Report August (Week 3)

News 8 comments

Continuing our updates on SGI mod changes. This report also provides a request guide if anyone wishes to make spotlight videos for the current build on...

Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 4)

Stargate Invasion Progress Report July (Week 4)

News 5 comments

Continuing our updates on SGI mod changes. This report also provides a request guide if anyone wishes to make spotlight videos for the current build on...

RSS Files
SGI Google Group Release - (DISCONTINUED)

SGI Google Group Release - (DISCONTINUED)

Server 95 comments

We have shifted to using GitHub instead of Google due to issues with Google Drive and improvements to the mod. Please read our latest Progress Report...

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch (Outdated)

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch (Outdated)

Demo 88 comments

This is the previous version of the mod, I have combined the 3 downloads into 1 so you can just extract and play. The Rebellion 1.80 PATCH version of...

SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182 (Outdated)

SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182 (Outdated)

Demo 70 comments

Stargate Invasion 1.82 Tau'ri Beta, Numerous changes have been made. This version only includes TAU'RI. Any bugs,suggestion or if you want to join the...

SGI Soundtrack

SGI Soundtrack

Music 8 comments

Here is the highly requested SGI Soundtrack. The files are in mp3 format and also include the original artist to make finding there music easier. The...



Other 3 comments

This program was designed by stardock for the debugging of stardock games and programs all rights reserved from stardock.

7 zip

7 zip

Archive Tool 12 comments

a utility that will archive files. This will be required to unpack all future versions of soa2 and sgi.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 6,198)

Your team has done an amazing job on this mod. I've been play testing it for a few weeks and I love it. Well done everyone!

I am still testing the two races. I wanted to know, how does the Stargate research under the Tauri Civilian tech tree work? I know the outpost can have a startgate, but that is researched from the Security tree. Am I missing a unit that can build the stargate or is that to be implemented?

I did notice that the strings for the hero ships are listed as "TODO". Assume you have that noted, but wanted to share :)

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see your future updates!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Beautiful work, absolutely beautiful. It's great to see Stargate getting the same love that was given to Star Trek Armada 3. You should be very proud of the quality of this project. :)

Thanks so much for the time and effort! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Looks brilliant! Will we be seeing an Asuran download?

If so, will we see it when the Asurans themselves are finished, or when they and all the new artifiacts etc are done?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dotNfg Creator

If you mean the Asuran faction, it's already available in the current SGI version. The ZPM Artifact is also there but we haven't added any of the more elaborate artifacts yet as they would depend on models that haven't been built yet.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

any reason why I can only play as humans or asuran ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
dotNfg Creator

Yes, some of the reasons: the mod was reconstructed from scratch, many errors and missing links had to be fixed and are still being worked on for the current factions, balancing fewer factions and adding in new ones when things are clearer is more workable, same goes for faction play style and game elements. The Humans and Asurans are the most complete factions, we'll add the Goa'uld by the end of this year.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

When will we see more factions? I really want to play asguardians

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I see only "Outdated" downloads, so where is the most recent version of the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dotNfg Creator

It's available as a GitHub repository. The link to the repo is in the progress report post above.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I have to Support DotNfg and ACE, on this they will never take credit for something not theirs. with that being said. I know these guys personally. and to say or think they would take credit for something they didn't do is just stupid. these guys have went above and beyond with dedicated hard work to help bring SGI into reallality for all of you. along with several other people. even myself included in the list of people who either have or is still working on SGI to bring everyone such a beautiful masterpiece of a mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I only can say many many thanks too the Stargate Invasion Team for all the hard work in the last years <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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