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We the people of the Earth called the Tauri have risen up and taken our rightful place among the stars.
We were once thought to be destined to become the great fifth race in the next thousand years or so.
time would have it we didn't have over five years of peace, before fate took over. The great interstellar
War has raged for over a century now. Billions of life forms wiped from existence.
We are now the last line
of defense for all Life forms in the known universe.
We have learned much from all corners of our
reach. We have meet hundreds of races ,
some of which are our allies and friends. Others we have met
have not been so hospitable and have banded with our foes.
The Jaffa Nation has risen from the ashes of what once was the Gouald empire. There rise has been
turbulent to say the least. There are rumors of internal strife and talk of renegade Gouald still with in
there ranks. They are a people that for the moment we consider allies, but as with any alliance it can fail.
There fleets are great and number in the hundreds if not thousands! Our intelligence indicates
there fleets
are comprised of Hataks, as well as Anubis class ships. The Anubis class is of particular
concern as they
are a mighty warship capable of attacking ships, planets, and star base's with ease.
One of the most powerful enemies of life itself the Wraith now have the means of interstellar
hyperspace. There initial invasion forces were massive and the battles took many ships and
people from both sides. The wraith had defeated the ancients, however they were not prepared
for humanities perseverance and determination to defend life and live. We now know that they have
access to a number of zpm's and are using them. We fear that they have built yet another cloning
facility somewhere in the milky way and Pegasus galaxies. We have also detected several massive
wraith vessels on approach from Pegasus, our intelligence suggests that they are powered by zero point modules.
We are preparing our defenses and making plans as best we can.
When we were at our weakest moment another enemy emerged before us the Lucian Alliance. They
took advantage of our forces being spread so thin among the stars and have taken many bases
and systems. They are a ruthless people that only seek to conquer , destroy.
They massacre anyone or anything that gets in there way!
The Asurans once thought to be totally destroyed have reemerged from hiding. We are on a routine
patrol mission when we stumbled upon them. We had discovered a massive planet the size of Jupiter
swarming with nanite life. The Asurans once thought to be entirely wiped from existence
are now back with a Vengeance. They are hell bent on destroying all of carbon based life. There single goal and
directive is to destroy anything and everything the Ancients had created. They have managed to take several
worlds and destroy and ravaged countless others. We are engaged in diplomatic discussions
other races to help
coordinate a counter assault. Our intel suggests that they have
built a Lantian
class city ship as well as the Antues class which is capable of destroying our star bases .

It has been some time since we had last encountered the rogue Asgard of the Pegasus.
But we knew it to be only a matter of time. With the Wraith busy fighting us on many fronts the Asgard attacked.
There initial invasion fleets were massive with every major class of Asgard vessel. We had hoped that
we may be able to form a alliance with them. However they are different breed of Asgard,
they do not seek peace, knowledge and friendship. Instead they seek to only better there genetic code
at any
means necessary. We were ill prepared for the opening salvos that started the war with them.
We did
manage to destroy a large number of there fleets. However they were able to form a strategic
beachhead and take several worlds.

The Map of Earth Below shows all active Stargate Teams Worldwide.
Will you join the Invasion????


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8 comments by Ace_Fighter on Oct 3rd, 2014

Tau'ri Beta Changelog

Gameplay Changes

Lots of changes have been made to Gameplay, some permanent and some temporary. The most noticeable change you will find will be the Fighter attack movements (Where ships move around like fighters trying to dodge incoming fire) I have disabled this for a number of reasons, mainly because the mechanism is somewhat broken and ships will continue to move away from the attacker and they will get sometimes as far as the gravity well trying to get out of the ships weapon range. The second reason would be that ships in Stargate don't unusually do fighter type movements they generally just sit their and fight, more research will be done into this and might change later on, this may not me a permanent change so leave your opinion below if you are for or against this.

Hero Units

Yes Hero units are in game and working properly, if you have played STA 3 they basically work the same way as their hero units. Currently the hero Units are the Daedalus class, the Apollo class and the Odyssey. You probably can't see it in the picture but each BC-304 Hero ship has their respective name written on the side of their ship. The second picture is the base that spawns at your home planet, make sure to not get it destroyed as you only get 1 throughout the entire game. The base is what can spawn your hero units from.

Hero Abilities

The 3 Hero units will all have 3 Abilities and all the Hero units will have a Asgard Beam abiltity. If you have any suggestions for any type of ability for any type of ship leave a comment below in the current format.

Apollo Class Abilities

- Name: Overload Engines, Description: Push the Apollos engine to the max to either flee or catch up to a target. This can be very useful to give the finishing blow to an enemy ship when it is retreating or for you to escape and save your Apollo.
-Name: Horizon Warheads, Description: The system consists of a large, bullet-shaped delivery module containing ten missiles, six with Mark IX tactical warheads and four decoys, the missiles themselves are released about twelve seconds prior to impact, finding individual targets and detonating simultaneously. Very useful to take out lots of targets all at once.

Daedalus Class Abilities

- Name: Mark VIII Nuke Warhead, Description: Beams a Mark VIII Nuke aboard enemy vessels, using Asgard Beaming Technology, destroying the ship instantly. The ability will now instantly destroy ships this also means that I had to take it off the generic BC-304 Cruiser or it will be way to overpowered. Later on when Wraith are added to the game I might make it so that it can only target them.
- Name: Activate ZPM, Description: Plugs in the ZPM to the Daedalus which greatly increases effectiveness in all aspects. This ability is for defence purposes only and will boost your shield strength considerably.

Odyssey Class Abilities

- Name: Activate Cloak, Description: Research teams have discovered the secrets of the Ancients Cloaking technology. This ability will now make your ships completely disappear and not just make it look phased out.
- Name: Activate Asgard Core, Description: Activates the Asgard Core that is onboard the Odyssey which enhances numerous systems aboard the ship. This ability is for offensive purposes, it will boost all energy weapons onboard the ship giving you a considerable weapons damage enhancement. Some of these abilities may be a overpowered so once the beta is released leave your opinion below on if you think I should adjust these values.

UI Changes

You already saw some of the changes I made when I posted the pictures so I won’t bother showing you those again but i will show you ones I haven’t released to the public yet. The Titan Factory and the shield module models is still stock in game and we will change it as soon as the model is done.

Some people may or may not get confused so I thought I might as well put it out their, “The Invasion Is Over....” is a button and that button is the quit button.

Research Changes

Not that much has been changed here so it will be quick.
You can now only research one titan in a game, if you research lets say the Assualt Titan you won’t be able to build or even research the Carrier titan, I also may add some other research connected to the titans so you would really have to decide which field you want to go into, for example the Assualt titan may lead to even more advanced weapons and the carrier titan may lead to more advanced shields, you would have to decide which field you would want to go into and once you go into that field the other field will be locked out, this may or may not be in the next beta release. The next big research thing would be GDO Code, if researched it basically allows you to utilize your allies stargate, you can use it to send ships to allied worlds and basically encourges more teamwork.


I will try to release the beta within the next week or so but I make no promises, until then leave your opinion below on the changelog, Tell me if you really want something in the mod that I haven’t included yet in this changelog. Here is one last picture to wet your appetite.

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SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182

SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182

Oct 20, 2014 Full Version 55 comments

Stargate Invasion 1.82 Tau'ri Beta, Numerous changes have been made. This version only includes TAU'RI. Any bugs,suggestion or if you want to join the...

Placement patch

Placement patch

Apr 3, 2014 Patch 36 comments

add these files to your exsisting build of the mod to fix the placement issue as well as the ability to build the Asuran Titans. Updated to include GameInfo...

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch

Jan 7, 2014 Patch 114 comments

The Rebellion 1.80 PATCH version of the mod. There are still some major bugs, but it is playable. if you have any problems with the game crashing, please...

SGI Rebellion 1.80

SGI Rebellion 1.80

Dec 23, 2013 Patch 94 comments

Here it is folks, the Rebellion 1.80 version of the mod. There are still some major bugs, but it is playable. if you have any problems with the game crashing...

SGI Soundtrack

SGI Soundtrack

Oct 24, 2011 Music 7 comments

Here is the highly requested SGI Soundtrack. The files are in mp3 format and also include the original artist to make finding there music easier. The...



Nov 14, 2010 Other 3 comments

This program was designed by stardock for the debugging of stardock games and programs all rights reserved from stardock.

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Dalo_Lorn Jan 18 2015, 5:18am says:

Hi. Looks like a promising mod you have there, though I'm a bit unhappy about its current Tau'ri only state. (I know, it's going to change - but I figured I might make that bit of feedback. :P)

Anyway, I'd like to ask you for some help. As I said on the Stargate: The Pegasus Chronicles page, I've been porting shipsets from various games into Star Ruler 2, and I'd like to do a couple of Stargate shipsets. Unfortunately, I don't really have any assets, and all I can currently get are the SGEaW 1.3 models. It's not bad, and it's certainly an improvement over the stuff I already have on hand, but I think your assets would be closer to SR2's quality leveč - not to mention that they'd allow for more shipsets than SGEaW.

Basically, the same thing applies as with the SGTPC/SGEaW stuff I asked for earlier:

Ideally, I'd need .OBJ models and .PNG textures, but if needed, I can extract the textures from the mod's assets - it's just that I don't have the tools required to extract the models, just as was the case with SGEaW. That, and I (obviously) don't have permission to do it yet. :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
Epytron_Omega Creator
Epytron_Omega Jan 18 2015, 11:39am replied:

Right now the mod is unfinshed, and that being said, we would prefer our work to stay with us. I am sorry to decline your request, but as we are not finished with even a full race we would prefer to keep the models to ourselves, and our associates.

I am sorry if this offends you.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Dalo_Lorn Jan 18 2015, 1:45pm replied:

Yeah, okay. No offense taken.

+2 votes     reply to comment
shiabl33 Jan 14 2015, 10:43am says:

I can't seem to get the MOD to load. I've placed it under the correct folder under C drive ironclad mods-rebellion even have the enablemods.txt correct. Help would be appreciated.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Epytron_Omega Creator
Epytron_Omega Jan 14 2015, 11:36am replied:

what version of the game are you running? what happens when you load up the game? use the game to tell you where the folder will be placed, as it helps to null reasons for it not working.

+1 vote   reply to comment
shiabl33 Jan 14 2015, 9:30pm replied:

Running version 1.82. Got it to work thanks!

+1 vote     reply to comment
shiabl33 Jan 14 2015, 9:38pm replied:

Scratch that, i got the SGI MOD 1.82 to load but after loading it crashes. :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Killer9169 Jan 13 2015, 12:35pm says:

any ideas when we will be seeing another race because its not any fun fighting your self

+3 votes     reply to comment
Epytron_Omega Creator
Epytron_Omega Jan 14 2015, 12:21am replied:

As soon as we have some more assets ingame, we will most likely be releasing a Goa'uld side. I am working currently on some of the models, and we are attempting to fix some coding issues. Things are progressing, but please understand that we have other things that take presidence.

+4 votes   reply to comment
général_onneill Jan 10 2015, 6:59am says:

tks for ur work btw
i have a problem : after playing a while, i keep having some msgs error like :
Entity Ref not found: FrigateTechAntiFighter
Entity Ref not found: FrigateTechHeavy
Entity Ref not found: FrigateTechLight
Entity Ref not found: FrigateTechLongRange
Entity Ref not found: FrigateTechSiege
and it keeps coming when i skip so i can t play anymore
do these mistakes come from my computer or a bug from the mod ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
général_onneill Jan 10 2015, 4:10pm replied:

and if i keep pressing skip, i get a mini dump (dmp files)
how can i send it to you ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Epytron_Omega Creator
Epytron_Omega Jan 10 2015, 6:15pm replied:

what version of the game are you running? redownload the mod.

+1 vote   reply to comment
général_onneill Jan 11 2015, 6:14am replied:

I m running the 1.82 506 version with both dlc under win 7-64
I redownload the mod now :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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teaxture needs work

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