This is a work in progress!! A conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire! Eve online content is owned by CCP, with their permission we are creating a new mod for sins! EVE online content is protected by Copyright © CCP 1997-2015 for more on CCP's awesome product!

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Mod update.

News 7 comments

Righty. Here's a quick update from us regarding the mods development.

Yes the Mod is still being worked on, recently due to major RL issues I have had to pause for a few months. Thankfully the troubles I've been having are more or less over now and can resume development.

We have now (minus a bunch of strings, research subjects, meshes and imagery here and there) finished the gallente addition, though for the time being the Amarr structures will be used temporarily.

Quick rundown of changes.

• New gallente ships added, (all ships)

• Several new graphical updates (explosions, weapon GFX, bubbles etc)

• New sounds added for gallente weapons.

• Balancing overhaul w build time adjustments.

• Faction battleship additions (Vindicator and soon the Bhaalgorn)

• Further AI adjustments.

more news to follow.


Amarrian Winter Release

Amarrian Winter Release

News 1 comment

Testers are being poked currently to test the stability of this next release.

Public Alpha

Public Alpha

News 14 comments

Back by popular demand I will be giving a download link below for the latest alpha working in the latest Rebellion (1.52)

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing

News 9 comments

New features going in this weekend and I want to test for bugs / crashes using you guys on ICO!

Empires and Rebels

Empires and Rebels

News 8 comments

With the Rebellion Expansion I am able to use all the pirate factions of eve into Sins.

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Gallente and Amarr Build

Gallente and Amarr Build

Full Version 20 comments

Jump bridge hotfix added into this download please reinstall! As always please read the change logs and guides contained within. Huge thanks to the team...

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As far as I am aware you there is no way around the can rep/can't rep issue without making the dread/carrier completely invulnerable. But maybe there is a modifier that I don't know about.

Arbitrators take a lot of supply because in previous versions the AI had fleets of 150+ arbitrators, which was ridiculous. Scaling costs/supply is the easiest way to make AI build a better fleet.
Ship build times being long actually means that in the beginning ships matter. No losing your entire fleet and having an exact copy 1 minute later. Unless you're talking about drones, in which case you can build a rorqual which has an ability to instantly replenish drones to all your ships in range every 60 seconds.

Cyno jammer allows for battles against an enemy with a larger capital force and still come out victorious. Scouting ahead and having a good subcap fleet to destroy the jammer before your caps jump in would resolve any problems you might have with it.

All drone ships have lower armor than their turret-based brethren. Although in some cases it may not be balanced completely, it's not just "lol domi doesn't get armor".

No matter if there is 1 or 1000 pirate bases, 1 pirate raid is 1 pirate raid, same size, only what direction they'll come from will differ. And Sansha was the plan in the past.

The 2 second freezes on my side are always GPU based, CPU is not a problem. Instead, Sins seems to slow itself down if your CPU can't handle it(similar to TiDi) up till a certain point. Though depending on your PC it may not be enough.
The slow downs are also definitely possible to be limited by the modders, by changing how certain things work.(Like amount of refinery ships, amount of drones, capital/ship supply, auto-docking drones etc.)

Ship weapon ranges are probably still being played around with, but I agree that they are not properly balanced currently. grid-wide blaster moros is slightly OP for one.

I haven't played the mod in 2 months because I've returned to real EVE so I'm not sure about the exact balance currently. but I have 500 hours into the mod in total through all the different versions and tweaked it a lot myself so I have some understanding.

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Hello enjoying the mod looking forward to the next release!

I've played a few games now and have not come across the Pirate Fleet Archive artifact/bonus required for vindi/bhaal.

I've been making my own maps and was wondering how I can add the Bonus/artifact to planets in GalaxyForge.

I've been through all the artifacts/bonus on the planet edit and none of them are pirate fleet archive (I can get the Pirate Fleet archive to spawn when setting the Planet Artifact density to 100 but its random)

Anyway to set the Pirate Fleet Archive to always be true in the Galaxy Forge?


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This is my second review after playing the mod A LOT more. During this time I found myself looking at ways this mod can be improved, surprisingly. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat with wanting this mod being a lot more than it currently is. And frankly, if you're going to represent an entire game, it deserves to be. I recently got back into EVE again (regrets) and I learned a lot of the upcoming changes, I hope you're aware of these, as they are gonna change your mod quite a lot.

First off, there's a lot missing, and a lot of things that need to be gone with both current factors. I'm not gonna go over them all, as that can take a very long time. So I'll just make a few bullet points to save some time on the issues that need to be addressed in the next update.

- t3's / subcap / requires 8 military research stations / uses 8 supply / 55-65 damage 4k hull with 30-40 armor as a rough estimate, varies of course by faction / late game subcap with (=>) costs to battleship should have easier time attacking smaller ships than battleships

- triage carrier / very hard and confusing to get that repping / new carrier will be a drone boat anyway, you have a lot of time to fix this

- still stand by my logi and repping from seige statement in the first review, there has to be a way to fix that issue. Might need to look at indirect approaches to that issue

- with all these capital changes coming i suggest focusing on subcap issues/optimization

- too many beam laser ships for the amarr. arbitrator uses too much supply and the drones do **** all for damage. you still have room for a lot of T2 variants for ships. i highly suggest you to add the thorax including the vexor. managing drones is a real pain in the ***, and the wait times are far too long across the board

- remove the cyno jammer, thing is complete aids and anti-fun

- add the model to the bombers instead of the current inquisitor and tristan as the bombers

- a lot of the fits for the sub caps needs to be revisited. one example is the domi. it has 10 armor and does like 80 damage or something (?). if you need some fleet fits i can email you some fits we used in PL or NC.

- a suggestion is to add the sansha instead for the pirates and use their ships. sansha ships are sexy as hell and i wouldn't mind when they sent 5 fleets at all my planets every 5 minutes when i take over one of their bases. (dont add 4 pirate bases to a map, oh god)

- before you add the values to the current ships i suggest to have a plan for what you want to do (eve balance, your balance, etc). or you're just gonna get burnt out with changes all these numbers

I feel like i'm missing a lot. Whatever, I'll add them into my next review. I just wanted to write this quickly so you can consider some changes before you move on.

Take care guys, and good luck. :)

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I have to disagree with the majority of points in review.

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Awesome. I'd like a discussion. Otherwise your opinion means nothing without any arguments.

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I don't know much about actual EVE accuracy of the mod, but yes you feel like you are missing a lot because there IS a lot missing. Its still being worked on.

The sansha as pirates was already planned and even has a few old screenshots, and they don't control how many pirate bases there are per map, that is up to the map you choose/make.

I feel the Cyno jammer could be useful, though I haven't myself yet.

I like the Amarr using lasers, personally if it were my mod, I would base each faction on their most common weapon type (Caldari: Missile, Gallente: Hybrid, Amarr: Laser, Minmatar: projectile) just to make each faction seem more varied in their attack style.

Also, like most mods, I THINK keyword THINK they are going to make it more balanced for an actual strategy game, and keep it at a point where they don't have to keep making changes as CCP does. That takes up more dev time, as every time CCP changes what a ship does, they would have to go back and change it here too. Making a solid balanced strategy game seems better than trying to perfectly copy ship roles from an mmo. (opinion)

thanks for the feedback, they will probably understand the top few points much better than myself.

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Thanks for the reply.
I do agree with the Amarr using lasers. Although the balance, as you've stated, is attributed to the stratagy elements rather than the MMO. Unfortunately, however, the current game mechanics in it's present state are lacking for the balance EVE has offered. One example is ship movement. Sins has it's limitations, as I'm sure the devs has encountered many many times. And ship movements within combat is absolutely crucial in not only solo PVP but fleet PVP. The deciding factor between a pulse laser and a beam laser is solely based on ranged control. This is called kiting. Now, Sins AI doesn't kite; it sits there eating all bullets it can. And basing off my experience in testing, the range is not that large at all. In fact, it's barely noticeable. Ships close the gap far to fast for ANY reason to posses a far less superior weapon type.
So, we are faced with the problem as you stated it. Sins is an RTS game, where AI controls the micromanagement in combat, while in the MMO, it does not with players micromanaging.

Another issue for the future is missles. Any competent FC would never choose missle fleets over projectile. Which is obviously based on the flight time. However, this is something Sins can fix, rather than complicate things. Sins missles go pretty fast, so I see no issue with Caldari using missles. In fact, I'd prefer it. Something different from the other classes c:

A final point is cyno jammers. It's not that they're useful or not. They very much are. They're just very very (VERY) AIDS. Absolute space AIDS. It takes like 10 minutes to get to a jammed system. Its absolutely infuriating. That, and while your ships venture taking their sweet as time, your game freezes every 2 seconds for half a second for the 5+ battles going on with values 100x sins was meant to handle.

The mod is just a complete mess at this point. But I'm sure we all agree we still love it because it's EVE.

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Again, its been in production off and on for 6 years now and has been started from the ground up several times. So it WILL be a mess until final release. No need to post that.

But what I was trying to get across was, I wouldn't keep referencing EVE for tactics or fighting styles in Sins. They aren't anywhere close to similar. Even the missiles if you look at it, take the same amount of time to do damage as the regular lasers/guns in sins. The damage is done slightly before/after the actual effect hits, just like the other guns so missile travel time is not an issue. This is basically an RTS with a few attributes and an EVE skin. Its not meant to try to emulate the MMO to a tee.

Also they can't change the AI, that is hardcoded. they may be able to do things to prompt the AI to act a certain way, but there is no way to teach them to form cohesive fleets or kite like you explained above.

About the slowdown....yea I wish that they would make a sins sequel that was 64bit and completely multicore supported

but yes, I do love this mod just for that reason, the cool ship designs from EVE in one of my Favorite strategy games. Been following this since 2011 or 2012, signed up for moddb back then just for this :p

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You're honestly confusing to discuss this with.

I'm no longer gonna write something out to you, so I'll just do with what I did originally.

- please stop caring about my opinion on the mod's state. You literally just wrote a paragraph about something that's completely opinionated. Let me tell you from experience: never argue with someone who holds a opinion different from your own unless you know the person is willing change his/her opinion AND you can provide the arguments to support it. Rarely are both conditions met on the Internet. Especially when emotions get invold (trashing mod for it's current state). I see this a lot, especially in this mod's community.

- didn't know missles were instantly calculated, thanks for the info C:

- yes I'm agreeing with you on EVE tactics. This was my MAIN point (lol)

- I'm not suggesting changing the AI. If you actually read my post you'd see I said Sins has it limitations which the devs have encountered "many many times". I already spoke to the devs about the AI. I was mainly referring to that. Sorry if I misled you.

- I'm not familiar with the encoding and optimization of Sins

- I signed up just to discuss this mod as well. Pretty disappointing thus far from the site's population, lol

Whatever, I'll still post something after the next patch.

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Lord_Drokoth Creator

Point 1 - we will not be adapting the mod to match each Eve release.
Point 2 - it is not an Eve simulator.
Point 3 - the slow down has been fixed.
Point 4 - the use of offensive terms (this is AIDS man so AIDS) etc will not be tolerated. This is not jita local or nullsec local.
Point 5 - missile DPS is calculated both at the launch point and hit.
Point 6 - domi fitting - I know full well how to fit ships. The fact you are/were in pl is irrelevant.

I think I've made my point.
Keep it clean.

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Oh, hello! Look who came out of hiding!

Thank you for the reply.

It would appear your reply is all over the place. Your last point had me rolling. Point 4 is understandable. I apologize for my profanity if you were offended. Point 1 is understandable as well, modding take's time. Point 2 is at the far end of the spectrum; which I was not asking for. Simple, small changes were requested. If you're having trouble with the coding, I can ask a buddy who's still modding. Point 3, no it hasn't and it won't be until you do the same thing Blizzard did with WoW a few years ago with the number crunch. Point 5 was already cleared up ,thanks for your input though.

Point 6... let's keep this clean, yeah? Just a reminder not being open minded and showing arrogance to people trying to help the mod will not get you a better mod. Take my advice... redo the Domi lol (i can say lol, right?). Oh, and you brought up PL towards my knowledge of EVE, not me. I made an offer to help you with some fits we use. Proper fits. Not rail gun domi's (I still can't believe that's a thing). So I don't know why you're bringing that up, or if you identify my credibility based on my alliance in EVE (?)

You have made an excellent point, although it wasn't about the mod. xD

Once you're ready to discuses my points in the original post, I'll be right here. I won't reply to any more passive aggressive comments from you, or your community. I'm here to talk and improve the mod, not enter a keyboard warrior tournament.

*If I offended you again I apologize*

EDIT: just for you, my love, I will edit my post's to be more child friendly. This is a family mod, after all.

EDIT 2: found out I can't edit old posts. you have to make this page PG 13 now, my most sincere apologies.

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