This is a work in progress!! A conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire! Eve online content is owned by CCP, with their permission we are creating a new mod for sins! EVE online content is protected by Copyright © CCP 1997-2015 for more on CCP's awesome product!

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Mod update.

1 month ago News 6 comments

Righty. Here's a quick update from us regarding the mods development.

Yes the Mod is still being worked on, recently due to major RL issues I have had to pause for a few months. Thankfully the troubles I've been having are more or less over now and can resume development.

We have now (minus a bunch of strings, research subjects, meshes and imagery here and there) finished the gallente addition, though for the time being the Amarr structures will be used temporarily.

Quick rundown of changes.

• New gallente ships added, (all ships)

• Several new graphical updates (explosions, weapon GFX, bubbles etc)

• New sounds added for gallente weapons.

• Balancing overhaul w build time adjustments.

• Faction battleship additions (Vindicator and soon the Bhaalgorn)

• Further AI adjustments.

more news to follow.


Amarrian Winter Release

Amarrian Winter Release

11 months ago News 1 comment

Testers are being poked currently to test the stability of this next release.

Public Alpha

Public Alpha

2 years ago News 14 comments

Back by popular demand I will be giving a download link below for the latest alpha working in the latest Rebellion (1.52)

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing

2 years ago News 9 comments

New features going in this weekend and I want to test for bugs / crashes using you guys on ICO!

Holiday Progress Part 1

Holiday Progress Part 1

2 years ago News 0 comments

Behind the miles of interwebs that separate us all progress is still moving forward on SONE!

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Gallente and Amarr Build

Gallente and Amarr Build

2 weeks ago Full Version 9 comments

Jump bridge hotfix added into this download please reinstall! As always please read the change logs and guides contained within. Huge thanks to the team...

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MassDownloader Nov 23 2015 says:

Just a small(ish) battle featuring the death of a bunch of titans and other capitals.

I was playing together with another person vs an Unfair AI. It was at the end of the round as we were taking enemy planets at a rapid pace.

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tiomat Nov 22 2015 says: +2 votes     reply to comment
daggmask100 Nov 21 2015 says:

With the new stations and some of the new hulls, what race is next?

Also, with a ton of time spent in the game, it seems like the AI are (even on the same levels) much more difficult as gallente. If they play as amarr they are significantly easier to crush.

Jump bridges, no matter how large the the jump they can always make it. Is there a way to limit this? I like it and it benefits me, but it reduces (however little) need for a bit more stratigic thinking and thus making more planets on the path more important to hold.

On the flipside I can pull on a huge map, 12-20+ titans no big deal. but the enemy struggles to get more than one or two.

They are good early on as well, in the blitz they can hit you hard and slow you down but once you hit them back and crush thier primary fleet they never seem to get back on their feet. which makes late-endgame a bit less interesting. Not sure if you can change that on your end or it is just an AI or buff/nerf thing.

Defences. the turrets are hard for me to jusify use of. They can hit and do a bit of dps but on a fleet with almost any kind of logi they are near useless. As such I just go full ECM and have 20-30 of them just jamming their entire fleet supporting mine a ton or giving me more than enough time to get a taskforce together.

(already mentioned in another post) I am having issue with amarr triage, if they are in system with an enemy fleet they instantly triage no matter how far, and the rest of the fleet won't get their reps as they move to the hostile fleet. I have NOT had this issue with gallente that I know of.

The standerd logi though is fantastic. So long as you have enough logi and dps to break a hostile you are near invincible. the logi works as I think is intended, but maybe reduce their capacitor forcing them to focus on eachother for cap more like we do in game? otherwise they can hold almost a nonstop rep on any given target (cooldowns aside)

otherwise I love the work and I hope you guys keep going down this path with updates!

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jannik2099 Nov 22 2015 replied:

weird, my archons dont triage at all
can confirm that gal frog AI is OP
had them roflstomp me with 6 titans

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daggmask100 Nov 22 2015 replied:

now and again they will get multiple titans, but I have only seen the AI do that a handful of times. Though they treat a titan like they would a frigate and don't really use it to the best that they could, like bridging fleets out when they know all is lost, or in for more support. their caps do okay, but they also don't use much logi at all and are almost pure dps instead (carriers aside) meaning that they can't really tank your fleets as is.

that said yeah, gal is op. I think it is the mineral income causing them (or you) to gain mats at a much faster rate thus allowing you to resupply/build more at a significantly faster rate. which I like, some empires should be better at one thing or another, as the amarr can tank far more than the gal can. + vs - really. I just hope the Caldari (are brought into the fold next) and minmitar have their buffs as well. Caldari being isk like the gallente are as tehy are about mega corps.

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TheHubby Nov 19 2015 says:

You might want to contact this modder on the StarDrive 2 forums, he's working on an EVE mod for that game and says he has over 130 ship models. Don't know if they can be imported to Sins, but might be worth a look.

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jannik2099 Nov 19 2015 says:

triage needs to get fixed, my archons like watching my fleet die. they either dont triage at all or just rep the targets that lost 2 hp

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jannik2099 Nov 19 2015 replied:

just gonna add some suggestions / observations

gallente seems to be way stronger than amarr in the hands of AI

AI only goes rorqual, after getting first titan however they start pumping out combat caps and supers

Defensive Turrets could use smartbombs to fend off drones

I'd suggest to remove the autocast from the build Titan ability, as the AI cant turn that off and thus gets forced to spam build titans

Increase capacitor cost of Exequoror RR by 50 or 70%, currently it does not even affect the Heal / second

Carriers and Supercarriers could need a dps buff (in form of more volley damage) also they could use a buff to fighter replacement speed

Whats with the gallente ships having 300% hull at some time? I suggest those AoE fleet buffs get changed to like 10% more hull and not just a flat bonus

guess thats it for now

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MassDownloader Nov 19 2015 says:

Btw, would anyone be interested in multiplayer? 400 hours of solo play tends to get bland, so if anyone wants to team up against the AI I'm all for it.

Just hit me up on steam:

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xdxsadd Nov 18 2015 says:

ships are soooooooo slow and take forever to build. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy even on max build speed. so sloooow

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jannik2099 Nov 18 2015 replied:

build times are fine, welcome to 4x games

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MassDownloader Nov 18 2015 replied:

It was actually one of the changes I made as well in my tweaks for the capitals, probably halved or more the build times of the capitals with subcaps coming in my 2nd pass. Thanks for reminding me xD Although it's true that it's a 4x game, the previous version was quite a bit faster at it. Although now early game is more fun rather than just spam(especially on ai side) it can feel rather slow.

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