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0 comments by Haiyooo on Dec 18th, 2014

Dowload it from the Downloads section!

Format didn't copy over... Look for the download section of this mods ModDB site to contain a readable format.... The ModDB crew must approve it before u can see it :(

This is the previously private tester only version of Sins of New Eden. This means that there are a number of changes still to made and more work to be done. However, since the testing appears to have revealed that the version is stable and I cannot get the release im currently working on released by the promised time of Christmas, we are releasing this one for the time being. So firstly, apologies for not making the deadline set, that is entirely my own fault as to setting time for it i had already set elsewhere and forgot about (worry)(worry) So anyway.. Heres a quick overview. or rather a quick "release notes"


The amarr ships have been added and are as follows.Magnate (scout frigate) Microwarpdrive, Explore,Punisher (light combat frigate) Microwarpdrive,Excecutioner (Interceptor frigate) Warp disruptor, Microwarpdrive,Inquisitor (Siege Frigate) Microwarpdrive, can bomb planets,Omen (Light Cruiser) Afterburner,Rorqual Colony Variant, Colonise, Capture neutral entity, EMP Smartbomb,Arbitrator (carrier cruiser), Drone Bunus, Microwarpdrive, Tracking Disruptor,Prophecy (command battlecruiser) Armoured warfare mindlink,Augoror (Logistical support cruiser) Remote armour repairer,Harbinger (Heavy combat battlecruiser) Warp disruptor, Stasis webifier, Microwarpdrive,Devoter (Interdiction cruiser) Microwarpdrive, Interdiction sphere,Armageddon (Battleship) Microwarpdrive, Reactive hardener, Energy neutralizer, Warp disruptor,Apocalypse (Long Range combat battleship) Micro Jump Drive, Tracking Computer, Warp disrtuptor, Stasis webifier,Abaddon (Heavy short range battleship) Afterburner, Reactive Hardener, Warp Disruptor, Stasis Webifier,Archon (carrier) EMP Smartbomb, Capital Remote Repairer, Reactive Hardener, Capital Jump Drive, Can build and launch Templar fighters,Triage Archon (Triage support carrier) Triage Mode, Triage armour repairer, Capital Jump Drive,Revelation (Dreadnought) Siege Mode, Tracking Computer, Reactive Hardener, Capital Jump Drive,Aeon (supercarrier) Remote ECM Burst, Capital armour repairer, EMP Smartbomb, Capital Jump Drive,Avatar (Titan) Avatar Command Mindlink, EMP Smartbomb, Judgment, Capital Jump Drive, Inspire and impair <-- Yes this will change to avatar jump bridge :P
As you can see most of the desired ships are in place. the structures have also been changed to take the place of eve stations of various shapes for various roles. Theyre not quite final but more or less there, and a few more to add when the time is available.Some things to bear in mind are as follows. * Some graphics are incomplete, e.g titan DD effects, Smartbombs, lasers etc* though most researches are completed now more work is needed in the diplomacy and civilian fields.* there is a minor bug with capitals jumping between planets which im already aware of.* some sounds arnt quite right. E.G the remote ecm burst.* There are missing cap transfer abilities. like capital and triage ones.SO. Id like feedback on the following please. * Capitals can jump from any point in a gravity well and regular ships can jump from any edge of a gravity well, personally I like it but if its overwealmingly apparent that its not popular then it could be returned to regular sins mechanics,* Do you like the jump graphic?,* Overall balancing, do battles really take too long. bear in mind here the balancing is closer to eve than sins.

Thats it for now. Ill use inbuilt release note file for any version updates for future releases in a somewhat more documented manner.

Lord Drokoth, Haiyooo and LePaj. SONE Dev Team.


Lord_Drokoth has continued the work along with help from LePaj, and let me say they have done amazing work so far and I know you guys are anxious to play this mod again. That being said we are doing some testing before we share the link, but I will promise a link to the public before the weekend is up.

What is in this version?

First off lets talk races. You will only be able to play as Amarr.

What! Why just Amarr?

Back when I stopped working on the mod I had noted how bad the mess was and how many items were duplicated, loading but not used, etc. In effort to reduce crashes and improve performance we basically have started at nil and begun the modding process again.

At the time I had so many projects in various stages of completion that it became a problem. So, now we have just Amarr and want to polish the one race as much as we can before moving on to the next one.

Nothing is final in this release and subject to change. Both Lord_Drokoth and LePaj deserve credit for this edition of the mod as they have all but fully taken the workload from me. So huge thanks to them! Once the testers report back and we can call this a "stable" build I will post a download link below in the comments.

And a Very Happy Holidays to you all!

-Haiyooo out

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Updated Amarr .004

Updated Amarr .004

Feb 9, 2015 Demo 4 comments

Change log provided in the file, please let us know how these new changes balance out! Before you ask,, yes it is ONLY AMARR.

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Jixxl Jan 10 2015, 5:07am says:

Hey, just a couple more friendly suggestions.

- Capital ships are no longer affected by warp scramblers.
- All ships can warp from any location in space (they do not need to travel to the edge of the map (aka ships without a capital jump drive)).
- Changes to ship turn speed need to be implicated - all ships to turn a lot slower (esp Capitals).
- Capital jump drive ability to be changed - able to jump to Cyno's.
- Warp bubbles lasts 3-5 minutes.
- Warp bubble also slows all sub-cap ships by 40% (most sub-caps have afterburners so this slow is not too impeding).
- Dreads have the capability to swap damage types - "Void" (or whatever name you wish) is close range - damage increased by 30% - "Null" (again name) range is increased by 200%.
- Allow a maximum of 3 Magnate ships per player (Cyno ships).
- It costs 2000 credits to light each Cyno
- Recon ships added - Capable of being cloaked, being too close will knock them out. [Maximum of 5 per player]

- New talent "Bounty". Gives a player 0.1% of the total cost of any ship or building destroyed (credit, crystal and metal). [max rank of 5 (0.5%)]
- Change "Beam Lasers" talents to be more desirable, at the moment they are far too expensive to be worth the cost, especially as all end game ships make use of the Pulse Laser talents.
- Change "Pulse Lasers" talents to a higher talent tier.
- Change Augoror (tier 3) a to being a prerequisite to Carriers (*changed to* tier 5 from tier 4), Carriers a prerequisite to super Carriers (tier 7).

Warm regards o/

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MassDownloader Jan 11 2015, 5:47am replied:

1) I disagree, them not being affected would make it even harder to kill them with subcapitals. There is definitely no need for that.
2) Subcapitals don't have the slow movement that capitals have, that is why I agree with the current warp system and would make it far too easy for enemy fleets to disengage in basically any situation.
3) Capitals are already very slow, both in speed and turning, I don't think they need another nerf to mobility.(Nor a buff)
4) They can already jump to cynos...
5) Do you mean the interdiction bubbles from the devoters? If so there is no point in longer durations as they got a (from memory) 20 second duration but also a 20 second cooldown, basically permanent.
6) I don't see how it slowing subcaps makes sense keeping EVE in mind...
7) They already got siege and tracking computer to get extra range and damage, I don't think they need extra abilities.(Though a DPS buff could be useful)
8) I haven't even found a way to use the cynos on the magnates after researching that, are they bugged or something?
9) I wouldn't mind a cost to cynoing, but I don't see a point to it as the moment where cynoing will be viable you'll generally be extremely rich anyway xD
10) I am not certain if that kind of thing is possible in Sins, but what kind of hole could they still fill that all of the other ships don't?

11) There already is a research that does that, but then 25%.
12) Most ships make use of pulses yes, but not all. Beam research is worth it even if as one of the last researches to do the most DPS you can
13) Research is quite expensive already, even on Fastest, it already is the most expensive of all researches so I think it is quite fair.
14) This would make sense to a point, but making it a higher tiered research might not be needed as the armageddon/apocalypse/abaddon will be removed from capital ships in the next update. So making archons/revelations available early is kinda a must I think.

Just my thoughts on your feedback.

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Lord_Drokoth Jan 11 2015, 4:12pm replied:

Loads of good points here. here are my two cents...

1) In eve, all caps minus supers and titans can be tackled with conventional means. and since I cant make an ability that makes Aeons immune to warp disruptors without also making them un bubble-able. I decided to leave the current mechanic in place. and feel that it works to fine effect...

2) This ability (warp from any angle) has actually been removed, the reasons are as follows. ships were landing at various points in the target well. often out of range of rep or just really far away from where the fleet was landing. meaning ships were landing all over the edge of the well in no particular order. this limits tactical options and creates undue risk for fleets landing on a planet. I have therefore returned the jumpangles to be slightly narrower than their standard sins angles to ensure that a fleet is going to land where it is projected to. this also enables options such as pipebombing strikes and the use of high dps cap fleets like dread fleets at close range to previously tackle ships. like titans.

3) Caps seem to behave just fine as they are regarding turn rates for the time being.

4) cynos have been removed and replaced with jump bridges. I couldnt find a decent way to impliment cynos. however, I do have another possible idea of using them as a method to call in additional ships. a bit like the old vasari phase gates. only with them landing right on the battlefield and making jump effects (have to play about with this to see if its possible. but it would be so cool)

5) Interdiction bubbles have been changed to a 120 sec cycle and now trigger more appropriatly. they are also larger than before.

6) not being introduced.

7) Sniper Dreads are being introduced awaiting final balancing.

8) they were removed. but I forgot to remove the research before the EAA release.. OOPSIE

9) see point 4 :P

1 of 2

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Jixxl Jan 11 2015, 9:13am replied:

Thanks for your response.

1). They are indeed hard to kill, mostly due to the fact they can warp off from anywhere in space (which is not a problem) of which the majour factor is their turn speed. The fact that my capital ship fleet can support an area faster than my sub-cap fleet is the main issue. Making them unscramble is, yes, giving them utility, but by reducing (No.3) their turn speed would directly prevent them from warping out at any quick rate. I personally feel bubbles are the way forward in preventing capitals from leaving the field.
2). I understand the logic here, but like previously stated, moving fleets (especially of size) around is far too time consuming. This is also why I suggest a change to warp bubble mechanics (No.6). It is hardly a game breaking concept and furthermore allows sub-caps to be more aggressive in attack and defense, it fundamentally speeds the game up.
3). As mentioned before, turn speed of capitals not only allows them to escape it also allows them to move from system to system at “ungankable” speeds. Capitals should be able to warp from X to Y but it should be slow and dangerous. They should be far more reliant on cyno's for movement. If they do wish to warp, then their slow turn speed should allow a sub-cap fleet the chance to catch up and gank them. Their turn speed is ridiculous, not sure why you are saying the contrary.
4). This was merely to reallocate the ability – as it would become arbitrary (No.2).
5). I guess it is not a problem once they recode it. As it stands I feel throughout a whole fight I am ONLY spamming the button because the AI does not seem to register properly, this can also be used to set-up traps.
6). The premise behind this is that warp bubbles in Sins are far smaller than in EVE proportionally. This is due to the map's design (size); the slow affect makes it hard for sub-cap fleets to exist bubbles, essentially making them larger without actually changing their size.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jixxl Jan 11 2015, 9:14am replied:

7). To clarify – this is meant to redesign the current ability. Imo dread fleets are largely useless (for their cost). Their range is pathetic (even with tracking computer), and slow movement speed prevents them from getting on top of things. I suggest giving dreads the ability to do some damage at the cost of 30% dps. Alternatively, they are able to do more damage for a higher chance of dying, should they get close. :D
8). I do not believe it is implemented yet. :((
9). Cyno'ing should cost for two reasons: 1) Risk reward – essentially to be used to get in/out of battles, it should cost to have such an offensive and defensive ability; 2) to prevent people from abusing it by Cyno'ing their ships around the whole solar system (preventing ganks).
10). If not, make them able to warp faster than most ships and turn at insane speeds. The point is to scout without much risk or danger, to promotes fights and find ways around the enemy. Essentially all RTS, and equivalents, have some sort of scouting class.

11). I do not know what research talent you are referring to. Please let me know as I may just be ignorant to it.
12). I skip them completely. Usually rush Omen (Omen's do use them but it is not worth it) then Harbringer until capitals. That seems to be the most affective means of monetary spending (combining research and ship costs) for highest reward. Seems really OP as well. :P
13). I really think it is too expensive and time consuming for the gains you get, maybe I am the only one who thinks that but to me it is so worthless.
14). The early to mid game should be extended for as long as possible. Rushing for capitals early SHOULD be risky; I am suggesting that it is made harder to do so, and besides, this is the natural way of progression.

I really appreciate the response, and I hope this at least clarifies some of my thought process.

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MassDownloader Jan 11 2015, 10:59am replied:

(note: I am not part of the modteam, just a very enthusiastic person that has followed the mod closely for a long time)
Yeah, thanks for the larger explanation of your thoughts as well ^.^
The research is called Capital Ship Cargo Bays, under Military, Hull, Armour & Capacitor, Tier 3, 3rd row down.
"Adds cargo bays to capital ships, allowing them to immediately salvage and loot some of the wreck left behind by the destruction of hostile ships", Fraction salvaged: Max 25%, 5 levels of research.

I will be playing another round after this post and see if my memory was correct or perhaps a bit wrong on how fast things warped.

Know that Lord_Drakoth is working on a patch, and has posted on the 2nd page of comments what will be in it.(From what he knew when he posted it)

Regarding point 1 and 3 and 9, They actually can not warp at all places, in some gravity wells they need to be about halfway to be able to warp(especially painful for avatars which move like bricks) but yeah in most situations you are correct.

The movement will be hard to balance for (super)capitals between being too easy to catch and too hard. Right now you could lock down a capital fleet using executioners while the rest of your fleet closes in, and most often capitals that aren't already close to in position to warp can be caught(at least from what I remember) by subcapitals.

A way to make cynoing more dangerous could be done not by a resource cost, but a capacitor cost for example 40%-60% of their maximum capacitor, since capitals are quite dependent on capacitor to actually do things like repair friendlies.

I can see your point though about capitals perhaps being too easy to move throughout the universe, I'll keep a close eye on it during my next round and see what I think then.

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MassDownloader Jan 11 2015, 11:01am replied:

Regarding 7, a beam dreadnought is coming which will feature lower damage more range I'd expect. I think an ability to switch ammo could be interesting but not certain how that would work. Since you would need an ability that can either switch between a passive +Range -Damage and -Range +Damage being active. Though that could replace the tracking computer I suppose by removing tracking computer, and adding Radio(+50% range, -50% damage) and Multifrequency(+50% Damage, -50% range) as active abilities. It should be balanced in such a way though that you can't activate both active abilities at once and come out better than not using the abilities at all.(So they need to cancel eachother out)

Regarding 6, why Devoters don't work properly is because their active ability only gets triggered when they get shot, and I don't think they are a target high up in the list so they get mostly ignored. So I agree it is a bit of a pain having to micro them to actually get use out of them.(I have put this in a feedback comment as well of my own)

My point 13 was about you suggesting moving Pulse Research to a higher tier, and now you state it is too expensive and too time consuming for the gains you get, that is kinda the opposite of what you suggested earlier, could you explain what you want to happen to it exactly?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jixxl Jan 11 2015, 5:04pm replied:

Ahh, yea I see that now. I still believe 0.5% (at max rank) is more consistent, fair and fun and generally a better design as it allows for non-caps to gain money, this also prevents turtle tactics from being viable.

They move slowly but turn super fast, kind of strange really. I do not believe it will be too hard, as most pilots will Cyno their ships (once that is fixed). Even if possible, no-one would use gates in EVE as a capital pilot because of how dangerous they are. I feel the same should be similar here; MOSTLY using Cynos for majour movements because of ganking risks. Just my opinion though.

“A way to make cynoing more dangerous... but a capacitor cost for example 40%-60% of their maximum capacitor” love this idea, could also give triage carries the ability to give cap- “Energy Transfer”, as at the moment they lack a last ability; could help to counter this (Triage solves their cap problems). It seems cap doesn't really play a huge role in the game currently, which is something to look at later on down the line once everything has been ironed out.

Exactly, I would get rid of tracking computer and replace it with a toggle button. The 1st toggle increases damage at the cost of range and vice versa. This way, you are not reaping the benefits of both range and damage but prevents people form kiting you. It also allows for sniper dreads, allowing you to keep safe in a majour battle, which sounds fun! :)

Yeah, Devoters are a pain to play with. It would be nice to have the ability to use them similar to EVE where you can set-up traps etc. That and micro-managing them every 30 sec is a frustration; the reasons why I would extend their time anyway.

My apologies for the mix up. What I meant was “Beam Lasers” are too expensive (time+money), “Pulse Lasers” are fine but believe they should be increased in tier. This is only to represent them as more of an end game tier. Beam lasers costs should be reduced, or you should gain more for the price you pay.

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Jixxl Jan 8 2015, 1:18am says:

Hey. So far, the game is looking rather solid. Ship balancing seems really accurate, fights are fun and the overall game is looking strong. Have been following you guys for a couple of years now and you have not disappointed.

A couple of humble suggestions to improve. I feel turtle strategies are really strong and the general economy doesn't seem balanced. For example, a Titan costs a mere 12k credits and a super 9k? Seems rather easy to buy these, even early in the game; this also promotes people to turtle, mass-fleet and engage only once they have accumulated a huge force. The problem seems to stem all from the economy tree. After spending a lot of resources on it you become too powerful and hard to quell, yet if you don't focus initially on it, your economy is destroyed for the late game. How good your economy is, should be based off how much sovereignty you own (as in planets owned), apposed to how much investment you have put into a certain tree. This allows you to focus on PVP earlier (both in respect of the talent tree and the actual game), and makes everything more fun.

EVE, to me, is a game where a small force can still hot drop in vulnerable areas and do a huge deal of damage. It's also a game where the few can operate effectively by picking their battles. It shouldn't focus, somewhat completely, on massing up a huge force alone and then slapping your sword against your enemies. With Sin's mechanics of having to defend regions, I feel that having a small force roaming -taking out supplies etc- is far more dangerous than having a large one massing up; but this is lost in the general theme.

Part 1/2

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jixxl Jan 8 2015, 1:16am says:

Part 2/2

So my suggestions:

- Redesign economy tree to focus more on sovereignty (a tree based around controlling and defending accumulated regions (jump gates, planet health, defensive structures etc etc (designed for players who wish to control larger areas of space or at least a late(r) game tech tree))).

- Set trade hubs, crystal and metal extractions to be able to make from the start, and give them the preset bonuses which you would get from their talents.

- Re-balance ship's costs - a sub-cap fleets should be "cheap and cheerful", yet dangerous at taking out supplies or reinforcements.

- Home planet should earn you a huge amount of credits (far more than they currently do). Whereas new planets accumulated should give less than they current do in-game, to promote this new system.

To accumulate a larger income, you must take the risk of extending your territory. Applying a risk reward mentality.

***A rough guide which EVE uses (in Sin's credit format):
Titans - 70k (Should be rare and owned by the few - killing it should dented someone's wallet).
Super carriers - 23k (Again ^, or until late game).
Dreads - 7k (For balance purposes they are slightly more expensive than in EVE).
Carriers - 5k

Battleships - 1.5k
Cruiser - 0.4k
Any sub tier - 0.2k

Income should be easier to accumulate, especially with sovereignty. This allows for players to have strong sub-cap fleets and weaker capital fleets until they have gained the respective income. Again this won't get out of hand due to sin's inbuilt fleet costs system, preventing a person with no-to-little sovereignty from overpowering a larger opponent(s) in an all out brawl, but allows them still the ability to harass. And by harassing, you are able to damage an opponents wallet without having to have an expensive fight, in affect making their income more negligible.

Something similar to this would be fair, feel free to tweak numbers. That and add a better interface and this game is golden. (Y)

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Haiyooo Creator
Haiyooo Jan 8 2015, 6:58pm replied:

Strong points for sure! Thanks for the feedback!

+2 votes   reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth Jan 8 2015, 3:18am replied:

I'll have a look at those points. That gives me some good ideas. Though one problem regarding Titan cost. The higher I raise it the longer it takes for the ai to "wake up" there seems to be something hard coded between titans and the ai so from what I can tell the first Titan needs to be cheap. However I can work around this and even smooth out the ai by moving the cost of the Titan to it's research and make the first Titan free to build.

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Convergence Jan 5 2015, 4:00pm says:

Game update:
After my failed first attempt on the heavily fortified pirate base I pulled back to rebuild and regroup. I created a sub cap fleet of 75 Heavy cruisers 75 frigates 45 fighter class ships. The cap fleet was 1 Avatar 4 dreads and 35 battleships all three types and 4 carriers. 2 triage and 2 standard deployment versions.
Went in with some breathing room post the initial jump so I had some time to get the fleet moving in the right direction. The Cap fleet went in first pounding on the remaining beam deployments that were clustered around 3 fighter maintenance bays. Fighting was heavy right out of the chute and I moved my subcap fleet promptly after the initial salvo’s commenced. I positioned my super caps in behind the now heavily engaged cap fleet. I was losing ships as expected but that gave me time to bring the heavy guns into range. The super caps really shined at that point. The entire skirmish lasted about 15 minutes. For the first group of beam and fighter bays. This pirate base had 4 of these setups. Supported by Armageddons and smaller ships. Most of them were now either heavily damage or well on their way to being destroyed by the subcap groups I assigned to them.
I was able to take the pirate base in just over 45 minutes with heavy losses. It was a fun but costly battle. I should add the initial assault of 25 minutes so 1:10 minutes.
It should be noted there are over 40 of these bases scattered around the map. This will be a logistical war of sorts but that is how it should be. The AI is also limited so counter attacks are not something I have seen yet. That’s probably a good thing after that engagement.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Convergence Jan 5 2015, 4:01pm replied:

Fight analysis:
Time it takes to get a fleet of this size is a time investment. It took me over 3 hours to get the fleet into motion and not sure if that is a good thing or not. I am a patient player so I am sure there will be those that have to have the “mega fleet” in under 10 minutes or they will got to the forums like the petulant children they are to complain. I didn’t mind the time. I was able to reinforce my lines and get my supply lines up to snuff as I waited.
There might need to be some tweaking on the armor of the cap ships to contend with disparity of new ship vs. a level 4 for example. I think that is why my cap ship took such a pounding. New ships with little upgrades thrown into a meat grinder is fun to watch but ultimately the fleet gets decimated. If the AI were better that’s when the counter attack would hit. If that were the case the pucker factor would hit 12 or so…..LOL
Over all armor settings might need a bump. Weapon output seemed to be ok or at least the damage output from the quantity of ships I had deployed was scary impressive. The only dark spot was taking on the fighter bays. Lots of HP and defensive capabilities from those. Now support that with beam platforms and you have a recipe for cap ship carnage.
My tech tree at this point was almost complete for combat so if I had attempted this early on this would have been a full on campaign to take this base. Never mind the remaining 39 to take out.
The game should be a challenge and so far it is in my opinion. Tweaks need to be made as expected but overall playability is solid.
More to come as I push through the map. I have not even seen an enemy ship yet. Good job guys.

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MassDownloader Jan 6 2015, 12:42am replied:

Why am I able to edit your comments... ~Confused~
I don't know what your map looks like but I have played on large multistar and large singlestar and have not run into the same problems regarding the pirate base or time it takes. I have been comfortably able to decimate the pirates and build a decent fleet in the first hour though my liking of the big battles is making my games last long as I usually wait a bit before killing the AI completely trying to get another fight out of them.

It should be noted I play on every setting "Fastest", not sure what speed you play at?

The thing I do also notice myself is the high HP of the fighterbays and turrets, but once large fleet battles start happening(Like in my videos I posted in the comments) those drop as flies as well so balancing them early game VS late game would be very difficult and it does fit in the "EVE" feeling the game has where (starbase) defenses are powerful and have quite a bit of health points.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Convergence Jan 6 2015, 11:50am replied:

Hi Mass. Sorry for the confusion on my post. The game is running fine. No major issues at all. My oppologies for sounding negative. Was trying to give some feedback on game play. My maps are usually large with phase lanes to a minimum when I jump on a new mod. Limits my ability to get my butt kicked. I usually run vanilla settings at first. That is what I am at now. The map I'm on is 328 planets large formation with 8 player positions available. Just like the large maps. In this case ran with 5 AI team mates and the other AI on team 2. Usually ends up in crazy battles.
I do like the Eve feel as you mentioned. I think after last nights fighting going into defended space you need to get you ships up to speed prior. May not be the case all of the time. For this instance I will need to. Luck of the draw on the map.
I will update as I go. Once again sorry for the confusion and short comments. I'm really enjoying this Mod. Once again great job guys!!!!

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MassDownloader Jan 6 2015, 11:59am replied:

No worries! I don't work for the mod(team) and am simply trying to understand different experiences with the mod as to broaden my perspective. Your feedback is just fine in my eyes as negative things are easier to explain than good things(at least for me).

I should personally do a larger map with more enemies and allies, only done 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 so far, but those got some pretty large fights as well, maybe will go against 2 hard AIs on my own next, see how those battles turn out ^.^

Thanks again for providing feedback for the mod even though I am not on the modteam, I just like seeing (semi)constructive feedback :D

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