This is a work in progress!! A conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire! Eve online content is owned by CCP, with their permission we are creating a new mod for sins! EVE online content is protected by Copyright © CCP 1997-2012 for more on CCP's awesome product!

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Amarrian Winter Release Lepaj Magic Unit hud
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1 comment by Haiyooo on Dec 18th, 2014

Dowload it from the Downloads section!

Format didn't copy over... Look for the download section of this mods ModDB site to contain a readable format.... The ModDB crew must approve it before u can see it :(

This is the previously private tester only version of Sins of New Eden. This means that there are a number of changes still to made and more work to be done. However, since the testing appears to have revealed that the version is stable and I cannot get the release im currently working on released by the promised time of Christmas, we are releasing this one for the time being. So firstly, apologies for not making the deadline set, that is entirely my own fault as to setting time for it i had already set elsewhere and forgot about (worry)(worry) So anyway.. Heres a quick overview. or rather a quick "release notes"


The amarr ships have been added and are as follows.Magnate (scout frigate) Microwarpdrive, Explore,Punisher (light combat frigate) Microwarpdrive,Excecutioner (Interceptor frigate) Warp disruptor, Microwarpdrive,Inquisitor (Siege Frigate) Microwarpdrive, can bomb planets,Omen (Light Cruiser) Afterburner,Rorqual Colony Variant, Colonise, Capture neutral entity, EMP Smartbomb,Arbitrator (carrier cruiser), Drone Bunus, Microwarpdrive, Tracking Disruptor,Prophecy (command battlecruiser) Armoured warfare mindlink,Augoror (Logistical support cruiser) Remote armour repairer,Harbinger (Heavy combat battlecruiser) Warp disruptor, Stasis webifier, Microwarpdrive,Devoter (Interdiction cruiser) Microwarpdrive, Interdiction sphere,Armageddon (Battleship) Microwarpdrive, Reactive hardener, Energy neutralizer, Warp disruptor,Apocalypse (Long Range combat battleship) Micro Jump Drive, Tracking Computer, Warp disrtuptor, Stasis webifier,Abaddon (Heavy short range battleship) Afterburner, Reactive Hardener, Warp Disruptor, Stasis Webifier,Archon (carrier) EMP Smartbomb, Capital Remote Repairer, Reactive Hardener, Capital Jump Drive, Can build and launch Templar fighters,Triage Archon (Triage support carrier) Triage Mode, Triage armour repairer, Capital Jump Drive,Revelation (Dreadnought) Siege Mode, Tracking Computer, Reactive Hardener, Capital Jump Drive,Aeon (supercarrier) Remote ECM Burst, Capital armour repairer, EMP Smartbomb, Capital Jump Drive,Avatar (Titan) Avatar Command Mindlink, EMP Smartbomb, Judgment, Capital Jump Drive, Inspire and impair <-- Yes this will change to avatar jump bridge :P
As you can see most of the desired ships are in place. the structures have also been changed to take the place of eve stations of various shapes for various roles. Theyre not quite final but more or less there, and a few more to add when the time is available.Some things to bear in mind are as follows. * Some graphics are incomplete, e.g titan DD effects, Smartbombs, lasers etc* though most researches are completed now more work is needed in the diplomacy and civilian fields.* there is a minor bug with capitals jumping between planets which im already aware of.* some sounds arnt quite right. E.G the remote ecm burst.* There are missing cap transfer abilities. like capital and triage ones.SO. Id like feedback on the following please. * Capitals can jump from any point in a gravity well and regular ships can jump from any edge of a gravity well, personally I like it but if its overwealmingly apparent that its not popular then it could be returned to regular sins mechanics,* Do you like the jump graphic?,* Overall balancing, do battles really take too long. bear in mind here the balancing is closer to eve than sins.

Thats it for now. Ill use inbuilt release note file for any version updates for future releases in a somewhat more documented manner.

Lord Drokoth, Haiyooo and LePaj. SONE Dev Team.


Lord_Drokoth has continued the work along with help from LePaj, and let me say they have done amazing work so far and I know you guys are anxious to play this mod again. That being said we are doing some testing before we share the link, but I will promise a link to the public before the weekend is up.

What is in this version?

First off lets talk races. You will only be able to play as Amarr.

What! Why just Amarr?

Back when I stopped working on the mod I had noted how bad the mess was and how many items were duplicated, loading but not used, etc. In effort to reduce crashes and improve performance we basically have started at nil and begun the modding process again.

At the time I had so many projects in various stages of completion that it became a problem. So, now we have just Amarr and want to polish the one race as much as we can before moving on to the next one.

Nothing is final in this release and subject to change. Both Lord_Drokoth and LePaj deserve credit for this edition of the mod as they have all but fully taken the workload from me. So huge thanks to them! Once the testers report back and we can call this a "stable" build I will post a download link below in the comments.

And a Very Happy Holidays to you all!

-Haiyooo out

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V0.06 Hotfix

V0.06 Hotfix

Mar 26, 2015 Patch 0 comments

I broke the dreads between versions and didnt see em.. heres the fixed versions... Ships affected are both the Revelations and the short range Moros.



Mar 25, 2015 Demo 18 comments

This is the March 25th release of Sins of New Eden, containing the Amarr empire and the very early beginning of Gallente. Many changes made which are...

Updated Amarr .004

Updated Amarr .004

Feb 9, 2015 Demo 5 comments

Change log provided in the file, please let us know how these new changes balance out! Before you ask,, yes it is ONLY AMARR.

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MassDownloader Jul 8 2015 says:

@NeonKodiak774(Again, this comment system is horrible, so I am making a new "thread" as it's easier to keep up with new comments then)

Glad to hear the tutorial seems good ^.^

Regarding wormhole travel. Did a quick test to make certain I am not spewing ******** here xD
It is actually possible using Galaxy Forge(Sins of a solar empire's out-of-game map creator) to make a wormhole > planet connection function the same as the wormhole > wormhole connection except that it is 1 way only, from the wormhole to the planet.
During my test however I ran into the problem of making a planet function as a wormhole, this was because the wormhole connection is the center of the gravity well, which space is occupied by a planet. I however was also unable to make a "radiation cloud" function as wormhole, this leads me to believe the wormhole might be the only planetary body capable of doing that without modding the planets themselves somehow.

Why did I test planets? Because I assume SOASE might be incapable of making a ship the "wormhole", instead of making the gravity well function as a normal wormhole would, so I wanted to see if it was possible to wormhole through planets.

I'd personally like it if you'd have to approach the JB, but giving the JB a large enough radius so that overcrowding doesn't happen. However, even the already in-game wormholes have trouble with massive capital fleets jumping through(I'm talking about 80-100 capitals) where some of them will freak out and keep teleporting between the 2 wormholes until I personally interfere.

Not much in the mood currently to do further testing and going through files to see if I can mod the cyno ability myself, maybe some other time. Haven't been very busy with Sins lately though as I have been playing another game xD

On a sad note: Sins Of A Dark Age(Their MOBA(like LoL/Dota)) is ceasing production and is shutting down the servers in a few months.

On another note: Sorry for such a long and probably chaotic comment, it was typed inbetween tests over the space of an hour or so, so not much consistency left.

+3 votes     reply to comment
NeonKodiak774 Jul 10 2015 replied:

During my test however I ran into the problem of making a planet function as a wormhole, this was because the wormhole connection is the center of the gravity well

Thought that might be the case. If I'm not mistaken in the original sins there when you built a JB there was a modifier that changed reduced the radius around the planet at which ships warp from so they didn't have to travel as far, maybe that's the key? Find that modifier and somehow work it into the cyno so that ships can warp from anywhere in the gravity well when the cyno is active saving them from lumbering across to the edge of the well and aligning

+1 vote     reply to comment
MassDownloader Jul 11 2015 replied:

In a past version of this mod, capital ships had a "capital drive" that reduced their Gravity Tolerance(The modifier you are thinking of) by 1000%, causing them to be able to jump from about half the gravity well, this brought some weird issues however with end-points of their jumps where predicting their landing points became almost impossible and could bring your fleet in big trouble because of them landing all over the gravity well you're jumping to.

Something that might work as well would be increasing speed/acceleration/turn rate/jump speed/jump charge up rate, but that would open up some exploits as the buff would be gravity-wide and not limited to ships headed for a jump but all ships, making ships far too fast while the cyno is active while in combat with an enemy.

+2 votes     reply to comment
NeonKodiak774 Jul 12 2015 replied:

So I guess it leaves us with the result we have now and requiring us (the player) to not be such a lazy *** and position fleets accordingly in prep for hot dropping or jumping in a supporting fleet is another is getting welped.

Need Gallente asap!!!! starting to get an itch like a crack addict during the first month of rehab

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth Jul 21 2015 replied:

Every option and idea that I have tried has a side effect that is undesirable. I really liked the capital jump drives and the way they worked. But the issue of fleets landing around the target well presented too much of a problem.

There are no possible ways to create a truly "EVE" like jump cybo and warping mechanic so I have to just get as close as I can and be happy with it. I keep making changes though as I'm not sure what end result I'm most happy with yet.

Wormholes have a unique object classification that is hard coded as the only object that can teleport ships instantly from one place to another.
Even if I made an ability which allowed a ship to instantly move from one place to another at infinite speed, it wouldn't actually be "in" that gravity well until it carries out a standard jump.

For the time being this is as close to Eve movement as I can get sins to do.
I have been exploring the possibility of having ships simply "warp" in system and "jump" between stars. But overall that will mean less red flashy things during hotdrops.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth Jul 21 2015 replied:

That is hilarious!
It's not finished but Im planning to try and get it uploaded and ready by the end of this week. Though it is NOT a complete release... Serious RL issues have severely hampered my time available to mod at the moment.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Hedge_Se Jul 25 2015 replied:

Yeah, it's about time! I would like to see even incomplete mod. Gallente vs Amarr would be better than Amarr vs Amarr. Gallente should be full Gallente but not Gallente/Vasari mix. Caldari and Minmatar can wait a bit more. And what about Ragnarok? Will matars get a titan too?

+1 vote     reply to comment
MassDownloader Jul 14 2015 replied:

Asked on the official Sins forums, as there are some really experienced modders on there. This was his response regarding the ability to do the thingies I'd like:

Assuming you mean instantly appear at your target, no. You can however mod the speed of how fast you travel via phase gates, so you could make the tech that unlocks the phase gate give 1000000% bonus to jump speed and that would be a bit closer.

It will still have to be a jump though, there is no way around having to go to the edge of the gravity and go through the phase jump animation. There is no way to duplicate the way the Wormhole planets work by other means.

So yeah, sadly it is not possible in the way I'd like :( But the mod is tons of fun anyway, just wish I could play with others to create some truly OP fleets xD(Not that my fleets are lacking or anything with 98 nyxes and an avatar xD or an even more OP Amarr fleet)

+1 vote     reply to comment
MassDownloader Jun 19 2015 says:

I was wondering, with my huge love of hotdrops and all, is there a(n easy) way to make it possible to truly hotdrop a fleet? Like, warp in a devoter, pop the cyno, then get a fleet to land exactly on that cyno in like 2 seconds after clicking the warp command? If possible, making jump bridges(the structure/titan ability) a wormhole connection to the cyno instead of a "normal lane" connection? Might have to make the wormhole teleport radius larger to make it work properly though(if possible)

I understand the game has a lot of limitations to what is possible, so no worries about telling me ****'s impossible :P

Going further with this idea:
1) Capitals can always warp to cyno'd systems, while subcaps can only warp from jump bridges or through lanes. (thinking of how this might work with jump bridges, it would apply an AoE that gives ships a "capital drive" buff making them able to warp like capitals)
2) warping to a cyno(not through lanes) removes allignment and costs (for example) 50% of the capacitor

I'm going to be looking myself at removing wormholes from randomized maps, they are a pain both for getting ganked by all AIs at once, as well as getting AIs that are a bit easier to predict in their movement/behaviour.(AI sacrificing 90% of his fleet through a random wormhole where he can't send support is just silly :P)

+1 vote     reply to comment
MassDownloader Jun 14 2015 says:

Had the best hotdrop I've ever done so far in this mod. Never seen an enemy fleet drop that quickly xD

Something I've noticed is that AI behavior is really inconsistent, some rounds they barely make any capitals and other rounds they make a giant fleets worthy of fighting. Anyone know why? I assume it has something to do with AI setting(research/aggressive/defensive) but I have no idea.
Had a round where the AI had about 25 capitals at an insane rate(cruel AI, so kinda expected I guess), and some rounds I see no battles with more than 5 enemy capitals on the field. And then there is the AI leveling caps up to lvl 8 in the first 5 minutes while I don't even have 1 above level 4 yet...

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jun 16 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

MassDownloader Jun 16 2015 replied:

Он должен работать . Какую ошибку ?
-Google Translate

The video is blocked in Germany because of the music, but these days what video isn't blocked in Germany xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jixxl Jun 14 2015 replied:

Sick video mate. :))

+2 votes     reply to comment
MassDownloader Jun 15 2015 replied:

Thanks, appreciate it ^.^

+1 vote     reply to comment
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