This is a work in progress!! A conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire! Eve online content is owned by CCP, with their permission we are creating a new mod for sins! EVE online content is protected by Copyright © CCP 1997-2015 for more on CCP's awesome product!

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Simple installation guide for Sins of New Eden

1) Unpack the RAR archive directly into the directory where your sins of a solar empire mods are located (typically in my documents/Username/Ironclad Games/Sins of a solar empire rebellion/Mods folder)
2) Run the game and select Mods in the main menu.
3)Locate Sins of New Eden and enable it, Be sure to only select SONE as it is not tested to work with any other mod.
4) Play and have fun.

This mod is built and designed for use with Sins Rebellion, the Stellar Phenomena and Forbidden Worlds DLCs

the following settings can be adjusted to optimize playability and/or performance.

Go to your settings file Look under C:\user\USER\My Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins Rebellion\Setting and open rebellion.user in Notepad or Notepad++ (notepad++ makes this a LOT easier)

find the line
this controls the max number of ships etc that are in each icon stack when they are stacked in the empire tree. you can raise this (default is 10) to a higher number. max recommended is 99, I use 1000 personally.

These lines below control the maximum number of various particle effects that can exist at any one time (individual particles)
This can be raised or lowered depending on your preference. remember that raising this will likely slow your machine down and reduce performance if your PC is not up to the task of rendering that much graphics at the same time.
MaxParticleCount 6000
MaxParticleSimulationsCount 2000
MaxAsteroidCount 10000
MaxDustCloudParticleCount 5000


Please use the LAA if you have questions about how to install / use it please refer to website if you need further insight on the LAA

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Sins of New Eden v0.08

Sins of New Eden v0.08

Full Version 33 comments

Change log included way to much to list. Keep in mind this is a very dynamic build and some play features will differ from release to release until we...

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SebastianFors - - 3 comments

Updated version of the mod is here! ------> <------

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1693313934 - - 17 comments

Unable to join, link has expired :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
avanger-cellar - - 1 comments

Its sad to see that it came to en end.
Im looking and hoping since the first date i heard about it that it will find the full releas date one time.
Im selv old EvE online player and found Sins of a Solar empire only because the Mod of New eden was there.

Im still wayting and hope that it will find its way out of the darkness.

The whole comcept is super and im missing not much.

What is need is maybe publissity.
Maybe many think that the project is dead and no longer awayt an release.

I will stay and wayt.

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Guest - - 696,079 comments

mod is dead: CCP owner of eve online, the game the mod's based off of, ordered a cease and desist, even though they previously granted permission. im no mod but I was a long time beta tester. for em.

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tokmak333 - - 120 comments

any chance to see this mod alive again?

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alpha103 - - 13 comments

it here instead

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Guest - - 696,079 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

footymd - - 1 comments

I am currently trying to get a hold of past devs and going to try and get it playable

Will try to update this as much as possible but likely will have to download it from somewhere else

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Mountain_Puncher - - 6 comments

I am looking forward to progress on this. I wish you the best of luck!

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Guest - - 696,079 comments

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