This is a work in progress!! A conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire! Eve online content is owned by CCP, with their permission we are creating a new mod for sins! EVE online content is protected by Copyright © CCP 1997-2015 for more on CCP's awesome product!

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Mod update.

1 month ago News 6 comments

Righty. Here's a quick update from us regarding the mods development.

Yes the Mod is still being worked on, recently due to major RL issues I have had to pause for a few months. Thankfully the troubles I've been having are more or less over now and can resume development.

We have now (minus a bunch of strings, research subjects, meshes and imagery here and there) finished the gallente addition, though for the time being the Amarr structures will be used temporarily.

Quick rundown of changes.

• New gallente ships added, (all ships)

• Several new graphical updates (explosions, weapon GFX, bubbles etc)

• New sounds added for gallente weapons.

• Balancing overhaul w build time adjustments.

• Faction battleship additions (Vindicator and soon the Bhaalgorn)

• Further AI adjustments.

more news to follow.


Amarrian Winter Release

Amarrian Winter Release

11 months ago News 1 comment

Testers are being poked currently to test the stability of this next release.

Public Alpha

Public Alpha

2 years ago News 14 comments

Back by popular demand I will be giving a download link below for the latest alpha working in the latest Rebellion (1.52)

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing

2 years ago News 9 comments

New features going in this weekend and I want to test for bugs / crashes using you guys on ICO!

Holiday Progress Part 1

Holiday Progress Part 1

2 years ago News 0 comments

Behind the miles of interwebs that separate us all progress is still moving forward on SONE!

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Gallente and Amarr Build

Gallente and Amarr Build

2 weeks ago Full Version 9 comments

Jump bridge hotfix added into this download please reinstall! As always please read the change logs and guides contained within. Huge thanks to the team...

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jannik2099 Nov 15 2015 says:

would like to see the damage penalty on defensive turrets getting removed
kinda demotivating seeing 10 of your large pulses not being able to volley an exequoror nor being able to break the RR of 40 exequoror against capitals

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jannik2099 Nov 15 2015 says:

dunno if you already noticed, but both revelations only got turrets on the left side

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SabProJh_289 Nov 14 2015 says: +1 vote     reply to comment
tiomat Nov 13 2015 says:


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gee-aai-ooo Nov 11 2015 says:

i absolutely love this mod, and you have no idea how happy i am that it is back in development, i also enjoy the new build thorougly. i do got some questions though, and i hope you can answer em :)

my first question, a bit silly, but i have to ask, will the factions noob ships (reaper, ibis, velator, impairor) be added to the game ? i would love to blow up capitals with a huge fleet of rookie ships :P

second question, will the pirate faction frigates and cruisers be added into the game ? since we can already use pirate faction battleships.

third question, will the glass cannon battlecruisers be added ? (naga, talos, tornado, oracle)

fourth question, will the structures be resized eventually ? they are kinda small, which looks silly.

fifth question, why is the fighter bay defense structure removed ? i loved it in the previous build :'(

sixth question. would it be an idea to make a warp inhibitor defense in the form of the famous nullsec 'bubbles' ? i would love to see this :D

thats all i have for now, please keep up the awesome work, and fly dangerous o7

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Lord_Drokoth Creator
Lord_Drokoth Nov 12 2015 replied:

1) No, not in the plan at present
2) Possibly in the future, but for the time being we will stick with BS
3) we have the models for them so that will be a yes eventually.
4) No, we have other plans involving structures.
5) It is not present in eve so we thought it be appropriate to replace it with one that is. the ECM Battery. the model will likely be used as a maintenance bay to support ships near it in some way.
6) If by that you mean the deployable ones, we have an idea for that to be deployed from some sort of field command ship, or the flagship.

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Haiyooo Creator
Haiyooo Nov 12 2015 replied:

Noob ships doubtful, limited ship space unfortunately :(

We are looking at several ways to go about pirates.

Structures are getting completely overhauled in more ways than size, stay tuned.

Its coming back, but still want to find ways to reduce fighter/drone causing lagg effectively.

Slightly different here because there is jumping like eve, its all warping basically... But the cyno jammer is in for cool effect, we will have to see.

Good questions!

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gee-aai-ooo Nov 12 2015 replied:

thank you very much for answering my questions \o/, one final suggestion if i may:

there is a possibility to add more ships, in the player(insert race, amarr for example).entity file, there is a text section saying frigateinfo, there you have on page ships (the ones you see in a build menu,) and notonpage ships, the last one can hold an infinite count of entities since they dont have a menu, but you can make abilities for structures and ships that warp in the ships on the notonpage ships list. (for example, impairor on the notonpage list, make an warp in power for a structure called 'noob cavalry' that makes use of that ship. if coded correctly,in game it will once that power is activated warp in an impairor reinforcement in the grav well.

i have no experience with coding, but i do have experience with editing .entity files. i once did it with another mod which had ships that appeared as random events, but not spawnable. i made them spawnable by adding them to the notonpage list of a certain faction. (not as a ship/structure power, just using the dev console, but i know that is also how some modders create their ship reinforcement powers)

i hope that it is a bit understandable, and i hope this could eventually pave a way to add most of eve's combat ships into the game :)

again, thanks for answering, and keep up the work. cheers o7

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MassDownloader Nov 10 2015 says:

Playing first round, Large single, Gallente(Me)+Amarr vs same vs same. Other slots all AI Unfair Random Personality.
I will only list issues for now(I love the mod, as I always have, just things I noticed that I'd like to know your opinion on), some or most of which may not apply for long to me(as I'll likely be heavily tweaking again) but things I noticed anyway.
Some of the issues will just require some getting used to or changing away from my usual tactics from the previous (heavily tweaked) version.

Also: @Haiyooo, the AI went medieval on my hiney too :P Gave up once my entire fleet got killed at an enemy planet(See ECM battery issues) and a 3rd enemy joined in with a massive fleet(including 3 titans) that broke through my (super)carrier reps.(My capitals were holding and slowly winning against the planet+his fleet, but the 3rd enemy was too much to tank and having a large enemy fleet at one of my own planets meant I didn't see me winning that round anymore)

Description of the strikecraft auto-(un)dock ability: "They will they(n) automatically return to..."

Drones being recalled mid-battle thus forgetting your orders due to the new auto-(un)dock ability.

Triage carriers being useless at lvl 1, no rep, no remote cap, yet it constantly triages, running out of capacitor before reaching lvl 2.

ECM batteries being OP as hell, fighting on an AI planet, he build like 12 ECM batteries, felt like my entire mid-game fleet was jammed by them(Probably close to half was actually jammed however). The turrets are useless in comparison to jamming an entire fleet.

Triage carriers and dreads were nearly unkillable early game, 500hp/s is unbreakable unless you bring a ton of neuts, and even then 1 cap transfer from a carrier and it's doing it again.

On the other hand, being Gallente and having no cap transfer early on(see triage level issues) my dreads ran out of cap at the enemy planet and never were able to go back into siege because of a lack of regen.

Execurors don't seem to rep at all during battle, preferring to deal damage.

I saw a Nyx of mine(Or well... 7 of em at once) get webbed to 2100%, this basically meant it was standing still. Intended?

The Vexor doesn't seem quite useful in comparison to the Dominix, the Dominix has more health, neuts, has more drones, meaning the Vexor is just either a resource waste or at best a short lasting useful ship.(I'm sure there are more ships with this issue, but it was the most obvious one I noticed)

The drone bonus on some ships isn't quite useful, 100% weapon cooldown but they still aren't capable of doing more than 1 attack per run.(Not extensively tested, but it was the same in the previous version)

And 2 questions:
Did ships get a lot slower or does it just feel that way? It felt like it took forever for my rorqual to get to the next planet to colonize.(Faster ship speed in round-options enabled)

I also couldn't help but feel that it took very long to build ships in comparison, although that meant the battles were smaller and less lag overall, it felt strange. Did build times get upped a lot?

That is all for today(If you care, I can keep doing such posts as I play rounds and notice things over the coming week, or if you don't care about my personal opinion just tell me to stfu in a PM or reply :P)
Note that despite all the things listed, I did enjoy the round I played and love how the gallente looks :D Will definitely be playing more tomorrow hoping to get pirate strength maxed out next time ^.^

Also: No crashes to report so far, perhaps some people aren't playing on medium graphics? I know that was an issue for me in the past in mid-late game.

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MassDownloader Nov 11 2015 replied:

3 and a half hour game, no crashes still. Did get an amazing battle though where some 30 titans were on the field at once as well as some 80 other capitals and a few hundred subcaps. It got rather crowded at the asteroid xD (It also got really laggy with 2FPS for a very long time >.<)

The early on capacitor problems might just be solvable by actually using the rorqual for more than colonizing xD
The research tree also has some weird costs, like the resource harvesting speed upgrade goes from 1st upgrade really cheap > really expensive, and the 2nd upgrade is suddenly really cheap again and ends more expensive, doesn't really make sense. A slower more stable build-up of upgrade costs would make more sense.

I also noticed that buying ship levels can get really expensive(100k+ for a single ship from 1-10) and since there are 99 cap ships slots, it feels a bit too expensive.

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Guest Nov 13 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

MassDownloader Nov 13 2015 replied:

The titan foundry has an ability(autocast enabled by default) that costs 37.5k credits, 17.5k metal and 12.5k crystal if memory serves, if it gets activated a titan gets spawned in the gravity well of the titan foundry. This way you can make as many titans as you want as long as you have capital/ship supply.
The cooldown is rather long(1000 seconds I believe) but building multiple titan foundries allows you to circumvent it a bit by having multiple cooldowns going at the same time.

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Lord_Drokoth Creator
Lord_Drokoth Nov 12 2015 replied:

Typo = Fixed.
Drone Recalliing = Will be inspected, fixed if possible.
Triage levels = Just train it :P.
early game cap issues = rorqual.
ECM Battery = now has change to jam.
Unkillable siege-triage = will revisit values.
Execuror behaviour = odd. they seem fine, will have a look.
Web Stacking = noted to fix.
Useless Vexor = fixed, 2 drones added. Drone B revisit and fix.

Capital ships have had their speeds and physics revamped.
they are sopposed to be heavy and slow ships that are hard to just throw around the map without thought.

Build times have all been changed.
Research costs are already noted to re work.
Capital ship levelling noted for rework.

Keep the feedback coming! this is exactly what were looking for!

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