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0 comments by Haiyooo on Dec 18th, 2014

Dowload it from the Downloads section!

Format didn't copy over... Look for the download section of this mods ModDB site to contain a readable format.... The ModDB crew must approve it before u can see it :(

This is the previously private tester only version of Sins of New Eden. This means that there are a number of changes still to made and more work to be done. However, since the testing appears to have revealed that the version is stable and I cannot get the release im currently working on released by the promised time of Christmas, we are releasing this one for the time being. So firstly, apologies for not making the deadline set, that is entirely my own fault as to setting time for it i had already set elsewhere and forgot about (worry)(worry) So anyway.. Heres a quick overview. or rather a quick "release notes"


The amarr ships have been added and are as follows.Magnate (scout frigate) Microwarpdrive, Explore,Punisher (light combat frigate) Microwarpdrive,Excecutioner (Interceptor frigate) Warp disruptor, Microwarpdrive,Inquisitor (Siege Frigate) Microwarpdrive, can bomb planets,Omen (Light Cruiser) Afterburner,Rorqual Colony Variant, Colonise, Capture neutral entity, EMP Smartbomb,Arbitrator (carrier cruiser), Drone Bunus, Microwarpdrive, Tracking Disruptor,Prophecy (command battlecruiser) Armoured warfare mindlink,Augoror (Logistical support cruiser) Remote armour repairer,Harbinger (Heavy combat battlecruiser) Warp disruptor, Stasis webifier, Microwarpdrive,Devoter (Interdiction cruiser) Microwarpdrive, Interdiction sphere,Armageddon (Battleship) Microwarpdrive, Reactive hardener, Energy neutralizer, Warp disruptor,Apocalypse (Long Range combat battleship) Micro Jump Drive, Tracking Computer, Warp disrtuptor, Stasis webifier,Abaddon (Heavy short range battleship) Afterburner, Reactive Hardener, Warp Disruptor, Stasis Webifier,Archon (carrier) EMP Smartbomb, Capital Remote Repairer, Reactive Hardener, Capital Jump Drive, Can build and launch Templar fighters,Triage Archon (Triage support carrier) Triage Mode, Triage armour repairer, Capital Jump Drive,Revelation (Dreadnought) Siege Mode, Tracking Computer, Reactive Hardener, Capital Jump Drive,Aeon (supercarrier) Remote ECM Burst, Capital armour repairer, EMP Smartbomb, Capital Jump Drive,Avatar (Titan) Avatar Command Mindlink, EMP Smartbomb, Judgment, Capital Jump Drive, Inspire and impair <-- Yes this will change to avatar jump bridge :P
As you can see most of the desired ships are in place. the structures have also been changed to take the place of eve stations of various shapes for various roles. Theyre not quite final but more or less there, and a few more to add when the time is available.Some things to bear in mind are as follows. * Some graphics are incomplete, e.g titan DD effects, Smartbombs, lasers etc* though most researches are completed now more work is needed in the diplomacy and civilian fields.* there is a minor bug with capitals jumping between planets which im already aware of.* some sounds arnt quite right. E.G the remote ecm burst.* There are missing cap transfer abilities. like capital and triage ones.SO. Id like feedback on the following please. * Capitals can jump from any point in a gravity well and regular ships can jump from any edge of a gravity well, personally I like it but if its overwealmingly apparent that its not popular then it could be returned to regular sins mechanics,* Do you like the jump graphic?,* Overall balancing, do battles really take too long. bear in mind here the balancing is closer to eve than sins.

Thats it for now. Ill use inbuilt release note file for any version updates for future releases in a somewhat more documented manner.

Lord Drokoth, Haiyooo and LePaj. SONE Dev Team.


Lord_Drokoth has continued the work along with help from LePaj, and let me say they have done amazing work so far and I know you guys are anxious to play this mod again. That being said we are doing some testing before we share the link, but I will promise a link to the public before the weekend is up.

What is in this version?

First off lets talk races. You will only be able to play as Amarr.

What! Why just Amarr?

Back when I stopped working on the mod I had noted how bad the mess was and how many items were duplicated, loading but not used, etc. In effort to reduce crashes and improve performance we basically have started at nil and begun the modding process again.

At the time I had so many projects in various stages of completion that it became a problem. So, now we have just Amarr and want to polish the one race as much as we can before moving on to the next one.

Nothing is final in this release and subject to change. Both Lord_Drokoth and LePaj deserve credit for this edition of the mod as they have all but fully taken the workload from me. So huge thanks to them! Once the testers report back and we can call this a "stable" build I will post a download link below in the comments.

And a Very Happy Holidays to you all!

-Haiyooo out

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V0.06 Hotfix

V0.06 Hotfix

Mar 26, 2015 Patch 0 comments

I broke the dreads between versions and didnt see em.. heres the fixed versions... Ships affected are both the Revelations and the short range Moros.



Mar 25, 2015 Demo 16 comments

This is the March 25th release of Sins of New Eden, containing the Amarr empire and the very early beginning of Gallente. Many changes made which are...

Updated Amarr .004

Updated Amarr .004

Feb 9, 2015 Demo 5 comments

Change log provided in the file, please let us know how these new changes balance out! Before you ask,, yes it is ONLY AMARR.

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Ethanoil May 30 2015, 7:18am says:

This mod is really great but am I alone with the issue of crashing when I want save my game ?
Just the fact to press "save" or to select my last saved game, the game crash without messages.

Otherwise, it's awesome but need a second race to balance the gameplay <3

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth May 30 2015, 6:05pm replied:

This is an interesting discovery... Is anybody else also experiencing this problem? If so, please let me know and I can have a look into it... Is this also happening while the game is auto saving?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Ethanoil May 31 2015, 4:31am replied:

No by chance but I don't notice when the game is auto saving, I can just see when I load a game, there what the last saved.

To be more accurate on this matter, you can save manually in the early time of the game, I mean when you conquer your first planets, but at one moment, it crash all time.

When playing, game is stable, even with max players and Cruel IAs (so more than 200 hundred on 5-6 planets in same time), it's laggy but no crash.

Thanks for your return :))))))))))

+1 vote     reply to comment
oare555 Jun 1 2015, 4:05am replied:

Hi Ethanoil. Although I've never experienced too many crashes with SONE I did experience some crashes with SoaSE {not modded}. The list of todo things would be : Make sure you have the latest version/patch. Make sure you always run the game as Administrator. Install CCleaner from google {PM me if you need further info on it} and clean up your registry. I've had one friend who had some weird issues between BitDefender and SoaSE {I would disable BitDefender while playing SONE if you have it installed}. Please PM me with further details and maybe I can think of something else that might cause it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IonusTheForsaken May 31 2015, 9:55am replied:

It Happened To Me Once,I Just Executed It as Administrator And It Got Fixed.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Ethanoil May 31 2015, 12:39pm replied:

Aah nice it worked good idea thanks.

+1 vote     reply to comment
oare555 May 27 2015, 11:06am says:

Hi guys,

I am tipically playing against 3-4 Hard AIs and you can imagine 4 fleets clashing at a planet choke point with a fight lasting for about 2-3 hours can become increasingly difficult to watch. My question would be : are there any patches/mods that might improve performance of large fleet battles? {Currently have a monster rig and latest Rebellion patch and DLC}.

Many thanks in advance,

+1 vote     reply to comment
Atill3 May 30 2015, 1:41pm replied:

Man, it's TIDI. It's to make the eve experience feel more...Real.

+2 votes     reply to comment
MassDownloader May 27 2015, 3:31pm replied:

doing a 2 v 2 v 2 v 2 v 2 all on cruel... Definitely also interested in knowing xD Not sure what part of my (monster) PC is holding back it back, should look into it.
I'm guessing lowering the graphics might work, but will report end of this week perhaps with a better analysis.(Depending on your rig, might also be your processor, but I've noticed that in my case none of my cores are at 100% however)

+1 vote     reply to comment
oare555 May 28 2015, 5:03am replied:

I've tried everything from running on lowest setting to max setting... there is no difference in FPS from low to max setting for me. I've got a Core i7 3rd Gen @2.8... had a look through the logs and everything including some custom tool built to collect data from proc, ram and graphics but nothing seems to be over used. I believe that it's just a limitation to what resoursces and in what amounts sins engine can use... {ie you can have 16GB of ramm but it can only use 2GB out of the entire stack...}
Ironically enough... if the battle is against all odds and I'm really focused on optimizing dmg output and fleet management and logistics... I actually can't see the stuttering anymore :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth May 28 2015, 5:13am replied:

I've been looking at performance changes. Some of the drag (a good portion of it actually) is cause by drones, fighters, fighter bombers etc) so I've made some changes to how squads are formed which seems to have had a positive impact.

I've also made changes to shield meshes (which drag when a ship is hit multiple times) it spawns an instance of the shield mesh for each hit. So I've taken them out.

I'll be looking at more hanged to see if I can improve performance more. Ultimately. The best solution is to reduce supply and capital supply to a more sins like level.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IonusTheForsaken May 28 2015, 9:41pm replied:

You Should try making the fighters corvettes,It Somehow Reduce Lag And,EVE Fighters has Shields.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth May 30 2015, 2:34am replied:

I have already experimented with that idea. But it presents the same issue and adds another one... When you jump a fleet that's fleeted up together and jump the drones into the fleet while not being in that fleet, each one adding itself to that fleet when landing wil cause drag in the game. When a thousand plus drones do this it is horrible. And is likely to cause crash in multiplayer games.
I'll have to consider other options regarding drones. But they are improved now over the previous version.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IonusTheForsaken Jun 3 2015, 7:19pm replied:

I Found A Way To Reduce Lag, Mystic Angel's Fighter Squadron Management,This docks all fighters unless there is an enemy in the gravity well, which cuts down on memory running costs greatly.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth Jun 4 2015, 3:06am replied:

Where can I find this? Sounds like a brilliant idea, but I can't find it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IonusTheForsaken Jun 4 2015, 9:40am replied:

The only sign of it that I found was on Dark Space Mod.
I found the files,But I'm not sure if it's that.
Also,The Mod is located here:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Drokoth Jun 4 2015, 1:34pm replied:

The files that make the fighters behave like that are undoubtedly one of the abilities and connected buffs to that ability of a ship that has fighters. I'll look into this and try to add this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
oare555 May 28 2015, 5:21am replied:

Thank you Lord

Please doooooooon't remove the fleet size... I can take any amount of stuttering.... just leave my ships alone :P :) {and many}

+1 vote     reply to comment
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