Also, the Vista patch is out and has been for a long time! All you have to do is check the news, people. Here's the link:


It feels like it's the only thing you've ever done. Run. Ran. Fled.

But who could blame you?

It started with the flu, or some sort of strange cold. That shit doesn't matter now. What matters is the fact that zombies, and strange monsters, and god knows WHAT else are out there. Better yet, they're right behind you.

Kill them? Fat chance. The only gun you've seen in a good amount of time ran out of ammo hours ago, and that rusty old pipe in your hands doesn't look like any zombie killer you've ever seen.

Finally, you see something that looks safe. Its an old Inn, the kind you'd see on the side of the road while driving down an interstate. You seem to have traveled from the city a bit, and the door to the main building is open. As you draw closer, and closer, it shuts!

Suddenly, the entire situation seems ten times worse. From all around, zombies are swarming over you.

You bring the pipe up, and hope for the best. WHAM, one rotting bag of flesh falls to the ground as its skull is cracked, but the rest of them are on you in a heartbeat.

Well, shit, you think. Better luck next time.

Welcome to Resident Evil: Cold Blood

Cold Blood is an online story driven coop mod based in the Resident Evil universe. You'll come across many areas from the games, plus a few original areas you'll have never seen before. Using weapons you thought you'd never use, you'll dispatch dozens of different kinds of monsters from Hunters to Giant Spiders to our favorite deadites, zombies.

Cold Blood is a Half Life 1 mod, and will be available when it's released. And yes, it's been released.

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By the way, the Vista patch is OUT and has been for ages, for those who didn't know. Look in the news section.

Are you a server operator tired of the game crashing, due to that damn "No Free Edicts" error? Well, you don't need to worry anymore! It's been fixed, thanks to Silencer and Scotsman!

Here's what you need to do. It's very simple!

Silencer wrote:
Necessary Background Knowledge:
Edicts are slots for entities. If too many entities are spawned and the limit has been reached, the server will crash with the Error message "No free edicts". There have been various discussions on how to fix this, for example by setting maxplayers to 32 because every new player-slot gives 15 additional edict-slots, while setting sv_visiblemaxslots to whatever you want to have as maximum.

Somewhen in 2004 the Valve Developer Alfred Reynold added a command line to HL 1 which
allows to increase the default amount of edicts from 900 to anything you want! The problem is,
that noone got ever informed about it. The command line is "-num_edicts x" without the quotes
and x being a number from 900 to infinity! You can now have as many entities as you wish for!!

You set it up like this:
-> Steam Games List
-> Right click on any goldsource modification - In this case, RE:CB
-> Properties
-> Set launch options
-> Write "-num_edicts 2047" there, without the quotes. The number may vary.
-> Close both windows with the Ok button
-> Start your game and spam entities

The final edict-count is maxplayers * 15 + the number you specified, if it is 900 or larger.

I found out about it here!
It works like a charm!

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RE:CB Site back online - RE:CB coming to Source?

RE:CB Site back online - RE:CB coming to Source?

News 5 comments

Morning, folks. We're pleased to inform you that after an unpleasant administrative error by somebody, the site is now back online with a cleaner redesign...

RE:CB Linux Binary For Server Operators

RE:CB Linux Binary For Server Operators

News 7 comments

On-and-off Team Member and friend "Rayne" has recently been kind enough to make the Linux .so server file for the current version of RE:CB! This means...

Resident Evil: Cold Blood - Beta 2 - FGD released!

Resident Evil: Cold Blood - Beta 2 - FGD released!

News 0 comments

We're pleased to announce the release of our .fgd for custom level creation in Resident Evil: Cold Blood - Beta 2.

Vista Patch Info

Vista Patch Info

News 12 comments

I just received an email from an extremely helpful guy under the name of "MastaGunZ" with instructions on how to get the mod running on Vista. The fix...

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RE:CB Beta 2 - FGD

RE:CB Beta 2 - FGD

Mapping Tool 14 comments

This is the mapping .fgd file for creating custom maps for Resident Evil: Cold Blood Beta 2. A description of the new entities is contained inside the...

Resident Evil : Cold Blood Beta 2

Resident Evil : Cold Blood Beta 2

Full Version 71 comments

After a long damn time, RE:CB Beta 2 is released - Enjoy the mod!

Type 68 Pistol Animations

Movies 0 comments

Christopher McCaleb's personal handgun, passed down to him by his father from his time in 'Nam. A trophy from a fallen North Korean fighter...

New Combat Knife animations

Movies 0 comments

A new set of animations for the Combat Knife in RE:CB - Beta 2. Some of you will notice that there's a new type of animation in there.

RE:CB Beta 2 - Showcase Video 2 - Vomit

Movies 0 comments

This is another quick showcase video showing off the zombies....err...vomitting. It also shows off a new monster as well as a new weapon, so enjoy!

RECB Beta 2 Showcase Video

Movies 0 comments

This is a quick video demonstrating just one of many new features in Beta 2 of our mod. Resident Evil veterans should know what this is. =P Stay tuned...

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Here is a link to an assortment of custom maps for this mod:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

My clan are working on a new map and more playermodels! more information here: n.n

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

Does anyone know witch maps can be played alone?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

my maps can all be played solo.

recb_umbrella (and b2)

I am just going to find and upload the latter one again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could you please send me those maps, i'd really appeciate having more RECB maps to play.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Been attempting to "revive" the gaming comunity for this game by writing down a topic for it on the Cry of Fear discussion area on Steam (Maybe not the best choise I could have gone for but, if you think about this, this mod did come from the same developers more or less and even has its own forum section on the CoF forum!)

Unfortunately, as you might have expected, things didnt go too well...
Even if I wrote this in a place that is bombared by "co-op requests", not a single soul even wrote a single comment... And I have to assume the topic has also been deleted by the admins (Since I couldnt find it anymore on the list, but I might be wrong).

Im not really angry at them... As I said it really wasnt getting any kind of responses so I wouldnt blame them for getting rid of it.

However, I feel that once again this mod deserves soo... SOO much more respect than this.
How in the holy mother of Jesus ******* H. Christ does something like BrainBread STILL get servers and a comunity that is STILL releasing custom stuff...
yet this mod is kept completly -dead- and abbandoned to the goddamn void... (Or atleast thats the impression that I have gotten soo far, So correct me if im mistaken here)

Id understand why tho. I understand that CoF took a massive effort to develop and complete and there was no time to dedicate to anything else appart from it. Id understand if the developers were tired and still needed a break (Even because they have been also working on patches for that game and such). Id even understand the fact that having to recode the whole mod again (or whatever else necessary) would require a ton of time and patience...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Back in 2013 I had a weekend 24h server for recb and I published the server IP on some game forums and also here on moddb but only 2 people played it. And during the week I opened the server as a brainbread server to play with some of my friends from pyrozone. But then something happened with my router and since then no one can enter my dedicated server anymore. crap.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

But no servers?? Noone trying to make hamachi games for people to join in? Honestly -noone- in bilions interested in a fun and incredibily well made (despite the bugs) Resident evil fan-game?

Not even someone to tell me that noone gives a rat's *** and that I should stop "bitching" about this or something...

******* - NOTHING

And dont tell me that "its a very old mod so -ofcourse- people has forgotten about it"...
Do I have to remind you again that EVEN BB has servers! And surely even other goldsource mods do have those that are still up and running!...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If I am missing something here, some very other important reasons as to why the development of this mod "seems" to have stopped (But I know that cannot be true. Atleaast not completly) and its comunity has fallen silent then please let me know...

And if all of that is the case right now I apologize for being a massive idiot...

Altho, keep in mind that I am writing all of this for a second time because I still feel that the work of a developer(s) (expecially something this good) should be treated with more respect and care...

In anycase, Im hoping to open up my own Hamachi channel to see if I can get any of my friends to play it with me... (Yeah.. Good luck with that)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

my friends are all graphic whores and they say thatthey dont want to play with me because of the "****** graphics". what a bunch of ********. But good point mate, I really wanted to play it with someone because most of the map are to be played with more than 1 player and I found no one to play with me. This mod is so great, it brings all the classic stuff from the old resident evil games and adds coop features. It needs to be revived (defibrilator please...) but I have no clue how to do this.

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It's a damn shames this mods' forgotten now and nobody playes it anymore.

Oct 28 2011 by Reborn:X

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