An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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The list of all Confederate Secret Protocols and some important developer notes.

Posted by open_sketchbook on Feb 6th, 2009

Offensive Tree
Decoy Drop - A flare drops in from off-map, looking for all the world like an offensive power about to start! Of course one of the joys of this power is it's incredible short recharge time, allowing you to drop "trick" flares constantly to spook your foe!
Rebel Yell! Lv1 - Increases the speed and damage of units under the radius!
Modernized Weapons - Permanently increase the damage of all Confederate vehicles.
Undermine - A digging project is undertaken to weaken the supports of a single building, which reduces it's defenses drastically. If destroyed, a large earthquake effect will start, damaging nearby buildings.
High-Powered Weapons - Greatly increases the weapon strength of all Confederate Vehicles.

Defensive Tree

Sinkhole - After much warning and rumbling, a 4x4 hole opens in the ground, and any unit under it drops into the depths of the earth. The sinkhole is invincible and uncrossable. After a (rather long) period of time, the sinkhole will close. The sinkhole can be used on water (it makes a whirlpool, to similar effect)
Minefield Drop - An aircraft flies over and airdrops a large, direction minefield, which is highly visible, but denies ground. Dropping it onto enemies can have a deadly effect.
Composite Armour - Permanently increases the defense of all Confederate vehicles.
PAWI Holoburst - Renders a number of units, friend or foe, completely and utterly invisible. They cannot be seen by either player, detected by scouts, or targeted by any enemy short of force-firing. Note they can still be selected as normal... if you can find them, that is.
Active Armour - Greatly increases the defenses of all Confederate Vehicles.

Support Tree

Upscaled Drillbits - Mole Missiles, Tunnel Rats and Sidewinders have increased digging range. Drill Torpedoes and drilling up under enemies does more damage.
Dive Bomb - Three Rascal Dive Bombers attack any exposed targets in a radius with machineguns and bombs.
Fuel Injectors - Permanently increases the speed of all Confederate vehicles.
Subterranean Ambush - An underground APC delivers a group of Confederate infantry, accompanied by a Sidewinder.
High Octane Engines - Greatly increases the speed of all Confederate Vehicles.

Those interested will note there are 6 upgrades that increase the abilities of Confederate vehicles. This is because, when first deployed, Confederate vehicles are very much underpowered, and the player will need to weather the storm of the enemies attacks until upgrading his vehicles to match (and eventually exceed) that of his opponent. As the Confederates run the risk of being steamrolled in the early game, they must prepare to use the wide range of non-combat vehicles, infantry, and ambush options to stay in the game until they are ready to strike back.

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Rabboticus Feb 7 2009 says:

lol minefield drops (Nod ftw!) i don't understand the Infantry Attack i get how its a "ambush" thing but the ungarrisoned? that does mean you click an ungarrisoned builind and 5 minutemen come out of it or stay in it?

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open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Feb 8 2009 replied:

Come out of it. This is to prevent glitches, if you drop more men than can be garrisoned in a building.

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Simburgur Feb 16 2009 replied:

What happens if a map has no civilian buildings?

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open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Feb 16 2009 replied:

Well then you're buggered. You'll likely be able to use this ability on your own barracks, but we're going to make sure there is SOMETHING garrisonable on all maps.

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andyasdandyasd Feb 8 2009 says:

um there's 6 vehicle upgrades not 4

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open_sketchbook Author
open_sketchbook Feb 8 2009 replied:

D'oh fixed.

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Haggetti Sep 11 2009 says:

I think I've spotted a big problem balance-wise as all the upgrade would take too long to get to and RA3 limits the no. of TSP's you can buy. Wouldn't it be easier to have them at the 2 and 4 position on a tree

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Galgus Jul 22 2010 says:

If it can be coded, could the Subterranean ambush produce Mortar Infantry and a Sniper instead of just Minutemen?

I feel like that would be more helpful to have as an use-anywhere ability, since Minutemen run to the front much faster than them.

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