34 years of war, billions of soldiers and civilians dead, all colonies on different planets under attack.
And it is up to you to save them, as an commander of one of the Frigate Class ships named "Wings of a Angel" that came from
an mission far in space to find new planets to live on, got the task to destroy the Covenant invasion of destroying humanity.

Evolutions will contain:
- Original campaign mode with over 64 missions
- All original and new units for both The UNSC and The Covenant
- New Resource system
- New General Powers based on the Halo universe
- New Multiplayer maps
- Original Soundtracks
- And many more

Evolutions is created under the licens of Microsoft Game Studios “Game Content Rules” and is using concept from Halo.Evolutions is a non profit project for Halo fans by Halo fans

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RSS Articles

Since it have been over a year when we posted a update article about the mod, I needed to post this one. First of all I'm sorry that it took so long to even write when or to come up with a fancy article but from my perspective I didn't had anything new to bring to you guy's. I'm working hard to get this mod out to you guy's.


Not that long ago I decided to create a Trello with what I still have to do to create a visual playable version of the mod and where you guy's can keep track on what we are working on and where you can follow the process of new updates. But what is Trello ? Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.

Voice Actors:

I also recently posted on several Halo community website's like reddit.com/r/halo and Halo Archive, as well on Casting Call Club where people with a project that requires voice acting and on the official Halo Waypoint a forum post where we are still recruiting for Voice Actors. The whole team came together to come up with the best suitable line's for each independent unit for each specific action that you can find on a special Google Spreadsheet we created. Unfortunately we haven't got any contributions received, so once again I come to you loyal people to ask if you are interested to be a part of this project and are willing to lend your voice.

"ofcourse you dont need the fancy expensive equipment

like Fillion used when he voiced Buck in Halo 3 ODST"

New Units to command:

As you have seen we have posted some renders of several new vehicle's we made last year, like the mongoose which design is inspired by the one from Halo: Reach, The Vulture and a new fan made one named the Four-Forty.

The colloquially named "four-forty" is an mobile Onager MAC used by the UNSC Armed Forces. It had been introduced recently as of October 2552, during the invasion of the Covenant the UNSC responded by deploying several Four Forty's near locations where the Covenant have landed some of their CCS Cruisers.
"The Four-Forty is specifically made for the campaign and is a unit that you wont be able to build"


The AC-220 Gunship, more commonly known as the Vulture, is a heavy gunship used by the United Nations Space Command during the early years of the Human-Covenant war. The premier aerial combat vehicle for extended air-to-ground battles, it is a successor of the older AC-47, AC-119, AC-130, and AC-163 gunships.


Speed is the only protection this vehicle provides; it is unarmored, noisy, and prone to roll-over. It demands a level of skill from its operator that is impossible to expect...during combat conditions

The M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle(abbreviated M274 ULATV), commonly known as the Mongoose, is a United Nations Space Command light ground reconnaissance vehicle designed by AMG Transport Dynamics.

UNSC / Civilian / Covenant infrastructure:

Not only that we also worked on some several structures for both the UNSC and the Covenant and new buildings to garrison or destroy.

ONI Relay Station:

The Relay station, allows UNSC Commanders to communicate with friendly active navy ships like the Paris Class frigates, Halcyon class ships and the Marathon class ships to name a few examples, thanks to the powerful communication relay that maintains a constant uplink.

Type - 69 "Lanius" Automated Anti Air turret:

The Type-69 Anti-Air Turret, more commonly known as the Lanius turret is a Covenant automated plasma anti air turret, the turret features a large, semi-circular base in the middle of which is an anti-gravity platform like that of the Shade series. During the mass deployment the covenant decided to use the Lanius in favor of the Shrike which was the inspiration to make the Lanius since its easier to establish the turret compared to the huge Shrike.

Our best friends, the Flood:

We have posted renders of the flood before, and we finally implemented some of them in the mod, and of course the question is "Can we play them ?" as of the current state you are not able to play as the flood, but we would consider it in the future.

Thanks to the latest DLC from Halo Wars 2 "The Awaking" we have seen UNSC and Banished vehicle's beening infected aswell, which gave us the possiblilty and option to add infected vehicle's for the flood aswel.I created a quick test map where the flood would be active after 20 minutes, and my god it was a nightmare to fight the Covenant on Legendary and the Flood at the same time, even tho the Flood attacked the AI as well.

Now how do you know which map would contain the Flood as a spawn-able entity ? Maps containing the Flood would have a indication named [FLD], for example "Containment [FLD]".

With that we are ending our first update for 2018 and I see you guy's next time.

[Offtopic] - Halo War 2 is getting a physical PC release

[Offtopic] - Halo War 2 is getting a physical PC release

News 10 comments

Purchase the physical retail release and get digital access to the Xbox One version.

Time Enough At Last

Time Enough At Last

News 5 comments

Once again its the time of the year where mods compete for the mod of the year, with this happening we released our first ingame trailer.

Spooky Scary Flood

Spooky Scary Flood

News 23 comments

Spooky scary flood Send shivers down your spine Shrieking popcorn will shock your soul Seal your doom tonight Spooky scary flood

Spartans never walk alone

Spartans never walk alone

News 5 comments

Welkom again to another update for Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved, Your patience with our development cycle has been much appreciated and I'm...

RSS Files
Evolutions Real TIme Strategy Evolved Trailer

Evolutions Real TIme Strategy Evolved Trailer

Trailers 4 comments

The mp4 file for the trailer for evolutions real time strategy evolved.

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will the story be considered cannon?

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i cri evrytiem

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Just wanted to drop by and say whatever day you've had I hope you had a god one or if not then I hope you'll get a good one. Thank you for your dedication to this mod. Wort wort

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So.. I'm a little confused.

January 31st - Creator: "Yeah dead mod is dead"

February 16th and 20th: basically still looking for voice actors for the mod

so, is it dead, or not? o.o It looks promising and it'd be a shame for your time spent to go to waste

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MrTimm Creator

I was sarcastic as I'm doing this now by my self. Plus im job hunting so that is my first priority

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Lol more like trolling the fans well hope you become successful in your job hunting and hope you find a job that pays šŸ˜

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Ill be down to try some voice acting, Im Australian!!! I dont have a Moddb account but my youtube Is CampingxSnake if you want to comment on a video then we will talk more. Im doing a fan made series for star wars so I would do my best

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Holy ****, the way you've interpreted the four-forty is more or less everything I imagined.

That is canon, as far as I'm concerned.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'd be willing to try a little bit of voice acting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MrTimm Creator

Give it a try we are open for anything.

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