34 years of war, billions of soldiers and civilians dead, all colonies on different planets under attack.
And it is up to you to save them, as an commander of one of the Frigate Class ships named "Wings of a Angel" that came from
an mission far in space to find new planets to live on, got the task to destroy the Covenant invasion of destroying humanity.

Evolutions will contain:
- Original campaign mode with over 64 missions
- All original and new units for both The UNSC and The Covenant
- New Resource system
- New General Powers based on the Halo universe
- New Multiplayer maps
- Original Soundtracks
- And many more

Evolutions is created under the licens of Microsoft Game Studios “Game Content Rules” and is using concept from Halo.Evolutions is a non profit project for Halo fans by Halo fans

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The journey go's on

8 months ago News 8 comments

It have been a while since we have posted a original news article about the development of the mod so for the few that are still sticking with us we thank you for this and supporting us with the mod, for the few that are new here we welcome you. For the new guys here Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved is a modification based on the the Halo Universe with it's own story-line this means that the story isn't set following the Game, Mini series, Novels, and comic books that are out there. "But how is this connected to Halo then ?" Well as some missions will cover-up some events that happened during the original Halo story-line, some of it will be inspired by real life events for example Pearl Harbor event will have a major influence of the human and covenant story line. As we are working on getting the most Art done we also write the story line at the same time, so for that we are giving you a small snippet of Chapter One of the UNSC faction.

I need you on the gun chief Could we possibly make any more noise?

"Captain please, report on deck. I repeat Captain Mac,Crae please report on deck". Came from the intercom in the captain quarters, dazed from the sleepiness the Captain pushed him self up and set on his bed. "What time is it Barbara?" The captain asked, "one o'clock mid day sir, I just think you maybe want to see this before we are heading back to earth". Still dazed of the bad nights the captain had he stood up and went to the main deck of the ship. Finally arrived he asked what was so important for him to see, the hologram monitor went on and Barbara showed her self. "Well what do you think ?, does it suit me?" The captain put a smile on his face and laughed "You are one special ship AI Bar, from all the ones I had you standout the most"

While this isn't the full story and isn't set in stone some or even most of its story and character can change during development. The UNSC faction is as it looks right now will be finished in no time, while the Covenant Faction is being hardly developed and on the drawing table.

While this isn't the full story and isn't set in stone some or even most of its story and character can change during development. The UNSC faction is as it looks right now will be finished in no time, while the Covenant Faction is being hardly developed and on the drawing table.

I know what the ladies like You know our motto: 'We deliver'
Different variations of the pelican that will drop off infantry or vehicle's

To get a working beta done we are in need for some extra hands, and this is where we ask you for help. If you have any modding experience with the Command & Conquer Development Tiberium Wars game and/or have experience with 3D and 2D Art regarding models, texture's, particle effects or Coding experience we'll gladly take you on board. However we don't take you with us that easy on this journey. Before we except you, we need to see some of your latest work/development and of course some knowledge at least about the Halo lore. (this is not a pre, but would be nice)

Could we possibly make any more noise? Pull yourself together
Marine's deployed on the field to fight of some Covenant force's

If you think you have what it take's to help out with this project you can contact us by sending a message to our group page here, or send a message to MrTaxikiller here.

So with this said, we are ending this article and see you next time.

Microsoft is reviving a well loved strategy game franchise

Microsoft is reviving a well loved strategy game franchise

1 year ago News 18 comments

Age of Empires? Halo Wars 2? Viva Pinata? Command and Conquer ?

Evolutions: April update

Evolutions: April update

1 year ago News 4 comments

It's April and that's why we have our April update for this month. Today we showcase you the UNSC Grizzly, Falcon and Cyclops.

Evolutions: March update

Evolutions: March update

1 year ago News 7 comments

Welcome to the first update in 2014, we got some remapped models and textures to show, and questions that have been asked and answered.

UNSC Update and Destiny give away

UNSC Update and Destiny give away

2 years ago News 2 comments

Dear captains, please gether around for again a new update on the halo based mod Evolutions for Command and conquer Tiberium wars.

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howitzerjunkie928 19hours 28mins ago says:

so after trying for the last 45 min.to get online for the vanilla game to work with no success how will we play online with the mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Xidarkreaper Nov 21 2015 says:

It's looking beautiful can't wait for release. :) hope it releases before Christmas as a present ;)

+2 votes     reply to comment
nuclearsnake Nov 15 2015 says:

when will it be released?

+2 votes     reply to comment
MrTimm Creator
MrTimm Nov 16 2015 replied:

when its time

+2 votes   reply to comment
PurpleGaga27 Oct 21 2015 says:

When this mod is released for C&C3;, I hope it's not Steam-exclusive, not like Deus Ex Revision.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MrTimm Creator
MrTimm Oct 25 2015 replied:

There was a small setback during the development of the mod, when you where playing against the UNSC on any difficulty the game crashed, so I have been searching what the cost could be but with no luck. So we had to start from scratch again and compiled the mod with each unit and building we have so this unexpected crash would not happen again. With allot of coding and luck we finally made a stable working Alpha version of the mod again, and are working on the art assets again (Interface, Models, Texture's, Animations). I hope I can bring out a new update around December. The mod will not be Steam exclusive.

+6 votes   reply to comment
camwars Oct 19 2015 says:

I am really looking forward to this mod.. Looks so amazing... Hopefully there will be a demo or the full release soon?

+2 votes     reply to comment
spacenavy90 Sep 27 2015 says:

Hey, just wanted to see if development was still a go?
I know it is kind of a stupid habit of people to do this, asking about the status of the mod when a "hiatus" of updates happens. Just really curious.

+5 votes     reply to comment
howitzerjunkie928 Sep 23 2015 says:

this mod looks so close to release i think its safe to say the lack of updates is probably due to a main focus on coding and bug fixing i think this is way to far along to be dead or abandon so im sure we will get to play this game very soon, and a side not the devs didn't reply the first time you asked when it was going to be released i think its safe to say they wont on the 100th time either

keep up the great work though guys i think i speak for everyone when i say this we cant wait to play :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
george76 Sep 13 2015 says:

any news from the dev team usually this is one of the mods that is right on top of my updated list and it hasn't been, so i've been wondering whats up

+5 votes     reply to comment
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Sep 25 2014

@slowatsch this is with different MP maps. some of them got a pink hue over it, we are fixing that in the new patch. we are making.

Aug 1 2014

Our new logo for Evolutions Real Time Strategy Evolved. Total conversion mod for CnC 3 based on #Halo T.co

Aug 1 2014

Showcasing some Covenant units we have so far only on FB check it out right here. T.co

Jul 28 2014

Ghost, Wraith, Banshee see them in action on Blood Gulch. T.co

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Jul 27 2014

So July 25, I was play testing Evolutions on legendary, and forgot the timebuild for the covenant was 0.5 seconds. T.co

Jul 24 2014

havent like us on facebook yet? then go here for some facebook exclusive screenshot containing some covenant footage T.co

Jul 24 2014

@Danayoub Hi Dan, I'm the lead developer of Evolutions a mod for Tiberium Wars based on Halo can you take a look and tell us what you think?

Apr 29 2014

@burnie what Gavin means in the podcast 268 about the whale is that we have more if we are small and less if we are big.

Oct 23 2013

We launched also our website again check it out at: T.co

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